Things to Avoid on a First Date

Things to Avoid on a First Date

What are the things you need to focus on, and what are the things to avoid on a first date? Here are a list of things that you should definitely avoid to ensure that you have a great first date with that special someone.

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Things to Avoid on a First Date #7 YOUR VIEW AND HERS

This is a very touchy situation to handle. It’s obvious that both of you have different views about different things. Arguing about anything is a big turn off for a girl.

Anything about religion, politics, or moral issues should be avoided at any cost. And even if this does crop up, don’t tell her outright that you don’t want to talk about it, instead try sweeping the topic under the carpet without a big fuss.

Just answer the question in a vague and abrupt manner, and bring up something more exciting to talk about.

Do not be dominating about any of your views, or be very boisterous about voicing your opinions.

Even if she supports something you’re firmly against, just give a small laugh, and tell her “Well, that’s one thing that I’m not too sure of, because I’ve always felt the other way about that…” and complete the sentence saying, “…but I obviously respect your view, and our difference in opinions.” “Anyways tell me about the last time you…” And change the topic as subtly as you can.

Things to Avoid on a First Date #8 GETTING DISTRACTED!

Well, this is really easy to fall for, and one of the things you have to pay the most attention to. When you’re out with a lady, she expects to be treated like one.

Don’t sit across the table and dream or doze off. Worse, don’t squint your eyes so that you can focus one eye on her, while the other eye ogles that girl with those never ending legs walking past you in short skirts. Pay a lot attention to her, and listen to what she has to say.

And for crying out loud, if she’s wearing something with a deep neckline, stop staring at her breasts and trying to judge how much more cleavage is concealed! This is not the time, and definitely not the place either.

Concentrate on her face, and have a great conversation. Be attentive to her needs. If you see her glass of water half empty, have a waiter refill it. If she wonders what ‘a-la-carte’ means and if you can’t figure it out, then let the waiter help you with that. Basically don’t distract yourself with things that can be put on hold, and pay a lot of attention to her needs.

Staring at a girl’s cleavage is a big no-no too, unless, of course, you know the art of staring at a girl’s cleavage like a gentleman.

If you can pay attention to these little details, it’s more than definite that your first date would only take you further into the next, and then the next…

Every date has a potential to be a great one just as long as you remember the things you need to avoid on a first date, and remember the things you need to do. So go on, enjoy yourself. Have a perfect first date!

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  1. Glendale says:

    LOL…First date can be a nervous affair and you always want to make a good impression. As a regular guy who has been on a few first dates in the past I have tended to just ask a lady for a drink in a nice bar that is easy for the both of us to get to. While I consider it to be a pretty safe bet, I do recognise that on some instances you might be keen to make a particularly good impression and therefore seek more creative first date ideas. One of the best thing for you to do is to give flowers and chocolates with your girl. She will appreciate you for this.

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