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How to Better a Relationship and Improve Your Love Life

how to better a relationship

Loving relationships can last a lifetime, but many relationships fail to last a lifetime because couples don’t know how to better a relationship with time and help each other along the way. Find out how to better a relationship and stay happy in love with these tips.

Love is such a magical feeling, one that can fill your life with happy moments and special memories.

But look around and you’ll see that more than half the people in love are really not happy, or as happy as they should be.

It’s sad, but it’s actually their own fault.

Most lovers don’t really know how to better a relationship with time and live happier.

How to better a relationship

If there’s one big reason why love fails for many people, it’s because most of us don’t understand that love is fickle and changing. It is said that love lasts forever, and it’s true.

But no one’s ever said love stays the same forever. And that makes all the difference between having a great relationship and just living together under one roof.

To better a relationship and have a great time, you need to evolve in the relationship just as love evolves through time.

In the start of a relationship, either of you may be willing to go out of your way for your partner, or try to please them every day with affection and gifts.

But this can’t go on forever, or your relationship would end even before you know it. The flutter of infatuation is good, but that really isn’t love.

Wooing a partner is only the first phase in love. And just like that, every now and then, love changes and evolves to fit perfectly in your relationship. As long as the relationship evolves as love evolves and grows, a couple can stay happily in love forever. [Read: Why you can’t find love]

The moment one of you decides to give up on your partner or stray out of the relationship, love stops to evolve. Instead it disintegrates and starts to vanish.

A better relationship and a better lover

So if you want to know how to better a relationship and keep love alive in a relationship, keep the love alive by bringing different phases of love together at one point of time. Use these pointers and you’ll stay happily in love, and grow as individuals along the way. [Read: Law of attraction in love]

Now we’re not going to give you the 101 ways to show your love to your partner. Love needs to be created from within, and to do that, you need to stir the desires of love and lust from within your partner, even if you’ve been together for decades.

If you’re not attracted to your partner, mentally and physically, of course, love will stop evolving in your lives. Use these tips and keep love on its toes all your lives.

Keep love interesting

As the years pass by and love’s way past the wooing and impressing phase, most couples stop trying to please their partner. If you’re not doing anything special now and then, you’re definitely taking your partner for granted. You don’t care about your lover because you think they’ll never leave you anyways, so why should you even bother trying to please them. It’s harsh, but true.

If you’re wondering how to better a relationship, learn to keep your relationship interesting. Go away on weekend getaways, have an occasional night out together, and pick up little gifts for each other now and then. Explore new sides of love and experience new joys together. New experiences keep the relationship exciting and new, and that can help bring both of you closer.

And here’s an unconventional tip that could make your partner desire you more. When you’re out at a social gathering with friends, don’t spend all your time with your partner. Go on and flirt with other people of the opposite sex too. You may think this would infuriate your partner, but in reality it would only make your partner desire you more, as long as you play it well!

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Spend time together and compete with each other!

As much as love is about sharing and experiencing, it’s also about competing and reminding your partner how good you really are! If you were at a conference and your partner was giving a powerful and inspiring speech to an audience, wouldn’t you beam with pride and happiness?

Why is that? It’s because you just realized how good your partner is, and how lucky you are to be with your partner. All our lives, we need constant reminders from the people around us to know how lucky we are to be with our partner. Love works its charm, but love is nothing unless you are impressed by your partner now and then.

If you want to understand how to better a relationship, make your partner see how good you are, and your partner will look at you in awe and will love you for it. And secondly, play video games together or indulge in some sport like squash, paintball, karting, or whatever else that works for you. Friendly competition keeps the adrenalin high and also increases the awe factor. And as long as both of you are winning some and losing some games, you’ll always have something to look up to in your partner. And that, keeps the love and desire up and running like a clock on solar power.

Give each other space

For a relationship to work out, you need to spend a lot of together time, and yet you need to give each other enough space to miss each other. Spending time with friends or doing something you personally enjoy can make you a better individual. And as long as you evolve as a person, your relationship will evolve too.

The start of a relationship is always exciting because you’re learning new things about your lover every day. But as the months pass by, the conversations drift to ‘how was work’ and ‘how was your day’. Why does that happen? Well, simply because you have nothing else that’s exciting enough to talk about. In these cases, love wants to evolve and find new ways to better the relationship, but you’re not doing anything interesting yourself. [Read: How to give space in a relationship]

Knowing how to better a relationship is simple. Learn to evolve and keep the relationship fresh. And before you know it you’ll fall more in love with every passing day. Click here to continue reading about how to make a relationship work.

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12 thoughts on “How to Better a Relationship and Improve Your Love Life”

  1. Jamie says:

    Okay never flirt with other guys, We just find that completely frustrating and it makes us feel like shit, You may think that we’re just wanting you more but really we feel like we’re fighting for you.

    Source: I’m a guy

  2. Emily says:

    My boyfriend does not want to have sex very often because he says that we will get bored, I would really like to know if that is true because we do it once or twice a month and that is making me very sick and tired (I have a year with him)

  3. Chloe says:


    Something in not right, obviously. That can be an excuse for anything else , but SEX! I can tell you from personal experience, when sex isnt important or causes indifference, their are a whole slew of things that can be the cause. For me, at one point, was because I felt I could not trust my partner. He didnt cheat on me but their were a couple of incidents that I felt he could have prevented if he had only thought of how it would make me feel. Then, their is my depression that rears its ugly head from time to time and that is a big “sex downer”.

    I know its hard to communicate when its an issue of this level but you need to ask him if these things can be a possibility:
    1. Does he completely trust you?
    2. Is he, or has he fallen into a deppression?
    3. Money issues he’s keeping secret from you and therefore causing stress?
    4. Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene. Make sure you just took a shower or smell nice….Everywhere!
    5. Dont Bitch at him for whatever reason when he walks through the door from work. Do it later if you really need to get something off your chest.
    6. We dont want to go there but……Their could be someone else who has caught his eye and he’s torn between any decision.

    * I hope this helps. Im no psychologist, or therapist, but I’ve had my share of relationship issues with this same topic.

    Good Luck!

  4. k king says:

    lot of good advice here but like any relationship it takes two.and does it really matter how diferent you both are does it mean you have to try more .I think two people should be on the same plane sometime how else can you ever connect.

  5. Konnect Life says:

    Emily, are you sure you’re doing what’s necessary to turn him on? One reason I hold back from sex in my relationship is because my girlfriend really doesn’t know how to keep me turned on, and sometimes refuses to do simple little things that I like. I guess I also have myself to blame since I am different from other guys and don’t fall into the norm of guys who can be ready to have sex with any girl at any time, no matter what.

    I have no other reasons for holding back on sex. This might seem hard to believe, but like I said, I am not the typical guy, which is both a good and bad thing.

  6. Suzane says:

    From my relationships that I have been in it depends on Trust- Friend-ship- Faith and love. I been in a few relationships , my first was back in 5th grade and it ended until 0’3.Sex can be fun if you found the right guy for you, me I’m stuck in a Love, spell with two guys and their both hafe Spanish ,when I see Micheal I always feel happy too see him, we talk about everything. With James on some days we’re lovy- dovy and the next were at our necks about stupid things.

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