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Men Love Staring at a Girl’s Breasts

Why do men find it so hard to avoid staring at a girl’s breasts when they walk past her? Every time a woman walks past a man or bends low, he just can’t help but take a little inevitable sneak peek. Andrew Danes reveals why men love staring at breasts and cleavages.

Men Love Staring at a Girl's Breasts

Men stare at women. More specifically, men stare at women’s tee shirts a.k.a. their breasts.

To a man, a woman’s tee shirt is the most beautiful thing on earth, especially if she fits in beautifully, and looks happy. A man may not like the woman’s tee shirt too much if it’s hung out to dry, nor does he wet his pants if he brushes past them on a counter at the retailer.

I especially like the shirts that have words written on them. It gives me a chance to read them, and admire the unique font that is created on her shirt after she wears them.

All men love a good tee shirt and all of us have been caught staring at women’s tee shirts (even if it has no words on it). There have been times when we’ve been caught and there may have been times when we’ve been given ‘the look’ by the woman in the hot blouse.

Sometimes there may be more than just an angry look that is exchanged, and it can get pretty embarrassing. I remember one time when I was walking along a street all by myself, just trying to contemplate over a serious issue that I had to confront in my life eventually. “Could I still lay a 21 year old after another thirty five years?” I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that life goes by so fast. I knew I still had another thirty five years before I hit 60 and I knew Viagra was a long way ahead from me, but still this thought really disturbed me. Would the day come when I have to pay to have sex with young women in their peaky prime? Life, at times, can be really harsh.

I was lost in my own world, when a huge lingerie display caught my attention. I couldn’t stop staring at the beaming beauty in the picture who was beckoning me with her sultry glance. She looked good, even though she didn’t have any tee shirt on.

And just under the lingerie display, I spotted this really cute girl with a well proportioned top that fit her snugly, and she looked very attractive. I saw her tee shirt but there were no words on it. It was a tight pastel pretty top and she had matched them with one of the cutest looking skirts. I stopped right there, and I scrutinized her tee to see if I could figure any words at all.

Nope… not one word on her tee shirt, not even the brand. Depressing. But then unfortunately, my eyes lingered on the tee shirt for way too long, at least way too long for her.

She just glared at me, and I could feel her stare scorching my insides. I walked past her. And just as I passed by her, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to stare at her breasts again. Maybe that one little thing I did was a bit too much for her. She took one hesitant step forward and snarled, “what are you staring at, you animal?!”

At that point, I think I went numb and the blood flow to my extremities stopped. I ran white and then instantly turned into an impressive shade of red.  It was embarrassing, and it was really uncalled for! I just convinced myself that it was more embarrassing for her, than it was for me, and walked ahead, and saw another girl further ahead.

Thankfully, this girl did have something written on her tee shirt. No problem in staring at it now, is there? But the second I read what’s on her shirt, my neck cricked up to her face, just to see her smiling giddily towards me. The message on the tee was really annoying and was just a waste of good writing space. It said “My face is up here, shithead!”

Now that too, was just really uncalled for, wasn’t it? Now why would these women get this sort of sadistic pleasure by tempting us and then scorning us?! Painfully annoying! Though I have to admit that it was wrong of me to stare so eagerly at her, and perhaps, make her feel uncomfortable. But seriously, that was never my intention.

Nor did I have any intention of stripping her down or any psycho stuff like cutting her into pieces. It was just that she looked really beautiful, and I just couldn’t stop looking at such a beautiful creation. I just had to look.

Is it easy to take your eyes off one of the most beautiful creations on earth, knowing that you would be able to take a peek at this beautiful mound for just a few seconds, and maybe never ever look at it ever again?

It’s just not fair to accuse me just because I was appreciating the finer and curvier things in life, is it? I mean, really, words on tee shirts are meant to be read, right?

Well, if you really do want to stare at a woman’s breasts or down her cleavage without getting caught, then you definitely need to read this: Is it Bad to Stare at a Woman’s Breasts?

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