Do Women Like Beards? 48 Facial Hair Secrets, Rules & What Girls Want to See

Do women like beards? If you’re thinking of growing your facial hair, there’s a lot to consider. Here are the rules you should follow so it looks good on you.

do women like beards

Beards. You’re thinking of growing your facial hair, but you can’t help but wonder if women like beards. Well, we’re here to help you make a decision.

Beards are constantly going through trend cycles. One year, they’re all the rage, and the next we’re obsessing over something else to “improve” a man’s appearance. Yet, despite their constant cycling around, they’re a timeless classic that can change up your facial features drastically.

While many men who have previously kept a baby-smooth face are now taking “No Shave November” to the next step and just refusing to shave altogether, others are questioning the effectiveness of a beard when it comes to picking up the ladies.

Reasons women like boyfriends with beards

You may think that whether or not a guy has a beard has absolutely nothing to do with the type of boyfriend he’d be. 

But you’re wrong. It can have an awful lot to do with how they treat their significant other, and if they’re a decent boyfriend or an awful one.

The truth is guys with beards just make better boyfriends. They just do! No, it doesn’t have to do with how their beard makes them look sexier. [Read: 60 perfect traits to be a good boyfriend that’ll make you better than best!]

In fact, most of the reasons aren’t really physically related at all. Here’s why women like boyfriends with beards:

1. They’re patient

This is probably the biggest and best reason guys with beards make the best boyfriends. We all know how much patience a boyfriend needs to deal with some ladies, right?

Well, good news! Guys with beards have all kinds of patience. Growing that beard didn’t happen overnight, you know. It took time and patience to get there so you know he’s got loads of patience. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a great boyfriend]

2. They appreciate your own grooming

When a guy has taken the time and energy to grow out a beard and keep it groomed, he has a certain level of respect for taking care of himself and that translates to respecting a woman’s own grooming habits.

He won’t complain if she takes too long of a shower. He won’t nag her to go while she’s getting ready. A guy with a beard understands that it takes time to groom yourself properly.

3. The added touch of masculinity

This may just be an appearance thing, and he could be the most feminine man ever. But if a woman wants a boyfriend, dating a guy with a beard certainly gives her that. [Read: 29 secrets to be way more masculine and manly without being an A-hole to others]

Guys with full, thick beards also tend to have more testosterone coursing through their veins. This makes them act and appear more manly.

4. His kisses are unique

Every guy kisses differently, but kissing a guy with a beard is beyond that. It’s like an imprint on her every time she kisses him and she’ll never forget what kissing him feels like. 

This will make their bond closer with each other and advance their relationship even more. [Read: 104 kissing tips to be a good kisser and make them want to eat your lips]

5. He can change up his look more often

A lot of women get bored with how their boyfriends look after a while. Because if you think about a girlfriend, they change their hairstyle and put on new makeup and clothes all the time. It’s like they’re different people.

Guys with beards give the same effect by trimming their beard, growing it out longer, and even shaving some so he has unique facial hair. 

This helps women from getting bored with how they look. It excites them to see a change. [Read: 37 secrets for guys and girls to prepare for a date and get ready to impress]

6. He can bring your lumberjack fantasy to life

Many women have these fantasies about lumberjacks with full, dark, thick beards that make their knees go weak. If she dates a guy with a beard, she’s bringing that to life. And that is an amazing feeling for them!

7. He’s low maintenance

Most guys who grow out their beards aren’t very high maintenance. In fact, they’re so low maintenance they don’t even shave. 

She won’t have to worry about him taking forever to get ready before a date. [Read: Type A and Type B personality – 69 traits, the good, bad and who’s a better date]

She also won’t have to worry about getting him anything big and elaborate for his birthday because he really doesn’t want stuff.

8. But he understands needing to be high maintenance

On the flip side, guys with beards also understand the need for women to be high-maintenance. 

Beards may be low maintenance to grow, but once they’re there they take some care and attention to keep them from getting out of hand. [Read: High maintenance woman – what makes a girl one, 27 signs, and how to date her]

9. He’s healthier

When is the time women are the crankiest? It’s probably when they’re sick. We’re also going to assume that they’re not always the best girlfriend when they’re sick.

It has been scientifically proven that guys with beards are healthier than your average Joe on the street without a beard. 

Beards trap debris and harmful bacteria before it goes into the body. This keeps them healthy, and happy, and those make great boyfriends. [Read: Benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

10. He’ll be well-respected

Traditionally speaking, many guys with beards are perceived as more prestigious than their clean-shaven counterparts. They tend to carry themselves with an air of respect and confidence.

She’ll never have to worry about someone being rude or disrespectful to him because they won’t want to be. Beards—even today—still warrant respected behavior from others. [Read: 41 rules to be a gentleman every girl would secretly dream of dating]

11. Nobody messes with him

Just like people respect him, people won’t want to mess with him. Beards usually signify a lot of testosterone. He’ll probably be a lot stronger than other men, meaning nobody will mess with him.

She’ll feel a lot safer dating a guy with a beard for this very reason. When she knows she’s protected by her man, she’ll be able to feel at ease with him and truly happy.

12. Beards require commitment

This is another big reason guys with beards make the best boyfriends.

If he can commit to growing out, taking care of, and owning a beard as he does, then he clearly doesn’t have any commitment issues. [Read: What is commitment in a relationship and how do you know if you have it?]

This can help her feel at ease and confident in the relationship because she knows he’s in it for the long haul and his beard is proof that he knows how to commit.

Commitment issues can be the biggest reason relationships fail. Knowing that her man will commit saves her from that hardship.

13. Bearded men look older *in a good way*

Sure, if you’re already an older guy, you might not want to look older than you are. [Read: How to look older – 20 instant hacks to hide a baby face and look mature]

But if you’re a young guy and want to add to your credibility in the workplace or appear more mature to attract women, then this is good.

Some women like the looks of older men and even want to date them. So, if your beard makes you look older, a lot of women will like it. It might make you look more distinguished looking.

The beard basics

Just because some women like beards, that doesn’t mean that all of them do. [Read: Cute vs. hot guys – 10 traits that make a guy sexy rather than sweet]

And while there’s no right or wrong answer to the question of whether you should grow a beard, there are a few things you may need to consider first:

1. Can you grow a beard? 

Chances are if your dad never grew a beard, you probably won’t either. It’s just a genetic disposition that you can’t escape, no matter how badly you want your facial hair to grow. 

Sadly, there are some guys who wish for the lumberjack beard, but can barely grow peach fuzz. [Read: Why do girls like tall guys? The subtle reasons tall men are more desired]

2. Will it suit your face shape? 

Beards are great for adding a bit of definition to the jawline or for creating a bit of character on an otherwise regular mug. If you’re thinking of growing a beard, think about the style you want and whether or not it will suit you.

3. Can you maintain a beard? 

Beards don’t just grow into miraculous manes of manly perfection. There’s a lot of shaping, trimming, and shaving involved. 

If you can’t handle the daily routine involved with maintaining a beard, you’ll end up looking like you’re sporting a bird’s nest on your chin… so maybe growing out your beard isn’t a good idea. [Read: Getting ready tips for guys going out on a date]

Most attractive facial hair

Facial hair isn’t just about beards. There are many kinds of facial hair you can have, from goatees to mustaches. But these four are the most attractive.

1. Short stubble

Oh, the five o’clock shadow. Most women love that! Do you know why? Because it’s just downright sexy. 

You don’t have the baby-face look of being clean-shaven, and you look a lot more masculine. But you can only pull this off for a few days at a time before it becomes too long. [Read: What do girls like in guys? 30 desirable traits and turn off women hate]

2. Clean-shaven

Of course, not all women like facial hair so there is something to be said for men who are clean-shaven. It is a very clean-cut look, and women like that a lot too. Plus, it might be less maintenance than having a beard.

3. Long stubble

Not only do women like short stubble, but long stubble is also attractive. It’s sort of like an in-between state of being clean-shaven and having a full beard. So, we could rename it the “super short beard.” 

4. Full beard

A full beard is sexy too. It makes a man look distinguished, masculine, and hot. But some guys can’t grow a full beard. [Read: How to manscape – 43 manscaping tips most guys don’t know but girls like]

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you can’t, then don’t even try. Stay clean-shaven or stick with stubble.

When you should grow a beard

Still on the fence when it comes to growing out your beard? Here are five reasons that will get you excited to grow out your facial hair.

1. Your woman loves a beard

It may sound trivial, but for those who know from experience, a beard is a powerful sexual tool. If it makes for a sexy time, that’s a good reason as any. [Read: Do women like the penis? 22 things that make a perfect cock that girls love]

2. You understand “beard culture” 

If you’re the guy who is asking what beard culture is, but has a beard, takes good care of it, and follows the basic rules that are pro-beard on this list, congratulations, you understand beard culture. 

Beard culture isn’t pretentious, it’s simply having a rugged beard, knowing how to take care of it, and complimenting others on their beards.

3. You’re in a rugged trade

There are just some occupations that give you a mental image of a man with a beard. Lumberjacks, for instance, work in harsh winter weather, and they need the beard for some added warmth. [Read: 15 things you can do that’ll make you look like a real rugged man]

Men in the physical labor force are also often pictured with beards, as it adds to their manly image.

On the other hand, if you’re a dentist and your patients constantly complain about your beard tickling their chins when you look into their mouths, you’re probably better off not sporting a beard.

4. You can grow a nice beard

Because let’s be honest, not everyone does. If you can naturally grow a beard overnight or your beard simply grows out without the annoying patching, then flaunt what Mother Nature gave you! [Read: Things men can do to be more attractive]

Share it with the world and let other men marvel at your natural propensity for sporting the perfect mustachio! Of course, if you work in a stuffy environment, or it conflicts with your personal life in another way, don’t, but it will be a shame.

5. You have the right personality

A beard is only as good as the man behind it. So, if you’re practical, simple, avoid drama, enjoy meaningful conversations, have interesting things to say, and are a gentleman, grow a beard. 

There are too many bearded men out there who are rude and trend-setting. Stand up for the beard, and go against the masses by being a proper bearded man. [Read: The omega personality – what it is, 25 signs, and what makes it so different]

When you should not grow a beard

With all those photos of rugged men sporting gorgeous beards, you may be itching to get on the beard bandwagon. But please consider the following points:

1. You grow a bad-looking beard

It’s sad but true; not everyone is blessed enough to grow fabulous facial fuzz. If you’re the guy that tries for weeks, and you only manage to look like you have pubes stuck to your chin, then you should really consider other options for your facial hair.

If you’re the guy that doesn’t need to shave every week or doesn’t get a five o’clock shadow every day or every other day, just shave. [Read: 25 other things that make men attractive to women]

Accept it and move on. You’ve been dealt a bad hand, sir.

2. You’re a hipster or trend-follower

Here’s a lesson for you guys: growing a beard as a trend is not a reason to grow a beard. Just because all your friends or everyone you see on social media is growing out their facial hair doesn’t mean you should too. 

Don’t follow fads. If you must, don’t follow the beard one. Why? Because ladies can tell when you grew a beard to be a trend-follower. [Read: Weird trends millennials have to explain to their kids]

3. You work in a stuffy professional setting

If you meet all the good criteria to grow a beard above, except for no.3, that’s really unfortunate. Now, keep in mind, a lot of professionals work in the creative field and as long as you keep your beard trim, it’s fine. 

But if your profession specifically looks down on facial hair or if you’re unable to groom your beard to your workplace’s standards, keep the razor handy. [Read: Work husband and wife – 49 work spouse signs you’re too close and rules to follow]

4. You’re lazy

Having a beard doesn’t mean you’re lazy. There are plenty of beard care products out there to keep it looking nice. A lot of work goes into it, so actually, you really can’t be lazy and grow a beard. 

If you’re going to grow a beard and then let it take on a life of its own until you have a neckbeard thing going, stop. 

Don’t grow a beard. If you prefer a much more low-maintenance lifestyle, then there are looks and styles that you can try that will better suit you. [Read: 34 secrets to stop being lazy, find the reasons WHY and overcome the excuses]

5. You’re not rugged

Again, this one can’t be helped. If you’re slender, small for a man, or don’t know the first thing about power tools, then maybe don’t grow a beard. Or if you have never done hard manual labor, even as a hobby, don’t grow one. 

If you’re only a hair bigger than your girlfriend, don’t grow one. To have a beard, a certain je ne sais quoi is required, and that’s ruggedness. 

Otherwise, it kind of looks like you’re overcompensating, and that defeats the purpose of a good beard. You want a look that compliments you, not contrasts you. [Read: A girl’s point of view on the advantages and disadvantages of growing a mustache]

The rules of beards according to women

Some women think they are attractive – but only certain types of beards. If your beard is described in any of the following ways, chances are that most women like it.


1. It’s full

If your beard can grow in full and thick, it will look best. Women prefer beards that can actually cover the lower half of your face and not a beard that only looks half there. 

For primal reasons—meaning deeply engraved in our genes—women like full beards because it shows that a man has more testosterone. [Read: 40 signs of high testosterone, what it means, causes, and ways to increase it]

This translates to them being able to produce strong, healthy children.

When they look at beards, women are not thinking about having a guy’s babies. However, there is a biological element to why we find excess facial hair attractive.

2. It’s well-kept

This one is huge. If you’re rocking a beard that is combed, shampooed and just generally looks like you’ve tried to make it presentable, then women will find it attractive. [Read: What turns a girl on sexually or otherwise, about a guy]

Not only does it look a hell of a lot better, but it actually shows women that you put some time and effort into something—which is definitely attractive.

3. Shaped to perfection

This is a must. Your facial hair does not all grow at the same rate and that is really evident if you don’t trim it in order to give it the proper shape. This is not Duck Dynasty. Keep your beard shaped to fit your face, and women will love it.

4. It’s a little more than stubble

The sexiest length of the beard is where it looks like you just got done with a week-long sex bender and haven’t had time to shave. You look like a scruffy, hot mess and women dig it—big time. [Read: What makes a man sexy – 15 desirable traits that make you hot AF]

5. It suits your face shape

Some men just don’t have a strong enough face shape to accommodate a beard. Sorry, guys! If you’re one of those guys who has a thin face without much bone structure, then a beard just isn’t for you. Your face will get lost beneath it, and that won’t do you any favors.

6. It adds to your appearance

Another must! If your beard makes you look better—which, let’s be honest, most of the time it will—then women will like it. If it makes you look less attractive, then ditch it. [Read: 50 cute and sexy things about a man that women really love]


While many women may like your beard for the above reasons, if you’re growing one that meets any of the following descriptions, you may as well shave it off and call it quits, because that’s what each woman who comes into contact with it will be doing to you.

1. It’s patchy

This is just not cute. Or sexy. Or attractive in any capacity, really. You’ll grow in your neck beard but then have barren cheeks? 

No. Just shave it all off and maybe—for those younger men—someday you’ll be able to grow it in thick. [Read: The alpha male – 30 traits of a real alpha man and true secrets to being one yourself]

2. Thin and straggly

Some guys just have thin facial hair. Even though it may seem coarse to you, if you grow it out past a certain point, it can get thin and straggly-looking. 

You’ll most likely look like a serial killer, and women might just treat you like one and steer clear of that beard. [Read: Types of creepy guys most girls avoid talking to]

3. It’s far too long

Come on, guys. You’re not Dumbledore. You can’t rock a two-foot-long beard and make it look good. It’ll make you look a LOT older than you are. Say, 50 years, or so.

4. It’s uneven

Your beard NEEDS. TO. BE. TRIMMED. You can’t just let it go and never expect to trim it to even it out. Women think it’s gross if your beard is all over the place. Trim it up and they just might like it.

5. Your hair doesn’t match

This can mean a couple of different things. Firstly, your hair color. Men who have one color of hair and a completely different beard color should just shave. Women won’t like this. [Read: What men think impresses women, and what actually does!]

If your haircut is not up to par but your beard is, it will throw the whole thing off and it will not look good. Get a slick haircut that compliments your beard—it’ll be worth it.

6. It HURTS when it’s long

A lot of women think only one thing when they kiss someone with long facial hair, “OUCH.”. It’s basically a rug burn on your face, and that is not fun and many women do not like it.

7. Don’t make a mess in the bathroom

You have to keep your beard trimmed and well-kept in order for it to be attractive. This means that there are going to be little tiny hairs all over the bathroom. [Read: Lazy boyfriend – why guys get lazy in love and how to help him change]

A lot of women hate walking into a bathroom and going to wash their hands with a sink and counter full of pube-ish-looking hair. Ick!

8. It is unhygienic if you don’t clean it often

Your beard is gross. Okay? You drop food in it, you sweat and it gets stuck in it, and honestly, you probably don’t wash that thing in the shower. 

Right? It just seems unsanitary, and many women don’t want to get their face near that—and many women would agree. [Read: Turn offs for women – 25 things guys do that girls absolutely hate]

Secrets to a great beard

Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of growing a beard, maybe you’ve decided to do it. If so, you need to know the secrets to a great beard.

1. Clean it

There’s a reason this is rule no.1! Beards that aren’t clean and well-kept are just gross. And the longer the beard, the grosser it is. 

Plus, it’s really difficult to keep a long beard clean. So, make sure it’s short and hygienic. [Read: What is masculinity? 46 manly and toxic traits women love and despise in men]

2. Treat it

Maybe you’re an older guy who is only going gray in his beard but your hair is still gray-free. Well, take some time to color your beard so you can keep it the same color. Sure, it takes time, but it’s worth it for that cohesive and put-together look.

3. Style it

As we just said, you need to keep your beard short and styled. Don’t just grow it down to your chest and leave it like that. 

Women don’t find that attractive. You have to take care of it or else it will turn them off. [Read: How to make yourself irresistible to women]

4. Enjoy it

If you decided to go for it and grow a beard because you think women like it, then great. Take care of it and enjoy it. 

After all, it’s just facial hair. If you change your mind you can always shave it off. But how else will you know if you like it unless you give it a try?

[Read: Disadvantages of dating a guy with a mustache]

Beards can be extremely sexy! But they can also be super unattractive. To find out which category yours falls in, and if women like your beard, take a look at the categories above and you’ll have the much-sought-after answer.

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