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Divine Masculine: What It Means, 37 Qualities, Signs & Secrets to Awaken It

Have you ever heard of the divine masculine? You may be surprised about what it actually is. If you want to learn how to awaken it, we have the answers.

Divine Masculine

You have probably heard about the divine feminine. But do you know what the divine masculine is? It is just as important as the divine feminine.

So, how do you know if you have this divine masculine energy within you? And if so, how do you awaken it?

Before we get into specifics, let’s just define what we mean by the divine masculine.

What is the divine masculine? 

Before we even get into how to awaken the divine masculine, let’s talk about what it is. If you’ve heard of the divine feminine, that’s great, and it’s an important part of us. 

But the divine masculine always seems to get pushed to the side. And it shouldn’t! It’s in all of us.

What is the divine masculine, you ask? Good question. [Read: How to be more masculine – start listening to your instincts]

The concept of the divine masculine comes from different spiritual traditions, such as Greek mythology, Hinduism, and Christianity. It is derived from the masculine archetypes in these traditions, such as Zeus.

There are many masculine energy traits such as being brave, leading, protective, and grounded. When you think of the great leaders throughout history, you will see they have similar traits.

The divine masculine is strong in nature but doesn’t seek to overpower anyone or anything. Instead, the energy is all about stability, support, and strength. [Read: Masculinity vs. femininity – which side do you think is stronger?]

While feminine energy leans toward emotions, masculine energy complements it by being more logical.

These are not energies that compete with one another because they are complementary. 

And divine masculine energy is not just found in males. Females can have it too. We are all created with these two energies inside us, and it’s important to find the best balance for you. [Read: 40 signs of high testosterone, what it means, causes, and ways to increase it]

Why you need to awaken your divine masculine

There are a lot of reasons why awakening the divine masculine within you is beneficial. As long as you can understand that masculine and feminine energy are complementary and not opposites, you can use the masculine energy to your advantage. Here’s how:

1. You become more assertive

Masculine energy is naturally leading, so you will feel more confident about yourself. You aren’t unsure or hesitant anymore when it comes to making decisions or having power. [Read: 17 confident ways to be more assertive and speak your mind loud and clear]

You will take a lot more initiative in your life in all areas, including with group tasks. It also allows you to speak your mind and have the courage to say what you need to without any fear of rejection.

2. Setting boundaries gets easier

Because feminine energy is inherently nurturing and caring, it makes it difficult to say no to people and set boundaries with them. That’s why you need to awaken your divine masculine energy.

The masculine energy helps you control your emotions and allows you to be mentally clear with the use of logic. [Read: How to set boundaries in a relationship – 19 rules for healthy love]

That way, you can put yourself first. Not because of selfishness but rather because of self-love.

3. You become less sensitive

Feminine energy is very emotional, and along with that comes a lot of sensitivities that may not work in your favor. So, divine masculine energy allows you to process your feelings in a less sensitive way.

When you are arguing, you can be more objective with your decisions instead of letting your emotions control you. [Read: Why am I so sensitive? How to stop being sensitive and grow a thick skin]

Using logic more often in your life can make your life a lot easier because you keep your feelings in check.

Divine masculine qualities

Now that you know what the divine masculine is and why you need to awaken it within you, let’s talk about what kind of qualities are associated with it.

1. Assertiveness

Feminine energy is more nurturing, soft, and passive. But when you awaken your divine masculine energy, you become more assertive. [Read: 42 signs and ways to see manipulative behavior and stop being used by people]

Assertive does not mean aggressive. Aggression is negative, but assertiveness is not. A person who is assertive knows how to pursue what they really want by taking the right actions.

2. Determination

People with a lot of feminine energy are very oriented toward their emotions, introspection, and feelings. On the other hand, the divine masculine is more determined to achieve its goals.

Nothing will deter them from doing what they want to do. Because of this, they get a lot accomplished. [Read: 48 real secrets to change your life and find the right path when you’re lost]

3. Action-oriented

Since masculine energy is action-oriented, it gets things done. It doesn’t just sit by and let other people do the work.

People who harness their masculine energy take the steps to make their dreams come true. They also take action in pursuing relationships. The role of the “pursuer” is a traditionally masculine role.

4. Goal-oriented 

Masculine energy isn’t content to just “be.” They need a destination that they are working toward. [Read: 30 secrets to start over a new life and leave your past for a new adventure]

That’s why it’s also goal-oriented. They always want to solve a problem *actively* rather than just listen *passively*.

5. Risk-taking

Back in the days of cavemen, the males were the hunters and the females were the gatherers. In order to hunt wild animals, males had to take a lot of risks.

Although most of us don’t hunt wild animals now, people with masculine energy take risks a lot easier. [Read: 15 risky places to have sex and get your adrenalin racing]

6. Protection

Cavemen didn’t just need to take risks to hunt their food and bring it back to their family to eat. They also needed to protect their family from wild animals too. So, masculine energy is also about protection.

7. Leadership

When a disaster strikes, people with masculine energy step up to the plate and lead other people to a particular destination. But it doesn’t just have to be about disasters. Leadership qualities are important, and other people look to others to lead them.

8. Strength

There are two kinds of strengths that someone with masculine energy has. First, physical strength is the obvious one. And second, emotional strength is the not-so-obvious one. Both are vitally important to existence. [Read: How to be an alpha male – unleash the irresistible inner you]

9. Logical

While emotions are nice, warm, and fuzzy, they can also throw you off balance and cloud your judgment. But masculine energy is logical and won’t let feelings overwhelm you and ruin your life.

10. Providing

Just like masculine energy is protective, it is also providing. Whether it’s the cavemen who provide food for their families or modern-day men who still bring home the money to support their loved ones. They provide for others.

11. Courageous

Because masculine-energy people are risk-takers, in order to do that, you also need to be courageous.

It’s scary to run into a burning building to save your loved ones *or someone else* and that requires a tremendous amount of courage. [Read: How to start fresh and move on from the toxicity – for good]

How to awaken the divine masculine

The divine masculine empowers us to do better, making us the best person we can be. When you’re feeling distracted and living in fear of achieving your dreams, it is suppressed and unawakened.

Yes, the divine feminine teaches us about love and healing. But the divine masculine is what pushes us. 

If you’ve been feeling unmotivated and separated from yourself, it could be that the divine masculine inside of you needs a little wake-up call. [Read: The omega male and 15 traits that make him better than the alpha male]

When your body isn’t in balance, you feel it. So, let’s get it back in motion. It’s time to set the alarm to awaken the divine masculine inside of you.

1. Understand you need both

This isn’t about awakening just your divine masculine. If you want to get the best of both worlds, you’re going to need to balance them. This isn’t about one dominating the other. 

Whether you’re a man or woman, you need the divine masculine to push you forward in life. [Read: The 20 steps to go from exhausted in life to effortless]

Once you understand you need both, then you can have more emotional balance and mental clarity.

2. Take responsibility

At the end of the day, the only person who’s going to take care of you is yourself. Even if you have a partner or parents around, you control the choices you make. Thus, you need to own your actions.

The first step is taking responsibility for your happiness. You’re not someone who needs to be rescued. [Read: 15 ways to grow up and start behaving like an adult]

To awaken the divine masculine, you’ll need to decide if you want to own your feelings.

3. What’s your experience with men? 

Everyone has the divine masculine in them, but many of us suppress it because of our encounters with men. Do you have supportive male figures in your life? Did you have an abusive relationship with anyone close to you?

You’ll need to look at the wounds surrounding your interactions with men. That way, you’ll be able to understand the biases you have towards them. [Read: What is masculinity? 46 manly and toxic traits women love and despise in men]

Once you overcome these blockages, you’ll strengthen your relationship with the divine masculine.

4. Write down your feelings

When you’re examining your wounds surrounding men, you should write your emotions and thoughts down. 

This will help you reflect and pinpoint common themes you have in your relationship with men. It could be abandonment, friendship, love, hate, etc. [Read: How to be a man the way he really should be]

5. Undo what was done

Listen, we’ve been told what it means “to be a man”. But at the end of the day, it’s not right. Men can cry, they don’t need to have a successful career or have a six-pack. That isn’t what being a man means.

It’s important to take a look at what society says a man should be and then ask yourself if it’s true. Focus on finding men in your life who embody the divine masculine rather than these stereotypes.

6. Say hi to your inner warrior

We all have an inner warrior inside of us. Now, this doesn’t mean a literal warrior who kills and dominates others. This isn’t what we’re talking about. [Read: How to say no – 15 ways to reason politely, stop pleasing, and feel kickass]

Rather, your inner warrior is someone who isn’t going to take anyone’s crap. This part of you is courageous and honest. Connect with this side of you. 

7. Find a mentor

Whether you’re Rhianna or Bill Gates, everyone has a mentor. Though you may read this and understand, it’s always easier to connect with those who’ve mastered the awakening of the divine masculine. 

Looking at people such as the Dalai Llama or Mooji, these are people who embody the divine masculine. Now, you don’t want to worship these figures, your goal is to learn from them. [Read: How to develop into a better human]

8. Connect with your inner father

Yes, this sounds weird, but hear us out first. We all carry this archetype inside of us. 

If you want to awaken your divine masculine, then you’ll need to connect with your inner father. Your inner father is kind and tolerant. But can your inner father be better?

9. Stand up for what you want

No, you don’t need to be angry or aggressive, this isn’t what standing up for yourself means. But you need to show others and yourself that you respect yourself. [Read: How to stand up for yourself – get what you want and deserve]

You can be an introvert or an extrovert. It doesn’t matter, both types of people struggle with being assertive. Focus on your needs and ask yourself if they’re being met.

10. Work on your confidence

If you want to support your divine masculine, you’ll need to believe in yourself. You can start with your body language. Try this: hunch your body over and cross your arms. How does it feel? Not good, right?

Now, try this: stand up straight, shoulders back and your arms to your sides. Do you feel the difference? [Read: Powerful changes in confidence you can make to change your life for the better]

Sure, it feels a little awkward at first, but you’ll automatically look more secure and confident in yourself.

11. Start being active

You’re going to have to stop being passive. Even though you think you’re not, if you haven’t awakened your divine masculine, then you are passive. 

The divine masculine is about taking charge and standing up against those who are toxic. In your life, take charge and prevent other people from making the decisions for you. [Read: 23 secrets to stand up for yourself in a relationship and know your true worth]

Set goals and work towards them.

Divine masculine awakening symptoms and signs

Now that you know how to awaken the divine masculine within you, what are the signs and symptoms that you’re actually being successful? Here is what to watch out for.

1. You’re aware of and curious about the divine masculine and the divine feminine

Maybe you hadn’t heard about the complementary masculine and feminine energies before. But now that you’re aware of them you want to try to seek to balance them within you. [Read: Divine feminine energy – what it is and how to tap into the powerhouse]

So, now you’re reading up on the concept and listening to podcasts about it. You want to learn how to awaken your masculine energy in a healthy way. You’re also honest and authentic.

2. You’re suddenly ready to settle down

“Settling down” might seem to imply more feminine energy because it implies getting married and having a family. But the divine masculine is all about providing for and protecting the people they love.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to settle down with a spouse and children. Instead, it just means that you’re at a point where you are looking for your forever love and relationship. [Read: 17 things to do before getting married and settling down]

3. You’re restless and excitable

Even though you’re at a place in life where you want to make a solid, secure life for yourself, that doesn’t mean you might not feel a little restless too. That’s because you’re always on the move.

This could mean that you take up a new hobby, decide to hit the gym, or do some other activity that burns off your energy.

4. You’re turning into a risk-taker

By “risk-taker,” we’re not talking about someone who ignores their survival instincts and does stupid things.

Instead, it just means that you’re becoming more adventurous and getting out of your comfort zone. [Read: How to broaden your horizons and get out of your comfort zone for good]

You might decide to change careers or find a new passion. That’s because you feel like there is something more to life, and you want to go find it.

5. You view sex as something sacred

You might have viewed sex as a purely physical activity that satisfies your horniness and just felt really good. But now you understand how sacred it is to join your body with your lover’s.

You no longer enjoy random hookups or one-night stands because you now find them meaningless and empty. [Read: How to have tantric sex – a beginners guide to awaken your sexuality]

Instead, you now value your body *and your lover’s*, your morals, and your feelings enough to only have sex with someone you love.

6. You operate without aggression

A lot of people think that masculine energy is aggressive, such as fighting in a war or killing people. But that’s not what divine masculinity is about.

It’s not an aggressor, but rather a protector. It doesn’t give in to negative energy like bullying or defensiveness. That’s because it uses its vulnerability to communicate, not its abusive actions. [Read: Things to do to become manlier but not aggressive]

7. You’re feeling especially confident

People who have low self-esteem do not love themselves. Because of that, they tend to hurt people, and even themselves.

But when you have awakened the divine masculine inside you, then you start feeling a lot more secure as a person. You smile more, and let other people bother you a lot less because you never take anything personally. 

8. You’re ready to take the lead 

You no longer feel comfortable being the follower all the time. When you awaken your divine masculine energy, you actually want to become the leader more often than not. [Read: Tried and tested ways to become a better leader at work]

Even if you were comfortable not being in charge before, you certainly do now. You no longer want to fly under the radar, but rather take front and center on stage.

9. You set your goals and go after them

Another great thing that happens with the masculine energy is that you have a sense of purpose in life now. You have a need and enjoy setting and achieving your goals.

Not only that, but you suddenly feel clear about where you are going in life. Regardless of where that destination is, you are confident that you will get there. [Read: YOLO – what it means and 23 secrets to live life like you only live once]

10. You’re looking for real love

Although we usually associate love and romance with feminine energy, masculine energy can want that too. In fact, you long for romance in your life.

You finally know what a healthy relationship looks like – love, respect, and empathy. In the past, you might not have known this. But now you’re ready to live happily ever after with the love of your life.

11. You have a desire to give

Since divine masculinity is a protector, you have more of a desire to give and provide for other people. In fact, you’ve reached a point in your life where you have enough money to give to others. [Read: 19 signs of a taker in a relationship – are you a taker or a giver?]

It makes you feel good to give because you want to spread love and abundance to everyone you can. You’re generous and couldn’t be happier to help other people.

12. Good decisions are a breeze

A lot of people have a difficult time making decisions – especially the right ones. And you might have had this problem in the past too.

But now anymore. Your emotional and mental capacities to make the right choices are easy for you now. You simply weigh the pros and cons and come up with a solution.

[Read: Don’t stay stuck – 16 strategies to get your shit together fast]

No one said awakening the divine masculine was going to be easy. However, it’s crucial you find a balance between the two divines. It’s time to be the best version of yourself.

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