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How to Prove That You Love Someone The Right Way

how to prove that you love someone

Is your lover asking for proof of your love? Or are you trying hard to do just that? Find out how to prove that you love someone the right way.

Young lovers have a fascination for love and the way it works.

And more than anything else, the impatient young want proof for everything.

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If a meaningful proclamation of love isn’t enough for you, here’s something that can help you understand the proof of love better.

Firstly, there is no quick way to prove that you love someone.

Love needs time to reveal itself, just like a flower needs time to bloom and a sapling needs time to grow into a tree.

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6 ways to prove that you love someone

If you want to prove that you love someone, here are a few things you can keep in mind to do just that.

#1 Be truthful. Be truthful about your feelings and voice your thoughts.

The easiest way to prove that you love someone is by expressing your opinions about this special person.

#2 A shoulder to learn on. Stand by your lover,  in the good times, and more so in the bad times.

All of us have our ups and downs in life. Be the shoulder to lean on and give your partner the courage and strength to take the next step by letting them know that you’re right by their side.

#3 Sex and lust. While infatuation revolves around sex and lust, love doesn’t. Love is a deeper emotion that transcends physical appearances. If you truly believe that you like your partner for who they are as a person, and not because of how much they arouse you, that’s true love. [Read: Understanding how love at first sight works]

#4 Don’t be materialistic. Money is fickle. It’s true that money can give you a lot of happiness, but your love should not flicker with the winds of wealth. [Read: Money can buy you happiness]

#5 Romantic gestures. Indulging in happy romantic gestures is one of the sweetest ways to let someone know that you truly love them. It’ll make your partner feel loved and you’ll feel warm and happy on the inside. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

#6 Unconditional love. Love your partner unconditionally and selflessly. Put their needs before yours, and focus on their happiness more than your own. Unconditional love is tricky though and these expressions of selfless love should never be one sided in the relationship, or it would eventually lead to a painful breakup. [Read: A cute true story of unconditional love]

The proof of love

Young lovers constantly want their partners to prove their love by indulging in cinematized gestures like undergoing pain or risking something they love dearly just to prove their love for someone. It’s cute and very romantic, when both lovers go to great lengths to sacrifice pleasures and moments of happiness so they can let someone know just how much they mean to them.

Go on and indulge in it, after all, love does drive you crazy. It may have worked in the days of the knights and damsels, and it still does work to this day. But don’t try to prove your love for someone by doing something you don’t want to, or something you know you’ll end up regretting.

The truth about proving your love for someone

Anyone who asks you to prove your love doesn’t love you yet. They’re toying with you or just having fun with you to see how much you can pursue them. While a romantic chase is good during the wooing period, stay away from partners who ask for proof of your love all the time, even though both of you have been seeing each other for a while. [Read: The 10 types of love you’ll experience in your life]

Guys ask a girl to prove her love only to get a sexual favor in return.

Girls ask a guy to prove his love only to make him play to her tunes and show off to her friends that she controls him.

Love is not a test. It’s an emotion, just like pain or happiness. You can only express it, you can’t prove it. It’s something that has to be felt and experienced.

Love is not something that can be proved, unless you use scientific brain scans and test chemical levels in your body. And to be quite frank, they’re not very accurate either.

Things you should never do to prove your love

As much as you may want to prove how much you love someone, avoid doing any of these things.

# Have sex or get physical with your partner when you’re uncomfortable with that thought.

# Break the law just to appear cooler or get something for your partner.

# Do something you don’t want to or feel comfortable with.

# Go against your moral principles that you’ll regret later.

But if you can’t stop looking for ways to prove your love, indulge in a romantic gesture that can bring a smile on your partner’s face. That’s all the proof your partner should need. [Read: How to write a romantic love letter]

How far should you go to prove your love for someone?

If your lover constantly wants proof of your love all the time, end the relationship. You’ll always feel like you need to do more to prove your love and your partner will never be happy. Love is mutual and effortless. Both of you have to prove your love in little ways every day and build the trust around the relationship. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship]

Romantic gestures, gifts and poems don’t prove your love, it’s just a way to express the overwhelming rush of happy emotions you feel for someone.

If that’s what your lover wants, indulge in it. But don’t do anything more. It’s not necessary to prove anything when your lover behaves like an immature child who wants proof for everything you do. And you should be wary though, a partner who asks for proof of your love may just want to exploit you the easy way.

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Understanding how to prove that you love someone is easy if you understand how love works. It’s something that has to be felt inside, and not something that can ever be proved by any other means.

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