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Spit or Swallow: What Should You Do with Your Man’s Happy Ending?

The age-old question of whether or not you should spit or swallow is finally being answered. If you want to know what to do, here are the answers.

Spit or Swallow

Let’s be real for a second: everyone is different. Not everybody is going to want to spit and not everyone will want to swallow. But there’s more to the debate of whether or not you should spit or swallow.

Why blowjobs are something special for men

Many people might be wondering why you even have to consider either option. What about if you don’t even give blowjobs? If you don’t, I’m here to tell you that you should be doing this. Why? Because it means a lot to guys. There’s something more intimate about a blowjob than even sex.

Sure, sex is obviously the furthest they could take it, but when you decide to use your mouth instead, it’s more meaningful. And that’s because you’re not really getting anything out of it. You’re solely focusing on their pleasure and that means a lot to guys.

So now that you know how important blowjobs are in a relationship, you’re probably wondering if you should spit or swallow. [Read: 11 secrets to giving him the best blowjob ever]

Should you spit or swallow?

The truth is that it completely depends on your preferences and even what your man likes best. However, if you really want a definitive answer, the truth is that you should swallow and here’s why.

#1 It’s polite. If you think about it, swallowing is just polite. How would you like it if someone ran to the bathroom to wash their mouth out after going down on you? It’s rude. And it makes them feel bad. So if you’re not sure whether to spit or swallow, just think about how you would feel.

#2 It makes him feel special. This is one of the main reasons to swallow. When you take all of that in, it makes the guy feel special. You’re swallowing something that’s actually very intimate to him. It makes him feel accepted and loved. [Read: 15 sweet ways to make a guy feel special and wanted]

#3 It’s actually good for your brain. There are known to be antidepressant properties in sperm. One study showed that women who swallowed instead of spit had far less symptoms of depression. Not only that, but it also helps you sleep, which can also alleviate depression symptoms.

#4 And also for your health. Did you know that swallowing is like taking a multivitamin – and more? There are actually about 200 proteins and a large number of vitamins per tablespoon of semen. Calcium, vitamin C, zinc, and more essential nutrients can be found in sperm. [HerCampus.com: The many benefits of semen for women]

#5 It builds intimacy. There’s something very intimate about swallowing a man’s ejaculation. Not only does he feel a fondness for you, but you’re building a stronger bond. This creates a better sex life and a better relationship in general.

#6 Some women find it arousing. Swallowing something so intimate and special to a man is downright sexy as hell. Some women find the control and the fact that the man likes it so much to be a huge turn on. [Read: 12 surprising facts about semen you didn’t know]

#7 Men find it hot. The men also find it extremely sexy. There’s something special about a woman taking all of that in and swallowing it. She just spent her time pleasing him and only him and now she’s going to go all the way and swallow? Men find it sexy.

#8 It makes women feel in control. There’s really not much more to it than that. Women have all the control. They feel in-charge. When women swallow, it’s because they like to be in complete control of her man’s pleasure. [Read: 20 sexy blow job tips you have to know]

#9 It’s an easy cleanup. Truthfully, if you want to know whether to spit or swallow, think about the clean up. It can get a little messy if you choose to spit. Swallowing is easier, sexier, and you have virtually no clean up afterward.

#10 Swallowing avoids the taste. This might not sound like it makes sense, but hear me out. If you choose to swallow, it’s in your mouth for only a second or so. If you spit, you have to hold it in your mouth until you find somewhere to spit it out at. That makes you taste it for much longer than if you just swallowed it. [Read: The many tastes of cum – Straight from women’s mouths]

Why women choose to spit

Even though swallowing is more pleasurable for the men, some women just don’t like to do that. Here are some reasons women opt to spit instead of swallow.

#1 They don’t like the taste. Some semen has no taste while others have foul tastes. Women who are with a man whose semen doesn’t taste the best prefer to spit instead of swallow. And that’s just so they don’t have to taste it for as long – though spitting doesn’t really help with that, as explained above. [Read: How to improve the taste of semen and 15 other ways to enjoy giving head]

#2 It’s sometimes hotter to spit. Some men and women like to spit for the visual. This usually isn’t when women spitting into the sink and brushing their teeth. This is like if a women lets it run out of her mouth and down her chin. That visual can be arousing to some people.

#3 They don’t think it’s “clean.” Some women just think semen is gross. They don’t like it because they don’t think it’s very clean. This doesn’t really have any science backing it. There are just people out there who aren’t turned on by swallowing. In fact, swallowing can turn them off simply because they find it unclean. [Read: 15 of the biggest turn offs for guys in bed]

#4 The consistency is undesirable. Truth be told, sperm is not a very common consistency. Some women actually just can’t stand it. It may have nothing to with the flavor at all. There are just certain consistencies that make women want to gag and semen can be like that for some.

#5 It doesn’t sit well with their stomach. Some women just don’t feel good after swallowing. There’s something about semen that makes them feel sick. Obviously, you wouldn’t consume something that makes you sick just to please someone else. So there are women out there who spit for this specific reason.

[Read: How to master the art of the perfect blowjob]

Whether you choose to spit or swallow is completely up to you. However, if you take into consideration how much more swallowing can help your relationship and your health, it’s a much better choice.

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