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One Night Stand: What It Means, 57 Secrets to Have One & Must-Know Rules

Just because a one night stand is casual, that doesn’t mean you should forget about safety or manners. Use these tips for an unforgettable and safe night!

One Night Stand

While they can be far simpler than building loving relationships, one night stands still have their share of challenges you have to overcome in order to make your next exciting tryst a safe, exciting, and pleasurable one.

Relationships are a lot of work; they’re complicated, messy, stressful, and unpredictable. All of the strings attached require a lot of physical and emotional investment, as well as time, energy, and even money. No wonder many see one night stands as the way to go.

One night stands are pretty darn common. You’d think they were simple. In reality, they can be pretty darn confusing too. Meeting someone new is awkward enough. Toss sex into the mix and awkward becomes super awkward – and leaves you wishing for one night stand advice.

But if you’re up for a wild night of fun, love and sex – and hate commitments of any romantic kind, then perhaps, a one night stand can be a perfect way to indulge your sexual side.

After all, who doesn’t like a fun and uncomplicated one night stand?

What is a one night stand? 

A one night stand is a no strings attached sexual encounter both people enter into with the expectation that it is just a one-time thing. Most often, it happens spontaneously. You could meet someone out at a bar, at a party, or a friend of a friend.

A one night stand can be a great thing. While it’s usually not the best sex you’ll ever have, it can be a good release, especially during those stressful periods in your life. 

One night stands are also a great way to end a dry spell. Sometimes when it’s been a while, this is the best way to dive right back into things and get your groove back. [Read: The most important casual relationship rules to keep sex just casual]

One night stands in theory and practice

Now, in theory, the concept of a one night stand sounds simple, right? You’re into sex. The person you just met is into sex, so you’re both ready for some passionate, liberated, non-committed sexy time. It’s like, “Thanks for the memories and the awesome sex—and I hope I never see you again!”

In practice, things are slightly different. The morning-after air smells like awkwardness, the room looks like a crime scene, and your panic mode is on because you’re about to leave the room for the legendary walk of shame.

What’s the appeal?

One night stands allow you to go from “hi” to “oh-my-goodness, I’m coming!” within just a few hours.

No need to work so hard to impress someone, strike up a serious or personal conversation, or even make the effort of following up with a courtesy text or call the next day. [Read: How to dirty talk in bed – All the examples you need]

Simply put, one night stands give people like you *and whoever your partner is* a win-win situation: fulfill your primal, carnal urges without all the drama and strings attached.

Done right, a one night stand can give you the best experience while you are waiting for the right one to come along and give your full commitment to.

Those sexy one night stands that end up not-so-sexy after all!

As good as a one night stand may seem, there are occasional circumstances you may come across that can ruin the night – and several more days to follow. [Read: 15 Painfully embarrassing things that happen during sex]

Have you ever found yourself getting into a fun sexual experience with someone one night, only to hang your head in shame the next morning?

If you’re in a loving and committed relationship with a partner, of course, you’re not going to experience too many of these horny mistakes, unless you’re an adulterous pleasure-seeker!

But if you’re an occasional one night stander, chances are, you may hook up with someone without thinking twice about it, and eventually sink your head into the pillow of regret the morning after. [Read: 6 sneaky ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it!]

An awkward one night stand doesn’t happen all the time, but if you hook up with the wrong person, that one night could come back to haunt you every time you bump into this person you had a sexual fling with.

Do you need one night stand advice?

Whether you have had a one night stand before or not, you might be wondering if there is a way to do it well. Although everyone’s preferences differ, a one night stand can be a great night of passion without the second-guessing, awkwardness, or expectations.

But do you actually need help? If you have had a one night stand before, how was it? Did you leave feeling satisfied? Did you feel safe? Were there unanswered questions and broken promises? [Read: 13 sure ways to find a one night stand and get them in bed]

If you have left your one night stand experiences feeling good, you may not even need any one night stand advice. But a little advice couldn’t hurt, could it? 

And for those who are walking into their first one night stand or want a better one than they had before, this advice should get you there.

How to have a one night stand

So, how do you go about it? Read on to find out how you can have a fun, flirty, sexy, and safe one night stand. [Read: Casual sex – how to prepare for it and have a hookup with no regrets]

1. Have the right mindset

Don’t expect to have a relationship if you get into a one night stand. Actually, don’t expect anything other than sex. 

Have no illusions about love at first sight, or how this hot-looking person can one day turn into someone you’ll end up marrying. No. When you get into this, you have to be in touch with reality.

2. Safeguard your emotions

It’s better not to have “chemistry” or “magic” with someone, because you might end up actually liking the person and getting attached to them.

Find someone with whom you feel physical attraction, yet no emotional connection—this is the safe way to go. [Read: No strings attached relationship – how to have it, end it, and 35 NSA rules]

3. Leave no mark

By this, we mean no social footprints that might leave your social sphere more narrow. Choose someone who is within your wider social circle, such as your friend’s friend’s friend, or that guy that frequents the bar you also go to. 

This way, you don’t have to be trapped into seeing the person again, and if you want to avoid them altogether, you can just go to a different watering hole.

4. Be clear about your intentions

Make sure that the fleeting encounter is on mutual grounds. If they are enamored with you and you feel like they might want a deeper relationship, don’t hesitate to abort the mission. [Read: 16 signs to know if it’ll be a one night stand date]

After all, a single night of celibacy is better than weeks or months of forcing yourself to be in a relationship you don’t really want to be in.

5. Watch out for needy-clingy ones

No hair-stroking, staying for breakfast, or cuddling after sex. The clingier the other person is, the faster you should get out of there.

6. Keep it light

Of course, you still have to converse, but stay clear of certain personal topics such as family, exes, love lives, and other intimate matters.

While you can tell them what you do for a living, don’t ever give them the address to your office. [Read: Booty call – the definition and 26 sexy tips to casually hook up with a friend]

Better yet, steer clear of giving them details about your everyday commute or logistics, just so you lessen the risk of having them “drop by” to “catch up” with you.

7. Social media buddies? 

If you’re comfortable with seeing them posting their pics with another person, it’s fine. 

However, a good rule of thumb to follow is this: if they try to invite or follow you on social media after having sex, don’t accept them.

This puts a real person behind the body you just had a rocking good lay with, and it gives you plenty of emotional baggage you don’t need. [Read: Dangers of social media – why it makes you feel really insecure]

8. Don’t have expectations

A one night stand is just one night. Try not to grow attached to this person. It can be difficult once you have just done something so intimate, but remember how you went into the night.

Sure, you could both end up wanting to see each other again, anything is possible, but don’t expect it. Just stay open. [Read: 16 signs that it’s just going to be a one night stand]

9. Be respectful

A one night stand should be short-lived and physical. That’s what makes it so spectacular. 

There are no dinners, no buying expensive perfumes, no meeting parents, and no adding on Facebook. You’re both here to feed each other’s carnal appetite until the morning—but that doesn’t mean you get to be an a-hole about it.

It’s in our nature to get attached to things we like, so, if you’re not sure about this person’s feelings, be THAT person and clear things up upfront about your intentions before anything goes down (or up).

Pun intended. [Read: How to be classy – 20 classy people traits that command awe and respect]

10. Be spontaneous

As much as it feels new and unscripted, when you really think about it, every one night stand follows a standard protocol. 

It goes like this: it starts with flirting, leads to a couple of drinks, to making out in the cab, then making out while you’re searching for your home keys, followed by a minute of foreplay, maybe going down on each other, and bam—the grand slam!

Every one night stand deserves hot foreplay! The making-out part before getting to the “crime scene” is hot, sure, but it’s just not enough. Get your juices flowing with some quality foreplay. [Read: Pulling out and other bad sex advice]

11. Awkward-and-stress-free

As much as we’re all saying that one night stands are awesome, the truth is: there are many cringe-inducing one night stories. How do you avoid awkward situations?


Don’t have breakfast! Spending more time with this person might have consequences, especially if the sex you two had was mind-blowing. You might start to like them and ruin the magic of one *we’ll go ahead and emphasize the word ONE* night by wanting to see each other again.

If you’re insisting on this breakfast thing, you send the signal that you’re feeling lovey-dovey, and that’s the last thing we want right now. [Read: Sexual chemistry – what it is, how it feels, 52 signs, and ways to increase it]

If they insist on having breakfast, just smile, kiss them on the cheek, and leave the apartment.

12. Like them

Sure, you might only be with this person for one night, but if you get along, not only will the sex be better, but the talking part will be much better too. In order to get the most out of a one night stand, enjoy spending time with that person. 

If you are overlooking the fact that they smoke – or are a misogynist – just to have a one night stand, what’s the point? It will not be as enjoyable as it could be. It is only one night, you want to enjoy it. [Read: 31 Secrets to be charismatic and awe and draw people to you in a snap]

13. Be sure

Agreeing to a one night stand at dinner or at the bar doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind later on during the night. You do not have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable at any point. 

It may be hard to admit you changed your mind, especially to someone you just met or don’t know very well, but you do not want to regret anything, so be sure to get and give consent before moving forward.

14. Share your history

Another part of the night that sounds awkward, but you’ll thank yourself weeks from now. Be sure you are both healthy and STI-free before doing anything that could put either of you at risk. Read: What you need to know to avoid getting STDs]

15. Be aware and alert

Sure, a one night stand can feel like it is going much better after a couple of drinks. Your nerves die down and you feel like you can be uninhibited. But without your inhibitions, you can make mistakes and aren’t thinking as clearly.

It’s not that you can’t drink, but try to keep a clear mind. Although this night is about fun, you don’t want to be so drunk you can’t remember what happened tomorrow.

16. Your place or theirs?

You want to know where the magic will take place ahead of time, don’t you? Generally, going back to your place, if possible, is always the best option. [Read: 16 Best hookup apps of 2022 – what do you want in a hookup right now?]

Why? Well, one night stands easily turn into funny business, so if something unplanned happens, you can always alert your roommates to help you out.

However, some prefer not having strangers stay over, so if you’re like that, their place is the better option for you. Plus, it’s easier to make an exit than it is to kick someone out.

If you’re going back to their place, make sure your friends know the exact location where you’re going. You know—just in case. [Read: 16 signs to know for sure if your date will end up as a one night stand]

17. Don’t be too drunk

If you can’t walk a straight line to the person, then avoid going home with them—even if they’re smokin’ hot. First, you may just pass out on their doorstep. 

Second, you may not even remember what happened. Third, you’re setting yourself up for a dangerous situation. [Read: 10 sober reasons why drunken sex is never a good idea]

18. Stay safe

While one night stands are generally carefree, it doesn’t mean you can throw your safety—or common sense—out the window. 

Make sure you know the person’s full name and address if you’re going to their place. Let at least one of your friends know where you’re going and who you’re with, and set a time the next day when you’ll contact your friend.

19. Use protection

Of course, since you are swapping bodily fluids with a stranger whose sexual and health history you might have no idea about, it’s imperative to use protection.

Always have at least two condoms with you, whether you are a male or female. [Read: How long do condoms last? 23 tips and mistakes that make them expire fast]

This goes without saying if you are planning on leading a sexually active lifestyle.

20. Poor preparation

It’s only possible to use a condom if you actually have one. And no, ladies, it’s not always the guy’s job to provide the rubber. Everybody’s nightstand should have condoms and water-based lubricant in it. 

Women sometimes worry that they’ll seem slutty if they have condoms at home, but come on, you already took home a guy that you just met.

And he’s in a woman’s room who he just met as well. Nobody has any right to judge.[Check out: Pulling out is completely safe and other bad sex advice]

21. Say what you want

One night stands are often filled with unfulfilling sex. And why is that? Even though the point of a one night stand is to have a good time without the commitment or strings, without communication and openness, neither one of you gets what you want.

So speak up. Let them know if this or that feels better for you. Share what you like and what you want and listen to them as well. You will both appreciate it. 

22. Experiment

If you’re afraid to experiment or let out your inner porn star in bed with someone you are quite serious about, then a one night stand is the best—if not the only—chance to do it. [Read: How to be good at sex – 32 hottest secrets that make you the hottest lay]

That move you’ve always wanted to try? Go ahead. Feeling a little kinky or wanting to role-play? Get your one night stand partner in on it, too. Not only does it make you more confident, but it also puts more fun into the whole experience.

23. Give a memorable performance

Although you don’t plan on seeing the other person again, always give your best. Give and receive, and make sure your partner is having fun, too. I

It’s just part of an unwritten one night stand rule. Besides, who knows? This could end up as an ongoing fuck-buddy relationship. [Read next: How you need to behave when you run into your one night stand]

24. Have fun

Don’t forget to enjoy it. A one night stand, although sometimes awkward or even risky, shouldn’t be this big serious thing. Try to relax and enjoy it for what it is. 

We all get nervous and worried and tend to have our guards up around new people, especially in the bedroom. But if you want to truly enjoy yourself and the company of your partner, then let loose a little.

So remember, you are a sexual being and deserve to enjoy that part of life just as much as men do. [Read: How to pull off the perfect one night stand and have fun doing it]

25. Plan your exit

Avoid awkward goodbyes by planning how you are going to get out of the picture—and their life. If they are at your place, tell them that you have to be up early for a meeting the next day, or that you’re very tired. This should be a good enough cue for them to leave.

If you’re the one who’s at their place, tell them that you have to go. Or be sure to get up and be off before their alarm goes off. Still, there’s always the courtesy of letting them stay the night if they’re with you past midnight.

There you go—one night stands aren’t as simple as you think. There’s the matter of keeping yourself unattached and, of course, the proper way to duck out of their lives or whisk away the clueless sex partner without sounding like an a-hole.  [Read8 awesome existing strategies to ditch an awful date]

Still, once you get all these tips down pat, you’ll see that one night stands are a great way to get off without getting emotionally entangled.

26. Swapping numbers or not?

So, you had a great time and they asked you for your number. If you’re not sure about swapping numbers, then the best way to handle this is to turn the tables.

Ask for their number and tell them that you will call them. This gives you some time to think about it first, and gives you the upper hand. Easy-peasy.

27. Follow-up or not?

A one night stand does not require an Instagram follow exchange – or friendship. You can part ways and never speak again.

Of course, you could follow up if you feel it is necessary, by texting something like: “Had a great time last night, it was fun meeting you.” [Read: How to get laid – 20 sexy tips to make hooking up feel effortless]

You do not need to go out of your way to reach out or say anything. You both went in knowing it was a one night deal.

28. Do it again? 

If you have swapped numbers and you feel this is going to be a good fuck-buddy relationship, then take a chance and make that next-day text message. However, all you should say is that you had a great time and that they should contact you if they want to do it again.

Make sure you respect their decision if they want to keep things as they are, but it can’t hurt to ask. Continuously hooking up with the same person, minus romance, can give you the familiarity you don’t get during a one night stand.

But that is up to you and them, so talk about it. This puts the ball in their court and rids you of any obligation. [Read: F*ck buddy – the casual sex guide to hook up and have sex with a friend]  

29. Don’t be ashamed

Women particularly have been shamed and scrutinized by the public for having a one night stand – as if choosing to enjoy consensual sex with someone of your choosing is so wrong. But it is not. And you have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of. 

Even after having a wonderful night, women often feel ashamed of being sex-positive and enjoying sex. That is brought on by society, and not something rooted in reality. [Read: How to have a no strings attached relationship]

30. Don’t dwell

You had a one night stand. Now what? Nothing. Just move on and enjoy the memory of the night. You had a great time or maybe just a decent time. Either way, it was one night and that is all. 

Don’t dwell on what you said or did or what you could have done. It is over now. All you can do is try to make your next one night stand even better.

The typical one night stand mistakes

To avoid the uncomfortable or awkward things that sometimes come as a result of one night stands, these are the mistakes to be avoided:

[Read: Should you start dating your one night stand?]

1. Singles only

Please, please, please only go looking for a one night stand if you’re single! It’s not cool to cheat, and you’re putting the person you go home to in a very bad position.

It’s only okay to have one-off sex when you’re free to do it. If someone’s going to get hurt when you sleep with your one night stand, you should probably double-check your priorities.

2. Fools rush in

An all too common occurrence, especially among one night stand newbies, is falling in love. Actually, you don’t really fall in love, you just think that you have in a moment of emotional weakness. [Read: 16 Signs your hookup has feelings for you and you just want a fling]

But it’s weird, and creepy, and nobody wants to hear those three words at any time during a one night stand.

Even if you’re overcome by the urge to profess your love, drunkenly, to the person you just met at a bar an hour earlier, control yourself. You don’t love them, and even if you did, telling them will send them running for the hills.

3. No scarf left behind

Forgetting something at someone’s home is more common than you might think. People sometimes do this on purpose, hoping to set up a second meeting. [Read: Tinder fuck – how to find the hottest hookup with this dating app]

So, if you’re feeling devious, you might try it if you liked the person. If the item is left at your place and you don’t want to see the person again, don’t be bullied into an unwanted meeting. Ask for their address and mail it to them.

4. You never know… 

While one night stands have no automatic expectation of a second date, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to ask for one. If you feel like the two of you clicked, then by all means go for it, just be prepared for rejection. 

It probably happens all the time that the feeling is mutual after a one night stand, but neither person is comfortable asking for more.

Plenty of relationships, and even marriages, start with what seems like a one night stand. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. [Read: Dating material vs. a hookup – 12 ways to split them up]

5. You don’t owe anyone breakfast

A one night stand is a one-time thing unless both people want more. You should never feel obligated to give any more than one night. That means no second dates if you don’t want one. 

You can sneak out when the sun is just peeking in through the blinds, and if they wake up, you owe them nothing more than an “I have to go.” Don’t be guilt-tripped into anything you don’t want to do.

How to find someone for an awesome one night stand

If you want to meet, attract, and seduce a potential one night stand, there are actually plenty of ways to go about it. Here are some tips to guarantee securing a one night stand without feeling sleazy, or waking up in a full-on relationship! [Read: 25 booty call rules you should remember]

1. Find out where they’ll be

Some venues simply don’t work if you are looking for a casual hookup. Do some research into local bars and clubs in your area where it is more likely people will be out, looking for a good time.

Quiet pubs, low-key nights, or anywhere too fancy should be off your list. Look for places where you know there’ll be a young, fun crowd—where drinks are flowing and music is blaring.

Places with a great dance floor and DJ are your best bet, but also check out whether there is space set aside to sit and chat, too. This combination works well, as you’ll want a place where you can get to know him/her better. [Read: How to hook up with a girl and make out with her]

Also, think about the distance from your apartment/hotel—the nearer the better. At the end of the evening, if you have to get a long cab ride back, it might be off-putting. Plus, they will think about having to get home again in the morning, and how difficult it might be.

2. Know what to look for

People who are up for a good time and open to meeting, chatting, and hooking up with others behave differently in clubs.

They’ll be the ones dressed to impress, laughing at the bar, looking around, and making eye contact with others. People who are huddled in groups and keeping to themselves are unlikely to be the best ones to approach. [Read: 24 Tips to initiate and get a friends with benefits and keep them sex-happy]

3. Go out with friends *but not too many*

For your best chances of meeting a potential one night stand, go out with a friend or two with a similar goal in mind. A huge group will be intimidating and distracting, but two or three single people work well.

It also means if you spot someone you want to go home with, you have friends who can chat with their friends, so they aren’t left feeling like a gooseberry, and potentially sabotaging your chances by insisting their friend talks/dances/leaves with them.

4. Get flirty, straight away

If you want a hookup, make it obvious. There is no point in getting too comfortable/polite in a conversation unless you are looking for a new friend or potential date. [Read: How to flirt by touch and use subtle body language to seduce anyone]

Be confident, but not crude. Touch, but don’t grope. You’ll soon know if they are interested. If they don’t reciprocate or back off, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Let’s face it: if they aren’t that comfortable getting a little physical when out and about, what is the likelihood they will be up for casual sex later? 

You don’t want to waste your time if that’s all you’re after, so unless you are up for a real challenge, simply move on! [Read: How to flirt with your eyes and grab anyone’s attention in the room]

5. Turn the conversation to sex

We all love talking about sex, right? Especially after a couple of drinks! So after you’ve had an initial flirty conversation, try to steer things in this direction.

Remember: it’s important not to be creepy or come on too strong, while at the same time making it pretty obvious what you’re after. Compliment them, but don’t be too sleazy (or too romantic). 

For example, tell them you think they are sexy and hot—don’t tell them they are beautiful, gorgeous, or that they have nice eyes. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

Get close when you’re talking, and whisper in their ear to make it more intimate. Breathing in the other person’s ear is seriously sexy and makes them think about doing it, too!

You need to be able to comfortably talk about sex without bragging or listing previous conquests. Don’t, whatever you do, come across as awkward or desperate. They’ll think that’s what you’re like in bed and this, understandably, is a major turn-off! 

You don’t have to be too serious, either. Teasing is a great way to flirt, and lots of things about sex are funny, so use humor to laugh your one night stand all the way to the bedroom. [Not sure how to get started? Try: 30 dirty would you rather questions to ask your lover]

6. Understand what is in and out of your control

Whatever you do, keep a cool head, and know you can’t control everything—even if you have mastered all the best hookup techniques.

Their friend might get sick, or something might happen to change the mood. What you can control is the way you approach someone and talk to them, where you plan to go if you do score, and whether you have adequate protection.

Do these things sensibly and well, and if random events mean you lose your one night stand, then just let it go! [Read: How to get rid of nervousness and calm your mind wherever you are]

7. Don’t stay until the end of the night

There is no greater mood killer than the lights coming up and the music coming to an abrupt stop at the end of the night. Don’t wait for this to happen. It is always best to get out while the getting is good.

Come closing time, friends who have been helpfully leaving you alone all evening will make a reappearance, or your potential one night stand might wander off to get their coat and never return. 

Also, staying out so late means they’ll be more tired and have had more to drink, which makes the idea of coming home with you instead of to their own safe bed a lot less appealing. [Read: 16 signs to know if it’ll be a one night stand date]

8. Invest now, return later

If you meet a potential hookup at the start of the night but have to move on, they need to head somewhere, or they simply go and find their friends, and get their number so you can contact them later.

If they seem like they are up for catching up with you again, this could be a great sign. Later on in the evening, assuming you haven’t scored with someone else, dig out your phone and drop them a text to see if they are still about. If they respond and try to find you, you are almost certainly on to a winner.

9. Subtly give them details

There are plenty of opportunities in a conversation to drop little hints or give information that increases your likelihood of getting a “yes” at the end of the night. [Try: How to increase your sex appeal effortlessly]

Letting them know where you live *close by is always good*, or what your apartment is like *assuming it’s nice!* are throwaway comments that will stick in the mind of your potential one night stand, and will unconsciously steer them toward thinking that going home with you is the best idea ever.

10. Act like you already know they want you

This is another confidence thing. If you act like you know they want you, and can maybe *but not definitely* have you, this is going to attract them, make them work harder for your attention… and make them putty in your hands later!

11. Be direct and go in for the kill

If you want to bang someone’s brains out, sometimes just telling them so can be the best option. [Read: 30 Sneaky signs to tell if someone likes you without asking them directly]

You’d actually be surprised by how well and often this works. If you are getting all the right signs, then saying, “I want to take you home and rip your clothes off” can make the other person feel awesome and totally hot. If it is looking good, just go for it!

12. Be honest

This is important if you don’t want to end up with a potential nightmare on your hands the next morning. If you are really just looking for a casual night of fun, make sure the other person knows that BEFORE you get them into bed.

If you have spent the whole night getting along famously, flirting, kissing, and touching, and then you go home together, it is possible your one night stand might think there is more to it. [Read: 30 Sexy moves to seduce a woman and make her want to get in bed with you]

So, if you are honest from the outset, it will save you a hassle in the long run.

The 10 worst people you can ever have a one night stand with!

If you’re single, there’s nothing wrong with having guiltless sex with someone, be it a fuck-buddy or a friend with benefits! But, before you jump into bed with someone, always make sure your one night stand won’t come around some other day and bite you on your backside!

You could enter into a one night stand without worrying about the consequences, but keep these ten people in mind and avoid bringing them back to bed with you.

The consequences may be a series of guilty moments, awkward moments, or moments that make you wish you were invisible! [Read: 15 Signs an ex is confused about their wants and feelings and what to do]

1. Your ex you still love

Exes are always dangerous ground. They’re like a stroll in a minefield where you just can’t predict what could happen. Sometimes, it may help you realize you just don’t have feelings for them anymore.

But almost all the time, having a one night stand with an ex you bump into could unshackle those hidden and subdued feelings of love that you thought doesn’t exist anymore in your heart. 

You or your ex could end up falling in love, or you may find yourself in a confused on-and-off relationship that’ll leave you feeling worse than ever! [Read: 14 things to keep in mind to feel awesome when you bump into your ex!]

2. Your best friend

A best friend *of the opposite sex* is someone who knows you very well. Both of you may have flirted and teased each other, yet neither of you has ever crossed the line. 

But if you get into a one night stand with your best friend, your friend may feel disrespected or confuse the experience with chemistry or love!

Once you sleep with a friend, there’s always going to be an awkward feeling when it’s just the both of you. And it may eventually lead to both of you hooking up or drifting away forever.

Are you willing to risk those long years of friendship over a few mindless moments of lust? [Read: Why guy best friends are nothing but trouble for all girls!]

3. Someone who’s married or taken

No strings attached sex is the kind of sex you have where there’s no emotional baggage or feelings involved. But when you have sex with someone who’s married or taken, you’d always feel guilty about it – because you were the “other lover”, even if it’s just for a night.

And if the person you slept with isn’t happy in their own relationship, they may pursue you, or seduce you, in the hope of getting away from their own miserable love life.

Before you know it, you may find yourself trapped in a confusing and painful love triangle [Confession: I slept with a married man and paid the price]

4. Your boss/coworker

Firstly, most offices have clear rules about office romances and it’s almost always frowned upon. So, if you have a fling or a one night stand with your boss or a coworker, it’s something you can’t get away from. 

The word may spread; the person you slept with may expect more, or they may sexually harass you, or even spread rumors about you when you don’t play along with their requests or sexual desires.

There are so many scenarios where things can turn bad in an office fling, and there are very few happy endings there. Want a safer bet? You could look for love in the workplace, but avoid the office one night stand for your own good. [Read: Love triangles and their confusing complications]

5. Your friend’s lover

The thought of seducing your friend’s lover can seem pretty exciting, especially if you love winning. If your friend’s lover discreetly tries to flirt with you or get touchy-feely now and then, you may even be secretly flattered and excited by it.

But no matter how arousing the idea seems, avoid it. The secret always gets out at some point in time. Not only are you stabbing your friend in the back, but you’ll likely be shunned by other friends who find out.

Would you really feel comfortable if all your friends tried to keep their partners away from you because they don’t trust you? [Read: Things you need to know before hitting on a friend’s girlfriend]

6. A relative

When you’re tipsy or reckless, it’s easy to make a horrifying mistake, and that includes the incestuous one night stand. Do you have the hots for a cousin or a far relative? 

However distant they may be in the family tree, avoid one night stands with a hot relative because it’s far too risky – not to mention unethical, and illegal in some parts of the world.

7. Your crush

Unrequited love sucks. Do you really want to make it worse for yourself by bringing sex into the equation? If you’re crazy about this person and find the perfect excuse to get them to bed *with a wild party and lots of booze*, it may seem like the right opportunity to get sexually intimate with them. [Read: What is unrequited love and how can you get over it?]

But when they wake up the morning after and move on, you’ll be the broken-hearted one lying in bed wondering why your crush doesn’t love you back. You’d feel worse, and now that you’ve had sex, you’ll feel more intimately attached to this person. 

You’ll have a harder time moving on, and you’ll feel wretched because your crush may even avoid you. Can you handle that?

8. Roommate

A roommate is someone you live with, not sleep with. Of course, given the right circumstances, true love could bloom if both of you are looking for it. [Read: How to make a sexy and successful booty call to a friend]

But if you get carried away in the heat of the moment and try to have sex with your roommate, things could go from just awkward, to extremely weird the morning after. Remember, both of you live together and have to see each other’s faces every day.

9. Someone who has a crush on you

Just like how having sex with someone you have a crush on is bad for you, having sex with someone who has a crush on you is just as bad.

Not only would you leave this person pining over you and trailing you like a lost lamb, but the person you sleep with may also turn possessive or try to force you to sleep with them again.

And no matter how many times you walk away from this person, they may still pursue you or try to convince you to date them. [Read: 10 ways to reject a guy you don’t want to date in a nice way]

10. Your arch enemy

As much as you hate your enemy, there’d always be a small part of you that respects them *which is why you see this person as a threat and hate them for it*.

If you’re forced into a situation where you have to spend time with this person, there could be an occasional chance that things may end up in a one night stand. [Read: How to pick the right guy for a one night stand and initiate the conversation]

The night may start off with hate, which could turn into admiration or awe as the night progresses. Add a few drinks into the equation and you may even be lusting for this person before the night is over. 

But as keen as you may be to get into bed with this person, avoid jumping into something like a one night stand with your enemy. [Read: 6 tips to recognize a girl who wants to hook up and 12 ways to hook up with her]

You don’t know if you’re really attracted to the person, or if it’s the circumstances that are leading you to do something you may come to regret in the morning. 

If you do find yourself falling for your arch enemy, meet them as a friend a few times before sleeping with them. You’d feel terrible if you woke up and realized it was a mistake, or worse, you’ve been tricked into sleeping with them!

[Read: How to get a friend to have sex with you by planning it right]

One night stands aren’t all bad as long as you protect yourself. In fact, they can even be really fun. Just remember, don’t get too drunk, use protection, stay safe, and be spontaneous but respectful. That way, you won’t have any regrets!

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