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How to Get Someone To Like You Immediately

how to get someone to like you

Some people are likeable at first sight, while some can come off as boring. Find out how to get someone to like you by using these 10 easy steps.

Have you ever met someone who made you feel warm and relaxed within a few minutes of meeting them?

For most of us, meeting new people always brings an air of uncertainty and nervousness along with it.

After all, how often do we meet someone we really like talking to?

How to get someone to like you immediately

Do you want to be that sweet, charming person who’s liked by everyone within a few seconds of exchanging hellos?

You’d be popular, loved and awed by everyone you meet.

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All of us can be likeable at first sight, be it when it comes to meeting a good looking member of the opposite sex, or while getting introduced to someone new at a friend’s party.

All it takes is for you to understand the little things that differentiate a nice conversationalist from a bad one.

10 tips to get someone to like you at first sight

The next time you’ve being introduced to someone at a party or a work event, just remember these 10 tips on how to get someone to like you.

You’ll notice immediately that others will warm up to you faster and enjoy a better conversation with you.

#1 Be warm and friendly. People like happy faces, no matter what the circumstances. When you meet someone at a party or get introduced to someone on the street, a smile can make all the difference between a happy conversation and a quick one. People who smile genuinely always appear more attractive, and look less intimidating. Smile as soon as you’re introduced and be genuinely interested in getting to know the person. [Read: 25 tips to look cute and melt anyone’s heart]

#2 Don’t hit on them. If you want to be liked by someone of the opposite sex, don’t try flirting with them immediately. When you hit on them, you treat them disrespectfully like you don’t think they’re worthy of an intelligent conversation. Using a flirty pick up line may be a good ice breaker at a party, but they’re never a great way to talk to someone you’re being introduced to.

#3 Make them feel comfortable. How a conversation between two people goes completely depends on the way both of you feel in each other’s presence. When you meet someone new, feel excited and happy instead of feeling nervous or awkward. You’ll subconsciously pass on your happy vibes to your new friend, which would in turn make them feel more relaxed and happy around you.

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable an awkward person’s company makes you feel? It would only take a few minutes of hanging out with a nervous or annoyed person to feel weak and drained.

#4 Be charming. Charm is an essential part of being likeable and interesting. When you’re charming, people always have fun around you. Have a positive attitude and try to make the other person smile or laugh. It’ll make them feel more comfortable around you. [Read: How to be charming and liked by everyone]

#5 Keep it interesting. When you’re having a conversation with someone you like, try to find things that both of you have in common with each other. If you’ve been introduced by someone, use the introduction to find out more about them. One of the best starting lines is about work. There’s almost always something in common to talk about, and it’s something that interests everyone involved.

But no matter what you talk about, be it movies, music or common friends, keep an eye on your conversation partner and see if they’re genuinely interested in talking about it. If their eyes light up when they respond, you’re having an interesting and happy conversation. If they look all around the place, they’re bored and can’t wait to leave already! [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

#6 Don’t let things get awkward. If there’s nothing at all for you to talk about and your new friend isn’t talking either, excuse yourself with a reason and come back later. But use that line only as a last resort.

Staying quiet for a minute is not a bad thing when you’re having a conversation as long as you’re not feeling nervous. When you run out of things to talk about, just talk about the place you’re in or about the common friend you both share. It’ll give you a few new pointers to use to keep the conversation going.

#7 Be courteous and helpful. Being helpful is one of the easiest ways to get someone to like you instantly. If you see someone feeling out of place or uncertain about what to do, talk to them and make them feel like they can relate to you.

Talk about a funny incident when you made a social faux pas so they can feel more confident and relaxed. Or if there’s some way you can help the person you’re talking to, offer your help. They’ll be grateful to you and feel more connected too.

#8 Be yourself, but be the best you can be. Being yourself works only if you’re a happy and popular person already. Unless you’ve reached the point where you can charm anyone you want or impress anyone you’re talking to, try to be a better ‘you’ instead of being yourself.

Most people would tell you to be yourself. But seriously, if that would work, every single obnoxious person in the world would be the most popular conversationalist. Don’t change who you are. Just work on the little flaws by watching others, and become a better person yourself. [Read: How to become a better person using a role model]

#9 Damsels and knights. If you’re the guy, take control of the situation and make the girl feel protected and cared for around you. If you’re the girl, make the guy you’re talking to feel like he’s in control of the situation.

Men like it when they can hold the rein in the conversation, and women appreciate a man who makes them feel protected. When you’re having a conversation with each other, show off your best sides and use each other’s evolutionary traits to your advantage. [Read: Why good men love damsels in distress]

#10 Treat others with respect. Awe your conversation mate with your behavior around others. People subconsciously notice the way you interact with others to evaluate you as a person. When you’re likeable and friendly with others, they like you better and drop their guard more easily. [Read: How to get a girl’s attention wherever you are]

But if you come off as arrogant or aloof when you’re interacting with someone else, the person you’re having a conversation with will subconsciously tune themselves to end the conversation with you as soon as possible.

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If you remember these simple tips on how to get someone to like you, you’d see how likeable and popular you can be, no matter where you are or with whom you interact.

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Alison Ricard
Alison Ricard
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6 thoughts on “How to Get Someone To Like You Immediately”

  1. Tomilola says:

    How do you make a relationship work when the guy isn’t making any effort financially or not being enthusiastic?

  2. Freddie says:

    Looking interesting and being interesting are definitely awesome tips. I can’t tell you the amount of guys I come across who want to get to know me, but they’re just standing around doing nothing or sitting around a bar without talking to many people around him. Talk about boring. I’d much rather meet a guy who’s having a fun time and knows what he’s all about. After all, who doesn’t want to have a good time? It doesn’t even have to be anything in particular that I’m into. So long as he enjoys himself, then it’s clear he’ll be able to bring that fun into my life and I’ll do exactly the same for him.

  3. Mark says:

    I never really had problems getting someone to like me immediately. I’m a people person and I really have a reputation of getting the girls I want to be with. I never end up a relationship without really settling our differences if it doesn’t work and we still remain friends. All of my exes are still my friends, all 464 of them. Yes, I count, I’m really deep that way. Sometimes I would hit one of them up when I feel lonely, and she will be there for me. We hang out, chill, even get it on for a little while and then I take her home and act like nothing happened. It’s my kind of lifestyle that I’m living right now. I know it’s not common, but I don’t want to be common. I want to live a unique life. Who says you can’t get everyone to like you? Everyone that really knows me likes me but those who don’t really know me and just know my name and my face, hate me because they don’t know me. All the people that know who I am can tel you one thing, I am a good friend. I never let my friends down. Even my 464 girlfriends? Every time they would need me, whoever they may be, I come to them and lend them a shoulder to cry on, I do that to all of my friends as well and I always take care of them and make them feel better because that is the kind of person I am.

  4. Mark says:

    Never have I had problems getting anyone to like me. I mean, I have had my share of broken hearts but they still like me to this day. I mean, I was always the type of guy that everyone just liked to be around with. I am also a really committed lover when it comes to my relationships. In total, I only had 5 girlfriends all my life and I’m 30 right now. I have been single for quite some time though. All my relationships ended with a good note. Main reason was we weren’t just comfortable. What I actually do now is date. I am currently getting to know this really intelligent girl I met at a fastfood chain 3 weeks ago. She just captivated me by her words and on the plus side she’s really gorgeous as well. I had to sit my ass down because she had my heart beating so fast because I get really nervous when I find a girl that I really like. We’ll just see where this dating thing would take us.

  5. Yas says:

    I can’t :/

  6. terry cornish says:

    I know some people don’t like me as a person, I try being for them and had thown back in my face,(i try get someone job back after losse it and help someone who fall out with group we saw).maybe I just wrong person, I ever like them (in sex way)maybe it my back grouds what dose it. becase the one in groug ask this your dad and ending dead, evan sitting on someone lap and playing pancake with them

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