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Art of Seduction: 25 Seductive Ways to Smolder and Ooze Sex Appeal

Want to understand the art of seduction and find love? These 25 seductive tips will make you an expert on smoldering sex appeal.

art of seduction

The art of seduction, for many, seems shrouded in mystery. We all want to be one of those people able to master how to smolder and ooze sex appeal, and who always manage to seduce those people we’ve taken a fancy to.

In reality, mastering the art of seduction is more difficult than it looks. It takes a proper effort and practice to get really good at it. There are those out there who seem to be effortless and totally natural when it comes to being sexy and seductive. However, it’s definitely not as easy as it seems.

What you need to know about the art of seduction

However, the good news is that the art of seduction is definitely something taught and learned. With practice, if willing to give it a real shot, anyone can learn how to be more seductive.

So, if you want to become a master at the art of seduction, try these 25 tips.

#1 Be mysterious. Being mysterious is seriously seductive. Whether you come across as the strong, silent type, or just a lady with a secretive air. It makes the object of your desire desperate to know all your hidden secrets. [Read: 33 subtle ways to seduce anyone]

#2 Give long, lingering looks. Don’t be afraid to really hold eye contact. Don’t stare, but long, seductive looks and a slight smile makes them feel just the right amount of nervous. [Read: How to do prolonged eye contact in flirting just right]

#3 Make physical contact. A brush of the hand or gently guiding someone as you walk by putting your hand on the small of their back, or pressing your thigh next to theirs when you sit side by side—these small moments of physical contact can feel very thrilling.

#4 Always leave them wanting more. Be the first one to walk away or to end the conversation or date. Leaving them wanting more is always a good way to ensure they keep on coming back!

#5 Always look your best. A great seductress always looks the part. You won’t feel or come across as seductive in old jogging bottoms and a stained t-shirt now will you?!

#6 Ask questions. If you want to be seductive you have to be charming and interested. So make sure you pay them attention and flatter their ego by asking them lots of questions about themselves—and be fascinated by their answers, of course. [Read: The 20 best questions to ask on a first date]

#7 Make them laugh. Humor plays an incredibly important part in the art of seduction so make sure you’ve got a few jokes up your sleeve and sharpen your wit.

#8 Be intense. Making them feel a little uncomfortable by not looking away or allowing there to be silences in your conversation actually heightens sexual tension between you. You don’t want it to be awkward or creepy—just the right amount so it gets those butterflies going.

#9 Make them feel special. If you want to seduce someone make them feel as though they are the only person in the room. Give them the attention they crave!

#10 Compliment them. Flattery gets you everywhere when it comes to seduction. So, make sure you pay them lots of compliments and that they know just how very attractive you find them. [Read: 25 ways to make anyone like you]

#11 Whisper in their ear. Whispering involves getting close, and the feeling of your lips brushing against their ear and your breath on their neck sends shivers down their spine.

#12 Go somewhere romantic. The art of seduction involves creating the perfect ambience, so make sure you take them somewhere romantic. Somewhere cozy, quiet, with dim lighting and flickering candles ought to do the trick. Or head out for a moonlit stroll along a beach under the stars. The world is your oyster, but remember, you’ll make it harder on yourself if you pick somewhere crowded, bright, and noisy. [Read: 13 very romantic dinner date ideas]

#13 Be playful. The art of seduction isn’t all about being serious and mysterious however! Be playful and flirtatious too.

#14 Be unavailable. People always want what they can’t have. Unfortunately, this does seem to be almost a law of nature! You don’t have to be completely standoffish, but not offering yourself up on a plate, instead making them work for it makes you come across as all the more desirable.

#15 Be confident. Being powerfully seductive is all about having the confidence to do so. Make sure you aren’t nervous or stuttery. Believe in yourself and your powers of seduction and that is half the battle won already!

#16 Be suggestive. To be seductive, you need to be okay with taking things onto a more suggestive and sexual level. Don’t be afraid to do so, but just remember not to push anything or make anyone feel uncomfortable. [Read: 15 ways to seduce without words]

#17 Use your body language effectively. Using your body language to exude confidence and attractiveness. It makes you appear more attractive and complements your seduction routine well.

#18 Be patient. Above all, remember patience! If you get pushy you immediately switch from being seductive to needy or overbearing—and that’s a complete turnoff.

What not to do in seduction

Of course, when learning the art of seduction there are as many things to remember not to do as things to remember to do. If you want to be seductive never:

#19 Be needy. No one likes someone clinging to them or vying for their attention. [Read: 11 easy ways to deal with the needy people in your life]

#20 Be pushy. Don’t ever push too hard. Learn how to take no for an answer. Even the master seducers get rejected sometimes!

#21 Be aggressive. Don’t get aggressive or angry if someone isn’t falling for your charms.

#22 Sulk. Again throwing a hissy fit or sulking because things aren’t working out the way you’d hoped is extremely unattractive and makes you look immature and a little pathetic too! Accept that you can’t win ‘em all and move onto the next.

#23 Get too comfortable. If you want to keep the art of seduction alive, never get too comfortable and just keep practicing.

#24 Take someone for granted. If you begin to take someone for granted you lose all your incentive to seduce them. So, remember why you were attracted to them in the first place and keep making an effort. [Read: Fractionation seduction and how men seduce women using emotions]

#25 Give away too much too soon. Remember it’s a good idea to always keep a little something back. It is mystery and intrigue that strongly attracts us to other people, so make sure you don’t just blurt out your entire life story on the very first date!

[Read: How to be mysterious without being too distant]

These 25 dos and don’ts to help you master the art of seduction all work so well. If you really focus and learn how to change your behavior, and really make an effort to practice, you’ll definitely get better at coming across as confident and sexy. 

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