47 Really Fun Second Date Ideas that’ll Make Anyone Want a Third!

Now that you had a great first date, you want to impress them again with another one. Here are some awesome and fun second date ideas you can try.

second date ideas

Most guys would assume that after they’ve bagged their first date, they’ll be on their way to a happy ending afterward. After all, you’ve spent long, agonizing moments planning everything from a good restaurant to your list of conversation topics. The hard part is over, and you’ve made a good impression. Should you even bother with second date ideas? All that’s left is the wait, right? Well, you’re wrong.

During first dates, people are not really themselves. They are so eager to make a good impression that they go “in character” which doesn’t reveal their true self. And that really defeats the purpose of dating which is to spend time getting to know the other person.

Make no mistake; the first date is an achievement.

But what really needs your attention is the second date. It is the follow-through to a strong start. If you mess this one up, there’s a chance that she’ll slip from your grasp. [Read: 18 signs your date really likes you after the first date]

What makes the “ideal” second date?

We bet that you’ve seen this in every Hollywood romantic chick flick ever made. First dates are not short of a formal affair. 

It could be a coffee or a dinner date wrapped in suits and fabulous red dresses punctuated with awkward bits of small talk that almost feels like a job interview. This is not totally wrong as both are testing the waters.

But come the second date, the couple suddenly seem like best friends just hanging out. They ditch the rigid formalities and appear more relaxed and are genuinely enjoying themselves. [Read: 22 second date tips and rules to get to know each other and fall harder]

Even if it came from an overly-used plot device, that, our friend, is how a second date should be. Being prim and proper is forgivable on the first date. However, the next one should be more fun and relaxed, and so you need to try these second date ideas.

It is the moment where you start making a connection by doing an activity that you enjoy together. So remember the formula. The first date is to leave a mark, and the second *and succeeding dates* is to establish a connection.

Things you need to avoid on a second date

If you want to build the connection and leave an even better impression on the second date, here are a few things you must avoid!

1. Playing the first date all over again

For the last time, think of something else other than coffee and dinner. Do you know how you hate re-runs of TV shows? Well, she doesn’t need another one of those either. [Read: The texting and follow-up guide after a great first date]

2. Doing something or going somewhere that minimizes communication

Like the movies, a sporting event, or a particularly chaotic concert where you’ll have to be focused on something else and not on each other.

3. Going on a group date

Seriously? Now that you’ve managed to single her out on the first date, you’re going to revert back to the safety of the crowd? In this scenario, she’ll either be distracted, bored or feel neglected.

4. Fast forward to intimacy

If you take her on a date that leads to you expecting sex afterward, don’t. You don’t want to gamble all your chips just because you feel lucky.

Second date ideas that can seriously impress!

The key to nailing the second date is getting in touch with your common interests.

It may not be a similar hobby but something new that both of you have not tried before. Asking her for suggestions wouldn’t hurt either. [Read: Top 50 amazing date ideas to completely wow your date]

1. Exercise

Invite her for a jog or some cycling. Unconventional yet healthy. And this will work if she’s a health buff. Lose weight and have a bonding moment. That’s two birds with one stone.

2. Go on a picnic

Safe, classy, and relaxed. There’s more room for conversation in this one. Also, this is a good chance to impress her with your cooking skills.

3. Volunteer for a local animal shelter

If she has a soft spot for animals, then this is a good choice. This is one of the most unique second date ideas. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas you should try]

4. Take her on an outdoor adventure: go hiking

If both of you love the great outdoors, grab your day packs and take a stroll to a nearby nature preserve.

5. Go on a food trip and try exotic cuisine

Unleash both of your inner Anthony Bourdain by scouring the city’s hole-in-the-wall world cuisine hotspots.

Be on the lookout for food parks or roving food trucks that offer unique food items. It’s cheap, fun, and a good experience for your palate. Both of you can play food critic on the dishes you’ve tried afterward.

6. Go on a wine or craft beer tasting spree

After having your fill of world cuisine, wash it down by going on a wine or beer tasting course.

7. Learn something new – go to a class together

Whether it is cooking, painting, crafts, a new language, or a new instrument, learning something new together is a date something worth remembrance. [Read: 40 date questions to have a great conversation]

8. Is she the nerdy type? Visit a museum

Museums, especially those with famous exhibitions, will always be interesting for the perpetually curious.

Every city has its own art scene with which is worth visiting.

10. Go people-watching in conventions like renaissance fairs or comic cons

You need not be a geek to appreciate these kinds of events. The novelty itself will be your surprise. Bet you never thought this would be one of the great second date ideas, did you?

11. Go on a road trip

Pack some drinks and snacks, grab a camera, and spend the day driving through the interstate while playing a mix tape you made just for her. [Read: 9 reasons why road trips and traveling is a perfect test for compatibility]

12. Go on a shopping date by scouring flea markets and thrift stores

Girls have this natural love for shopping, even if they’ll end up just looking around. Thrift stores, flea markets, and artisan bazaars will always have something interesting to offer.

13. Have a go at a local shooting or archery range

Want to blow off a little bit of steam? Or maybe impress her with your marksmanship skills? Visit a nearby shooting gallery or archery range.

14. Want an adventure with a little bit of danger? Go urban exploring

Urban exploration or urbex for short is a hobby wherein people visit abandoned sites like factories, hospitals, schools, and other old city remains for the purpose of documentation, historical value, or sometimes, the paranormal.

We suggest that you take the safe route by getting a permit, as most of these locations are off-limits. [Read: 10 romantic spontaneous moves all men MUST try on a date]

15. Go stargazing

This is one of the most romantic second date ideas. Either she’s an aspiring astrophysicist or just loves the idea of spending time observing the heavens, there are nearby observatories or isolated areas for stargazing available in your area if you have your own telescope and tent.

16. Ask for her favorite childhood candy and go on a tour of that factory

Because you’re sweet in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

17. Bowling

Not everyone is good at bowling, but it’s still fun regardless of how good you are. It’s a physical activity and you can get competitive with each other while sipping on some beer and eating pizza.

18. Visit a rooftop or penthouse bar

If you live in or near a city, it’s always fun to find a tall building that has a restaurant or bar on top. That way, you can look out at the city while you get to know each other better. [Read: Romantic dinner dates – 17 fun dates you will never forget]

19. Cook dinner together

If you have known each other for a while, you can always have a second date at home. Cook a gourmet meal. You could even go shopping together before you start making dinner.

20. Drive-in movie

This is a nostalgic way to watch a movie. Take a time machine back to the 1950s when the drive-in movie theaters were all the rage.

21. Comedy show

Who doesn’t like to laugh? This is a perfect way to loosen up together by watching a stand-up comedian and having a few drinks.

22. Painting and wine

You don’t have to be a famous artist to enjoy painting. There are many venues that offer painting lessons while you share a bottle of wine together. [Read: The 50 best free date ideas when you want romance on a budget]

23. Sing karaoke

This is always a crazy fun activity to do. Who cares if you don’t have a good voice – it’s the fun that counts. Sing a duet together!

24. Amusement park

If you live near an amusement park, take the day and go on roller coasters and any other scary ride so you can hold each other close.

25. Play pool

Playing pool in a bar is always a fun, chill way to have some fun, compete and enjoy a few cocktails while you talk and get to know each other better.

26. Indoor skydiving

You might not want to do the real thing, but indoor skydiving is a fun *and safer* way to get some thrills in when you are on a second date.

27. Dancing

Go to a venue that has a live local band or a DJ with a dance floor. You can slow dance and hold each other close and bust a move to the fast songs.

28. Concert

In keeping with the music theme, you can go to a concert as long as you share the same musical tastes.

29. Mini golf

This is always a fun way to compete and enjoy yourselves. It also allows for good conversation as you move your way through the holes.

30. See a play

This is a classy second date. You could see a play, musical, symphony, or try a dinner theater if you have one around you. [Read: 16 third date ideas and tips to feel coupled and bring you closer to love]

31. Zip-lining

If you are both adventurous, why not try some zip lining? That way, you can zip your way into each other’s hearts.

32. Zoo

Everyone loves going to the zoo, right? Looking at your favorite animals, and holding hands along the way. And most of the zoos are open year-round.

33. Pub crawl

If the two of you like to party, you can always do a pub crawl. It’s best done if you’re in a city so you can walk from place to place. You don’t want to get a DUI on your second date!

34. Be a tourist in your own city

When we live in a certain spot, we don’t always explore the exciting, touristy places that out of towners do. So, pretend as if you’ve never been there before and see the sites. [Read: The ideal perfect date – 16 basic things every girl hopes and expects on a good date]

35. Flea market

Flea markets are always fun. Sometimes the things that are being sold are cheesy, and so you can make fun of the things as you go along

36. Go antiquing

Take a metaphorical time machine and visit different eras by going antiquing. See which one of you can find the oldest artifact.

37. Ghost tour

If you feel like getting spooky, then try to find a ghost tour. They have them in most cities, and it will leave the hair standing up on your neck.

38. Catch a game

Maybe both of you are sports enthusiasts. If so, go to a basketball, hockey, or football game. [Read: 18 happy signs your date likes you and wants to see you again ASAP]

39. Ice or roller skating

Test your skills on wheels and put on some skates and hit the ice or the rink. Just be careful so you don’t break a bone!

40. Go to a meetup group

If you have similar interests, find a meetup group that you can go to and learn and talk about things you have in common with other people.

41. Gambling

If blackjack or roulette is fun for you, then find a gambling casino or riverboat where you can try your luck and win some money.

42. Photo hiking

Go on a hike with your phones, and take scenic photos of each other. Then, experiment with editing them and see who can do it the best. [Read: 7 date ideas that men love but women actually hate]

43. Ethnic cuisine

Get creative with some new types of food to try. Eat at an unusual place and try some food from a different country.

44. Make a bucket list

Just as the title says, sit down together and make a list of what you would like to do before you die. Then, choose one or two of them to do on your second date. [Read: Going Dutch on a date – 16 rules, tips and how to decide to split or share]

45. Car show

Old classic cars are always fun to look at. Most of them are more like pieces of art, so check out any car show you can find.

46. Horseback riding

Horseback riding can be very romantic, just like you see in the movies. 

47. Ax throwing or shooting range

Get a little “violent” and practice your ax-throwing our gun-shooting abilities. 

[Read: 20 ways to perfect your date conversation and impress your date]

If you put a lot of effort into planning your first date, you should up the ante the next time with these second date ideas. However, the most important aspect of a second date is slowly revealing your true self outside the leash of a silk tie and polite conversation of the first date.

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