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20 Very Dirty Dares with a Naughty Twist for Girls and Guys

Truth or Dare is the tried and tested naughty adult game of choice for many. If you’re struggling to think of some dares with a naughty twist, read on.

dirty dares

Most of us have played this game at one time or another, to varying degrees of intensity, and with differing results. For those who have been living under a log somewhere in the heart of the Congo, and are somehow unfamiliar with the game, I’d suggest you do a little googling to bring yourself up to speed.

For those of us who are familiar with such complex modern concepts as wheels, fire, and pointy sticks, we’re all aware of how tame or how adventurous the ToD spectrum can be. And what’s interesting about Truth or Dare is that it’s never the same twice depending upon the group dynamic: e.g., how many people are present; what the gender mix is; how well everyone knows each other, and so on.

Extra suggestion

While it is traditional to spin the bottle to choose the ‘instigators’ and the ‘recipients,’ for the purposes of our list we’d suggest you write everyone’s names on two separate pieces of paper. Then put the names of everyone into one bag, the names of just the women in another bag, and the names of just the men in a third bag.

That way, when you choose someone to enact a dare, you can choose the appropriate gender. Well, unless your swinging proclivities go to same sex relations, of course!

20 dirty dares with a naughty twist

If you’re looking for something pervy and horny, try this list of 30 dirty truth or dare questions. But if you’re looking for something really, really wild and crazy, well, read on!

Sensual: warming things up

Although there are plenty of suggestions out there for game questions, game dares are somewhat thinner on the ground. With this in mind, the following list of twenty sample dares, all open to adaptation, attempts to readdress the balance; split into the four categories of sensual, naughty, dirty, and obscene. [Read: 8 fun, flirty games for your naughty house party]

#1 The humble kiss. There’s no better way to get the proceedings off to a good start by choosing giver and recipient at random. Kissing is very sensual and a real turn on if done well. Just ensure that it’s a proper French kiss and not a grandmother’s peck.

#2 Go commando. The challenge is to remove all underwear, preferably without revealing anything, but also while in full view of everyone else. Sure to get pulses racing.

#3 Thigh massage. Another two player dare, this involves administering a slow sensual massage of the thighs and surrounding areas. Do expect wet patches and erections to start coming into view… especially if the recipient has already gone commando.

#4 Human plate. Japanese style, this dare requests you eat food off another player’s naked stomach. You might want to insist all the guys are well shaven beforehand if this one is getting used, and please do use the right food. Chocolate and fruit make great options. Meatballs and gravy… not so much!

#5 Lickety-split. Licking the ears and neck for maybe two minutes is bound to raise the temperature and get you in the mood for the slightly naughtier dares. [Read: 10 dirty drinking games for naughty guys and girls]

Naughty: turning up the heat

Time to turn up the heat with these daring selections.

#6 Offer up the rump. In this dare, you have to present your rear to another member of the game for a spanking. You could limit this to a number of slaps or to a certain period of time.

#7 No hands. In this naughty dare, you are given a period of time in which to turn on another member without touching them. How you do it and how far you go is entirely up to the recipient, as in whether they have to prove your efforts have worked or not!

#8 Dry hump. Fairly self-explanatory this naughty option, where you have to dry hump someone else for a specified period of time. Which part of their body you dry hump is up to you two to work out. [Read: The art of dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

#9 Body work. No genitals are allowed into the equation, but in this option you must kiss, lick, and stroke another player’s body, from top to bottom, for a full five minutes.

#10 Get naked. Just like it says on the tin. You get this dare, you get naked. And the more of you that end up this way, the dirtier things will get.

Dirty: full throttle ahead

Pushing ahead into dirty dares!

#11 Good taste. The first of the truly naughty dares, and assuming that everyone’s pretty turned on at this point, your task is to taste another member of the group’s sexual fluids from their fingers. Naughty, but nice!

#12 Putting on a show. In this naughty dare, you have to masturbate in front of the group in full view for five minutes. No money shot, however, at risk of a penalty which the group is to decide.

#13 Make it mutual. Following on from the last dare, this offering is exactly the same except that you have to masturbate another member of the group instead. Same rules apply.

#14 Advanced oral skills. In this VERY naughty dare, you are required to go around the group giving every single one of them oral sex for thirty seconds each.

#15 Toy-town. In this dare, you are required to insert a vibrator and leave it there until your next turn. There are male-oriented alternatives for the guys, like vibrating cock rings that can replace the vibrator—unless they are that way inclined, of course. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny in no time]

Obscene: not for the weak-hearted!

The final category is sure to bring up the heat in your group.

#16 Snowball. This can be female or male focused depending on who draws the dare, and basically involves one female player giving oral sex to a male player until he ejaculates. She then keeps the fluids in her mouth and swaps them with him as they kiss. You decide the rules depending upon the group dynamic.

#17 Anal-lingus. One person bends over minus underwear, and the other treats them to a sensual tonguing in the most netherly region they have. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey… this is the obscene section.

#18 Full finger challenge. The challenge is for one player to insert as many fingers as possible, one by one, into another until they can’t take any more. How this works needs to be decided by the group.

#19 Otherwise engaged. In this challenge, you are tied up for five minutes, spread-eagled, for the rest of the group to do what they want to you. And with the right people, this can be as no-holds-barred as you’d wish. [Read: 9 types of wild sex parties you can have at home]

#20 Car wash. Mainly for very open-minded female players, in this last of the obscene group, all the male players are required to masturbate over her to conclusion, covering her with their fluids. Best kept until the closing stages of the game.

[Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

Is Truth or Dare on your playtime menu? If so, don’t forget to throw in some of these naughty options for dares with a decidedly dirty twist.

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