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Getting Back With an Ex for Sex

Have you ever tried getting back with an ex, even if it was just to spend a night with them? Find out why sleeping with an ex is such a temptation. By the Huggable Understanding Girl

getting back with an ex for sex

Sleeping with an ex is undeniably one of the biggest temptations in human libido’s history.

Many men and women fantasize about sleeping with an ex and mull over the options they have in that tranquil moment.

Some skim the surface with their feet, while others wade in knee-deep waters to see how it feels.

On the other hand, we have a few who rush and dive into it, and others who strongly believe that one should never ever set foot on that beach. So what’s it like for you?

Have you ever tried getting back with an ex just to have sex one more time?

Sleeping with an ex

There’s nothing good or bad about getting back with an ex again, even if it’s just for sex. You’ve done it before, and now that you’ve broken up, you want to do it again. But can it affect your life in more ways than just a good night of sex?

Forgetting the past

Forgetting the past is one of the hardest things to do. In most cases, no one really ever forgets. Exes just mask their inner desires and move on with their new lovers. We’ve all heard that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and we should just forget about the one we’ve lost and move on. [Read: Contacting an ex]

But can you really do that? Whichever way you look at it, there’s always a temptation to try finding the same ex-fish all over again. And it’s harder to handle emotions if you and your ex share the same workspace or common friends.

You may have been in a relationship with your ex for a week, a month, or perhaps even a year or more. But the moment you reel your fishing line back in, in the hope of moving on, you have to forget all about your ex and look for another fish.

The best thing you could do at these times is stop fishing for a while, or you could go to another shore and try catching a better fish. [Read: How to get over a broken heart]

Getting back with an ex for sex

But however much you hated your fishy ex, you’d still miss the connection. It’s obvious because both of you have shared so much together, even though there was more yelling and fighting than loving moments. A part of you would always want to get back with your ex or at least sleep with your ex just to calm all those emotions.

Even if it was the worst relationship, you’d still want to wade in and test the waters, in the hope of getting lucky.

But think out of the box for once. Would sleeping with an ex, even if it was just for sexual gratification, help you overcome your old feelings and walk on? After being so close to another person, everything from glances across the room to ass-out embraces turn awkward, because of the raging chemical reactions inside your bodies. So can you really survive sleeping with an ex?

Raking old urges

Firstly, I don’t intend on forcing you to accept that having sex with an ex is bad. Believe me, I really don’t think it is! But the after-effect of a good bang with your ex is a splitting heartache, in most cases.

Why? Because the sex would feel so damn good that you’d start believing that there’s still a lot of chemistry between you and your ex, that’s why.

Everyone knows that first time sex with an ex is the best sex in the whole wide world. It’s like a burning ball of lust that explodes in one magical instant! But nevertheless, can you just bang your ex and not feel even one teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy connection of flickering love.

Aww… c’mon now, you softball… You know you’d have all those lovey-dovey feelings rushing back into your head, the same way it rushes to your loins!

Sleeping with an ex will be the best sex you’ve had, and it will always confuse you and make you wonder if you should get back again.

When love and sex collide

Even if you do suppress the fact that you still have strong emotions about your ex, sleeping with your ex would only make you want more. And more and more. After all, just the thought of grabbing and bumping or just plain bumping with an ex is hormone-stirring, isn’t it? And why not, the urge has always been there, and both of you know everything about each other, sexually or otherwise.

The thought of bedding your ex is like taking a vacation to your favorite holiday spot. Irrespective of whether you’ve been there last week or a decade ago, you just can’t wait to go there again.

On the flip side, just because you’ve broken up doesn’t mean one of you may not be in love with the other. Sometimes, people are just not ready to separate from an old lover, even if it takes years. When this is the case, a short fling may actually make things worse, or one of you may try convincing the other to give the relationship one more chance. And what do you think are the chances of that working out?

Buddies or Booty calls?

After a break up, there are three paths you can choose. One, burn the bridge and walk away.

Two, stick around and be friends.

Three, give some space and try hooking up again for a fling, which eventually leads to an on-off relationship.

But irrespective of which path you pick, you’d still have a soft spot for your ex. Of course, you would, considering that your ex was special, and knew you in and out, emotionally and physically. And most importantly, you used to get physical too. So what happens now, when it’s all over between the both of you? Do you just forget that either of you existed?

In some cases, exes share a platonic relationship. In most cases, exes hook up now and then.

A good friend of mine is a collector of exes [Read: How to text flirt]. She keeps in touch with all her exes and calls on them occasionally, when she’s just plain ol’ bored. She loves doing it because it keeps her sex life exciting and unbelievably passionate, and of course, the men don’t speak about it because, as we know, sleeping with an ex is taboo!

But is sleeping with an ex the real answer or is the temptation just too hard to resist? Find out when you should get back with an ex for sex and when you shouldn’t by clicking sex with an ex.


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