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10 Third Date Ideas that are a Perfect Blend of Fun and Intimacy

Tired of dinner and a movie being the star of your night out? We’re looking at a few third date ideas that’ll knock your socks off.

Third Date Ideas

You’ve done date number one–dinner and a movie *classic!*. Now you decided you want to see one another again. Date number two was probably something a little more intimate to help you get to know one another better. Maybe you went for a long walk, had coffee, or went on a picnic. This was the opportunity to see whether this could really be something special. You decided that you’re definitely into one another. Now you’re stumped for third date ideas.

The third date

The third date is all about chemistry. The first date is for getting comfortable and establishing attraction. The second date you realized you actually like your date’s personality, but do you actually click? This is what the third date was made for.

Therefore, choose your third date destination carefully. You want to be in a situation where you can have some kind of physical contact, while maintaining a good balance of chatting and doing an enjoyable activity. Here are some third date ideas that have you rushing to make plans for next Friday night. [Read: Dating rules – 10 unfair but very relevant rules we all have to live by]

10 third dates ideas that aren’t boring

Want to wow your crush with a fun, sweet, and memorable date night? We’ve got 10 third date ideas that are going to knock your socks off and guarantee you a fourth night out together.

#1 The penny date. Sounds like a good, cheap date, right? Well, the penny doesn’t really refer to the actual cost of this third date idea. It is an excellent compass to guide you on your journey. Here’s how the penny date works. Get dressed and get into your car *or you can always make it an extra-long date night and head out on foot!*

Pick a number. For this example, we’ll say 10. Once you reach the first fork in the road, flip your penny. Heads means go right and tails means go left. Each time you come to a fork in the road, flip your penny and find out where your date will take you. Once you flipped the penny 10 times you stop in that area and make a spur of the moment date at whatever venue/park/museum/restaurant is nearby! [Read: How to not be boring: The art of keeping your dates exciting]

#2 Movie night in. Since you’ve already done two dates out in the open, why not take number three back to your place? Take your first opportunity to snuggle up together on your couch and watch a movie together. Make sure to have the best movie snacks on hand to recreate the feel of being at the theater. This means popcorn, gummies, chocolate, and an array of beverages to choose from.

#3 Food crawl. A food crawl is a great way to spend your third date because you’re always going, going, going. This tasty date night idea involves going to different restaurants for every course of your meal. Appetizers, cocktails, entree, dessert, and night cap.

Not only does this give you guys a chance to sample a wide variety of foods, it also allows you to talk the night away as you walk from venue to venue. [Read: Foodie dates – 15 trendy dinner ideas for new couples]

#4 Volunteer with pets. Before you wail out in a sing-song tone “Ugh, vol-un-teeeeeer?!” just bear with us. This good Samaritan third date idea is actually tons of fun. Head over to your local animal shelter and volunteer your time to play with the lonely pets in there.

This is a great way to talk, get to see one another in a caring/playful environment, and plus… who doesn’t want an adorable fluffy puppy to join them for date night? Enough said! [Read: 30 fun, sexy, and free date ideas totally worth trying]

#5. Beer/wine tasting. Beer and wine tastings are fun and romantic. Plus, you totally find out whether your date is a swishy wine snob and get out while you can!

Book a wine tasting at your local wineries, or head to the store and pick up a variety of mini-bottles and take this date back home. Just remember to have your Uber ready for the end of the night, because this one is going to get your head spinning!

#6 Get to know you question game. If you haven’t gotten enough info on your crush before your third date, you’re going to love this date idea. Sit down at a coffee shop, pub, or bar and whip out our list of 60 get to know you questions for new romances.

Go back and forth answering these interesting, sexy, and fun questions. These curiosities will no doubt lead to some excellent conversations that are not only entertaining, but they also allow you to get to know one another better, fast!

#7 Garage saling. Do you guys both love shopping for odds and ends? This fun, Saturday morning third date idea is fun for window shopping. Pick up your date early with coffee and breakfast to go and start cruising your neighborhoods for garage sales.

Pursuing local finds is a great way to spend the morning. Find antiques, electronics, and hilarious basement oddities all while taking a scenic drive together. A great variation of this third date idea is to head out to a local flea or farmers market! [Read: Third date tips to slowly fall in love with each other]

#8 Museum and a picnic. Do you have awesome museums in your town? Why not head out on a lazy afternoon and get reacquainted with history while strolling hand in hand with your new crush.

Besides, what’s more romantic than checking out dinosaur bones? After exploring the museum, head over to your favorite park with a packed picnic of champagne, sandwiches, fruit, and baked goods for an excellent day out together. [Read: Romantic picnic ideas – The best and the worst venues]

#9 Kiddie pool date night. This third date idea is a cozy one, indeed! Blow up an inflatable kiddie pool and fill it with fluffy blankets and pillows. This way you have a romantic date stargazing *with a bottle of wine, obviously* without having to lay in the grass or worry about creepy crawlies ruining the mood.

#10 Social media scandal. We all know that the lives we see played out on social media are totally fake, so why not run with it and create “The date that didn’t happen”? Set up some hilarious photo evidence that suggests you went on an adventure that never really happened! [Read: How to know if you love someone: Early signs of a new romance]

Ideas? Have one of you dress up in a dinosaur/PacMan/crayon costume and pose together in town, or pretend you got lost in the woods and document your ordeal with funny photos.

[Read: Third date rule – What it is and why it works so darn well!]

Third date ideas can be as expensive, cheap, elaborate, or as simple as you want. Just remember to have fun, spend time getting to know one another, and give some physical contact a go! 

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