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How to Know if Your Friend Likes You More than They’re Letting on

Many people who end up together were once just friends and nothing more. Here’s how to know if your friend likes you so you can make your move.

how to know if your friend likes you

The awkward thing about liking a friend is that you never want to admit it. There’s a lot more at stake if you tell them than if you admit your feelings to someone you randomly just met. You could lose an entire friendship and for that reasons, you need to learn how to know if your friend likes you.

And it’s also really scary simply because there is a possibility of them liking you back. You’re friends already, after all. That being said, sometimes it’s easier to sit back and figure out if your friend actually likes you before you can make a move.

Some friendships can turn into the best relationships

Don’t they always say you should marry your best friend? Sometimes the best relationships out there were built off a friendship, as they should be. However, sometimes you meet someone and just click with them on a much stronger level.

Others you form friendships with and slowly realize you totally like them more than a friend. It can be a pretty terrifying thing but if you know how to tell if your friend likes you, you can make a move and end up in the best relationship of your life. [Read: 20 signs you should be marrying your best friend]

How to know if your friend likes you more than just a friend

As someone who has been friends with someone for a few years and then went on to date them for one year, I’m very aware of the signs. If you’ve recently noticed a friend acting a little too friendly, here’s how to know if your friend likes you.

#1 They always text you first. Or call or suggest you two hang out. Whenever your friend is the first to initiate contact of any kind the majority of the time, they have more feelings for you than you do for them. This is because they just want to talk to you all the time and think about you a lot more often. [Read: 15 signs your guy friend is totally crushing on you]

#2 They end up sitting by you in groups. You probably have the same friend group. When you’re with that group and they always end up at your side, it’s a sign they like you.

#3 They compliment you a lot more than they used to. And this can be on really anything, not just your looks. A friend who starts showing their admiration for your work ethic, talents, or personality is a friend who likes you a bit more than just a friend.

#4 You talk about more in-depth stuff. A lot of friends don’t get too deep in their conversations. Sure, they’ll talk about important topics but not so much how they truly feel about them. Your friend will definitely start bringing up controversial and in-depth topics just to get your opinion on it if they like you. [Read: 12 meaningful topics for a deep conversation]

#5 You appeal to each other on a personal level. This means your friend has started getting vulnerable with you. When this happens, they’re not only opening themselves up but they’re also trying to gauge your interest in them, too. They’ll talk about their childhood and a lot of personal stuff around you.

#6 You spend more time hanging out just the two of you. If you used to spend time in groups and now you’re gravitating toward more one-on-one hangouts, they definitely like you. Why else would they want to get you alone all the time? [Read: 20 unmistakeable signs your friend is crushing on you]

#7 You sense they’re more nervous around you. This is particularly obvious when you’re just hanging out alone. Once you get there, your friend will act a little more shy and nervous around you than they used to. That’s how to know if your friend likes you big time.

#8 Normal dinner outings feel a little more intimate. Sure, you used to go grab some food all the time. But if your dinner outings start feeling a lot more date-like, they’ve started liking you. They might even offer to pay for your meal. That means they really like you. It might even be their way of making a move. [Read: Is it a date or are you just hanging out?]

#9 They seem annoyed when you talk about other people you like. If you went out with other friends recently and got flirty with someone else and start telling your friend about it and they get annoyed, they like you. And they’re jealous. They don’t want to hear about someone else getting flirty with you.

#10 They start getting chivalrous. Chivalry is most certainly not dead. At all. And your friend starting to open doors for you and act all couple-y with you means they definitely like you. It’s not hard to tell when this behavior starts and it’s a fairly obvious sign they’re trying to show you how they feel.

#11 They take an interest in your hobbies. This might not be as obvious of a way to know your friend likes you but it’ll still help. Have they started to take an interest in your hobbies? Perhaps you’re a volleyball player and they never once went to a match before but now they’re there every single one. That’s how to know if your friend likes you. Their support is a big sign.

#12 You catch them staring at you. If someone likes you, they think you’re hella good looking. That means they’ll be looking at you as much as they can. However, they’re not perfect and they can’t look away as quickly as they might need to sometimes. So you’ll catch them staring at you a lot. [Read: 10 clearly noticeable signs of body language attraction]

#13 They act giggly and goofy around you. You know exactly how this feels. Remember when you started seeing someone new and that giggly feeling just takes over? This will happen to your friend too and it’s a great way to figure out if they like you more than a friend.

#14 They start touching you more. Physical contact usually isn’t something you do in excess with just a friend. You’ll start to notice a lot more “accidental” touches when your friend starts to like you. Make sure to pay attention to how and where they touch you, too. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each means]

#15 They try to make you laugh more. They might just be a funny person but they also might be trying to make you laugh as much as they can. If you notice them making a lot more jokes and even trying to make you laugh specifically, they totally like you.

 [Read: 17 signs he likes you more than a friend and wants to ask you out]

It can be really hard figuring out how to know if your friend likes you. Sometimes it’s just hard to look at them in a more intimate way. But if you start noticing any of the above signs, you’re definitely in for something exciting soon.

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