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List of Sexualities: What You Need to Know About Each Orientation

When it comes to sexual orientation, having a list of sexualities handy can help you understand them better. Here’s what you should know about LGBTQ+.

List of Sexualities

With the world becoming more and more aware of all the different sexual orientations out there, it’s important to try and understand each one. While you may not identify with any certain orientation, this list of sexualities can help you realize just how other people feel.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. We want to feel understood. This is especially true for our sexual orientations. For a long time, many people felt isolated because the way they felt wasn’t being recognized. However, sexuality is a huge topic nowadays and more and more people are having their feelings known by a list of sexualities found everywhere on the internet.

Being informed when it comes to sexual orientation

You should always be informed when it comes to different sexualities. Even if someone else feels differently than you, knowing how they feel and what they’re interested in can help you understand them on a deeper level.

There’s far too much ignorance when it comes to sexual orientation. Truth be told, I don’t even know what all of them are and what they mean. But I aim to fix that and inform myself. [Read: What does the Q in LGBTQ really mean?]

A list of sexualities so you can understand each orientation

For those of you who are clueless about any other sexual orientation other than straight, gay, or bisexual, this list of sexualities is for you. Start learning about other people’s sexualities so you can find a way to connect with them even if they don’t feel the same as you. Perhaps you’ll even find that your sexuality isn’t what you initially thought.

#1 Straight – heterosexual. We’ve all heard of this sexuality before, I assure you. This is when a person is attracted to the opposite sex. A man is attracted to a woman and a woman is attracted to a man.

#2 Lesbian. Another term most of us have come to know. This describes women who are sexually attracted to other women. They have a desire to be with these women in a romantic way, as well. You would also use the term homosexual when referring to someone who is lesbian. [Read: 6 clear signs that prove she’s a lesbian for sure]

#3 Gay. This is another homosexual term. It’s used to describe a man who is sexually and romantically attracted to other men. When someone is gay, they want to have a life with their same gender and is attracted to men only.

#4 Bisexual. If you haven’t heard of this term, I would be very surprised. We all know homosexuals and heterosexuals exists, but a bisexual is a combination of the two. They’re people who are sexually attracted to both genders. They can be sexually and romantically involved with men and women and be happy. [Read: Are you bisexual? How to understand your true desires]

#5 Pansexual. Now we’re getting into territory not everyone is familiar with. This type of sexuality is more rare, but definitely exists. It’s used to describe a person who doesn’t have a gender preference. In fact, they’re attracted to all and any gender. They are attracted to the person at their core and it’s not dependent on their gender at all.

#6 Polysexual. This term is actually very much like pansexual, but not quite as expansive. People who identify as Polysexual are attracted to many different genders, but not all of them. They like more than just men and women, but their preferences are still limited.

#7 Asexual. This sexuality may be hard for many of us to understand, but it’s very important to know and be informed about. Those who identify as asexual actually never feel sexual attraction toward anyone. They have no desires when it comes to sex. However, they do still have romantic desires unrelated to sex. [Read: Panromantic asexual – What does this really mean?]

#8 Demisexual. Most people who are demisexual actually don’t realize it at first. Many believe they’re asexual until they meet that special person who makes them feel a sexual desire.

Demisexual individuals can’t have sexual desire unless they have a strong emotional attraction and connection with someone. Only after they’ve made that connection can they actually feel and think sexually about someone.

#9 Graysexual. This term definitely falls under the asexual umbrella. Those who think they’re asexual, but also experience sexual desire at very random, rare occasions would identify as graysexual. They can only feel sexual desire under certain conditions or even only at random times here and there. [Read: Identifying with being graysexual in a world of sex]

#10 Queer. This is more of an umbrella term. It’s used to describe those who fall under any sexual orientation that is not heterosexual. However, it’s also used to describe those who don’t fit under any other sexuality at all. So it has two specific purposes.

#11 Autosexual. Being autosexual is also something that would be difficult for people who don’t identify as this to understand. This type of sexuality is when someone can only be sexually aroused by themselves. They satisfy themselves sexually by masturbating and don’t have sexual desire for anyone else.

#12 Androsexual. This might be a little confusing to understand, but I’ll do my best. Someone who identifies as androsexual is sexually attracted to men and those with masculine features. So a person who is androsexual can like men AND women, so long as those women look masculine. [Read: 10 effective ways to tell if you’re a try-sexual]

#13 Gynosexual. This is basically the opposite of androsexual. When someone identifies as gynosexual, they have a sexual attraction to women and those who have feminine features. So anybody who is attracted to women can also be attracted to men and other genders that appear to be very feminine in nature.

#14 Homoflexible. This term is definitely one that many people will argue doesn’t exist. However, there are plenty of people who definitely feel this way and they want to make their sexuality known too.

And that’s why it’ll be covered in this list of sexualities. Those who are Homoflexible may primarily be attracted to their own gender, however, they will sometimes have sexual attraction to the opposite gender. AKA, their sexuality can be flexible. [Read: What it means to be sexually fluid in the dating world]

#15 Heteroflexible. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that this sexuality is much like Homoflexible. It’s when someone typically has heterosexual desires but occasionally with find themselves sexually attracted to those of the same gender. Their heterosexual desires are flexible.

 [Read: Pansexual confessions – what it’s really like to be one]

There are many more sexualities that have yet to even be discovered. This list of sexualities covers the main ones you may have – or may not have – heard of. Stay informed and learn about the way other people feel desire.

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