10 Things Men Just Need to Accept About Women

10 Things Men Just Need to Accept About Women

Are you absolutely baffled by some of the things women do? Leave it to us to explain to you just what those things are, and why women do them. By Bennett O’Brien

Although men and women have many things in common, they are also different in some important ways. Learning to accept these differences can help you to better understand your girlfriend or your wife. It can even help you better understand a large number of women that you come into contact with.

Whether it’s big things that have a huge impact on your relationship or the little things that you just happen to notice, there will always be something that most women tend to do that guys simply can’t relate to. Take note, however, that not all women are the same, so some of these behaviors may not apply to that special lady in your life.

Things women do that men just need to accept

To be able to have a great relationship with a female, you need to first understand the rationale behind the things they do. Here are 10 of those things that may help you understand her even better.

#1 Women often handle their emotions completely differently than men do. If a man is feeling angry or frustrated, he may go play ice hockey, and slam some people into the boards. He may go punch a punching bag, or start a fight in a bar. Men often act out their emotions, rather than express them gently through words. Many men have learned growing up that weakness is intolerable, and so they feel they can’t let their guard down, or express vulnerability.

Women however, often express their emotions verbally. They talk about their feelings to their friends, they talk about their problems to their families. They may even seek the listening ear of a stranger they happen to talk to. Sometimes, you may even wonder how they have so many emotions, but they do. And they are much more likely to process them differently than you will. [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl]

#2 Women need bathroom buddies. For men, going to the bathroom is almost always a solitary experience. In fact, asking another man to accompany you to the bathroom could seem highly suspicious to the average dude.

Women however, love to go to the bathroom together. They do this for two reasons. First, they usually synchronize their breaks so as not to miss out on any of the conversation. And two, women like to gussy up when they go to the bathroom, so they like having a female friend around to tell them if their outfit looks okay or if they can borrow some lipstick.

#3 Men and women don’t always share the same taste in movies. While you may love your action movies, WWI documentaries and your male humor comedy movies, it’s going to be difficult to convince your girlfriend that these are the best types of movies out there.

Women usually prefer romantic comedies, sappy love stories like “The Notebook” or movies that have a strong female lead. Although these movies may seem pointless and way too dramatic for your taste, women tend to be drawn to movies that center on people and their individual emotions, as opposed to the collective experience of a certain event.

#4 Women will talk about you to their friends. Remember how women express their emotions through talking? If you are just starting to date, or are hooking up with a girl, she will talk about you to her friends because they love to process things together.

They like to get the feedback and support from their friends, while also asking them for some inside information on their experience with a particular situation. While you may keep your hookups or your dating life more private to avoid being the guy who kisses and tells, there is a fat chance that your female counterpart won’t do the same. This is probably what they are doing in the bathroom together for so long. [Read: Why don’t her friends like you?]

#5 Women love to cuddle. Although cuddling may seem annoying or unnecessary to you a lot of the time, many females LOVE it. Remember, women tend to be nurturing and affectionate, and they like to reinforce their bond with another person. This is why cuddling tops the list of many a woman’s favorite things to do. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to make you feel connected]

#6 Women love all things cute. It may be extremely difficult for the average guy to comprehend, but women can be completely obsessed with anything that they consider “cute.” It could be a handbag, a puppy, a pair of shoes, or even a color of paint.

If the particular thing passes through their “cute” filters, they will most likely love it, and want it. You may not have any idea why one pair of shoes is “cute,” and the next is “ew!” But women do, and they are going to act accordingly, so be prepared. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend extremely happy]

#7 Most women want commitment. Although committing to a girl might be a big fear of yours, the chances are that the girl you are dating wants commitment. Women don’t like to feel like they are being used for their bodies, or that they are just another passing fancy. They want their emotional investments to be more worthwhile than just another one night stand. So, they crave commitment from guys in order to know that they are valued and are safe in the relationship. [Read: 23 things women wish men knew about them]

#8 Women love weddings. Going through an expensive, elaborate, stressful wedding might not be your favorite thing in the world, but chances are your girlfriend or fiancée has been dreaming of this moment ever since she saw her first Disney princess movie.

Women love to fantasize about the perfect dress, the beautiful diamond ring, and getting married in front of all of their friends and family. Being a bride can be an extremely special thing for a woman. So, even if you are stressed out by all of the proceedings, it may be best not to show it. The wedding could be the most important moment of her entire life.

#9 Women like to dance in groups. While the concept of getting together with a bunch of your male friends and going dancing together with women may baffle you, this is something that women actually like to do.

It is a way for them to get together, and let off some steam doing something that they enjoy. A male equivalent of this is probably something along the lines of drinking beer, playing basketball or playing video games.

#10 Women want to communicate with you about almost everything. Communication can be one of the hardest obstacles in a relationship. But despite the fact that you may have a difficult time expressing yourself in words, women oftentimes need you to be able to let them know what is going on with you emotionally.

Women can be very in tune emotionally, and it can be difficult for them if you are refusing to express yourself through words and peaceful communication. So, that is something to keep in mind.

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Sometimes, it is difficult for men to fully understand certain things that women do. However, learning to accept women as they are rather than trying to get them to change would be way better for your relationship.

You may not completely comprehend why women do what they do, but the things you don’t have in common may actually strengthen your attraction for her!

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