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How to Increase Passion in Bed and Get the Sizzle Back

When we start dating someone, the passion and lust is always intense, but as love grows, the intimate passion for each other may actually start reducing over the years. Find out how you can rekindle the passion in a long-term relationship.

increase passion in bed

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Shower for Starters

Here is another great way to begin your trip to bed. Taking a bath together gives the time to play with each other. It is a chance to talk and relax and wash all your stress and tension before you live in the moment.

Playing in each other’s arms prior to getting into the sheets is an excellent start to a wonderful night. For the men who dislike foreplay, slowly dabbing each other dry with the towel can definitely be counted as foreplay.

Know What to Wear

When you enter the bedroom wear something racy instead of going in naked. For guys, there’s nothing better than seeing their hottie bed-mate in gorgeous lingerie. Sadly, there isn’t much a guy can wear that can instantly turn on any girl, so ask your girl what she likes on you.

When it comes to women, intimacy is always ‘made to order’. It’s also a technique to start slow rather than just pouncing on each other instantly and finishing the job before you realize what happened. A good quickie may be perfect at times, but not every time though.

A man loves to undress a woman or watch her undressing before his eyes. Women too, like taking off a guy’s shirt before the performance to reach for the sky.

Focus on your Partner

There are a few things that you might want to consider before following these steps. Women are usually physically and mentally focused during sex. Men are physically present, but not mentally. It could be that men are thinking about work, the football game, another woman, etc. Whatever it is, don’t get distracted.

Give your partner your body and soul. Your partner obviously needs your presence and doesn’t want you to just lie beside them in bed. Your emotional involvement is the most desired matter. If you’re not really there, thinking about all the other possible things that you are missing out on, then you don’t deserve the intimacy.

Don’t Blame the Time

One’s partner always knows what is really missing in the relation. When you find yourself lacking time but still want to win brownie points for the effort, you should think more about quality than quantity. You will reap the benefits in every way when you have a cheerful and satisfied partner. And for a cheerful partner-to-be, you need to put in a little effort and cajoling. Rub your lovemaking skills the right way, if you want to have that magical genie touch when both of you are in bed.

Nurturing and loving relationships last longer, and are happier. It’s a fact. And, yes, it will result in more frequent and better lovemaking. And who in their right mind wouldn’t like that in the first place?

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