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  • nick bellman

    So is it a good sign a girl likes you and you get her number and the last couple times you’ve seen her she has given you a hug and takes time to talk to you

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  • Sarvesh

    Well I have a friend of mine, we met about couple of years ago, eventually we became very frank and started flirting. Till a few weeks back we were like you know share talk anything and we both were very happy talking to each other. I could see a big smile on her face every time we talk. We were playing truth and dare so since we already flirted we were talking about bf and gf so she told that she broke up with his bf and suddenly she asked do you like me I said I kinda do and she texted blushing smiley and ya Now I remember evert time she used blushed smiley and then I asked same question so she said I do but as a friend. Which I kinda expected but then what shocked me was when I just went through all the messages and she used to tell me some things as flirt but she never said tried to tell I don’t mean such things even in a dare I proposed her just for dare sake and her yes was like yeessssssss yesssssss…I just ignored it and yet she just said jokingly while flirting I love you and you are the best boyfriend ever and then suddenly texted laughing smileys of whatsapp and then said this is the biggest lie I have ever said…another instance was when she asked what relation you want with me in next birth..I said wife at first obviously I was joking then she said no bit wife then I said okay gf she said okay done. I mean is she giving me signs an I’m not picking them or what ?
    Okay guys as y’all think I should propose her or kiss her surprisingly but there is a small thing i haven’t seen her in few months as she is on a hostel for higher studies. So we don’t talk that much for now cause we both are kinda busy in our own worlds so yet y’all think I should propose ?
    Guys I just asked her whether she has crush on me or not and she simply said no and asked me why? Then I explained her that on yahoo this happened I may have lied abit that you all suggested me to ask her but she said no nothing like that then I said I know I’m an idiot and I don’t understand even if something like that exist between us if at all she said I know. Then after chatting more I asked do you think I can get a girl so she replied yea for sure and used blush smilies and I said you sure she said trust me ! So I don’t understand what the hell is she doing ?
    I’m getting uneasy you know cause I really feel a connection something between us cause I don’t have to pretend I talk frankly and she tells she likes when I tell her my problems and all she always tell me to keep sharing although she just shares a less. What you guys think ?

  • European guy

    I was was walking at the beginning of a street. Then I saw a woman further on my side of the street. To walk at the end of the street I must pass her, you can imagine??? is hard to tell in words.

    but anyway, when I kind of approached her.. she turned away so that I can see her back. So was looking at her back for like 30 SECONDS… really odd was that. So when I passed her I was walking further and when I was at the end of the street. I had a glimpse over my shoulder to see if she was watching ( Looked over my shoulder cause I wanted to see if she was flirting with me by turning away). I saw that she was looking at me. Did she looked with a meaning or was it nothing?

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