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28 Secret Signs to Tell If a Girl Likes You Even If She’s Playing It Cool

Sometimes girls can be a little mysterious. It can make finding out if they’re crushing a little hard! But you can learn how to tell if a girl likes you. 

how to tell if a girl likes you

Learning how to tell if a girl likes you isn’t always easy, especially if she’s being subtle or playing it cool. Just when you assume a girl is interested in you, you may find out that she’s only being friendly or nice. But by putting a few obvious signs together, you’ll see that it’s not so hard to decipher a girl’s feelings towards you.

What if you’re just sitting back in your chair at a café, waiting to meet a friend when you catch a girl giving you one of those fleeting glances that vanish in a second?

You look towards her occasionally, and you find that she’s looking back now and then. So does she want you to come over and talk, or is she just keeping herself busy by looking around?

This is why learning how to tell if a girl likes you and wants you to make a move on her can help you a lot. These fine tips should help you out when it comes to flirting games and making sense of it all. [Read: 27 signs a girl is sexually attracted to you and wants you to come closer]

The big question – “Does she like me?”

When a girl likes a guy, she doesn’t usually go all out and reveal her true feelings for the guy. In most cases, she decides to drop a hint and then plays hard to get.

It’s definitely a great move by the girl, because she needs to know if you’re genuinely interested in her too. So you need to know how to reciprocate her move in a manner that she would like.

So does she like you? Check out these signs to figure out how to tell if a girl likes you. [Read: 20 subtle signs a woman wants your attention and wants you to notice her]

1. You catch her staring at you often

Does she steal glances at you now and then? And every time you look at her, does she blush or look away “awkwardly”?

If a girl can’t stop staring at you, especially when you’re busy or occupied with something else, it’s a good sign to show that she has something romantic in mind when it comes to your thoughts. [Read: 13 subtle eye contact flirting moves girls use to catch a guy’s eye from afar]

2. You bump into her often

And somehow, she doesn’t seem surprised to see you.

If you don’t know this girl or haven’t been introduced to her, and you still see her out of the blue in places where you like hanging out, she may want to catch your eye.

3. Her friends seem excited

She seems nervous but her friends seem excited. One of the easiest ways to tell if a girl likes you is by watching her behavior when she’s with her friends.

Do you see her friends nudging her while she blushes and discreetly looks at you now and then? Well, if her friends stare hard at you and laugh, and if she coyly catches your eye, there’s definitely a crush in the air. [Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you – 22 signs and ways to open her up]

4. She thinks you’re a great guy

When you have a conversation with this girl, does she constantly remind you about how sweet a guy you are?

Being labeled a sweet guy isn’t always a compliment. But if she ever does say any girl would be lucky to have you, then that surely is a compliment!

5. She looks for excuses to touch you

Some girls are just touchy-feely all the time. But almost all the girls aren’t.

Does a girl look for excuses to touch you or hold your hand? If you notice this behavior of hers only around you and not any other guy, she probably does have feelings for you and that’s one of the easy clues to tell if a girl likes you and is sexually attracted to you!

6. She compliments you a lot

Does this girl treat you preferentially? Does she favor you or take your side all the time?

There’s a good chance that a girl likes you if she favors you and compliments you for the smallest of reasons, all the time. [Read: How to compliment a girl – 15 must-know tips and 35 of the best examples]

7. She talks about your dating life

When a girl likes a guy, she’d want to know everything about his relationship status and his past relationships.

It’s an easy way to get to know more about the kind of girls you like and are attracted to, and also the relationship issues that matter to you.

8. She talks about your plans

If a girl likes you, she’d want to be a part of your life beyond work or college hours. Friends do casually ask each other what they’re up to over the weekend, but if a girl wants to date you, she’d try to look for similar activities often, so she can join you.

9. She gives you all her attention

We’re all busy in our own lives. But if a girl likes you a lot, she’ll push everything else aside so she can spend more time with you.

Does she spend time talking to you for a long while even if she’s busy, be it in hallways or over the phone? That’s how to tell if a girl likes you! [Read: How to talk to a girl – 20 secrets that’ll make you irresistible to women]

10. She asks you out

If a girl likes you but is too shy to ask you out on a date, she may try to look for subtler ways to date you or ask you out.

Does she ask you about your weekend plans or if you’d be interested in a show or a game for which she has tickets? If she always picks you as the first option to ask out, there’s definitely more than just friendship on her mind.

11. She flaunts her single status

Does this friend of yours make it very clear to you that she’s single and ready to date someone? If she constantly reminds you that she’s looking for a good guy to date, or asks you to go clubbing with her because she’s got no date, she may indeed like you.

12. She gets jealous

Does this girl get annoyed when you talk a lot to some other girl? Does she pass a snide remark or pull your leg saying you’re attracted to the other girl just because you had a friendly conversation with that girl? She may be jealous on the inside. [Read: How to get any girl’s attention wherever you are and impress her without even talking to her]

And when you ignore this girl completely and have a touchy flirty conversation with another attractive girl, does she avoid you completely or get rude all of a sudden? Sometimes, romantic jealousy is the best sign of romance and a very telling sign a girl likes you!

13. She gets personal

Does she want to know everything about you, even if you’re just friends? And most importantly, does she ask you if you’ve got a girlfriend?  That nagging question is a pretty sure hit to prove that she has some sort of feelings for you. And of course, these are good signs that a girl likes you.

Why would a girl want to know if some guy’s got a girlfriend out of the blue, unless she wants to take that slot? But then again, she could just be curious. So skip to the next part.

Does she keep asking you things that make it seem like a job interview at times, like what your hobbies are, what you like to do in your free time, what was the last movie you saw, what are your plans for the weekend, etc?

She wants to know everything about you, and she can’t hold herself back! She may indeed want to go out on a date with you. [Read: Are you more than friends already? 17 signs to know for sure]

14. She notices when you change your appearance

Women generally don’t compliment men a lot, not at least once they’re past their school years. So if you find that there’s one special lady who compliments you, your shirt, your tie, your shoes, or just plain you, all the time, there’s probably something sweet brewing in her mind, and you might just like that.

That’s a good sign to tell if a girl likes you. It’s also true that she’ll notice small changes in your appearance and compliment you on them.

If she’s got a crush on you, her compliments may go beyond the regular ones, and go personal. She may compliment you on your physique, your face, or something that scores for you as a dating potential. [Read: 20 signs she’s flirting with you even if she’ trying to be subtle]

15. She does that thing with her hair

Men are such suckers for beautiful hair. All a girl has to do is run her hands through her hair, and do “that thing” all men know, but can’t explain, and they’re all over the floor.

Now, this may happen when you’re already talking to this girl, or when she’s sitting across the room.

Wondering how to tell if she likes you with her hair move? Well, Is she smiling coyly at you with that look in her eyes, as she twirls her hair strands or throws it around like she’s in a television commercial for a shampoo? You’ve got it going, boy!

16. You catch her eye a lot

If you’re hanging out at a club or at a café, and find a girl looking straight at you now and then, and hurriedly turning her face away each time you look her way, there’s definitely something in the air, and it could also be a crush.

We mentioned her staring earlier, but regular eye catches are another thing entirely.

There’s a fair chance that you’ve got something funny stuck on your face, but if she blushes or looks away each time you try to catch her stare, then that’s just good fortune! She is clearly waiting for you to walk up to her and start a conversation. Unless you want to lose her for good, we’d say now is the time to approach her… ASAP! [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

17. She becomes excitable

Everyone has a little excited kid in themselves, even a girl who fancies you. Remember the time when you were a little boy in school and were eyeing a little girl who liked you back?

She would get all blushy and squirmy, and at any possible time when she can get to strut past you, she’d do that, tagging along with her giggling friends.

Now that you’re both grown up, you may think she’d behave differently. But at times, her kiddie side may still kick in.

If you’re at a restaurant or at a club, she may walk past you to get to the ladies’ room or to the exit, even if it’s a long way around. And when she does that, she may even give you a shy smile that would probably melt your pounding heart.

If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you, look for this sign. You may think it’s a coincidence, but trust us, she’s strutting past you for a reason!

18. She’s keen to talk to you

Now, if you’re already on talking terms with this girl and you bump into her someplace, like a café or even in your office lobby, is she excited to talk to you? Here, ‘excited’ doesn’t mean a “Hi” with a smile, we’re talking about a big smile, and a sparkle in her eyes that just lights up her face. It’s involuntary, but when a girl’s happy to see you, it shows.

How to tell if she likes you? Well, if she really likes you, you may find that she’s standing a wee bit too close in your comfort zone, which is a great sign if you like her back. [Read: How to touch a girl, subtly turn her on and make her love it!]

19. She bites her lip

This is a sure sign unless she has a cold sore or chocolate sauce on her lip, she wants your mouth on her mouth. If she’s licking her lips or biting them often around you, she wants you.

If she’s staring at you seductively while biting her lip, you don’t need to bother anymore with the signs to tell if a girl likes you. Just stop reading this—GO, NOW and talk to her! [Read: How to make a girl want you, desire you and think of you sexually]

20. She deliberately hangs out with you regularly

Are you two hanging out literally all the time? Is she the one initiating the hangouts? Now, this could also mean she sees you as a good friend, but no one invests their time with someone unless they like you on some level.

But regardless, if she’s spending time with you, then it’s a decent sign she is interested in you.

Just beware of the “friend-zone” that takes on many shapes. [Read: 18 clear signs you’re in a girl’s friend zone and need to slip out fast!]

21. She makes a point of laughing at your jokes

Now, don’t go testing this by suffocating her with lame jokes you found on the internet.

You want to make her laugh, it’s a good thing. If she’s laughing at your jokes, you’re gold. So, keep calm and natural. If she’s not laughing at your jokes, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like you — maybe your jokes just suck.

22. She’s interested in how your day went

Many people ask how someone’s day went out of politeness but if she’s showing you many of the other signs she likes you, and she often wants to know what you did during the day, it’s probably a way to make conversation.

Not just any old conversation. It’s a way to talk to you, get you to open up and be close to her. It’s definitely how to tell if a girl likes you.

23. She introduces you to her friends

When you’re sitting at a table full of women who are interviewing you, it’s not by chance this is happening. The minute you leave the table, they’re giving your girl a complete run-down of what they think of you. She is looking for her friend’s approval.

This is a good sign in the fact it means she likes you. However, if they don’t like you, then that’s a completely different issue. Rule of thumb: get the friends on your side. [Read: How to talk to many girls at once and impress all of them]

24. She tries to get your attention

Is she always trying to talk to you whether you’re at school or at home? Sending you YouTube clips and Instagram memes? Finding articles on topics that interest you?

Yeah, she’s not doing that to educate you. She wants to relate to you and build a bond between you two. If you’re interested, then send her articles and clips you think she’ll like.

25. She makes an extra effort with her appearance

Still wondering how to tell if a girl likes you? Then keep an eye on her appearance. If all of a sudden she’s wearing make-up and doing her hair all fancy, that’s a good sign to tell if a girl likes you.

Girls don’t invest all that time into their appearance unless they want to feel good and make themselves noticed. So, if you notice her upping her style while hanging out with you, then there’s a chance it’s because of you.

But don’t put too much emphasis on this point alone. There needs to be a couple of additional other points included in order for this to mean something. [Read: How to casually ask a girl to hang out without making it a big deal]

26. She closes the distance between you

If she’s squeezing herself in beside you, or sitting on your lap, then that’s a pretty solid sign she likes you. If a girl isn’t interested in you, there is no way she would put herself on your lap or bring her body close to yours. That would be asking for attention from the wrong person.

In this case, less is more. So, the less light shining between your two bodies, the better. If a girl likes you, she wants to be extra close. [Read: Romantic vs friendly hug and how to instantly feel the difference]

27. She avoids mentioning her boyfriend

If you know she’s in a relationship or seeing someone, but never brings up his name in conversation, she’s hiding him. Why? Because she doesn’t want you to go away.

Pay attention to this sign, as this tells you a lot about how she feels about you. If she’s always mentioning her boyfriend and what they do together then you’re most likely friend-zoned. Sorry to break the news to you. [Read: Is a girl with a boyfriend flirting with you? Here’s how to know exactly what she wants from you]

28. She tells you!

BINGO! If she tells you she likes you *even subtly*, then she is gold. A rare gem. Take her and keep her safe. If she just blatantly tells you her feelings for you, well, then you have nothing to worry about.

Also, this girl has balls and you should be happy she developed the courage to tell you. No one wants to put themselves out to get burned. So, if she tells you, then you have the green light. [Read: What to do when a girl likes you – The right way to make your next move]

You know how to tell if a girl likes you – Now what?

The signs to tell if a girl likes you that are mentioned here are failproof, and the more signs you see, the closer you’ll get to a 100% chance she likes you! But before you make the move, learn to warm her up so she doesn’t get shocked at your sudden action.

Figuring out the answer to “does she like me” is easy. Knowing what to do next is an art. At times you may be confused with the signs, or you may misinterpret innocent signs.

So take your time and don’t rush it. Believe us, if she really is flirting with you, it will definitely work when you flirt right back with her. [Read: How to flirt with a girl – 25 secrets and 41 sample lines to seduce her and make her blush]

But it’s all about how patient you can be, and how certain you are before making the move. Once you’re pretty sure she likes you, go on, you cowboy – lasso your flirty lassie!

[Read: The 15 best ways to ask a girl out and warm her up to a definite yes!]

Now individually, these signs on how to tell if a girl likes you may not give you the answer. But watch out for several signs and there’s a very, very good chance that she is falling hard for you!

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