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Making Out with Truth or Dare

making out with truth or dare

When was the last time you played the game? And how naughty did you get? Truth or Dare can be fun, but the carnal overtones can also land you in a lot of trouble.

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You have to make a plan about what and who you want to make out with before you start and you need to prep yourself with good dares and truths.

Do not play this game without whipped cream. It is the most important accessory you’ll need. You will be amazed when you see how turned on a person can get just by licking whipped cream, preferably off someone else if you can manage it. Dare your friend to go into a room with someone for five minutes and see what happens. If they don’t come out, you have another person to get cozy with.

Things Can Go Wrong

How open is your relationship with your partner? Imagine a scenario where you’re dared to kiss this other guy in the room and he’s someone you had a little crush on. Worse, your boyfriend’s also in the room.

You go up, kiss this guy and it lingers. You can’t help it. He’s kissing you and you open up to him, your lips lock, your tongues touch. It’s the best thing that’s happened to you. You can’t stop. What the heck, you don’t want to.

The guy starts feeling you, you don’t stop him. You love it. Everyone cheers, and when you finish, you’re flushed. You turn to look at your boyfriend and he’s looking out at the door and trying to light a cigarette. Accept it, you’re screwed! It can go wrong for the guys too. You keep sending out dares for everyone to do things that exist only in dark fantasies and now it’s your turn to do the same. You want to and you’ve dreamt about this a zillion times. You assume that your girlfriend will be okay with you making out with another girl just because she just sat on the lap of another man. But that usually never is the case.

The Next Morning

The next morning can be a haze, even if all goes well and you have traded secrets and partners for the night. Eyes are not met and everyone’s in a hurry to go home. Nothing is spoken about the night, and it all suddenly seems strange and totally unnecessary. Guilt sets in. Anger rules. You don’t admit you’re jealous. You may not be, but are you really happy with what you did?

You may say no, but come next weekend and it’ll probably be you who’s saying, “Let’s play Truth or Dare”. You or someone else who wants to make out with someone else!

Keeping it Clean

You can single-handedly keep the game clean if you want. If you’re asked to feel someone’s balls, feel his eyeballs. Just be creative in all your dares. Go easy on the questions and soon all the carnal tension will leave the room and you can have a clean game of Truth or Dare, just like the old days.

Remember that ultimately the game steers along the way you want it to go. If you want to sleep with someone, you can make that happen. If you want an innocent game, you can make that happen too.

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3 thoughts on “Making Out with Truth or Dare”

  1. STROKER says:

    …all this how to keep your guy or girlr hot etc is just nonsense to sell copy. Fact: most men and now many women want variety–the way animals have always wanted variety. Monogamy is pur lie stuff for most people and that is why despite vows, religion, etc we still have so much cheating going on. Get real. What most of this nonsense is about is trying to pretend that a new game, a different partner. Not so and it does not last long or really work.

  2. Carl says:

    @stroker, what nonsense are you talking! The article obviously already says it’s difficult for humans to stick to monogamous relationships, and games like these are easy escape for people. Are you trying to sound like a counselor?!

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