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How To Get a Girl’s Attention & Impress Her Before Saying a Word

Want to know how to get a girl’s attention and impress her at first sight? No matter where you are, use these tips and she’ll definitely be interested!

how to get a girl's attention

You want to impress her at first glance, but the tricky part is, you barely get a few seconds before she makes up her mind about you. So how do you leave a good impression on her? And how to get a girl’s attention in a way that gets you a second glance, and a lot more too?!

When it comes to getting a girl’s attention, a lot depends on the first impression. Guys have always been drawn to girls who look good and have a happy aura about them.

And girls aren’t any different either. While a chiseled jawline and rock hard abs may not be the sole criteria for a girl to get attracted to a guy, appearances and first impressions play a very big part at the beginning. Especially if you want to get her attention, and her undivided interest.

Getting a girl’s attention and how it really works

If you’re walking down a street or sitting in a cafe, and a girl walks past you, what are the first few things you notice about her? [Read: 20 sexual things guys notice when they see a girl]

You’d obviously notice her face, her body, her attire and the way she behaves. And if there are any stand-out assets she’s flaunting, you’re sure to see that too!

And just like you, girls notice things about you too. It’s instinctive, and considering the fact that all a girl can do at first sight is notice you and “measure” you, she’s bound to judge you based on her sight, and your appearances, at least at first.

First impressions count… a lot!

If you want to know how to get a girl’s attention, you need to make sure you’re making a good impression on her, even from afar. If you can do that, she’d naturally want to see more of you, get your attention, or better yet, want to get to know you.

You always need to remember that, as humans, we make up our minds about people even before we open our mouths to say hello – men and women alike. So if you can judge a woman before you even have a conversation with her, don’t assume she isn’t doing the same to you! [Read: 7 seconds to impress – How to make a girl get interested in under 7 seconds]

There are two ways to get a girl’s attention and impress her. Firstly, as we’ve mentioned already, is from afar. And secondly, and this is where it plays an even bigger role, is when you’re near her.

Getting her attention from afar can only take you so far. Once you introduce yourself, or are introduced to her, well, that’s when you can make an even stronger impression on her and make her turn around and look twice even as you walk away.

How to get a girl’s attention if you don’t know her yet

If you like a girl and want to get her attention, but you haven’t been introduced to each other, here are the finer details that can help you catch her attention, flatter her and rouse her interest in you at the same time.

When a girl looks at you from afar, all she can see is your behavior and your appearance. Keep that in mind, and leave to use it to your advantage.

1. Be charming

You don’t need to charm her just yet. But be charming in your behavior. And in the way you speak to everyone else around you. Remember your manners, speak with grace and have a warm personality.

This is not something you can build in a day, but once you perfect this, you’ll be able to draw any girl to you without even trying. [Read: How to make people like you – 35 tips to charm absolutely anybody]

2. Don’t be dominated by any other guy

When you’re spending time out with your friends, do your friends ignore you or treat you badly? When you go out with the guys, do you feel low on confidence because some other guys make all the decisions? Don’t spend time with these guys.

When you’re dominated by some other guy in your group, you look weaker and the girl whose attention you’re trying to catch may be more interested in your dominant friend than you.

It’s obvious. The best girl will want to be with the best guy in the room. If you’re giving another guy that power by letting him walk all over you, you’ll look like the sidekick while he’ll appear like the alpha male. And anyway, why would you want to hang out with someone who makes you feel and look bad?! [Read: 30 alpha male characteristics that make you the real alpha]

3. Dress well

What’s one of the first things you notice about a girl? Her appearance, or more specifically, her outfit catches your eye. And likewise, your attire is one of the first things a girl will notice about you. Now don’t get carried away and start splurging or peacocking though! [Read: What is peacocking and why do men instinctively start doing this in front of women?]

Dress in attire that makes you feel good about yourself. When you look good, all eyes are bound to turn towards you and there’s a better chance of getting a girl’s attention towards you. If you work out, or have those broad shoulders girls love, you’ve definitely got an edge over many other guys already! [Read: How to dress to impress a girl and get more than a second glance]

4. Groom yourself

The art of grooming is the thin line separating the average guy from a great guy. Most guys dress well, but they don’t really look or feel like a million bucks. Grooming is to a man what fine tuning is to a car engine. It’s alright by itself, but a few tweaks can make a serious difference.

Use complex perfume that smells great on you when you walk past a girl, use moisturizer to keep your skin looking supple and radiant, and hair products that make you feel rich no matter where you are.

Focus on accessories, but keep them subtle. Wear a good watch and accessorize your wardrobe without overdoing it. It’s the little details that always differentiate a classy man from the average joe. [Read: 38 easy hacks to look rich like you’re rolling in serious cash]

5. Laugh and smile

A genuine and hearty laugh is infectious and attractive. Girls are attracted to happy guys. After all, happy guys make great boyfriends and are more fun. Be cheerful and have a sense of humor. But at the same time, respect yourself and don’t ever let anyone take you for granted. No girl would like a pushover who’s taken lightly by other people.

6. Respect is given and taken

It’s one thing to be friendly and agreeable, but a totally different issue if people find it easy to take you for granted. Give people the respect they deserve, and they will respect you back in return. When you know how to be gentlemanly, others will notice those traits in you and you will receive their respect and admiration. And women notice this. [Read: How to be a gentleman around a woman and win her over with your charm]

7. Have a strong posture

A good posture can add several inches to your height and your confidence. A firm and upright posture is a sign of confidence. And girls just love a confident man! Walk with a naturally straight back and feel powerful from within. And when you feel it, it shows!

8. Try to make eye contact

Eye contact can do a lot of great things in a budding romance. It’s the easiest way to get a girl’s attention and yet, play safe without actually walking up to her.

If you learn the art of eye contact flirting, you’d be able to make her like you without even saying a word to her! Use these 10 eye contact flirting moves when you see a girl from across the room. Not only will you have her attention, but she’ll be waiting for you to walk up to her and say hello if you make the right kind of eye contact.

9. Be interesting, even from afar

You know what looks creepy? A guy slouching in his seat, brooding and at the same time trying to make eye contact with a girl because he thinks he’s “smoldering” and not brooding. If you want to catch a girl’s eye, appear interesting even from afar. Have fun with your friends, enjoy your conversations, and just do your own thing.

Of course, look towards the girl every now and then, and make eye contact. But live your life. If she sees you having the time of your life, she’d wish she could be around you instead of wherever she is at the moment because you seem like such a fun guy! [Read: How to know for sure if a girl is checking you out discreetly]

10. Find a way to get to know her

As long as you’ve created a perfect first impression on her, she wouldn’t mind exchanging a few glances with you. Look at her now and then, and watch how she behaves. Is she reciprocating your moves? Once you see that she’s responding to your attention, use this complete guide on how to approach a girl and talk to her, and use any of the different moves to approach a girl depending on how she behaves around you.

11. Don’t be fake

Enough with the imaginary lat syndrome *those gym boys who walk while flaying their arms wide because they think they have huge muscles* or the arrogant swagger. No one falls for that. Ever! When a girl sees a guy trying to walk with swag to show he’s “one of the sexy guys”, he just looks like a douchebag. It’s absolutely repulsive!

Instead, be pleasant, be humble, be approachable, and just be relaxed. In a world obsessed with fakeness, being genuine and sincere can win you more affection than arrogance or swagger.

How to get a girl’s attention when you’re talking to her

So you may already know the girl, or perhaps, you approached her perfectly, and now you’re having a conversation with her. Well, that’s great news so far! You’ve worked your magic from afar, now here are the things you need to remember to get a girl’s attention when you’re around her, to make her get interested in you.

12. Compliment her

Pleasant compliments are the way to a girl’s heart. Girls never forget a genuine and appreciative compliment. If you want a girl to think of you, tell her something nice but lace it with a naughty or flirty remark. [Read: How to compliment a girl you like]

13. Be chivalrous around her

Behave like a real man around her. Be dependable and make her feel protected around you. When a girl feels safe around you, she’ll love spending time with you. Just a word of caution, don’t get into her friend zone by accepting all her demands or behaving like a doormat around her. Always respect yourself.

14. Make her laugh

Build your sense of humor by having a cheerful approach towards life. You don’t have to behave like a clown though. Just be yourself and bring humor out of circumstances around you. Check out this guide on how to be a funny guy and make people love your company for all the ways you can be more funny, without using any kind of self-deprecating humor.

15. Shine the spotlight on her

When you’re talking to a group of girls or if she’s with another friend, make it clear that you’re interested in her. Of course, you need to give everyone attention because you don’t want to bore her friends or make them feel left out. But make sure you’ve saving all the flirty remarks and compliments just for her.

16. Tease her

On one hand, you have to make it very apparent that you like her. But at the same time, don’t end up turning into a yes-man. Don’t try so hard to please her, that you end up repulsing her with your overenthusiastic eagerness.

Tease her now and then, pull her leg, make fun of her so her friends can join in and tease her too. Have a laugh, make her laugh, and subtly get her to flirt back with you. [Read: How to tease a girl and captivate her without annoying her]

17. Make her like you without asking her out

If the vibes are right, don’t ask her out or reveal your affection for her just yet. When you ask a girl to hang out with you, you’re putting her in a spot. And once you ask her out, there is no turning back. If she’s not ready to go out with you or date you just yet, she may even end up avoiding you or feeling awkward around you.

Instead, focus on making her fall hard for you first. That’s the trick, every single time. Never reveal your cards until you’re pretty sure the luck is in your favor. [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out]

[Read: 25 most common dating deal breakers for women all guys should avoid]

Once you understand what really matters when it comes to making a great impression, knowing how to get a girl’s attention wherever you are will come naturally, just as long as you remember the things that matter.

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