Does She Like Me? – Real Life Flirting Stories

does she like me

When a girl shows an interest in a guy, there’s always the big nagging question in the guy’s mind, “does she like me?” Read these flirting stories and moves, and find out if she really does like you in the first place.

Click here to read the introduction on how to tell if a girl likes you and all the tips you need to make a move her.

So does she like you? Knowing for sure that a girl is interested in you or has a crush on you can be confusing.

But if you’re read the introduction, you would have seen how easy it is to find out if a girl likes you.

Here’s one more tip to find out whether she likes you, and also what you should do if she seems interested, but isn’t really doing anything about it.

The big question – “Does she like me?”

When a girl likes a guy, she doesn’t usually go all out and reveal her true feelings for the guy. In most cases, she decides to drop a hint and then plays hard to get.

[Read: Why girls play hard to get]

It’s definitely a great move by the girl, because she does need to know if you’re genuinely interested in her too. So you need to know how to reciprocate her move in a manner that she would like.

So does she like you? Here’s one more way to find out.

She’s touchy feely

Now this one is probably the surest sign that a girl has something for you. When you’re in the middle of a conversation with her, does she touch you a lot, and do her hands linger on your hands or on any other part of your body? This one is a bold move, and a girl doesn’t do this unless she wants to be all over you. [Read: The art of the flirting touch]

It can be as obvious as touching your arm or knee while making a point, or as faint as having her toes come into contact with yours under the table.

But you should never be the one to initiate it. Even if it’s just a faint touch, a girl would always know it. So you don’t have to wonder if all the touching is just an accident. She’d definitely know there’s some body contact going on.

What you should do

Is she touchy feely with everyone else, or is it just you? If she’s overly friendly with everyone else, you’ve probably been reading the signs wrong. But if it’s just with you, boy, does she like you or what?!

You could also look for subtle signs. Does she keep her palms on the table, so close to yours that you could almost touch it, or do you find that both of you have been brushing each other quite a bit while sitting next to each other or while walking past?

These signs are a clear giveaway, but team this sign up with the others points in this series on how to tell if a girl likes you and signs that a girl likes you and see if there’s a love potential here.

She’s not responding?!

The signs that are mentioned in this series definitely do work like a charm, but before you make the move, learn to warm her up so she doesn’t get shocked at your sudden move.

And wherever possible, try to club the signs together so you can be really sure she’s flirting with you and wants to go out with you.

Figuring the answer to “does she like me” is easy. Knowing what to do next is an art. At times you may be confused with the signs, or you may misinterpret innocent signs. So take your time and don’t rush it. Believe me, if she really is hitting on you, it will definitely work when you hit right back on her. But it’s all about how patient you can be, and how certain you are before making the move. Once you’re pretty sure she likes you, go on, you cowboy, lasso your flirty lassie!

Real life flirting stories

Figuring whether a girl is flirting with you or not may not be one of the easiest things, and there are bound to be a few lucky times and a few unlucky ones. Read these confessions about stupidity, good and bad luck when it comes to the flirting games.

Hasty moves

I hang out in this private library after work for a while, to pick a few books to read at home. Around the same time, each day, there’s this very pretty girl who comes to the library, and her favorite books are in the same rack as the one I frequent. Just the other day, she smiled at me when we caught each other’s eyes, and the very next day, when I said ‘Hi’, she started blushing. I thought she liked me, so after a week or so, I told her I liked her. She walked away, and I haven’t seen her yet!

-Chester, 31

Cowardly flirting

Once when I was sitting at a coffee shop all by myself waiting for a friend to show up, I saw this cute girl who was sitting at a table across mine. I saw her glancing at me now and then, and I stared back too. It was really exciting, and I was having a lot of fun. But after about half an hour or so, she turned the other way and didn’t look anymore. I was surprised, but didn’t know what to do. Ten minutes after she turned the other way, she took her bag and stuff, and got up to walk out. As she walked out, she looked straight at me, and mumbled “Coward”! Was that a shock or what?!

-Jeff, 22

Staring through the haze

I was at a really hot party a few weeks ago, and was having a great time with my friends. After a while, I saw a cute girl looking at me now and then. We were at the opposite sides of the dance floor, and we were staring outrageously, through the smoke and the blurry lights. Though we were swaying far away, we had our eyes just for each other. After about half an hour, I walked up to her with two glasses of vodka. Luckily, I didn’t have to use any liners or wise comments, she gladly took the drink and we ended up going back to my place.

-Perry, 27

Now that you have all the details to the big question, “does she like me?” go on and make the right move at the right time. After all, successful happy flirting stories are a lot better than hasty mistakes.

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10 thoughts on “Does She Like Me? – Real Life Flirting Stories”

  1. Alex says:

    I know this girl and im pretty much 100% she likes me…..

    Shenalways has the touchy feely, for example. When I sit Down some where she always sits beside me and she touches my hand!!!

  2. Alex says:

    I was at the fair one day, and i ran into a girl i knew but never talked to. We hung out almost the whole day and kept staring at each other alot. We hung out more after that and became really close friends. One day I told her I liked her, and now she acts like were barely friends. I last talked to her almost 2 weeks ago, and only said hi to her.

  3. Bob says:

    I know that my lady friend likes me. She sends very flirty text messages, and we talk over the telephone for at least an hour every night. Heck, the first time we talked, we talked for a total of 2:38 minutes. I’m the type of guy who is ver shy, semi-poplaar, and reletivley quiet. I tend to be very ucomfortable around the oppisite gender, and if she asks me out, or I ask her out, it would be the first time in my whole 12 years of life. She said she liked big people, ( I’m a whopping 5’10) and she thinks I’m a total sweetheart. Any advice?

  4. kevin francis says:

    I slept with my friend a couple of times and now she changes out with me every day but doesn’t want a relasionship and won’t talk to me about us sleeping together she is silent and I’m not sure if she likes me what do I do to break the ice should I talk to her or let it go and stay on the side lines and wait for her

  5. Seriously says:

    It is very sad to say that most of the single women out there are such a real tease today.

  6. Brian says:

    I am 100% positive this woman at work likes me. She is the one that initiated the flirting, I reciprocated. I asked her out and did not get a yes or no. She responded to my work related email but won’t commit to going out. I am thinking she is playing hard to get. I normally give up but my gut tells me that to keep working on her. I gave her repeated chances to reject me and she hasn’t to this point.

  7. Marcus says:

    If a woman likes you then you will know pretty sharpish. If a woman wants you in her life it wont take much effort on a mans part to end up with her. I fell for a coworker recently who was smiling and flirting with me day after day. Anyway I obviously misread the signals because when I asked her out she declined. I decided to avoid her because I had developed feelings for her and they were not being reciprocated. you cannot blame yourself if you get it wrong. If a woman doesnt want you MOVE ON.

  8. Anthony says:

    eply!I am 44 and i happily married with a wonderful wife and a god gift son, When I was working in gulf with my family! We had a neighbour opp door, she was 17yrs old, I was 37yrs, this girl always visited my house to play with my son, her regular visit did not bother me or my wife, I also didnt have any issue of her visiting my home, then one day this girl took me by suprise, she told me that she is attracted towards me and I was shocked and shaken, I just smiled back and did not say anything! As days and years passed by I did not bother about what she had expressed, then as per my company contract terminated I had to return back to my home with my family, its been 4yrs now i am in India, we were in touch tru social network, but it was just simple keep in touch kind of chat. Accidently I met this girl while she was on vacation and she too belongs to the same area where I lived, we met along with my family, my wife invited her home to see my son, this girlvisited my house but I was alone at home that day, I was happy to see her she is now 23yrs old, we were taking photos and while she was leaving as I kissed her bye she grabed me and we kissed again and again until there was a sudden change in the climax, I could nt resisit and we made love, she was so happy I could see into her eyes, that entire day we made love 4 times.All I want to know is what encrouged her to have sex with me and why? She is beautiful and much more like one of those models, she even has a guy, which she says he is too possesive about her and they end up fighting often, please tell me what is the meaning of this suitation, what kind of attraction is it at the age of 44, is it fatal or is it that this girl likes me or was it just an sexual attraction, since this girl has returned back im having this visual of love making scene all the time in my mind, we did not exchange any kind of love chat or conversation towards our meeting, all she said is be safe and keep in touch. I just cant forget that magical moment we shared, please help me find the answer to this suitation, I now have developed a soft corner for that girl, I know I sound crazy and I have commited a sin and betrayed my wife, so guide me and let me know why this young girl feel I am attracted to her when im getting going to be 45yrs

  9. John says:

    I’m still confused about this girl. She knows I like her and she still looks at me constantly. Even when she talks to another guy she takes quick looks (although I only caught that last part once). She usually happens to be in my area wherever I am. So should I talk to her or not make a big deal because she is confusing the hell out of me?

  10. Zach says:

    This girl used to flirt with me all the time. A couple of years ago she stopped. Then she dated another guy. BUT, she might of stopped flirting with me, b/c it turns out one of her friends likes me. I don’t like this new girl at all. Does the original girl still like me?:P

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