What Girls Always Notice on a Date!

what girls always notice on a date

Girls and guys have completely different priorities when it comes to dating each other and noticing what really matters on a date. Here are six things that girls always notice on a date!

Do you want to impress a girl on the very first date? If you really know what girls always notice on a date, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to impress that pretty lass within the first few minutes.

And you know what they say, first impressions are everything when you’re trying to have a great date!

Unlike men, who don’t notice a great deal too much, women are a lot sharper on a date.

They put in a lot of effort, and they expect their date to look spruced up and primped for them. So what are the things that girls notice on a date? Men, you might just be surprised.

What girls always notice on a date #1 CLEANLINESS

You definitely need to be clean. Women like guys who can groom themselves. Even if you sport a stubble, it should look like every strand of hair exists to accentuate your face.

Clean hands and nails, crisp clothes, and a fresh face. And no bad breath or body odor. No girl would ever like that! Maybe a few kinky ones, but definitely not on a date. In a restaurant.

What girls always notice on a date #2 LABELS!

Girls love labels and fancy brands. It’s a sign anyways, isn’t it? If you can pamper yourself, you definitely can pamper her.

Go figure about big brands. Some labels may be expensive, but they don’t necessarily turn out to be the best. But the biggest names don’t come cheap. Senor D’Orsi charges over fifty grand a suit and still makes just fifty suits a year, but that’s never ever going to look bad on you, would it?

And it’s never going to hurt. Maybe just your Louis Vuitton wallet. A wee bit, you big, rich boy!

What girls always notice on a date #3 YOUR CONVERSATION SKILLS

Girls want a guy who knows how to keep his woman happy. So are you a smooth talker? Do you stutter and splutter and run out of things to say, half way through dinner and resort to “so you say something… no, no, you say…” to cover the fact that you have nothing to talk about? That’s not good. [Read: What to talk about on a first date with a girl] A woman wants to be with someone who knows to talk, and talk well. Yup, back when you were in tenth grade, backstreet boys were hot stuff! Now, it’s still a Simon Cowell.

What girls always notice on a date #4 HOW FAR CAN YOU GO?

How far can you go for your date? What can you do to pamper her? Flowers and sparkling wine are great starters. But can you call back your waiter and ask him for more flowers on your table? Or perhaps, a white candle? Anything else? A woman wants to test how far a man would be willing to go for her. Of course, subconsciously.

So pamper her. She can’t make up her mind about which dessert to pick, order three of them. Try it. It definitely works. Tell her to take a bite off all of them. She can have what she wants, and the waiter can take back the rest. If you have to be her king, treat her like the queen she deserves to be. But never be pompous, and don’t forget to be a brat boy now and then.

What girls always notice on a date #5 YOUR ATTIRE

Brands are one thing, but women definitely notice the way you dress. A Gucci shirt looks good, but untucked and crumpled on a formal date? Don’t think so. Dress for the occasion. Be pleasing to her eyes, and don’t ever go overboard. A clean shirt or a suit is the best thing to wear when you’re out at a great date restaurant in the middle of paradise. And yeah, do take her to a great place.

What girls always notice on a date #6 Ogling other women

You may have done all of the above things to impress your date, but this one wrong move can be a killer! There’s nothing more insulting for a woman than to see her man staring at other women or craning his neck to ogle at other women now and then. When you’re out on a date, remember, all eyes on your date. You can ogle at all the beautiful women and stare at a girl’s breast or her never ending legs when you’re with the guys. On a date, just focus on your date, if you do want to impress her.

On your next date, keep these six things girls always notice on a date in mind when you’re trying to impress her. And oh yeah, keep these things girls never really notice on a date in mind too!

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22 thoughts on “What Girls Always Notice on a Date!”

  1. Wow says:

    Wow, who would ever want to date the stuck up b**** described implicitly in this article?

  2. Hayley says:

    Totally disagree with 2 and 4. In fact I have never heard of the brands mentioned which is not a surprise given that I despise all the fashion brand nonsense. Yes dress appropriate to the activity and your own personalised version of style (as in tip 5), but brands will impress only those who care about brands and that is not ALL women. Us ladies like to feel special but you can go too far with tip 4 and make us feel uncomfortable. Use reasonable efforts. I could be insulted if my date bought three deserts just to show off and concerned if he was overly picky about the flowers on the table.

  3. Lula says:

    Wow seriously?! I honestly don’t give a damn about labels or if they take me on some big fancy date, in fact it’d make me really uncomfortable! Gimme a guy in plain sneakers and jeans to take me bowling any day other than that! Besides would a guy really want to date a self-absorbed girl who notices all that?!

  4. Kyle says:

    I agree with alot of those things as a guy. You want to usually go overboard on the first date. To show the women what you are capable of doing. Being able to have a romantic night. I think women like imagination too though. Being able to think of cute fun ideas that you both can share together. Having the right attire though is not 100% accurate. Do not get me wrong, you cannot show up with holy jeans and a shirt with stains. You have to dress night and smell good. Bad breath is also a key. I read somewhere that many relationships end because of a partner having bad breath. So gents, keep those mints handy.

  5. Daniel says:

    Who wrote this- very skin deep and materialistic article.

  6. roxanne says:

    Honestly I could not give a damn about labels of clothing. And as for a guy whose a smooth talker i think its cute when a guy trips over his words in conversation. Id also prefer a man to not over do it with the opening doors and pulling out my chair this is nice for awhile but after a long time can be irratating

  7. chelsea says:

    #6 is the absolute most important. it totally gets us confused. And the stuff about attire and name brands are false. It’s nice to have an interesting “image” the usual polo shirt crap is a bore. Just wear whatever you wear best

  8. Diana says:

    #2 only applies to chavs… it would seriously dent my esteem of a man if he was wearing any labels. i only have respect for people who remove the advertising on their clothes- this is not to say good taste is not noticed. Too much attention to detail and clothing is just gay! but on the whole i would agree cleanliness is important as well as chivalrous game playing… Their attention to your comfort and focus on you… and how being with you lights up their life do. if a man notices a pretty waitress it should never compare to the woman he’s with. Thats easily the best way to lose any chance of another date. Again if a man has conversation problems this isn’t a problem women speak 7000 to 2000 words. the reflection of intelligence and altruism is the important thing as well as creative or humorous vision.

  9. JJ says:

    I disagree with all of this. What I like to see in guys is a nice, sweet gentleman who hates brands and materialistic stuff. My ideal date is a casual trip to the amusement park or fair and going around to each booth holding hands and sharing a cotton candy.

  10. jojo says:

    I love the article It got some good points though!!

    ladies I am a girl and as much as I would like to meet a guy who is soft spoken and knows what to talk and how to talk, meeting a guy who can impress me and getting out of his way with ordering food or doing something crazy would be perfect haha.

    and trust me … my future husband to be impressed me when he put his gucci wallet on the table I was like damn!! such a pleasant view for a man next to his car keys iphone hahah

    although he is not into buying brand clothing and show off he appreciates quality and elegance just like me. He was clean, sweet, had a label wallet, all his attention was on me and he even asked ! not did it he asked if he can hold my hand ! and ps we were in a park and after I dragged him to an unplanned dinner with my best friends and he was just amazing. Offered even to pay the whole bill for all of us although in the end we agreed he should pay just for me and him 🙂

    In conclusion I kind of agree with the article but not totally

  11. Alvin says:

    Look clean and neat. If you want to wear an expensive shirt don’t have an expensive attitude. Clothes are a personal preference but being a slob or going over trendy or glitzy can be an over or under statement. Expensive clothes displays you have money so be prepared to spend to maintain that image. If you have it that’s cool but it won’t work for all chicks.

  12. Georgemichaels says:

    The person who wrote this would probably be going on dates with guys that look like the guy photographed above hahaha SHALLOW!!

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