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15 Subtle Signs Your Ex Wants You Back but Won’t Admit It

You broke up, but before gaining ten pounds over your tub of “I’m newly single” ice cream, these are the signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it.

signs your ex wants you back but won't admit it

We’ve all been there—the yelling over the phone, the essay long texts, the final “it’s over” sentence, and then the immediate “I’m independent” vibe that proudly comes along after it. But, after giving it five minutes, they realize they made a mistake and want you back. But no, they can’t call you, that would mean they lost this battle. So these are the signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it .

Do they want you back? Signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it

Yeah, I know all about it. Pride is one hell of a drug, and it doesn’t make things much better at the end of the day. If you’ve been dumped, you’re probably thinking your ex is living the life, but that’s probably not the case.

They’re probably realizing how lonely they are and that they made a huge mistake. Will they admit it? Well, not right now at least. But, you know, there are ways you can tell if they want you back.

Trust me, they always come back… unless you were a real asshole, then they ain’t.

#1 They’re still angry. You’re still getting those “f*ck you” text messages and the angry phone calls. If someone was really content with how things went, they wouldn’t be harassing you with angry messages. There would be no need. If your ex isn’t being the nicest person to you, it’s because they’re hurt. [Read: My ex hates me – 12 ways to get past their rage]

#2 They moved on super quickly. You just broke up last week, and they’re already dating someone they just met last night at the club. People can be funny. I mean, this is so obvious that they’re trying to mask the pain by literally flopping into another relationship. They haven’t moved on and when someone does that, they never move on.

#3 Overcompensation on social media. They go out every night, the pictures of them drinking beer and laughing overflow on Facebook. It makes me sick, but only because this is my go-to move. I know, how depressing, but I need to show them that I’m having an amazing time without them… as I cry inside.

#4 Public depression. They look a little dirty, their hair is getting longer, maybe they haven’t shaved in a while. And it’s not because they’re trying to adopt the grunge look. If your ex is looking like they’ve let themselves go, it’s because they have. Why? Because they finally realized they’re an idiot. [Read: Is my ex thinking about me? The signs you just can’t miss]

#5 They stay out of the limelight. All of a sudden, they’re nowhere to be seen. They’re not posting on Facebook, they’re not liking your photos on Instagram—nothing. They’re hurting pretty bad. I mean, to completely remove yourself from social media and going out means you’re really suffering.

#6 They do a “checking up” call. You broke up not too long ago, but they’re just texting you to see how you’re handling it. You know, making sure you’re not devastated and spending your days bawling in front of the TV. Ironically, that’s probably them. Their “are you okay?” phone call is a great way to see that they’re clearly not. [Read: 15 reasons why your ex still texts you and stays in touch]

#7 They make their friends spy on you. Sure, they may be your friends too, but don’t think for one minute that they’re not informing your ex on what and how you’re doing. They may be at the same house party as you or in the same class. They’re reporting back to your ex.

#8 They’re jealous. They run into you while you’re talking to someone from the opposite gender. Ooo, you see their face getting heated and red. They’re fuming inside. Jealousy isn’t pretty, but, it sure lets you know what they’re really thinking. [Read: Feeling lonely: Here are legit reasons for missing your ex]

#9 The infamous drunk dial. So, they can’t admit that they f*cked up to you sober, but while they’re drunk, the words just come pouring out. The infamous and regretful drunk dial is the most reliable way of really seeing how they feel about you. Remember, a drunk person’s thought is a sober person’s words.

#10 They still keep in touch with your family and friends. Why would anyone keep in touch with your mom and dad after a breakup? Sure, maybe they like your parents, but come on, that’s a strategic move to keep themselves in your life.

#11 I didn’t expect to you see you here. Oh yes, you did, you totally did. If they’re bumping into you on the regular, well, that’s not by accident. If you two were in a committed relationship, your ex-partner knows your pattern. They know where you get coffee, where you walk your dog—they know it all. That’s no coincidence. [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you accidentally bump into your ex]

#12 You see them change in a good way. Those things about them that used to bother you—their tangled, messy hair, unshaven face, whatever is it, well, they’ve cleaned up. It’s not because they want other people, they’re trying to subtly show you that they can change.

#13 They bring up what made you two break up. Listen, no one in their right mind brings up that whole mess of a conversation unless they wanted to try to work it out. Why bring it up just to hash it out for fun? Nah, it doesn’t work like that. If they bring it up, they want to resolve it.

#14 Highly secretive about their dating life. I am notorious for this. I could be dating a new guy, but I never  make it public. Why? Because I didn’t want the guy I still had feelings for to see I was taken. I wanted him back. So, if you know nothing about their love life, there’s a reason why. [Read: 16 clear signs your ex still wants you back in their life]

#15 They do things that you wanted to do. Remember when you wanted to go skydiving? Oh well, would you look at that, they suddenly took an interest. Or when you wanted to travel to Egypt? Well, they’re taking a selfie next to the pyramids as we speak.

Come on, you seriously believe that they’re doing this because they genuinely want to? Okay, they want to, but they’re trying desperately to get a reaction from you.

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Have you seen any of these signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it, in your life? If you also want them back and they’re not making the first move, it’s time to step it up!

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