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I Want to Have Sex with You: 15 Ways to Seduce Without Words

Does saying “I want to have sex with you” make you cringe? If so, then you know how much more powerful SHOWING someone you want to have sex is.

i want to have sex with you

Sure, you could walk right up to your significant other and say, I want to have sex with you. But sometimes—more often if you’re a guy—this can get you a sneer and even a slap across the face if they’re not in the mood. But if you show someone you want to have sex, it’s not only more meaningful, but you’ll also have better luck in your quest to get naked with your significant other.

You can even show someone you want to have sex with them from across the room! Talk about hands-free communication.

How to say it all without saying anything

Actions really do speak louder than words. This is especially true when it comes to having sex. Say to your lover all day that you want to hop into bed with them. But if you REALLY want to make a difference in your sex life, show them instead.

And no, I don’t mean rip off your clothes and do a sexy dance around your living room. While that may work and get their attention, it’s not exactly what we have in mind when we think of how to say, I want to have sex with you, without words. [Read: How to make a guy really horny just by casually sitting next to him]

Why it works better

Showing someone you want to have sex with them works to stimulate more of their attention than simply saying it. If you tell them, they hear it but remain preoccupied with something else. But when you show them, you demand all of their attention—not just their ears.

If you want to know how to say “I want to have sex with you” without using words, this unique guide tells you exactly what to do and why it’ll work for you. Experiment with a number of these and see which works best for you. [Read: A guy’s guide to getting a girl wet and horny while sitting next to her]

#1 Make eye contact. Eye contact has a way of connecting people and forcing them to really see what the other person is trying to tell them. Your eyes give away more than you realize.

Almost all of my boyfriends told me that I have a “look” whenever I want to have sex. They just have to look into my eyes to tell that’s what I want. So find your own “look” and give it to them. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

#2 Check them out up and down—then bite your lower lip. When they walk into a room and you’re itching to have sex with them, give them a slow glance up and down before biting your lower lip, finally, landing on their eyes. They’ll not only appreciate the stare down, but they’ll understand what you’re thinking.

#3 Give them a long, slow kiss. This works especially when you come home from work or from being gone for a while but want to go and get it on. Walk in and give them a really long and slow kiss right away. Trust me, they’ll know you mean business.

#4 Let them feel how in the mood you are. A move that really almost always seems to work, especially for the ladies, is to let your significant other FEEL how ready to go you are. Take their hand and slowly slip it down into your pants. Guys, this also works for you. [Read: Get in the mood with these 15 movies with a lot of sex]

#5 Give them a back massage that goes a bit further. Start by massaging their shoulders, move down to their back, and then you can just keep going down until you hit the spot you’re looking for. Massages help to relax a person and your handiness tells them all they need to know.

#6 Find their weak spot and give it attention. Some people have certain areas that are so sensitive they get in the mood instantly. If you know what spot this is, give it attention. They’ll not only realize what you’re trying to do, but they’ll get in the mood to do it, too. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay tips you can ever use in bed]

#7 Raise your eyebrows suggestively. Not much more says “I want to have sex with you” like raising your eyebrows suggestively at your lover while wearing a devilish grin putting Satan himself to shame. This is kind of a universal look of, “I want you now.”

#8 Gently tug on their bottom lip with your teeth. Maintain eye contact when you leave the room. Then walk directly into the bedroom while still looking at them. This already tells them you feel a little frisky from the biting of the lip, but keeping their eye contact throughout and then walking into the bedroom communicates FOR SURE you want to have sex with them.

#9 Give them a wicked grin after a long kiss. This is almost like raising your eyebrows at them but a little less obvious. After you get done giving them a long, even hot and heavy kiss, give them a wicked grin that just screams, I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU! They’ll know exactly what you want and will probably comply. [Read: How to French kiss: the dos and don’ts of French kissing]

#10 Give them the “come hither” finger. This seems to work best for when the ladies use this method. After giving them a kiss, walk to the bedroom and turn around when you reach the door. Stick your pointer finger in the air and bend it back toward you in a manner that says, “Come here!” They’ll know exactly what you want.

#11 Take away their distracting device *cell phone, TV, etc.* and kiss them to silence them. Sometimes it can be hard for your partner to see you when they’re attached to their phone, TV, or computer screen.

If you really want to tell them “I want to have sex with you,” slowly slide their device out of their hands and then press your lips against theirs when they protest. [Read: 12 sexy ways to arouse a man even if he isn’t in the mood]

#12 Ladies: straddle their lap and kiss their neck. Men have more nerve endings in their necks and behind their ears than women do. So if you ladies want to tell your man that you want to have sex with him, climb on his lap in a straddle position and kiss his neck slowly. He’ll be ready to go before you know it. [Read: 12 foreplay moves that work exceptionally well on men]

#13 Men: walk up behind her, grab her hips, and kiss her neck. Women are very sensitive on the back of their necks. And we LOVE when you walk up behind us and grab our waist and hips. Do that and start kissing our neck. We’ll get in the mood really quickly—and we’ll know just what you want. [Read: 11 sexiest hot spots to kiss a woman and arouse her]

#14 After a quick kiss, pause, and then go in for a deeper one. This one works best when you’re going in for your typical peck, but you’re feeling like you want a little more than that. Give them your usual kiss, then pull away and smile at them before going in for a deeper and hotter kiss. Trust me, this one usually sends the message loud and clear.

#15 Kiss them deeply, then grab their hand and usher them to the bedroom. This is by far the most direct way that screams “I want to have sex with you.” All you need to do is grab their hand and lead them into the bedroom following a deep kiss. They may have questions, but just let your eyes and lips do the talking.

[Read: Slow sex – 13 steamy reasons why it’s the best sex ever!]

Telling someone out loud that you want to have sex with them may be your usual go-to way to have sex, but saying “I want to have sex with you” without using words is much, much more effective!

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