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15 Things to Do When You Feel Like You’ll Be Single Forever

Some of us spend so much time being single that it’s hard to believe we’ll ever find love. And this is how you can cope with feeling single forever.

single forever

We can’t always help our romantic situation. Some of us are blessed with the ability to attract pretty much everyone we set our sights on. Others, however, are doomed to go through life as an awkward mess feeling single forever, in the hopes that someone finds their awkwardness cute and adorable.
Those people are also the types that are usually single for pretty much ever. Either they can’t find someone they really like or they don’t really know HOW to find someone they like. Either way, they end up living life in Singlesville just peering over the hedge into Couples Town in the hopes of one day moving in that direction.
Why being single can be AMAZING
Not everything about being single is a drag though. Some people spend so much time making it sound like torture when really, it can be pretty awesome if you know how to do it right. When you’re single, you really only have ONE person to worry about keeping happy.
And that’s you. You pretty much do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and you never have to answer to anyone. You can also have as many hobbies as you want and order appetizers AND drinks when you go out because, well, you’re only paying for you!
Things to do when you feel like you’ll be single forever
Even if being single is great most of the time, it can be rather lonely. Ultimately, pretty much everyone wants to find love in their life and someone they can grow old with. But if you’ve been single for SO long, it can feel as though you’ll be single forever.
If you’ve been single for far too long and are starting to believe you’ll be single forever, there are certain things you can do to forget all about that. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do that also increases your chances of finding someone that’s perfect for you.
#1 Take a solo vacation somewhere amazing. If there’s one thing about being single that overshadows the impending doom you feel like you’ll have to face with being single forever, it’s being able to take vacations anywhere and anytime you want.
So instead of wallowing about in your own misery, go take an incredible vacation somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. You never know when you’ll land yourself “the one” and can no longer travel across the world as you please. [Read: 12 inspiring travel destinations for soul searching]
#2 Go out with your friends and their significant others. Don’t shut down an invitation to spend time with your friends solely because they have a date and you don’t. Isolating yourself from them only makes you feel even worse about the fact you feel like you’ll be single forever. [Read: 12 surprising and uplifting perks of being a third wheel]
#3 Stop looking for “the one” and just live your life. Most people who think they’ll be single forever spend every waking moment out and about searching for someone to call theirs. STOP IT! If you just let yourself be single and enjoy the time you have and forget about finding that special someone, they may just wander into your life anyways.
#4 Join a new club. Instead of sitting at home alone all the time, join a club. It can really be any club, a book club, a bowling league, or even a painting club. If you get out there and enjoy your time with other people, you’ll forget about the fact that you’re single.
#5 Pick up a new hobby. Just like you can join a new club, you can also pick up a new hobby to occupy your time and get your mind off of negative feelings about being single. Start rollerblading, knitting, or do something that makes you excited to get up in the morning. [Read: 15 ways to be someone who always says, I love my life]
#6 Go out to the bars or clubs alone. If you feel like you’ll be single forever simply because you’re the type that NEVER tries to get into a relationship or even meet people, then you have to go out by yourself.
Going to a bar or club alone helps you meet new people you otherwise never would have had the opportunity of talking to if you’re surrounded by all your friends.
#7 Introduce yourself to people. Don’t just go to the bar and sit at the end sipping a martini until that hot guy or girl across the way finally notices you and walks over. No. That’s not how it works. You have to put yourself out there and actually introduce yourself to people and you might just find someone worth your time.
#8 Practice talking to new people. If you’re the type that’s single because you can’t put two sentences together when you’re approached by someone attractive, then you have to practice.
Get in front of a mirror or even some friends and rehearse what you can say to people in order to increase your chances of not making a fool of yourself. [Read: 8 ways to stop being boring and annoying around people]
#9 Don’t sit home alone for more than two days a week. This is a huge rule I have for anyone who thinks they’ll be single forever. Don’t spend more than two nights a week at home alone in the evenings. Not only does this increase your feelings of loneliness, but you’ll never meet anyone that way.
#10 Stop worrying about it! Just stop thinking about the fact that you’re single so much. There could be no reason specifically that you’re single ,and worry about it will just age you from all the stress on yourself. Just forget about it!
#11 Learn to be happy with being single. Usually, those of us that feel like we’ll be single forever are NOT happy with being single. The truth is that you have to learn to love the single life before you can ever hope to find someone to share your life with.
If you don’t, you might end up resenting that you didn’t spend more time enjoying your own life before getting into something serious with someone down the road. [Read: Being single: 30 happy, inspiring quotes for singles]
#12 Stop stressing. Stressing is not going to help you find someone to spend your life with. In fact, it’ll probably just make your situation worse. You may stress so much you become super desperate and end up with someone you really don’t like all that much. Just relax.
#13 Spend more time with your family. This is an easy way to be happy with the fact that you’re single – or at least it’ll help you forget that you are. Spending time with those that you love and that love you fills the void you think is missing.
#14 Join an online dating service. If you’re just really tired of being single and want to put yourself back into the dating world again, join an online dating website. There are so many different ones to choose from, and this is a fantastic way to meet people you might never cross paths with otherwise. [Read: 10 annoyingly common misconceptions about online dating]
#15 Get a puppy. You may chuckle at this one, but it’s SO TRUE. If you really want to fill the void of someone to cuddle with, take care of, and love, but you’re single and that’s not looking like it’ll change anytime soon, adopt a puppy! They’ll give you all the love and attention you need.
[Read: 11 things about being single people fear most]
When you’ve been single for a long time it may feel as though you’ll just be single forever. Although this can be tough to deal with, these 15 things help keep your mind off of it and maybe even lead you to “the one.”

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