The Honest Truth About Why Men Are So Attracted to Women & Their Curves

There are a few physical traits about women that all men are attracted to. But ever wondered why? Find out why men love women and a woman’s body.

why are men attracted to women

The last time I admired a woman was a few minutes ago, as this really hot woman walked past me, unknowingly conspiring to distract me from my intellectual theories.

It took me a few minutes to regain my composure and put my thoughts together, but then, many men have been in my place.

And all of us wonder why men love women so much, and why do women always find a way to distract us and yet mesmerize us with a simple glance or a graceful walk?

Even if a man’s down in the pits, an attractive woman walking past us can seriously lift our spirits.

It happens to men all the time, and at every place.

If there’s anything annoying about glimpsing a hot-looking lady, it’s not having enough time to take a good look at her and file her memory in our brain.

We men experience it when we’re driving on a street, or shopping at a mall. It basically happens wherever we men go.

As a woman, you may wonder why men love women or what makes them ogle or stare at you in a paralyzed state now and then.

Rather than give him a dirty stare back, accept it as a compliment.

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You just froze a guy in his tracks and took a male species back a few thousand years into his carnal desires.

Why Men Love Women

I asked a few friends and a few colleagues about this issue in one of those little breaks that I get, as I sat precariously across a ledge on the balcony overlooking a busy street.

Most of the views were varied and the whole conversation lost its course when I asked a few men about it.

But with women, it was pretty much the same reply all the time. But really, these were frank replies! *Some names here are changed for my job security!*

John, 25, single – I don’t know why men love women, we just do. It’s probably because of the way they look. I mean, yeah, a woman does look different and prettier than a man.

Maybe someone up above decided to piss a few people off and make a few people’s days happier. I know I’d be happy to bump into a hot chick by the end of the day.

My thoughts – Did he really answer my question? Or was he just getting intellectual on me.

Jessica, 28, single – …because you guys are just pathetic ogling slobs! Don’t you have anything better to do?

My thoughts – She’s getting way too much attention from men all the time. So you’re attractive, do you really have to be an enlightened bitch about it?!

Ryan, 31, married – Who says I look at women? I’m married, dude. But anyways, back in the days when I used to look at women, I think the thing that interested me the most were the physical assets, and of course, the face!

But great boobs are always something to die for. And after her boobs, I think it’s the legs or the ass, and man, who can forget a good lower back, especially the ones with a sexy dimple of venus peeking out when a woman bends down.

And the way a girl’s skin feels, it should be smooth and fine…

My thoughts – Firstly, he wasn’t answering my question, and secondly, I think he needs counseling for split personality or to save his marriage!

Isabella, 26, committed – I think it’s all in a guy’s mind. A guy has to drool over a dozen girls before he gets any sleep at night. I’ve never been able to understand why men have to just stare and stare all the time.

Right from the hobos on the street all the way up. I think this is going to be a very stupid feature. Write about something else.

My thoughts – Editors know to talk. And women really know how to run around the mulberry bush and confuse us. And she assumed I was staring at her because I was looking dazed and confused!

Paul, 23, dating – Did you see that girl walking down the street? Man, I’m telling you she was hot! Gosh, I wish I knew her.

Her guy must be the luckiest guy on Earth. Oh damn, look, look, you can see her cleavage from up here!

My thoughts – I haven’t asked him the question yet.

If you think about it, most men *and women* have no idea about why men love women and their oh-so-fine bodies. But there’s really a reason behind it all.

And while this may take a while, you’ll know all about why men love women and find them so attractive right here.

Men Love The Hourglass Figure

The closest definition and the perfect resemblance of an hourglass figure is one of those Barbie dolls you see at toy shops. Which guy isn’t going to go bonkers looking at a life-size version, real real-life Barbie doll? [Read: Should you wear revealing clothes in office?]

We’ve seen that in most illustrations and in animations that aim to give the girl a sexy appearance, she has a perfect hourglass figure with awe-inspiring proportions all over.

You name it, all the way from the Kamasutra to the sexy Hentai, the women have a body that is worth dying for. It’s almost unrealistic, but definitely worth dying for.

The hourglass figure isn’t something new, nor is its appeal an isolated case. Written texts of all ages that have been found tell the same story when it comes to the midriff.

They consistently describe women’s thin waistlines as highly attractive.

Many scripts and visuals from the Indian, British, and Chinese texts dating back earlier than the first century A.D. all prove the same.

According to innumerable researchers, findings have proved that men are bound to prefer slender waists, which is linked to good health and fertility.

The Big Theory of Evolution

I know enough about Darwin’s theory of evolution to mention his thought that everything in a human body is structured specifically for a reason.

He mentions that the bodies of different creatures have evolved and restructured to be the best it could ever be, and all the unnecessary aspects of a body are removed or modified to be put into better use.

Even when it comes to humans, this theory still seems to hold a valid point. Why else would men be attracted to mounds on a woman or her curves?

Even in the case of chimpanzees and early humans *as postulated in early human studies*, females are fertile only for a certain part of their cycle.

And unlike humans or dolphins, who constantly copulate, chimps conserve energy and mate only during the female’s estrus, which is signaled by blood engorging the female’s butt.

The male chimp sees a big red swollen ass, gets a mighty king kong erection, and the next thing he knows, he’s trying to ride her like there’s no tomorrow. Five seconds later, the deed is done.

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Evolution and Why Men Find a Woman’s Body So Attractive

Humans walked on all fours once upon a time, making a woman’s backside a spectacle to watch, but pre-humans gave this up as they got a bit clever and decided to walk on two feet.

This may have probably triggered an evolutionary move to develop a more visible feature, which made a woman’s butt stick out like a sexy sore.

Another important evolutionary change in women is their hidden ovulation patterns. A man would not be able to easily understand when he can get a woman to conceive, and at the same time, this forces the man to stay with the female to guard her and mate with her on a fairly regular basis to be reasonably sure that it’s his offspring that she gives birth to, and not another male’s.

During this phase of evolution, the female species developed several changes and new aspects like hormonal changes and pheromones that somehow attracted the males to them, and ensured that they stayed around to protect them, at least for most of the time. [Read: Is he cheating on you?]

A Woman’s Evolutionary Changes That Make Men Go Va-va-voom!

Here’s where we get to the parts that interest all the men in the world. Evolution seems to have got the better of men at last, and now women are “equipped” with sufficient goodies that can get a male’s interest right on track by just walking past him.

1. A Woman’s Breasts

A woman’s breast is one of the most obvious physical features that emphasize a woman’s body, and they indicate to men, at least on a subconscious level, that a woman is fertile and past puberty.

The fact that her body can afford to waste enough energy on developing and carrying around nicely shaped, but otherwise unnecessary lumps of fat obviously means she’s ready to get attention from men and may also be available for sex. [Read: Why do men like breasts?]

The biggest misconception regarding breast size is that bigger equals better ability to lactate or provide milk for the offspring. But this has no scientific basis.

A woman with an A size cup can nurse just as many babies as one with a DD size. The large part of the breasts is made up of adipose tissue and connective tissue. And don’t we men love that!

2. Hips and Butt

With evolution came bigger backsides and wider hips. A wide hip suggests an easier childbirth, and hips too, widen only after puberty.

Perhaps this is another thing that ensured that a male would be able to recognize a female that has come of age.

Men have always found a wide hip attractive, and the excess fat that is seen on the butt of women has found a special place in a man’s eyes, especially if he’s looking out for a potential mate and someone to carry on his lineage and produce good offspring.

Since men can’t actually see any specific region that emphasizes the readiness of a woman to mate, this outward spreading of a female’s backside is the only sign, other than the breasts, to show that a woman is ready to mate.

And excess fat on a body also shows a man that she can take good care of herself and forage for food which mattered a lot back in the early days, when survival of the young ones was so crucial.

Back to The Future

Many thousands of years later and after a lot of bodily changes in humans, it’s still hard to understand why men love women and why they appreciate a woman’s body so much.

It’s definitely obvious that men love the body of a woman, but then, could it just be an instinctive feeling, or is there something more to it? [Read: What men like in women the most]

I’ve come across several men, including myself, who are totally smitten by a woman’s lower back and her long legs.

Maybe these regions, along with several others, too have evolutionary benefits, which I’m sure of, but just don’t know really. Or perhaps men have just started liking everything about women’s bodies.

I mean really, all men would drool at a sexy physique and long legs in a short skirt even if they stare at a woman from the back. Until they find out that the woman they’ve been drooling at is a transvestite from Thailand.

So that should make men and women wonder, do men get attracted to a few aspects that evolution has trained us for, like breasts and a bigger butt, or do men ogle at women because they’ve learnt to admire anything they associate with femininity?

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Why Men Like a Chase When They Like a Woman

This may be another evolutionary tactic, considering that the burden of childbirth is wholly taken over by the woman. Really, other than having sex with a woman, there’s not much a man would have to do thousands of years ago.

A woman loves a good chase, and men can’t help but give a perfect woman a nice chase. A man does have to win over a woman’s heart before he actually is able to get into her pants.

This move gives the woman a decent say in the whole game of evolution, because she too can choose the male who will be able to help her deliver the best offspring she would be able to conceive.

So a man has to be on the go at any given time, and he has to look out for the woman who can satisfy his primal urges, and at the same time, he has to satisfy hers too. [Read: How to make the chase work in your favor]

Men Like a Lot of Women Because of The Competition

Look around you, fitness centers have opened up everywhere and we’ve got classes teaching men to be better men. Do you really think it’s going to be easy for an Average Joe to hook up with the best of women? I don’t think so.

A woman is obviously going to pick the right one for herself, so a man has to always look out and try proving to a woman that he can be a good man to her, and a good father to her offspring.

Given this kind of competition, a man involuntarily has to be on the lookout for a woman who can reciprocate his moves all the time.

Even if he is dating someone already, his primal instinctive fear of not being able to continue his lineage forces his eyes to wander around, in the lookout of other prospects who can continue and spread his lineage. [Read: How men fall in love]

So Why Do Men Love Women and Find Them So Irresistibly Attractive?

A woman’s breasts and her backside are always imprinted in a man’s mind, probably since the time he was in a womb. On a strictly sexual aspect, there’s nothing more that matters to a man. [Read: What men want in bed]

But as a man grows and his mind evolves, a man would start to notice the different traits that distinguish women from men, like the way women dress, the way their names sound different, their voice, the fragrances, and a lot of other intrinsic features that distinguish women from men.

This also depends a lot on his cultural background and the way women around him behaved as he was growing up through his formative years.

Whenever a man’s mind is triggered by any of the aspects that he associates with only women, his mind almost always trips into the wooing phase.

Quite frankly, a man’s life revolves around hunting and having sex, at least in the prehistoric days.

The Last Word on Attraction

You may now know why men love women and their bodies so much, because it all comes down to boobs and butt, and all the little things that a man has learnt by keeping his eyes peeled when a woman walks past him.

He may have taken a long time to learn to recognize a gorgeous woman, but now that he instinctively knows to choose a perfect woman, he can’t help but stare at one when she walks past him.

So the next time a man ogles you or takes a lingering glance, try to see the appreciative side of life, and realize that that very man had to experience a few million years of evolution to stare and appreciate a beautiful woman like you. That’s flattering, isn’t it? [Read: How to be a seductress]

Now that you know why men love women and a woman’s body, appreciate a happy stare from a man. While he gets to ogle you, you get to realize how sexy and exciting you are to the male species. And read this poll on what guys like in a girl to see a few visual statistics.

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