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48 Heartfelt Ways to Prove You Love Someone & Show Them You Really Care

Often, relationship issues arise because people feel underappreciated. Learn how to prove you love someone and watch things change for the better. 

how to prove you love someone

Sometimes, words just don’t do it. You can tell someone that you love them, but if your actions don’t marry up with your words, they’re not going to believe you. Whether you’re having relationship problems or you just want to let them know in general, learning how to prove you love someone isn’t all that hard.

Sometimes we lose sight of the basics in a relationship, such as trust and communication. By going back to the key things, you can bring a sense of appreciation back into your relationship.

We think that everything has to be elaborate and grand, but really, the small things are far more valuable. [Read: What does love feel like? 33 signs what you’re feeling is true and real]

Why might you need to prove you love someone?

Before we get into how to prove you love someone, let’s explore why you might have to do it. Or want to do it.

For sure, your partner should feel loved but that comes down to how you treat them and what you do. It’s also important to show someone you care rather than just say it.

For instance, if you say that you love them but you act in a way that screams ‘I don’t even respect you,’ how can you expect them to believe you?

Or, perhaps in the past you made a mistake but your partner has chosen to take you back. Despite the fact you’re together, they may need some reassurance of your devotion. [Read: How to deal with guilt & drop the baggage weighing you down]

It could also be that your partner had a bad experience with an ex. If they were treated badly before, it’s entirely possible that they’re a little emotionally scarred when it comes to love. They may need a little extra TLC and proof that you’re not going to hurt them in the same way.

There are a million and one reasons why you might need to prove you love someone, but should you really ever have to?

Surely it should come from your actions every single day? True, but we’re human, right? So, if you feel like you need to prove to your partner that they’re the only one for you, let’s check out a few ways you can do that. [Read: 67 sweet yet small romantic gestures that show love in the biggest way]

Show someone you love them with love languages

If you have never heard of the five love languages, this is a great place to start when it comes to knowing how to prove you love someone.

Everyone speaks different love languages. The five love languages are:

1. Words of affirmation

2. Acts of service

3. Receiving gifts [Read: 25 perfect gifts to get your girlfriend for Christmas]

4. Quality time

5. Physical touch

Everyone feels and receives love differently. So knowing which love language you and your partner primarily use is important to show love to them in a way they will understand.

You can take a quick quiz online to find out your and your partner’s love language and go from there. Once you know what means the most to your partner, you can tailor how you show someone you care through those methods. [Read: 50 secrets and early signs of a good relationship that make a great one]

How to prove you love someone and really care about them

If you want to prove that you love someone, here are a few things you can keep in mind to do just that. It’s not always about words. Sometimes, it’s more about actions and the small things in a relationship.

1. Always be truthful

Be truthful about your feelings and voice your thoughts. The easiest way to prove you love someone is by expressing your opinions about this special person.

Also, by keeping lines of communication open, your partner will feel more comfortable and more relaxed in your company. They won’t feel like you’re unable to tell them something or that you’re hiding anything. [Read: 42 reasons, types, signs, and steps to stop lying to yourself and everything else]

2. Support your partner and be a shoulder to lean on

Stand by your lover, in the good times, and more so in the bad times.

All of us have our ups and downs in life. Be the shoulder to lean on and give your partner the courage and strength to take the next step by letting them know that you’re right by their side. That’s how you show someone you care.

3. Know the difference between love and lust

While infatuation revolves around sex and lust, love doesn’t. Love is a deeper emotion that transcends physical appearances. If you truly believe that you love your partner for who they are as a person, and not because of how much they arouse you, that’s true love.

How do you prove it? By complimenting them on a regular basis and reminding them why you’re in love with them: for the person that they are, and not just because of how they look. [Read: The power of words can make or break your relationship]

4. Don’t be materialistic, value experiences instead

Money is fickle. It’s true that money can give you a lot of happiness, but your love should not flicker with the winds of wealth.

You can show someone you care if you’re more focused on spending quality time together and creating memories through experiences. All of this is far more valuable than showing off with your credit card. [Read: How to be a less materialistic person and value yourself more]

5. Romantic gestures, every now and again

Indulging in romantic gestures is one of the sweetest ways to let someone know that you truly love them.

However, don’t overdo it. Don’t buy gifts just for the sake of it. Otherwise, it will mean nothing. A flower you’ve picked from a bush on the roadside is just as thoughtful and valuable as a fancy piece of jewelry. [Read: 60 best free date ideas to have a romantic time without spending money]

6. Put their needs before yours

Love your partner unconditionally and selflessly. Put their needs before yours, and focus on their happiness more than your own.

Unconditional love is tricky though and these expressions of selfless love should never be one-sided in the relationship, or it will eventually lead to a painful breakup. [Read: Unconditional love – what it is and isn’t, 37 signs you’ve felt it, and steps to find it]

7. Show that you respect them at all times

Respect is key in any relationship and you need to show your partner that you truly respect them as a person. Any type of disrespect is a sign that a relationship is on the rocks.

Of course, they should respect you in turn, but focus your attention on R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

8. Make them feel secure in the relationship

Playing games never work. Don’t attempt to make your partner feel jealous or try to make them feel on edge. It will only backfire on you and cause you to have to prove your love even more.

Make your partner feel secure and comfortable in the relationship by letting them know that you only have eyes for them. Manipulation has no place in any relationship. [Read: Jealousy in a relationship – how to accept, deal, and overcome it in love]

9. Make sure you do what you say you’re going to

There is nothing worse in a relationship than there being a huge discord between words and actions. You can’t truly trust your partner or feel like they love you if they say one thing and do another.

Make sure that if you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Also, be sure that your actions are always honest and true. If you want to show someone you care, a little honesty goes a long way.

10. Be their cheerleader in life

You need to be your partner’s no.1 fan. Cheer them on and encourage them to go after their dreams and fulfill their potential. There is no space for greed, selfishness, or jealousy in a relationship.

Their success should make you happy. Just as yours should make them happy too. [Read: 17 signs of a supportive partner who encourages you and your goals]

11. Fully commit if you say you’re going to

Learning how to prove you love someone isn’t that difficult a subject. It really comes down to being a decent person. If you say you’re going to commit to someone, do it.

Don’t be just half in. Make sure that you’re all in and don’t leave your partner wondering what’s going on.

12. Be proud of your relationship

Hiding a relationship isn’t going to make your partner feel loved or respected. That doesn’t mean you need to go all out on the PDAs, but it does mean that you’re open about your relationship and that you’re proud to show it off whenever you need to.

[Read: How to make a relationship official without relying on social media]

13. Focus on the small things

If your partner is honest, they don’t really want you singing about how much you love them in front of a crowded room. They don’t really care about massive gestures of your love at a football game. It’s likely that they’re not at all bothered about grand gestures at all.

Most people simply want the simple, but genuine, things in life and relationships. Forget the show-off side of love and focus on making your partner smile every day instead.

14. Random acts of kindness

You don’t need to do something for a reason, you can do it ‘just because.’ So, if your partner seems tired, why not make them breakfast in bed one morning? Maybe your partner looks stressed; why not surprise them with flowers and a back rub?

Small acts of kindness, even tidying up for them when you know they’re overloaded with work, all show someone you care. [Read: 28 cute ways to show affection in a relationship even if it feels awkward]

15. Tell them you love them and mean it

Of course, words only go so far, but you need to say them. Don’t tell your partner you love them every single day unless you really want to. Sometimes when you hear something too often, it loses its special meaning.

Wait for a special moment, perhaps when they’re looking less than perfect and they’re tired. Then, tell them that you love them, and do it with eye contact and meaning. There’s no better way to prove you love someone.

16. Put your phones away

How can you show someone you love them with your phone in your face? Give them some undivided attention and be present in the moment.

If you’re constantly texting other people when you could be having a conversation with them, well, that’s just rude. [Read: 32 secrets to be present and live in the moment when life is speeding past you]

17. Plan out time for each other

Don’t just spend time when you have time. Make time in your schedules for each other. You don’t have to do big things or go away all the time.

Instead, you can plan a picnic in the back garden or just go and watch a movie together.

18. Spend time with their friends and family

You love your friends, but showing someone you love them means getting to know their people too. 

While you shouldn’t feel pressured to introduce your special one to your family too soon, once you do it, involve them in everything that your family does. It’ll prove you love them beyond all doubt. [Read: 18 signs it’s time and ways to prepare your partner to meet the parents]

19. Share cute messages

Sharing cute messages throughout the day helps them feel that you’re there with them, even when they’re at work or doing chores. It doesn’t matter whether these are post-it notes with cute messages or just a winky face text throughout the day. [Read: 50 cute things to say to your crush and make them feel special]

20. Pick up their favorite snack

When you are running errands, grab their favorite snack. It seems like something so small but shows them that they are on your mind. 

They’ll also be super happy that you thought about them and got them something they like; after all, who doesn’t like snacks?

21. Help them de-stress

Suppose they are busy with work or had a bad day. In that case, help them destress. Make things easier by ordering dinner, doing their laundry, or giving them a shoulder massage.

Ask them how their day went and actually listen to what they have to say. Sometimes talking is all a person needs to feel better. [Read: How to reduce stress – 17 fastest hacks to a calmer and happier life]

22. Ask for their advice

When you ask someone you care about for advice, it helps them feel that you value them even more. So, if you need some advice, ask them.

Let them know that what they think matters to you. You trust their opinion and want to know what they would do. 

23. Hold hands

PDA isn’t for everyone, but sometimes just a little subtle hand-holding can show someone you love them and make them feel reassured in situations that might otherwise make them nervous.

You don’t have to go in for a full-on smooch in public to pile on the PDA; sometimes a gentle hand graze is enough. [Read: 15 ways PDA can save your relationship]

24. Go on real dates

Once you are in a relationship, things get routine. Take time and go on real dates like you used to. Dedicate a night per week for date night and do something different every week.

You should never cancel either. If something comes up, try and arrange it around your date night instead.

25. Talk about the future

Talk about what you would like to happen in the next few months or years. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but talking about your potential future together shows you want them with you longer.

It’s definitely one of the best ways to show someone you care and that you’re serious about them. [Read: Life questions to help you visualize your future]

26. Take practical steps together

It sounds unromantic, but doing mundane things together can really solidify your relationship. Do things that may not seem romantic but show your commitment.

It might be opening a bank account together, sharing a phone bill, and things like that seem practical but show them you love and trust them.

27. Trust each other

We suppose this is an obvious one, but it is so important they know you trust them with your heart. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past, but if you want the relationship to last, you have to try.

[Read: How to build trust in a relationship and learn to be loyal and loving]

28. Do things they love

It’s easy to always go for the things you like, but that doesn’t show you care. Don’t just do things you have in common; showing someone you love them is about opening yourself up to what they love.

So, if they love horse riding and you’re not sure, give it a try!

29. Bond over what you have in common

Bond over your common interests. Talk about the shows or sports you both adore. Take time to stay connected with the things that brought you together in the first place.

That’s how you keep things on track over the long term. [Read: 50 questions for a new relationship to predict your romantic future]

30. Teach them something

Teach them something, whether it is how to cook their favorite meal or change a tire. Having patience with them will bond you and you’ll enjoy the time you spend together.

However, be careful that you don’t lecture them when you’re trying to teach. That could cause more conflict than anything else.

31. Let them teach you something

Also, let them teach you something. Be willing to learn from them.

32. Celebrate them

To show someone you love them, celebrate them. Plan a little get-together when they accomplished a big task at work. Have a party for their birthday. 

Learning how to show someone you care means thinking of them ahead of you, at least half of the time. [Read: How to surprise your girlfriend and score brownie points]

33. Talk about sex

Sex is an important part of a relationship, but it can get routine if you don’t talk about it.

Talk about what you want. Ask what they want. Is there something new you want to try? [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding awkward]

34. Take care of them

One of the best ways to show someone you care is to look after them when they need it. When they are feeling down, or sick, take care of them. You don’t need to be a nurse but make sure they have what they need.

You know they’d do the same for you.

35. Be romantic occasionally

Buy flowers, play music outside their window, or dance alone in the living room. These little things seem silly, but they mean a lot. Those are the moments you’ll remember forever.

Just don’t overdo it! [Read: 30 really sweet and romantic ideas for couples to feel loved and connected 24/7]

36. Joke around

When you’ve been together for any amount of time, it’s important to keep the happiness and laughter alive. Tell jokes, pull pranks, and have fun together. Not everything needs to be so serious.

This is even more important when you’ve been together for a long time. Keep the laughter coming!

37. Catch up

Life gets in the way sometimes. But, if you take the time to sit down and talk about how your week was, it really connects you.

Of course, when doing this, you need to listen and not zone out. You shouldn’t do these things as an obligation; you should do them because you want to. Because you care.

38. Give them space

This sounds counterintuitive, but you must remain two individuals. You don’t want to suffocate or overwhelm one another.

So, remember to take time for yourselves. It makes you both become two better parts of the whole and keeps the relationship fresh. [Read: 15 ways to give space in a relationship and feel closer than ever before]

39. Pay attention to what they don’t say

Another way to show someone you care is to always pay attention to what they say and do. Some people are less expressive than others, and if your sweetheart is like this, you have to learn to read between the lines.

They may not always show and express just how stressed, tired, or upset they are, so it’s your job to figure it out. [Read: 19 ways to be a much better listener in a relationship and read their mind]

40. Give thanks

Show appreciation to your lover by being grateful, and be sure that you verbalize it every time if you want to show them you care.

Even the little things deserve recognition. From making dinner to taking out the trash, be thankful that your partner does these things; not because it’s expected of them, but because they want to do it.

41. Plan surprises

Ah, the power of surprises! Everyone loves a good surprise, so why not make the effort to plan a little something for your sweetheart occasionally? 

From the big stuff like organizing a getaway to surprising them with dinner reservations at their favorite ribs joint, make the effort to be lovingly adorable. [Read: How to keep love alive in a relationship and stay in love forever with your one]

42. Give praise

Another way to show appreciation is to give praise. Positivity is extremely important in a relationship, and one way to project this is to let your lover know just how great they are. 

Praise your partner’s cooking, tell them they look stunning, whisper to your lover how great they smell, and so on. There are myriad ways that you can praise someone, so be sure to do it often.

43. Change for the better

One of the best ways to prove your love is to be a better person for your partner. Sure, people always preach about never changing for anyone, but to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with making a change for the better.

Stop being so grumpy, quit smoking, come home early from work more often, and plan more family trips. 

Improving your joint lives will not be lost on your partner, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this is the ultimate form of showing them your appreciation. [Read: How you and your partner bring out the best in each other]

44. Be a good listener

If you ask anyone, they will probably say they are a good listener. But in reality, most people aren’t. And it’s not just about eye contact, you have to put down anything you’re doing, look at them, and show that you care about what they’re saying.

This involves rephrasing—or paraphrasing—what they are saying. For example, you can say something like, “Oh, what I hear you saying is that you are really upset that your co-worker took credit for your work. How can I help you?” It will really show that you care. [Read: 19 ways to be a much better listener in a relationship]

45. Initiate sex

If you’re in a romantic relationship, don’t always wait and let your partner initiate physical intimacy. Everyone wants to feel wanted and sexy. 

So, when you tell them how much you want them and lead them to the bedroom, then that’s a great way to show someone you care. 

46. Kiss and hug them when you first see them

Don’t just walk in the door without acknowledging their presence. Look happy to see them, throw your arms around them with a hug, and give them a kiss on the cheek or lips. 

Say hello and ask how they are doing or how their day was. Everyone feels good when someone else is happy to see them. [Read: 24 warm signs of affection and examples to be more affectionate in a relationship]

47. Ask if they need anything

Let’s say that you are hungry driving home from work and want to go through the drive-thru to get some food. 

Well, don’t just get yourself the food, because that’s selfish. 

Instead, text or call and see if they want anything too. Or, if you’re getting off the couch, ask them if they need anything while you’re up. Small things like that really show that you care about someone. [Read: How to be nice – 20 easy tips to make everyone love being around you]

48. Make them a priority

When someone is important to us, we make time for them. 

So, if they ask you to hang out or to do a favor for them, let them know that they are on top of your list of priorities. When you do that, they know that you care about them a lot and want to make them happy. [Read: The right priority in your relationship – how to find and focus on it]

Things you should never do to prove your love

As much as you may want to prove how much you love someone, avoid doing any of these things. It’s not love; you’re only being used if someone you care about expects these things from you.

1. Have sex or get physical with your partner when you’re uncomfortable.

2. Break the law just to appear cooler or to get something for your partner.

3. Do something you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable with. [Read: Psychological manipulation – How it works, 37 tactics, signs, and ways to deal]

4. Go against your moral principles.

If your partner loves you, they would never ask you to harm yourself, put yourself in the way of embarrassment, or make yourself truly uncomfortable.

If they do that, you have to question whether they’re the ones who should be proving how they feel to you.

How far should you go to prove your love for someone?

If your lover constantly wants proof of your love all the time, question why. If it never changes and it drives you crazy, you have to consider whether you want to end the relationship. You’ll always feel like you need to do more to prove your love and your partner will never be happy.

Love is mutual and effortless. Both of you have to prove your love in little ways every day and build trust around the relationship.

Grand romantic gestures, gifts, and poems don’t prove your love. It’s just a way to express the overwhelming rush of happy emotions you feel for someone.

If that’s what your lover wants, indulge in it. But don’t do anything more. It’s not necessary to prove anything when your lover behaves like an immature child who wants proof for everything you do. A partner who asks for proof of your love far too often may just want to exploit you the easy way.

[Read: Relationship rules – 30 must-know tips to experience and live your best love life]

Understanding how to prove you love someone is easy if you understand how love works. It’s something that has to be felt inside, and not something that can be proven by any other means.

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