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How to Manscape Right: 8 Manscaping Tips to Shape It Sexy


Article after article advises women on how to groom their intimate areas… what about men? Here, we give you 8 tips to manscape to keep it fresh.

Manscaping. The word itself is received with ambivalence in the circles of true, hot-blooded men. Of course, you can’t just leave your lower lawn untended, but the thought of bringing a razor’s edge in full contact with your precious family jewels can incite panic—or, to make things worse, you could solicit the services of a professional “manscaper” *yes, that is a thing*. That is often considered effeminate, however, making it an unlikely choice. Like passing by a roadside accident, manscaping is horrible, but you can’t look away. It has to be done.

Why manscape?

Manscaping is not just about your pubes. It includes managing the growth of other body hair, including your chest, armpit, and facial hair. Of course, you’ve got your neighborhood barber to tend to your head and face, and for sure, you can manage your own chest carpet. However, your subterranean savannah is trickier to groom and requires careful attention. Jabbing at your crotch randomly with a razor can result in unintended consequences.

#1 For comfort. Pubes, if left untended, can be an inconvenient hassle. First, they can accidentally get caught in your fly when zipping, which is extremely painful. Second, they can tangle and choke your penis if you get an unwanted boner *which is also painful*. Finally, the sheer difficulty of having to rummage through your untrimmed bush to find your wiener to pee is very annoying. To be precise: less hair, fewer problems.

#2 For hygiene. A quick biology recap will remind you that hair means the presence of sweat glands. Hair soaks up sweat and, given that the sun rarely shines below your waist, your pubic area is prone to grow lots of bacteria that can result in unpleasant odors and skin diseases. Manscaping is a way to maintain good hygiene and keep your genital area clean and healthy.

#3 For aesthetics. If you think that girls like the stereotypical hairy, cabin-dwelling, beer-guzzling, macho-man, you’re wrong! Most women prefer well-groomed men, unless she time-traveled from the 70s. A neatly-trimmed manscape creates the impression of cleanliness. Women won’t hesitate to go down on you without the fear of having to pause to spit out stray hairs. [Read: 12 common insecurities guys have that women don’t realize]

Manscaping tips – How to manscape right

#1 Safety first. Remember, you are bringing sharp objects down on your fun parts. It won’t be so fun if you accidentally get a cut down there, so you’d better tread carefully when manscaping. First, make sure whatever grooming tools, such as razors and trimmers, are clean and well-functioning.

For those opting for electric razors, make sure they are well-oiled and maintained for better trimming efficiency. Do not use your manscaping tools for purposes other than body hair shaping, as its intended use makes it a vehicle for infection.

#2 Pull the skin taut. Unlike your face and your chest, your pubic area is full of ridges and crevices that can be tricky to go over with a razor. Uneven skin bumps and wrinkles pose a risk for cuts and nicks. To make shaving or trimming easier, pull the skin taut to make a relatively flat surface, then run it through with your trimmer. Do this carefully and slowly, and do not rush. Work on one small strip at a time to achieve an even cut.

#3 As much as possible, leave some stubble behind. Unless you’re a porn star or bikini model, try not to shave it clean like you do your face. For those who’ve made that mistake, you understand that shaving it clean makes you prone to irritation and itchiness. Leave it short *about half an inch*, with just enough room for comfort.

#4 Take a shower first. Taking a shower before you do your yard work cleans away excess oil and dirt that could otherwise lessen the efficiency of your proverbial gardening tools. In addition, having a warm shower relaxes and smoothes your skin, allowing an easier trim, and makes your skin less susceptible to cuts and infection, should you accidentally draw blood.

#5 Use the appropriate skin products. Slapping your groin with your usual cream and aftershave can be dangerous, as it can lead to inflammation and irritation. The skin of your pubic area is more sensitive and chock-full of nerves *with good reason* that requires a milder formula. Luckily for you, there’s a whole line of masculine grooming products that are better-suited for manscaping. Consult your dermatologist for suggested products.

#6 Define your borders. As mentioned, manscaping is done to make your crotch look good. Hair is often uncooperative and grows in the weirdest places imaginable, so try to make it look neat by trimming the hair close to a defined border. Professional male groomers have waxing styles for men, such as the “mankini,” and variations of the brazilian, suited for manly tastes.

#7 Get help. If you think that it’s too hard for you to trim that man bush on your own, it won’ hurt to enlist the help of a reluctant girlfriend or wife. Just make sure you compensate them for their efforts afterward. Getting someone else to do your manscaping can be awkward, but sometimes it is the better option, as they have a better perspective of your crotch, and can easily work on those hard-to-reach areas. If you don’t trust your girlfriend enough, at least ask her to hold a mirror for you. [Read: Facial hair – Do women like men with beards?]

#8 Visit a professional. You might not believe it, but there are spas that offer man-grooming services. We know what you’re going to say, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it at least once. They are professionals, after all, and they are highly trained to give you the neatest, most comfortable trim of your life—more than anything you can come up with on your own. If you’re unsure, ask your girlfriend or partner to accompany you, and hold her hand as your professional manscaper does their thing.

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Manscaping can be an awkward discussion, but it is better to mow your lawn with safety and precision than go Edward Scissorhands on your crotch. Using the manscaping tips above, you can proudly display your manscaped undercarriage, and surprise your lady with something different.

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Paul Timothy Mangay
Paul Timothy Mangay
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3 thoughts on “How to Manscape Right: 8 Manscaping Tips to Shape It Sexy”

  1. Norman says:

    Growing up, I never liked having hair on my privates, I would scratch them constantly to the point where people noticed, I sweat on hot days down there allowing it to be trapped by the hair, and it over all gave me a feeling of not being clean. Sometime in college I started using NAIR. Those who have not tried it, it is an evil product. If you keep it on a minute too long, it burns the hell out of you and if it does’t stay on long enough, it doesn’t work well and you may have to re-apply and do it again. Not to mention it smells like a decomposing body as your spread this all over your family jewels. I hadn’t noticed the “do not use on genitalia” warning until one night, my friends saw it in my bathroom and started talking as they mentioned that it wasn’t a good thing to use on the “boys.” Sure enough, no genitalia in cap letters on the side of the bottle. Great, I thought, I have been using this **** for over a year now…..probably going to get cancer or have 3 headed kids or something. I went back to growing it out again. Even itchier as before, I knew there had to be a better answer. A trip to Walgreens found me in the hair removal aisle where I was drawn to a take home wax kit. Now, I admit to being naive, but looking back, what was I thinking? I thought to myself, woman wax their pussy, why can’t men? I buy the kit, take it home, make sure the roommate was gone, microwave the hot wax, and follow the instructions.There was nothing on the label about not using it on genitals, so I decided (thankfully) that I would try a small area; about an inch in length, and about a 1/4 inch wide on the side of my right nut. I took the wood applicator (that reminded me of something I would have used with ice cream from a high school lunch) and lathered it on nice and thick. It said to let cool for 30 seconds and remove. Thinking it would be like a band aid, I wait the 30 seconds, even bending over and blowing on it to cool the wax. I went to pull it off and WHAM, it didn’t move!!! I tried again, are you kidding me? How the eff am I going to get this hair off my nut? I pull harder, still no budge. Okay, this is getting serious. Very similar to the Ross episode of Friends where he can’t get his leather pants back on, I found myself trying everything. Rubbing Alcohol (BURNT LIKE A MOFO) , Hydrogen Peroxide, vaseline…. Nothing was working… Finally, i went to the garage and grabbed my tool box. I grabbed the needle nosed pliers and was able to get a small piece in its grip and pulled…. I finally stopped bleeding 3 days later where a nasty scab formed. I looked like the poster child for an STD public service announcement. The scab would get moist and burn and fade opening the wound again. I actually had to go out and buy “tidy whities” to make sure there was no chafing or moving around for them to heal. It started my affinity to Medicated Gold Bond powder that keeps the guys dry throughout the day. What a huge mistake… learned the hard way on that one. I moved in with a gay friend after college and “Manscaping” was discussed. He said, just use a razor. I had seriously considered this already, but the thought of cutting it with a blade and having the blood massacre of my testes again freaked the SH*T out of me. He said, trust me, that skin is tougher than you think. I proceeded with caution, lathering up with shaving gel, and was surprised by the results. So clean, no cuts, and only minor skin irritation the next few days. Thank goodness for gay men or I would be back to hairy and nasty today. So, after I created this group yesterday, I found myself at target needing some new razor blades when low and behold, I see the best razor yet! Norelco is making a shaver for your pubes and balls all in one. Is this too good to be true? The label said for all hair BELOW the neck. Can I seriously finally toss my dull as eff ,4 year old “BEARD AND MUSTACHE” trimmer? Can I save money on those $1000 a four pack razors? I have to buy it and take it home. So last night, I broke in my new body barber. The trimmer part is perfect, keeps the pubes to a minimum. The razor portion was thorough and shaved it just as smooth as a straight edged razor did however my skin burnt a good bit after. A little lotion and I was good to go.

    Today, no redness, irritation, and feel SO clean. My my how manscaping has evolved……

  2. Fad says:

    I keep clean shaved. Above and below the belt. I like to look good for my lady, n I feel lile being a hairy gorilla isnt attractive. Sometimes I tan and swim in briefs, ie…speedo. N I dont want it to look like I have a tarp stretched over a hedge bush

  3. daughters says:

    i really like how it feels after I manscape. It’s like I get attracted to myself and I even try to look at myself in the mirror as long as possible. I try to imagine what the women that I will be sleeping with would be thinking. It’s staggering, I’m telling you.

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