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Is She Single? 19 Easy Ways to Know a Girl’s Relationship Status Instantly

You are crushing on a girl, but you have no idea if she’s taken or not. So, if want to know if she is single, follow these clues to find out if she is. 

is she single signs

Unless the girl you’re pining for is your friend on Facebook, and she’s active with a public relationship status, it’s almost impossible to tell whether she’s dating someone or not. If you’re too shy to ask her point-blank for fear of getting rejected, we have a few ways that can help you decipher whether she’s single or taken.

The only people who are obviously not single are the ones walking around sporting diamond rings or the ones that have another human being strapped to their arms. Aside from that, you can hardly tell if a girl is single or not.

Some girls, on the other hand, may have that lovey-dovey glow, but that could be attributed to a good day at the gym or a palm-full of vitamins. Girls, being girls and all, have a certain je ne sais quoi wafting around them.

Unfortunately for you, that same air of mystery can make it hard to know whether they’re waiting for their boyfriend or not.

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Does asking a girl if she’s single imply that you like her?

You might be worried that if you ask a girl if she’s single, then she will automatically know that you like her. Well, that’s a tough call because it all depends on how she interprets your question, what context you’re in, and how you ask. [Read: 23 smooth ways to get a girl’s number every single time and awe her too]

On one hand, she might think that you’re just being friendly and asking her about her life with no ulterior motive.

But on the other hand, yes, she could see through your tactic. It all depends on how you approach it.

Either way, you just need to be prepared for anything. Maybe you want her to know that you like her. Then great – go ask her! But if you don’t, then maybe you should try some of these more subtle approaches to knowing if a girl is single. [Read: 31 secrets to get a girl to like you and desire you without asking her out]

So, why don’t you just ask her if she’s single?

Even though men have been programmed to make the first move since the Stone Ages, some guys find it hard to go up to a girl just to say hi. They might be shy, but most of the time, they’re just afraid of getting rejected. [Read: How to flirt with girls – 25 secrets and 41 lines to seduce her and make her blush]

That’s understandable because people usually assume that attractive women are spoken for. Why bother asking, when you know you’re just going to get rejected, right?

But that shouldn’t be the case for everyone. You should always take a risk when it comes to the person you like because staying put and watching from the sidelines won’t get you anywhere.

Sometimes, a girl may come off as intimidating. This also makes it harder for a guy to approach her. If she’s single, you’ll never know how she’ll react. If she does have a boyfriend, you might be too afraid to ask her because of her closed-off demeanor.

Lastly, guys just want to cover all their bases. They’d rather know what they’re dealing with before they make a move. It’s called strategizing.

Without a white horse and shining armor, the best thing you can do is prepare a game plan for when you finally get the guts to ask a girl out. If you know whether she’s single or not, the chances of successfully asking her out will be higher. [Read: Are girls into shy guys who don’t make the first move?]

Does she appear single when she clearly isn’t?

Yes, there are methods to help you determine whether the girl you like is spoken for or not. However, there are unforeseen factors that can mess these up.

1. She’s in a long-distance relationship

Just because she looks single and exhibits all the signs of being single, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a guy out there waiting for her.

He could be on the other side of town or the other side of the world. Just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean that he’s not there. [Read: Are you into a girl who’s into someone else?]

2. She’s a cheater

Cheating women make a point of broadcasting their availability. Don’t be fooled by this type of woman. Nobody wins in this situation, no matter how badly you want her.

3. She’s in an open relationship

Women in open relationships technically aren’t single. They are dateable, but unless they’re willing to let go of the other guy, you will never have her all to yourself.

At first signs – The big signs to know if she’s single or not

Sadly, there’s no specific trait that can confirm a person’s status. People in relationships don’t have their own language, nor do they have an exclusive dress code. You’ll just have to settle for the most likely tells like the ones mentioned below. [Read: How to pick up girls – 20 moves to get super lucky with women]

1. She looks made up in a neutral setting

If a girl goes full-on Glamazon just for a coffee run, it’s pretty likely that she made the extra effort to look like she’s on her way to a premiere.

The verdict is that she likes looking her best because she’s hoping to get noticed by the adorable strangers she might run into *not always true, but it’s a definite possibility*.

2. She glances at men who pass by 80% of the time

Women who are in a relationship do not feel the need to scope out the selection of eligible bachelors within the vicinity.

The best-case scenario would be that she’s appreciative of guys because she’s not seeing anyone. The worst-case scenario would be that she’s a little too interested in other men while her boyfriend’s in the restroom. [Read: 20 subtle signs a woman wants your attention and wants you to notice her]

3. She’s always with her friends

If you have a crush on the girl who always shares the same coffee shop as you, there will come a point when she brings her boyfriend along.

If she’s single, she will always hang out with the same platonic-looking group of friends whenever you see her. [Read: The smoothest pickup lines and how to impress girls with them]

4. She tends to people-watch

If the girl you like isn’t showing any signs of flirting with other men in places where people regularly get together, you can still find out if she’s single just by noticing how she reacts to people.

Girls who have boyfriends tend to ignore other people when they’re out with their friends. Single girls want to meet people, hence, the people-watching.

5. She doesn’t check her phone all the time

If a girl has a boyfriend, it’s highly likely that they’d be in contact regularly. Some girls just don’t like checking their phone all the time, even if they do have a boyfriend, but the probability of that is very, very slim.

How to know if she’s single without asking her directly

So, you’ve established that she looks single. But is she really? When asking a girl directly if she’s single, you are in effect asking her if she would like not to be. Some guys find this tacky, while most girls find it lacking any sort of pre-emptive seduction factor.

It seems businesslike and devoid of the necessary nuisances of modern courtship because she already knows what the guy wants from her.

Make it a little interesting by not asking her if she’s single and just reading the signs that she is indeed interested in exploring this newfound connection. [Read: 26 signs a girl is secretly attracted to you even if she hides it]

1. She makes eye contact

If she wants to talk to you, she will be more than willing to look at you. Even if she’s not making direct eye contact, her face will be angled towards you in anticipation of the inevitable locking of gazes. [Read: 13 effective eye flirting moves]

2. She smiles at you

If she doesn’t do this immediately, make the first move and show her those pearly whites.

A girl who is single and interested is more likely to smile back and keep eye contact, while a girl who has a boyfriend will smile awkwardly and turn away – for good. There are no look-backs with this one.

3. She doesn’t make an excuse to leave the conversation

Girls who aren’t interested will seem uninterested in what you have to say. Or they will make a point of ending the conversation immediately. [Read: 20 sure signs of attraction during your first conversation]

4. She doesn’t check to look around when you start talking to her

If she does this, she might be waiting for her boyfriend to show up. If she’s waiting for a friend, it still doesn’t look like a good sign. She’s probably checking to see if someone can save her from talking to you.

5. She doesn’t check her phone while talking to you

If she does, she could be scared that her boyfriend is going to call. Or she’s not interested in talking to you. Either way, you lose.

It’s not easy to know whether a person is single just by looking at them, but it is possible. It’s not a definite confirmation, but it will help you make the first move. You will never know if you have a chance at the girl you like. So, just go up to her and say, “Hi.” [Read: How to pick up girls at a bar – Set yourself apart from the herd]

6. Her body language

Body language will tell you almost everything you need to know. That’s because 80-90% of the meaning of a message lies in the nonverbal part.

So, if she has her arms folded and looks “closed up” when she talks to you, then she’s probably taken. But if she has more open body language, then it’s more likely that she’s single.

7. Ring on her finger

This seems like the most obvious way to know if a girl is single. However, just because she’s not married doesn’t mean she’s single. Also, some women don’t wear their wedding rings too. So, this is a tricky one.

But if you do see a ring, then chances are that she’s not single. And even if it’s a fake ring, then she’s still not interested because she wore it on purpose to keep guys away.

8. Social media account

You can also become a master stalker on her social media accounts. Hopefully, her profiles are pretty open, so you can go through all of her pictures and posts to see if there is any evidence of a man in her life. [Read: How to stalk on social media and find just what you’re looking for]

9. Her texting behavior

If you know her well enough to be texting with her, then pay attention to how she does it. If she’s short in her texts or if she takes a long time to answer you, then that’s a sign she’s taken.

But if she seems very engaged when texting you, then maybe she is single.

10. How much she flirts

Some girls are just naturally flirty with everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look for signs that she’s flirting with you.

Single girls will definitely flirt with the guys they like. So, if you get a little flirty first, you can watch to see if she follows your lead or not. [Read: Is she flirting or just being friendly? The clues to know for sure]

11. She drops hints

If she’s single and interested in you, then she might drop hints like, “I’m going to be so bored this weekend because all my friends will be out of town!”

That implies that she doesn’t have a boyfriend to keep her entertained. She might even want you to ask her out. [Read: Does she like me? 32 subtle signs she sees you as more than a friend]

How to indirectly get her to reveal if she’s single

If you aren’t so good at reading the signs that say she’s single, then you might want to take a little more direct – yet still indirect – approach. So, here are a few ideas you can try.

1. Try to push her to reveal her status

You can try to “trick” the girl into telling you if she’s single or not. For example, you can text her something funny or random late at night.

And when she answers, you can say something like “Oh I’m so sorry – I didn’t know how late it was! I’m sure your boyfriend isn’t happy that I’m messaging you this late!” And then that’s when she tells you if she has a boyfriend or not. [Read: 33 secrets steps to text a girl you like and make her miss and desire you]

2. Start a conversation about relationships

If you hang out with her, start a discussion about relationships in general. You can even do this over text if you want to. Encourage her to talk about the qualities of her ideal partner and what the perfect relationship looks like.

You could also throw in another “trick” by asking, “Oh, is that how your boyfriend is?” To make her more comfortable, start by talking about it yourself. When her turn comes, listen to what she says very carefully! [Read: 23 sneaky ways to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without bring pushy]

3. Try a discussion about being single

On the other side of the coin, instead of talking about relationships, you can also try to start a conversation about being single.

Start by talking about the advantages of being single and how you’re enjoying the single life. But then, stress how you would like a relationship if you found the right girl. This is a great way to tell if a girl is single.

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Even the little bit of information you get from observing your crush from a distance will make your transition from stranger to acquaintance much easier. Knowing the signs that she’s single will boost your confidence. And it will finally allow you to walk up to your crush and get to know her.

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