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27 Cute Signs of a Good First Date to Know If It Went Well & What Comes Next

You might think you had a good first date, but what does the other person think? It can vary! Here are signs a date went well so you can relax. 

good first date signs it went well

Whether you’re a seasoned dater or not, first dates are terrifying. You’re not sure what to say, you’re worried about the impression you’ll make, and what if the entire thing is terrible and awkward? And then, the other side of the coin is wondering how to tell if it was a good first date at all.

Dating can be a minefield of awkward silences and second guesses. Learning the signs a first date went well can give you a heads up and help you avoid panicking about nothing! [Read: Signs you’re unintentionally ruining your first date]

How was the date for you?

We are always so concerned if the date went well for the other person, we forget about how we feel. Are you even interested in this person? Did the date go well for you?

We so badly want approval and fear rejection, so we sometimes focus on that more than our own feelings. If you didn’t think the date went all that well, try not to fret. Do not think about it too much. Time will tell what happens next.

And, if you did think it went well, great. Again, it was probably mutual. But let’s be sure by learning the signs a first date went well. [Read: 51 warnings signs of a bad first date and big red flags in the first few dates]

The obvious & subtle signs a date went well

We overthink first dates, it’s a common thing we all do. However, there’s really no reason to put so much pressure on yourself! If it goes well, great; if it doesn’t, they weren’t meant for you. That’s how you have to see it.

In the end, it’s just about getting to know one another and searching out whether you might be a good fit for a second date. That’s really all it is.

But if you want to quit overthinking and focus on reality, it’s a good idea to know the signs of a good date. Then, you can relax and just see what happens. [Read: The best ways to cut a bad date short and moves you shouldn’t ever use]

1. You immediately felt comfortable

Your subconscious is not stupid. Make sure you listen to it! If you felt immediately comfortable and your guard dropped quickly, the chances are the date went well.

Your instincts will easily pick up on something that isn’t quite right. You’ll feel something is off.

By listening to yourself, you get a good read on how the date is going. The chances are, if the date went badly, you’ll know about it from the way it feels in your gut.

But if you felt comfortable and not at all awkward, you’re likely to have been successful! [Read: Gut instinct – what it is, how it works, and 30 tips to follow and listen to your gut]

2. You were laughing and smiling a lot, and it wasn’t forced

Nobody laughs and smiles a lot without there being a reason! If you look back and remember having a face ache from smiling, then the date was a true success!

You’re certainly in the realm of a great time if your date is laughing and smiling a lot too. The likelihood of meeting up again is high.

3. You look back on the date and immediately smile

When you think back on the date, you start smiling uncontrollably and butterflies erupt in your stomach. That means you had a great date and will probably be heading off on another one soon! [Read: Strong feelings after a first date? How to read all the right signs]

4. Your date was respectful and kind at all times

Knowing whether you had a good first date isn’t always about how it felt and whether there’ll be a second one. How did your date treat you?

If they were respectful and kind, then you had a fantastic first outing. Even if it doesn’t move on toward a repeat performance, you had a great experience.

5. Conversation was flowing freely

One of the biggest signs a date went well is if the conversation flowed. If you can’t remember many awkward moments of silence, then you had a good time!

After all, conversation flows when you feel comfortable with someone. [Read: 26 things to talk about on a first date to make them like you instantly]

6. You didn’t feel the need to check your phone

Most of us grab our phones and start checking for messages and scrolling through social media when we feel awkward or bored. If you didn’t reach for your phone once, that’s a great sign.

Of course, this works both ways, so your date shouldn’t have been looking at theirs either. The fact that neither of you felt the need to check what was happening on Instagram is positive!

7. Your pre-date anxiety disappeared pretty quickly

This goes back to point number one in some ways. If you felt no worry or anxiety, then you had a great date.

Equally, you shouldn’t have felt anxious after the date either—overanalyzing whether or not a date went well is a sign that it didn’t.

You should feel pretty calm and floating on air afterward. [Read: Signs of anxiety – How to read the signs ASAP and handle them better]

8. The date lasted longer than you had planned

One of the best signs a first date went well is that it went on longer than you thought!

Nobody spends extra time in a dating situation that feels awkward or uncomfortable, or with a person they don’t really vibe with. If the date went on longer, it shows that your date liked spending time with you. [Read: How long should a first date last? The exact timing for a great date]

9. Your date talked about their personal life

As a general rule, we don’t talk about our personal lives, families, and friends with people we don’t really like or trust.

If your date was chatting away about their life and mentioning names of those close to them, then you can pretty much guarantee that your date went well!

10. You have an “us” joke

If by the end of the date, you have a joke name, e.g. after sharing something funny about your life, or you have an ‘in’ or ‘us’ joke, then you’re on great territory!

This is a clear nod towards a second date on the horizon. [Read: 17 good and bad types of humor and how it affects your relationship with others]

11. There was a mention of the future

There was a mention or two of doing things together in the future. This is a good sign about how it went. Of course, we randomly mention things like ‘oh, we should do that’ in general conversation and sometimes don’t mean it.

But if it happens in conjunction with a few other points on this list, your date was a success and they were actually serious about seeing you again!

12. You both asked questions with a genuine interest in the answers

During the conversation, there should be an equal number of questions asked and not just one person firing questions at the other!

If you were both asking questions and were genuinely interested in the replies, then the date was a good one.

13. You’re both following each other on social media, or you still are after the date

If you weren’t following each other before, you should be now. It is a clear indicator that the first date went well.

This means you’re both interested in what the other one is up to, so look for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat follows.

14. There was a kiss goodnight

It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t a full-on passionate kiss, any kiss is a good sign!

Of course, there might be a certain amount of shyness at play that prevented a kiss from happening. In this case, assess the way you parted ways—was there a look of longing? [Read: First kiss tips – 29 secrets to make the first smooch sexy and irresistable]

15. You received a message quite soon after the date ended

Another way to tell if a date was a success or not is whether there was a message soon afterward.

If you returned home and then got an “I had a great time” message or similar, there is a very high likelihood of date number two. [Read: How to have a great first date – 15 things that always impress]

16. You remember their initial reaction and it was positive

Whether meeting for the first time or not, when you first arrive on the date, that reaction is priceless. The look on your date’s face will say a lot. Are they terrified? Nervous? Are they excited? Barely paying attention?

When you first walk into the restaurant, open the front door, or walk up to them at the bar, that reaction will make you feel how they feel. [Read: How to tell if there’s no chemistry and if you should stop trying]

17. You felt the spark

This is not as much of a sure thing as qualitative moments, but a spark can speak to a lot. Feeling that unspoken thing that just can’t be explained means something. But, it can be one-sided on occasion.

If you felt that feeling not just overall, but at certain moments you locked eyes and there was just something there, the first date went well. [Read: Mutual sexual tension – 44 signs, causes, and secrets to get more horny]

18. Their body language was positive

If they were slouched, looking down, and had their arms crossed all night, the date probably didn’t go too well. Body language often speaks louder than actual speech.

If they held your hand across the table, put their arm around you, or even mirrored your movement, these are all subtle signs that your date had a great time.

19. You felt like you could be totally yourself

When you leave a first date, you either feel excited or just blah. If you left feeling good, smiling, and dying to tell your BFF exactly how it went, it probably went well. Trust your gut.

If you felt like you could be totally yourself and you didn’t have to try and act differently to impress *never do this* and that you could simply make the same jokes you always would, that’s a great sign. It means you have a vibe! [Read: 33 secrets to be true to yourself and 15 signs you need to unfake your life]

20. Time seemed to fly by

Did it seem like five minutes since you sat down and then it was time to leave? As long as it literally wasn’t just five minutes, that’s one of the best signs a first date went well.

When you’re totally engrossed in the other person’s company, you lose all sense of time. What could be better? [Read: How to behave on a first date – 28 tips to impress anyone in minutes]

21. You didn’t notice much of what was going on around you

This is definitely one of the signs of a good first date. You were so absorbed in the other person and the thrilling conversation you were having, that you didn’t notice anything that was going on around you.

If you’re looking at the walls, checking out the wallpaper pattern, and memorizing the menu, the chances are the date is not as scintillating as it should be!

22. The conversation wasn’t one-sided

If the conversation was equal, and you were contributing as much as they were, that’s another good indicator. If the conversation is more toward one person than the other, it could mean that one person is enjoying it more.

However, an equal flow of conversation shows investment and enjoyment on both parts.

23. You regularly made meaningful eye contact and gentle touching

If you managed to hold eye contact a few times and there was the occasional brush of an arm or foot, you’re finding each other attractive. And you’re both enjoying the date.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to jump on one another as soon as you get out of the bar or restaurant. But subtle touches and looks go a long way!

24. The date continued elsewhere

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you went back home with your date, but if you did, that’s fine too.

However, if you moved on to a club or a bar after your meal, it’s a sign that neither of you wanted the date to end. You wanted to talk some more. That’s great!

25. You both listen as well as talk

A conversation isn’t just about speaking, it’s about listening too. So, did you both listen as much as you talked? If so, it means you were having a real conversation; you were focused entirely on one another. And that’s a great sign!

26. You offered each other next-level compliments

We’re not just talking about “your outfit is nice,” but something a little deeper. Perhaps they complimented you on something you’ve achieved, or you complimented them on their intelligence.

Next-level compliments show that you’re both looking deeper than the superficial. [Read: Decoding compliments – 50 cute words and their true meanings]

27. You can’t wait to see each other again

Of course, the best sign a date went well is if you can’t wait to meet up again! If you’re already making plans for the second date, it’s a pretty solid indicator that you like each other and that more dates will come.

What comes next?

How long has it been since your date? Three days used to be the norm before the follow-up a couple of decades ago, but now, immediate gratification is the thing.

If your date reached out anywhere from right after the date to 24 hours after, it went well. They have probably been dying to make more plans.

They could have really great self-control or be busy if they wait longer, but usually, if someone thought the first date went well, they will make it known immediately. And if you aren’t sure, reach out on your own for the follow-up.

But, by understanding these signs a first date went well, you won’t worry and you won’t overanalyze. What will be, will be!

[Read: 22 second date tips and rules to get to know each other and fall harder]

Knowing how to tell if your date went well is enough to tie you up in knots! Don’t overthink it, it will surely cause you to panic. Stick to these signs to tell if a first date went well, and you’ll know for sure!

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