How to Talk Smooth with Women

Pick up lines and wannabe moves are for sissies, says the Super Fella as he pulls out his black book and shares with you, the true art of smooth talking, flirting and winning over women. Want to know how to talk smooth with women?

How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Women

So… what do you say when you have to talk to an attractive girl?

You may be a funny guy, or someone who’s uber cool and ‘all that’.

But when you have to walk up to a girl on the street, or in your office, you just stand there… and stare.

Stare at the beautiful sight, and fantasize about the moment you just lost.

You imagine the sea, the park, hell… you even imagine her under your sheets, and giving birth to your babies… (please!)

But have you tried approaching any girl lately?

What is it that gets you tongue-tied and your palms sweaty, and your pants wet when you have to walk up and talk to a girl who’s standing near the office cafeteria?

If the same person was a guy, you wouldn’t break a sweat to walk right up and make a conversation.

Now this is the most important thing that you have to understand, that you could have spoken to the person if it was a guy, but it’s not the same if that person is a girl!

The fact: Smooth talking for the single men

The problem that most men have is ‘how to get that first opening line’. You could always use a pick up line, but at office or someplace other than a club, there’s nothing that makes you look cornier than to use a pick up line. Single men always perceive women to be something like a superhuman, especially when they have to converse with them for the first time.

And there’s also the other part, pick up lines are pathetic and they always come with rebound lines which can turn your first move into a walk to the guillotine.

We all know this, the first step is the hardest. We can always rack our brains out for the perfect line, but surprisingly, believe it or not, there is no perfect first line! It’s one of those lousy excuses losers use when they’ve been ditched by a hot girl at the bar.

“I knew I lost her when I used that line. Man, I’m never gonna use that line again.” And then, again… and again… I don’t like these guys who portray ‘the pickup line’ as a big tool to win over the beautiful damsel. They confuse the already confused mortals.

Another bunch of guys I don’t like are the wannabes. Coming straight from the fire within the deepest part of my belly, I can’t stand wannabes. They’re the guys who flail their arms around wildly and jump like kangaroos while clubbing, the ones who give their corniest and widest grin when any girl reciprocates the first glance. These guys give men a bad name, and they ought to be banished to another world.

Both these species of men are out there to falsely claim that you cannot attract a girl’s attention without outrageous expressions.

But you can succeed where they have failed, because when you’re done here, you’ll understand exactly what it takes to talk smooth and impress any girl. Click here to continue reading about how to attract a woman’s attention to read the next steps.

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