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9 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship

conversation no-no's

You may want to talk about every little detail in a new relationship, but avoid these 9 big conversation no-no’s if you want that perfect start!

The first couple of weeks in the relationship are usually the most fun and exciting.

It’s the time when you discover the quaint little quirks that make you fall even more in love with your partner.

It’s also the time when you’re slowly building both, the emotional and physical connection.

But new relationships are always at a precarious state.

You haven’t invested a lot of time in your relationship, so it’s easy for either one of you to suddenly back out or misunderstand the other person’s intentions.

9 conversations to avoid in a new relationship

In relationships that are only a handful of weeks old, there are certain topics of conversation that you should probably be saving for the three or six month mark.

A few conversations on this list are included not because you want to deceive your partner into thinking you’re perfect, but because you may want to wait until your partner is more understanding of your circumstances before you tell them.

So without further ado, here are 9 things you should think twice about before bringing it up in a new relationship. [Read: New relationship advice for a perfect start in love]

#1 Marriage. No, no, no and another big NO! Nothing scares off a partner more than suddenly making plans for where, when and how you’ll get married. It’s like you’re already building a wall around your partner to make sure he or she sticks around for better or for worse, in sickness or in health.

Even the offhand comment like “Things are going to be so different when we’re married!” or “I want this for our wedding china,” may set off alarm bells in your partner’s head. [Read: How to find out the right age for you to get married]

Although a relationship really is the first step to getting married, why should you rush? Take it slow, relax, and let things flow before you discuss anything too serious.

#2 Moving in. Much like the talk of marriage, talk of moving in also bears a huge amount of pressure onto your partner. Unlike marriage, which requires some planning, moving in can be done in a matter of days. Simply mentioning it in conversation may already make your partner feel like you’re implying that you should do it.

Imagine if your partner, goaded on by your talk of moving in, finally decides to give it a shot. But what if it then it turns out that he or she is a slob, an insomniac or a snorer? You can’t just take back your words and kick them out. A word of advice: don’t talk about moving in until you’ve gotten to know your partner a lot better. [Read: 5 things to know before moving in and 10 things to know immediately after moving in]

#3 Kids. Unlike marriage and moving in, kids are for life. You’re talking about a real live human being who’s going to be a permanent fixture in your life. You need to feed, clothe, bathe and educate them.

Talking about kids in general is actually fine. It shows your partner what your views are on having children. But talking about kids you’ll be having with your partner may be a little too much for a new relationship. Again, calm it down, and shelve that conversation for the later months… or years. [Read: 50 perfect get-to-know-you questions for a new romance]

#4 The people you’ve dated. Now this is a matter of preference. Some people are okay with talking about their relationship portfolio on the first date, but others are more apprehensive.

Oftentimes, there come questions like, “You’re such a catch! Why have you been single for so long?” And that’s when your relationship history unfolds. But don’t turn it into a novella about what happened in each and every relationship you’ve entered. Save the more gritty details for later on.

To keep yourself from going into too much detail about all the relationships you’ve been in, try to summarize your dating history as best as you can. Try something like “The last guy I dated wasn’t really on the same page as me. So we ended it on good terms. That’s it.” [Read: The right way to talk about past relationships]

#5 That one ex. There will always be that one ex who had the biggest impact on you. He or she may have changed your views on dating, on yourself, your career, or just about anything.

You may be over this ex, and he or she may no longer be a looming shadow over your future relationships, but if you talk about this ex’s influence more than you should, your new beau may think you’re not over him or her yet.

Any talk of exes may lead to your partner comparing, and what’s worse is if it’s conversations about “the ex.” That’s just asking for insecurities and doubts to arise. Save this conversation for when you and your partner are more established and secure in the relationship so that not even the mere mention of the ex’s name will faze you or your partner.

#6 Family problems. If you come from a troubled family or are currently experiencing some problems with your family, a new partner may not be the best person to talk to about it. Sure, they can provide support and guidance, but there are some things that shouldn’t be shared with people outside of the family.

Just think of it this way, you’ll be sharing intimate and potentially damning details about your family to someone that you’ve just started dating. Is it really a good idea to trust him or her with this information? [Read: 25 conversations that create perfectly happy relationships]

#7 Money matters. Bring up money talk too early in the relationship and your partner may start to think you might be in it for the money or you want to start controlling each other’s finances. Bring it up too late and you might end up dating someone for a year before you find out they’ve got a $100k credit card debt plus $20k in student loans.

If you’ve only been dating for a few months, it may be enough to talk about your source of income *your job or if you’re receiving support* and what your financial priorities are *designer clothes, mortgage, rent, savings*.

#8 Your opinion on things that matter to him or her. It’s good to have an opinion and to voice it out in the least offensive way possible. But if you have some criticism for something your partner cares deeply about, it may not be the time to voice it out just yet.

Constructive criticism on his wardrobe or her makeup is okay. A comment here and there on a bad habit might even end up helpful. But when you start talking smack about your partner’s family, friends, career or even his or her sports team, expect chaos to ensue. Even things that seem trivial to you may mean the world to your new lover, and that can turn into a breakup waiting to happen. [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility immediately!]

Relationships need a foundation of trust and understanding. New relationships don’t have a lot of this just yet. And trust and understanding are the things that cushion the blow when you tell your partner that you don’t like something he or she is emotionally invested in. Without it, you’ll be highly likely to be dropped like a hot potato.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to wait it out before you form a concrete opinion. Maybe the friends you hate now may become your best buddies. Your partner’s mum may become a more sympathetic figure when you get to know her better. Who knows? [Read: 12 tips to be an awesome couple that’s envied by everyone else!]

#9 Really weird fetishes. Not now, maybe not ever?

In reality, everything you talk about in your relationship is your business. The conversations mentioned here are just a guide for you to let the first few weeks of your relationship run a little smoother.

If there’s something you feel you need to talk to your partner about, then that’s your prerogative.

But remember, the amount of time your relationship has had to flourish may spell the difference between being abruptly dumped and being welcomed with open arms.

[Read: 9 relationship stages every single couple goes through]

So if you’re in a new romance, just remember these 9 conversations that are best avoided in a new relationship. And beyond these topics, just talk your heart out!

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3 thoughts on “9 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship”

  1. Emily says:

    I personally feel that the advice for the opinion on things that matter to him or her is really worth reading,because it is important in any relationship.

  2. Sulan says:

    Last year I decided to text a cute girl that I had class with the previous term to try to set up a date, and she responded with something like, “Sure! I was hoping I’d hear from you again!” She said she’s a good bowler, so we agreed on bowling, and the day of the date rolled around the next week. She was sitting on the railing outside the bowling alley waiting, then when I got of the car and smiled at her she said, “Oh hey! I wasn’t expecting to see you here!” I thought something might be up, but I couldn’t think of a good response, so I acted like I wasn’t expecting to see her either. I asked her if I should go inside and get a lane set up for us and she said, “Yeah sure, just hold on a bit…I asked another friend to meet me here.” When I asked who it was, she told me that it was her friend that just so happened to have the same first name as me. I went inside and handed over some passes for free games, put on my shoes, then put our 3 names in the machine. I didn’t want to just start without her, so after waiting for 10 minutes or so, I got a text from her saying, “Where are you? I really don’t want to be stuck here with this guy I used to have class with!” So I found out that my instincts were right, but as a bowler with free bowling passes that were about to expire, I wasn’t about to just leave. I responded, “Sorry, family emergency, I can’t make it,” and a minute later she came back inside and found me at whatever lane I was on. When I asked her about her friend, she told me that he wasn’t coming. When I asked her if she was ready to start, she then told me, “I’ll just watch, I don’t really like to bowl, I only really came to watch my other friend, supposedly he’s a really good bowler.” After that I told her, “Well if you’re not going to bowl there’s not much of a point in staying, I was just going to practice for a match anyway.” We said our goodbyes, and I never heard from her again. That’s how bad it was. LOL.

  3. Cortana says:

    Honesty is a pretty necessary part of a serious relationship. Secrets have a way of making everything worse than just being honest. There was some awkwardness with me having more relationship or physical experience with my wife, but we got through that pretty quickly through understanding and effort. It’s not like we sat down and discussed the intimate details of my past sexual encounters, but part of describing who I am, where I am from, where I wanted to go, etc, the overall facts come out.

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