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Why Men Love Staring at Breasts & How to Take a Peek Like a Gentleman

Why do men find it so hard to avoid staring at a girl’s breasts when they walk past her? Every time a woman walks past a man or bends low, he just can’t help but take a little inevitable sneak peek. We reveal why men love staring at breasts and cleavages.

Men Love Staring at a Girl's Breasts

Men stare at women. More specifically, men stare at women’s tee shirts a.k.a. their breasts.

To a man, a woman’s tee shirt is the most beautiful thing on earth, especially if she fits in beautifully, and looks happy. A man may not like the woman’s tee shirt too much if it’s hung out to dry, nor does he wet his pants if he brushes past them on a counter at the retailer.

I especially like the shirts that have words written on them. It gives me a chance to read them, and admire the unique font that is created on her shirt after she wears them.

All men love a good tee shirt and all of us have been caught staring at women’s tee shirts (even if it has no words on it). There have been times when we’ve been caught and there may have been times when we’ve been given ‘the look’ by the woman in the hot blouse.

Sometimes there may be more than just an angry look that is exchanged, and it can get pretty embarrassing. I remember one time when I was walking along a street all by myself, just trying to contemplate over a serious issue that I had to confront in my life eventually. “Could I still lay a 21 year old after another thirty five years?” I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that life goes by so fast. I knew I still had another thirty five years before I hit 60 and I knew Viagra was a long way ahead from me, but still this thought really disturbed me. Would the day come when I have to pay to have sex with young women in their peaky prime? Life, at times, can be really harsh.

I was lost in my own world, when a huge lingerie display caught my attention. I couldn’t stop staring at the beaming beauty in the picture who was beckoning me with her sultry glance. She looked good, even though she didn’t have any tee shirt on.

And just under the lingerie display, I spotted this really cute girl with a well proportioned top that fit her snugly, and she looked very attractive. I saw her tee shirt but there were no words on it. It was a tight pastel pretty top and she had matched them with one of the cutest looking skirts. I stopped right there, and I scrutinized her tee to see if I could figure any words at all.

Nope… not one word on her tee shirt, not even the brand. Depressing. But then unfortunately, my eyes lingered on the tee shirt for way too long, at least way too long for her.

She just glared at me, and I could feel her stare scorching my insides. I walked past her. And just as I passed by her, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to stare at her breasts again. Maybe that one little thing I did was a bit too much for her. She took one hesitant step forward and snarled, “what are you staring at, you animal?!”

At that point, I think I went numb and the blood flow to my extremities stopped. I ran white and then instantly turned into an impressive shade of red.  It was embarrassing, and it was really uncalled for! I just convinced myself that it was more embarrassing for her, than it was for me, and walked ahead, and saw another girl further ahead.

Thankfully, this girl did have something written on her tee shirt. No problem in staring at it now, is there? But the second I read what’s on her shirt, my neck cricked up to her face, just to see her smiling giddily towards me. The message on the tee was really annoying and was just a waste of good writing space. It said “My face is up here, shithead!”

Now that too, was just really uncalled for, wasn’t it? Now why would these women get this sort of sadistic pleasure by tempting us and then scorning us?! Painfully annoying! Though I have to admit that it was wrong of me to stare so eagerly at her, and perhaps, make her feel uncomfortable. But seriously, that was never my intention.

Nor did I have any intention of stripping her down or any psycho stuff like cutting her into pieces. It was just that she looked really beautiful, and I just couldn’t stop looking at such a beautiful creation. I just had to look.

Is it easy to take your eyes off one of the most beautiful creations on earth, knowing that you would be able to take a peek at this beautiful mound for just a few seconds, and maybe never ever look at it ever again?

It’s just not fair to accuse me just because I was appreciating the finer and curvier things in life, is it? I mean, really, words on tee shirts are meant to be read, right?

Is it bad to stare at a woman’s breasts?

Firstly, if you think that you shouldn’t be doing it, don’t.

It’s definitely not good to stare at girl’s breast or her cleavage, especially if you’re out of their league, perhaps because of the age difference, or some other reason. In every possible manner, staring or trying to read a woman’s tee shirt is rude.

Staring at a woman’s breasts, like Seinfeld once said, “…is like looking at the sun. You’re supposed to just take one peek and then look away!”

All men know this, women love shopping. They love shopping for good clothes that accentuate their assets.

Some women however, like to wear as little as morally possible. Maybe it’s because they get hot and sweaty easily, or because they’re allergic to some sort of clothing, or perhaps they just like the way they look in ‘little clothes’. Obviously, it’s not because they want to attract your annoying eyes, is it?! No no… they really don’t want that.

Or at least that’s how they behave when men stare at them. So the next time you get a sudden urge to stare, look away after taking a small look at her breasts or her tee shirt.

Respect her decision to look good and don’t look cheap by staring at her like you’re a horny zombie!

Do women like it when you stare at their breasts or look down their cleavage?

Women may like it when men stare at them, but they look for a few specific types of men. Women call this select breed of men “Cute” or “Hot”. Other men and unappreciated men are called “perverts”. These include losers, droolers, morons, and touchy feely men with hands in their pants, especially in parks and lonely streets.

Says Jennifer, 24 “I don’t mind when guys that I appreciate, stare at me. It can feel good at times, especially if I want him to take another glance.” But what about staring at her breasts? “Well, I guess men do that anyways. If it’s a good looking guy, then I wouldn’t mind. It doesn’t hurt to know that a cute guy likes your body, does it?” she says.

Most women though, feel uncomfortable about it. Some of the younger ladies, especially ones who have just started getting the attention of men, hate the fact that their shirts fit so well. But the ones who have overcome that phase of their lives, realize that men look at women’s tee shirts whether it fits well or not, so what the hell! The men are going to look anyways.

Health benefits of staring at a woman’s breast

Surprisingly, it has now been proved that staring at a pair of good looking breasts is actually really good for your health! Great news for girl watchers, it is proved that ogling at women’s breasts is good for a man’s health and can add years to his life, medical experts have discovered, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Just ten minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female such as Baywatch actress Pamela Lee is equivalent to a 30 minute aerobics work out!

There are several doctors and scientists out there who have proved that staring at a good pair of bosoms everyday for just ten minutes can actually extend your lifetime by almost 5 years! Doctors now encourage men to watch these women in movies, and in shows that enhance the assets of women. But then again, there are several others who say this research has no strong grounds or proof and was probably conducted by a bunch of pervs who wanted to “legalize” staring at boobs.

But whether it’s good for your health or not, it doesn’t mean you should just ogle at any woman who passes by you on the street, instead save all your drooling stares for the movies or television shows.

When is it alright to stare at a girl’s breasts?

Is it ever alright to stare at a woman’s breasts? Of course, it is! Women always give away a few signs to let a guy know that it’s alright to stare down her blouse. Find out what those signs are right here.

This is where you can learn a lot about when it’s good to stare at a woman or look down her cleavage. You’d know she’s okay with you checking her out, if she does one of these.


Sign #1 She smiles when you stare at her or her tee shirt continuously, or she thinks you’re “hot” or “cute”.

Sign #2 She blushes and does that thing with her eyes.

Sign #3 She doesn’t let the dog she’s taking for a walk loose on you, when you’re caught staring.

Sign #4 You stare at her tee shirt and she lifts her top so you can get a better view!

Sign #5 You’re sitting in the bus or the rail, and this woman spreads her legs and winks at you. Hopefully, you don’t see a bulge in there!

These are just a few signs that she’s alright with you staring. Along with this there are a few places and cases when it’s perfectly “almost” alright to check her out.

The Best Places to Stare at a Girl’s Breasts without Making Her Uncomfortable

The best place to check her knocks out or stare at her deep cleavage is at a club or at a party. When she’s out to party, and if she wears something pretty and nice, and something that shows just the right amount of skin, then she definitely knows that she’s going to get a lot of male attention.

Most women are fine with men staring at them, when they are partying or clubbing. But outside the club, they usually cover their skimpy clothes with something comfortable or something that’s fashionably ‘in’.

If you really want to know when it is really appropriate to stare, then remember this.

Women don’t mind you staring at their breasts or their cleavage as long as there are other women too who are dressed in similar attire, and women don’t mind being stared at or having their tee shirts read when they are in a group, especially a group of girls. This way, if they think you’re unfanciable or creepy, they yell at you or throw stones. But if you are indeed fanciable, then they would all just start ogling at you or stare back, and the girl you stared at first would feel an intense rush of exhilarating happiness to have been picked as the best looking one in the gang!

So when you are in the midst of such circumstances, you’d know that you’re not hurting a girl’s feelings when you stare, which to a gentleman is the most important aspect of staring at a woman’s breasts without making her feel awkward or uncomfortable.

The Dos and Don’ts of Staring at a Girl’s Cleavage

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of staring at a girl’s breasts or at her cleavage? Here’s your complete guide to staring at a woman’s breasts without ever getting caught. Learn how you can stare down a gorgeous girl’s blouse without making her uncomfortable or pissing her off.

Unfortunately for us men, staring at women’s shirts is as involuntary as a knee jerk. We do want to look at women and see their assets, but it’s all about doing it well, and in such a way that she doesn’t get offended or uncomfortable.

You’re not her guy, so what makes you think she’ll be happy to flash her breasts at you without feeling uncomfortable, unless you picked her off the red street.

Checking out some girl’s cleavage or her breasts is not bad, especially if you think it’s attractive. It’s all about the way you go about staring at it that makes all the difference.


There are a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow to pull off the perfect heist of staring at a girl’s cleavage and walking out of it happily clean!


I know it’s hard to resist staring at a woman’s breasts while you’re talking to her. You wait for a moment to catch a glimpse and you can’t hear anything other than, “look down… look down… look down…” It can be really distracting, especially if she’s revealing a bit of her cleavage.

But you have to hold on. If you really have to look down at a girl’s cleavage, do it when she’s looking away for some reason. That’s the best thing to do, because you get a little sneak peek and she gets to talk to you without feeling uncomfortable. You may think you got away with staring in the middle of a conversation, but remember, a woman is extremely conscious of her body, and trust me, if you look down, she’ll know!


First of all, before we go ahead, I want you to know that I respect women, a lot! I can’t stand a guy who tries messing with a girl, especially when she feels threatened. A few weeks ago, I was standing in line to buy a couple of tickets for a movie. There was this old guy who must have been in his 60’s who was grinning and staring blatantly at the breasts of two girls standing in front of me who were probably still in school!

The girls started to freak out because of his dirty stares, and the whole staring bit was just pathetic. Involuntarily, I yelled out to him, and asked him what his age was. He tried retaliating, but by then, most of the others who were feeling just as uncomfortable joined in, and he eventually had to walk out without his tickets, but with a lot of embarrassment.

If you’re trying to figure what I’m trying to say here, all I’m trying to get into your head is, if you’re over 30 and haven’t figured out how to stare at a woman’s cleavage discreetly, give it up. And if your idea of sex is something that would land you in jail, then see a therapist. We’re trying to have a good time staring at a woman’s tee shirt, but not at their expense!


Wear sunglasses, especially the darker ones. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. If you want to have a good time trying to stare at a girl’s breasts, then use your shades. It’s a win-win situation.


Son of a guns who stare at a woman while feeling themselves up or staring like they want the woman right there can be really threatening and gross, especially on a lonely street. If there is no reciprocation from the woman, stop trying to focus hard below the neck. Look at her for a millisecond, and move on. There’s no need to behave like a psycho pervert.


Now this is a delicate subject. To you, an hour of staring at a girl’s breasts may seem like a few minutes or even seconds, but it feels terrible for a girl who doesn’t think you’re fanciable or attractive. And how much would her breasts change in an hour anyways. Just a small glance, and nothing more than that. Remember, if you’re having fun at her expense, you’re a pervert and a sadist who should be buried alive!


Have you ever had a friend who goes crazy when he walks into a club, and just can’t take his eyes off any girl out there? He just wants to stare, fantasize, and ogle at all their assets until his tongue drools and drops off the side of his mouth. To him it’s fun. To the women, he’s going to die a virgin! Don’t be that guy.

Follow these simple tips when you stare at a girl’s breasts or her cleavage, and you can make this world a better place.

How to Stare at a Girl’s Breasts Like a Gentleman

Staring at a girl’s cleavage can be fun, but no amount of fun is worth it if it makes a girl feel uncomfortable. Stare at women, but never in a manner that would make them feel nervous, uneasy or awkward.

Remember the biggest rule of staring at breasts, when you stare at a girl, you should have a good time, and she should still feel comfortable around you.

If you think they asked for it just because they wore something revealing, try this. Walk into some part of your town or a park that is filled with homosexual men, wearing a short tight pair of silk boxers.

Sit down for a while in a quiet corner of the park, and see if you can survive a few hours. Then you’d know how it feels to be a woman who gets stared at all the time.

Girls stare too, but they do it in a very discreet manner. They don’t loll their tongues or undress men mentally when they look. And the best part, a guy always feels appreciated when a girl looks, so try making a woman feel appreciative of you instead of hating you.

Women do wear revealing clothes so they can look good and attract men.

So you’d probably say the women who wear low cut blouses and push up bras asked for it, and have no right to complain about men staring at their breasts or peeping down their cleavage.

But just because they wear something that accentuates their assets doesn’t mean you have the right to harass women, nor does it mean that particular woman wants you.

All the pretty girl in the revealing top is trying to say is “Hey guys! Look at me, I’m beautiful and sexy… but don’t you dare touch me.” There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s their bodies, after all. But why should men be forced to look away when God gave us the gift of sight?

Are we supposed to turn away every time we think a stare or two will offend some woman? Nope. Look, stare, and let your eyes linger. Have a great time looking at her breasts or staring down her top.

But remember, subtlety is the key. The next time you see a great looking girl with the perfect breasts or a cleavage that makes you go va-va-voom, admire her from afar and as she approaches, just catch a brief glimpse of her and don’t pause there to admire the view. Just go on your way after about half a millisecond. Be quick with your eyes, and you can have a great time, and thankfully not at her expense.

Now go on, walk across the street and behave like a good gentleman, and stare at those great breasts without pissing anyone off. Who said men can’t be pigs and gentlemen and the same time?

And all you men reading this, for the sake of the women who still think men are shameless pigs who can’t stop drooling and staring at a girl’s cleavage and breasts, go prove them wrong!

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