What Women Want in a Man

what women want in a man

There are nice guys and there are great guys. Find out what women want in a man and what it takes to be a great guy that all women love and desire.

A lot of guys are pretty confused about what women want in a man.

Women are naturally drawn to some men, and likewise, women can’t help but drift away from some other men.

So what makes a guy a great guy and what makes him a passerby? Here are ten traits of a great guy that all women love.

So if you want to know what women want in a man, use this checklist and be the man every woman would love to have as her own.

Now a few guys may whine about the list being pretty darn hard on a guy, but naturally it’s going to be a pretty intimidating list.

You can’t become one of the best guys on earth by taking a walk in the park, can you?

And now let’s dive headfirst into what women want in a man.

#1 A man who can respect her

This may seem easy to do, but do you really respect your wife or girlfriend?

Most guys always consider themselves to be know-it-alls and assume they’re better than their woman in every way. If you think your woman’s nothing but a sexy arm candy, how can you ever respect her?

Respect has to be earned, yes, but unless you truly believe that your woman has some great qualities and is even better than you in some aspects, you can never ever respect her. Learn to respect the woman in your life, and she’ll love you and respect you a lot more too.

#2 A man who can truly love her

You can gift your wife or girlfriend with pricy baubles and luxury vacations, but that’s not really the definition of love [Read: The meaning of love]. True love is shared in small ways, every single day. You don’t need to indulge in public display of affection or cuddling every evening while watching television. But you need to let your woman know in small ways how much she means to you. [Read: How to better a relationship to know all about this]

When you’re truly in love with your woman, pleasing her and compromising with either of your needs come naturally. Do you care about your woman’s feelings? Are you excited to hear about her day when you get back home? Do you look forward to spending time with your woman after work or do you get more excited to play games or watch the television? It’s the little things that really matter, and all these signs show.

#3 A man who can protect her

Women, as independent as they may be, still love to be in the company of a man they can rely upon in an edgy situation. They want to feel protected and taken care of, no matter what the circumstance. Can you be that guy? Do you think your woman really trusts that you can handle almost any troubling situation you get into?

#4 A man that she can look up to

Do you idolize or look up at anyone? All men have our own role models, whether it’s a freedom fighter, a business tycoon, an NFL player or a bodybuilder. You idolize them because those people have achieved so much and inspire you to become a better guy. If you truly want to know what women want in a man, be a man who can inspire people.

You don’t have to earn billions (would be great if you could) or win the Nobel Prize, but if you could make a difference in your own small ways, you could be that man. Be a good speaker, a great conversationalist, a great pool player, or just about anything else that’s beneficial in your life. As long as your woman is impressed with you for your skills, she’ll brag about it and love you for it!

#5 A man who is passionate

Women love a man who shows a lot of passion, not just in bed, but in everything a man believes in. Passionate men are inspiring and mysterious, and women love that.

You couldn’t care less about an explorer in the Amazonian jungles or Jack Sparrow on his escapades, but there’s something so sexy about these men. You don’t understand what it is that makes them so passionate, and this mystery only draws women to them. Be passionate about something meaningful, be it your entrepreneurial venture, your woodwork hobby or your tryst with writing a book or painting, and your woman will love you for the excitement and passion you bring into her life.

#6 A man she can trust and depend on

A trustworthy man who is dependable is hard to come by, and that’s what makes these men so sought after. It’s not that regular men can’t be dependable or trustworthy, it’s just that they don’t care enough about anything to take things seriously.

What women want in a man is dependability. A dependable man doesn’t let down his wife or girlfriend (though a rare occasion is excusable), be it the grocery list or helping her fix her furniture. To be a dependable man, you don’t need to have all the answers. You just need to be there for her, and help her in her time of need.

#7 A chivalrous man

Chivalry is old school, but it’s still something all women love and adore in a man. All men know what it takes to be a chivalrous man, but surprisingly, most men believe that being chivalrous is actually a sign of being meek and trying too hard to please a man. But contrary to what most men think, being chivalrous is not a sign of weakness, rather it’s a sign of respect by either of the sexes. By being chivalrous, it shows that you respect the woman, and be reciprocating to your chivalry, it shows that the woman respects you. [Read: How to charm a girl]

#8 A man who can groom himself

Yeah, let’s hit the basics again. You want a stunning woman with curves like a coke bottle, and a freak in bed, and a great talker and a dirty talker, and what not! And seriously, what are you offering her in return, a Homer Simpson lookalike? Seriously?

So look, the world is fair as long as you play fair and focus on reality. What women want in a man is attractiveness. If you want to be with a woman who’s everything you ever wanted to be physically, you’ve got to do whatever you can to look good for her too. Hit the gym often, go for an evening jog, or whatever works for you. Dress well and use a few manly cosmetics and rich colognes and perfumes. Look like a celebrity on the streets and women will trail you like you’re a real celebrity!

#9 A man who is ambitious

Ambitious guys could be laughed at, but when they make it big, they’re the sneering ones who can say “who’s laughing now?!”ย [Read: How to be successful in life]

Being ambitious is easy, but unless you do something about it and work your way towards your ambition every single day, who’s going to care who you are. An ambitious guy isn’t a guy who thinks of great things, he’s the guy who does great things. Be this guy and your woman and all other woman will love you and want you. Everyone likes a guy who can think big and achieve it. If you can ever be this guy, you’re right on top of the gene pool, and of course, pal, you’re Mr. Irresistible!

#10 A man who can dream

What women what in a man is a dreamer, be it a fantasizer in bed [Read: How to talk dirty in bed], a man who can envision his successful future, or a man who can tell magical stories while lazing on the hammock and watching the stars with his lover. Women love a man with an active imagination. Imagination is such a great companion at the end of a bad day, or while spending a romantic moment together. It’s cheerful, happy and such a burst of fresh air. Imaginative men create the best surprises, the most interesting conversations and the happiest moments in life. Seriously, which woman won’t love this guy and which man can avoid envying him?

What women want in a man

Now these ten traits may seem pretty far off for many men. But as surprising as it can seem, all these ten traits that women love are within every single man on earth. But it’s just that they don’t care enough to believe enough in themselves to be the best man they can be. [Read: What do girls like in guys?]

Make a change and be this man, and you won’t worry about what women want in a man anymore, not with all the women who’d want to be with you all the time!

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40 thoughts on “What Women Want in a Man”

  1. David Jeremy says:

    Women don’t need all this. Men do not need all this. The only thing that makes a relationship successful is: Honesty, Trust, Respect. Grooming is unimportant. The dirtiest, ugliest stud can seduce and bang the top broads that rich, clean, powerful men can if he follows the basic principles. Women follow this principle, too. That’s why they’re doing so well in this game but so many men are struggling.

  2. Susan says:

    David, you’re right, we don’t need “all of this”. But I do like a man who grooms himself and isn’t “Homer Simpson”. It shows that he takes care of himself, is at least a little ambitious (at least doesnt sit on a couch all day), and if he dressed nice for a date it means he possibly likes me as he made an effort. That’s also a compliment to the girl! I don’t expect a movie star/natural uber-handsomeness, but I LOVE it when the guy ‘dresses up’ for me a little as a way of trying to woo his girl. It is something you are doing both for yourself, and for the woman you are with.

    And umm. If he looks healthy, that also hits ‘basic attraction buttons’ in most women. Again we don’t expect a bodybuilder, sportsperson, he-man etc but looking healthy, working out a bit, is attractive to almost all girls. This is my personal taste too as I’m a gym girl.

  3. Guitar Guy says:

    Wow… Looks like I’m doomed to be forever alone. There’s no way I’m ever going to be all of that. ๐Ÿ™

  4. Cat says:

    Not a bad list, but two points of contentions.
    #7 – Not only do I not want chivalry, I actually don’t like it. It’s a pointless social game based around the idea that women are weak and incapable, and men are basically expendable. I don’t want chivalry. I just want decency and manners, and I do the same in return. I like to trade off who pays for lunch, who opens the door, etc. Those are all little opportunities to show you care, and I like it best when we’re both doing them.
    #8 – The grooming thing. Yes, I want a man who’s hygenic, of course, but the way this is describede goes beyond “grooming.” I genuinely don’t care how he dresses. He doesn’t have to spend any real time in the bathroom to impress me. His personality will make him sexy, if he’s a great guy. Likewise, I don’t want him to expect me to doll up to impress him all the time. I want to be myself. I was getting dressed the other day while my boyfriend was over. We were just running out for errands, and I just threw on skinny jeans and a black t-shirt, no make-up, my hair was still a bit wild, and he said, “So simple, but so stunning.” That was a wonderful compliment, and it’s nice to know he loves me for the way I look naturally, rather than some fake version of me.

  5. boogaloob says:

    Got a gripe with 3,4, 6 and 7 (mostly 3 and 7). I’d like to think the woman of my life agrees with me on this – that we face obstacles together, hand in hand. That we help eachother in our own ways when we need it. That I’m not ashamed to take help from her when I need it. I’m not superior to her, even if this area. Not every woman likes to be saved, especially if she knows how to save herself! i really respect that.

    So many of these things ought to be mutual, actually. I love a woman who can dream too!

  6. Kirsten says:

    Every relationship in order to be healthy has to have an equallity among the sides. The educational level, the job, the appearance, the character, all these have to be relatively on the same level. For instance a 25 year old beautiful woman with a graduate degree, a post-graduate degree, three foreign languages, seminars and lectures, a driving licence, a computer licence cannot be with a 35 year old guy who has only got a diploma and nothing else. Things just don’t match. Even if he’s the most good-looking man in the world, or if he’s the most amazing character.

    And vice versa, a 35 year old goodlooking man with a good job, a degree, foreign languages, a computer and a car license cannot be with a woman who has only got a high school leaving certificate, no matter how beautiful she is. He will never respect her, and she will always feel inferior and undeserving. A person has to have aspirations in life and if you don’t reach them, work towards them, don’t just sit there and wait and ask from the person you are together to admire you and look up to you and commit to you, because they never will. Not unless they respect themselves, they won’t.

  7. MARK says:

    it seems to me that many women out there can’t accept a man for himself, and are looking for a man that has a lot of money. and when you compare the women of today to years ago, they were much more educated back then. today many women are very picky, and many of us straight guys are not like that. there are many women today that have an attitude problem, and have become so very nasty to start a conversation with. why are you women so very messed up? if you were abused by men years ago, i guess that would explain it. this is certainly the reason why many of us men can’t seem to find a decent woman now, that is if they still exist.

  8. Darex says:

    I believe men need to be ready for every kinds of challenges they are to be faced by the women in this life. That was why they were made to be. How to handle women, how to impress them, how to make them happy and feel comfortable. These make them want to hold on to you the more.

  9. Andy says:

    So according to the article, you’re supposed to be chivalrous and masculine, while at the same time being sensitive and full of emotion. No wonder so many guys struggle.

  10. How True Says says:

    women are looking for men that have a very large bank account, and can’t seem to accept a man for who he really is. women certainly need to be much more educated these days like most of them were years ago. with their parents being so very badly messed up themselves, that is what made them so dysfunctional today too. a real good honest down to earth woman is a rare find nowadays, especially one that doesn’t cheat. i myself seem to come across so many very nasty women that have an attitude problem, and the way that they have changed makes it worse.

  11. Frank says:

    A man could be all this and more. But truth be told, what I have found out is this. Women only want 1 of the following three types. A man who is lazy, plays video games and is a mooch. Number two guy is the one who is loaded with money and so long as they sleep with him and run to his every call, he will take care of them. Three is the good looking guy, women are wanting a guy who looks good. The funny thing is all three of the above treat women like dirt, yet they are the ones who women flock too. I am done trying to find the one, I will just stay single. I do not want to keep falling into the BS now or selfish, self centered b i tches…

  12. andrea says:

    My experience when I did try to go out with men weren’t good ones. A couple of men on here were talking about women with nasty attitudes. First of all not all women have attitudes and if they did it’s because men are disgusting animals. Like I said I tried going out with a couple men and they were disgusting filthy pigs and they wonder why they can’t get a decent woman without an attitude.

  13. Billy says:

    all i have to say is where are the women that were ladies years ago?, instead of the trashy ones that we have now.

  14. Jay says:

    many of the women out there must of had a very horrible childhood while they were growing up, and it is very sad that we have so many dysfunctional women that are out there today. it certainly makes it much more harder for us straight men that are looking to meet a good woman now, especially that many women are so very hard to start a normal conversation with. it is a shame that we can’t meet a good woman like our mom’s were back then, and that certainly would have made it a lot easier than today.

  15. Paul says:

    Well. I don’t think anyone can say what each other really knows the answers.
    I feel in love with a women after a failed marriage of my spouses fault.
    She admits it too. But I had a relationship for 3 and a half years with this goddess.
    From the start we both loved each other truly equal. Into the second year. I got sick. I had to have
    Back surgery. Even when I had surgery we loved each other to the “T”.
    But. I then became disabled. Failed back fusion. I could still make her eyes roll In the back of her head in bed. And we were best friends. Always talked on a weekly basis if there were any problems in our relationship. But her mother talked her into letting me go because I was disabled.
    Money wasn’t a issue. I pulled my weight. She even told me she never been so happy.
    She also said her mom was a problem in her life because they never got along.
    She talked to her mom. Explained she was happy and never more loved even in her first marriage. But in the end she listened to her mother. I heard all the excuses. Here is the flip to the coin. In the beginning she had sex with me for a week before telling me she had herpies 2. I was shocked and I stopped. I talked to her. Yes I was upset. But I got educated about it and I excepted her even though she wasn’t perfect. But at the end. She couldn’t except i wasn’t. It was the best 3+ years of my life. So no one has the answers. It’s just being lucky enough to have the time that we do with someone we love. And keep it with us always. Love ,,,, relationships ,,, men or women. It’s what you get. Except. Work at. And keep in your heart and mind. That’s all you get. Nothing lasts forever! I’m just a average guy. That had the honor of falling in love twice in a life time.

  16. Joe says:

    well first of all, i never expected to be cursed at by a woman at one time that i was very attracted to. and yes, i had this happen to me. i am a good down to earth straight man looking to meet a good woman to share a life with like so many very lucky straight couples have together, and being cursed at just shows me how many rotten women today that are out there now. it is normal for a man like me that would certainly want to have a woman in my life, and why should i have to be alone? can’t blame me for that can you? it is very sad that there are so many gay women today that are certainly adding to the problem as well. and since i know other men that had this happen to them too, well that goes to show you that the women of today are nothing like the real good ladies that we had years ago.

  17. Destiny says:

    The way you all talk about girls makes them sound like trash! If your negative about women why do you think women would like you?!? I’m not saying there aren’t jerk women but not every woman is the same. I don’t care if a guy makes loads of money but I want a guy that makes enough to support himself (or family) because that shows that he’s a hard-working guy that doesn’t sit around like a lazy bum. Think about that. The way that some of you have commented might make usually-nice women be offended and get nasty with you!

  18. sean says:

    Funny article. In an ideal world this would make sense, but unfortunately most women don’t even know what they want. So…..

  19. Dominic says:

    I checked out everything on this list. I am all of the above and I work on all of them regularly. Nonetheless, I cannot attract the type of women I desire. I just get rejected, ignored, or friendzoned. I’ve had some limited success, and I’ve even done some rejecting myself, but for the most part, women have succeeded in making me feel unattractive. This was a good read and perhaps it is reassuring in the sense it might not even be my fault.

  20. Elizabeth Ndegi says:

    This tips are all the fact though am not yet married, but my opinion is that since this are usefull i found is good to follow them on my marriage and i wanna do them .

  21. Shut up bitch says:

    Men are not filthy disgusting pigs. Women are just oversensitive and difficult.

  22. Adrian says:

    Hi guys, I can’t understand, I fulfil all of these things and yet I get friendzoned with almost any girl I meet. This especially happens for the dependable part, it’s like once you do something for a girl, they just see it as an opportunity to use you. I’m turning 25 and I’ve never had a girlfriend before, in fact I’ve never even been hugged by a girl or anything, they just hate me. I’m just destined to be alone, because all the other guys I know have someone, and a few are real jerks and they can get away with anything. I truly loved this one girl and I tried to show her so many times, but she insisted going out with this other lazy, unambitious slacker guy, he cheated on her, she stuck with him, he got done for DUI, she bailed him out. All I ever was to her was a person to use to get what she wanted, a friend to misuse. I told her I loved her and now she hates me, gives me the silent treatment, and has forgotten about me being her friend all that time. I don’t think there’s a secret law of attraction for me, just a secret law of repulsion. Everything I want I never get, I only get other stuff I don’t want.

  23. Jeff says:

    It would seem in my experience, now a days all those ‘good looking women’ want a ‘good looking guy’ way beyond their level, does not matter if they are cave man, nasty, and stupid. Many have a government check as daddy war bucks so that really destroys social natural selection. So these same beautiful women tainted by societies fixation on wealth beauty and money to no end combined with the digital age today to spread it every where instantly. They cry and moan when that guy leaves them or it does not work out. Beauty gets your foot in the door but personality last forever, they all get older, wrinkly and then no one wants them. Better work on your soul character than worry about bimbos and studs matting each other. In the end, it is your soul and who are that will count and we will ‘older’ much longer than forever young in our 20’s this society that worships it like God. They will never know true happiness that they all claim they want and the honesty and respect that comes with it.

  24. AJ says:

    Most of the women today are just too very Stupid to know what they really want.

  25. Sb says:

    Hogwash. The women who left me in the past were the ones I did everything for. The ones I treated like crap were the ones who even to this day I can call them up and have them naked at my house in minutes…whether married, boyfriend or single. Take my advice and treat women badly (85% of the time) and they’ll chase you to the ends of the earth for all time.

  26. double take says:

    This list is just perfect, hypocrisy-wise. The pic shows a provocative blonde showing her cleavage and the number one item of what women want from a man is “respect”…

  27. Mickey says:

    The same women who claim they can’t find a decent guy will be the same ones on their back with their skirts over their head for the first bad boy thug or corporate player who looks their way. Chivalry my a$$.

  28. Cosmin says:

    I have most of the traits above but all women reject me. Or give me the “go fuck yourself” look. I wounder why?

  29. andy says:

    I stopped reading because I realized it was written by a woman

  30. Lionheart says:

    Those men who complain about being friendzoned, or that women are bitches…… Really? Keep that attitude, and men like me will keep stealing your women. Women don’t leave you guys because they are hard to please….but because you so called ‘men’ act like little bitches. Its not her, douchewad….its you.

  31. BronyCrusader says:

    I just started dating my first girlfriend again and I feel as if I caused the breakup the first time. She was the first girlfriend I had ever had and I had no clue what I was doing and I am 15 at this point and I’m hoping this will help me out.

  32. joe g says:

    Actually, the list goes: (1) be sexy in women’s eyes, (2) all that other shit

  33. joe g says:

    They always give you the Tier 2 requirements. They imagine a guy with all these qualities, but he looks like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, and they think you already know that.

  34. Antoinette Reyes says:

    Nailed it. Looks come and go (but we still need some physical chemistry / attraction). These are things that all women want

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