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How to Calm Your Nerves in Any Situation You’re Walking Into

Knowing how to calm your nerves and keep your cool is essential. No matter what’s going on, here’s how you can keep yourself under control.

how to calm your nerves

It’s normal to feel jittery and nervous in some situations. That’s just your body telling you something big is about to happen. But it can often make us change the way we behave and in some instances, this can be a bad thing. That’s why knowing how to calm your nerves is essential in life.

Whether it’s a job interview or just a first date, having nerves is kind of annoying. You can’t really think straight and it can mess things up for you in a big way. But gaining control of yourself isn’t the easiest thing during times like these.

Having nerves during the wrong time can sometimes cost you big time

Think about a job interview. You might be perfect for the job. You could have everything they’re looking for but if you can’t show that due to nerves, you could end up losing the job. And what if that was your dream job?

Learning how to control your nerves in a situation like that can have major payoffs. Not knowing how to keep yourself calmed down in moments when you need it most could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. [Read: 18 ways to stop yourself from being nervous]

How to calm your nerves no matter what’s going on around you

Being able to keep yourself calm and collected when there’s chaos – or what you think is chaos – going on around you is a powerful skill. If you can’t seem to get yourself under control, here are a few things that can help.

#1 Figure out why you keep reacting that way. The main thing you have to figure out is why you’re nervous in the first place. What about the situation you’re in is putting you on edge?

When you know the cause of your nerves, it’s easier to formulate a plan to calm them. The root of the issue can sometimes be deeper than you think. So really sit yourself down and figure out what’s going on in your mind.

#2 Work on your confidence. One reason you could be so nervous is because of your lack of confidence. A lot of people who have insecurity issues often feel on edge in certain situations. One thing that can really help you calm down for good is to gain some confidence.

Find out what it is about yourself you feel uneasy with so you can work to correct it. This is by no means a quick solution, but it’s a long-lasting and effective one if you put in the work. [Read: How to build confidence and realize you’re worth it]

#3 Prepare for what’s about to happen. If you know you’ll be going into a situation that’ll put your nerves on edge, prepare for it. Do something that can help get you in the proper mindset for it.

When you mentally prepare for being nervous and frazzled, you can better control those things and learn how to calm your nerves. You know it’s about to happen and therefore you can work to reduce it and calm yourself beforehand.

#4 Think positively. A lot of your nervousness has to do with not having the correct mindset. When you can put yourself in a positive way of thinking, you’ll be a lot calmer.

Start repeating positive and comforting phrases in your mind. The more you can ease your inner mentality, the calmer you’ll be on the outside, too. Practice doing this leading up to the event that’ll make you nervous and it’ll help immensely. [Read: How to be more positive and increase the quality of your life]

#5 Using calming breaths. Now is the time for deep breathing. Get yourself under control and practice slowly breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. This motion is proven to calm down your body and ease your nerves. Do this as much as you need to and it’ll help.

#6 Avoid caffeine before the big event. In order to learn how to calm your nerves, you can’t be feeding them something that’ll put them on edge. While caffeine is great for keeping you awake, it doesn’t do your nerves any good.

Walking into an already nerve-wracking situation will only be made worse if you’re all juiced up on nervous juice, aka, coffee. Avoid it before anything that’ll get you frazzled and you’ll be way better off.

#7 Focus on your physical senses. Sometimes all you really need to do is redirect your attention. When you’re nervous, your mind is only focusing on the thing that’s making you feel that way. And that really only makes things worse.

If you focus on what you feel, see, smell, and hear, it can help bring you back into the moment. It separates you from the thing that’s making you feel upset and that’s how it’ll calm you down. [Read: How to free your mind]

#8 Be more in the moment. Just like focusing on your physical senses can help you forget about the stimulus that’s making you feel nervous, forcing yourself to be in the moment can do the same.

Really, you just have to remember why you’re in that situation. Instead of thinking about how much you’d rather not be there, focus on the reason for it. You’ll be able to center yourself and calm down a lot.

#9 Focus on someone else. You’re so concerned with your own feelings when your nerves are all over the place. And while that’s normal, it only seems to heighten how you’re feeling.

Instead, take a step back and bring your attention to someone else. This can be anyone, really. Focus on them and think about how they’re feeling. Even talking to them and bringing attention to their needs can make a huge difference.

#10 Meditate beforehand. We all know how beneficial meditation can be. It’ll put you in a very calm and collected state before even walking into the event. Plus, it can open your mind and help you see things as they are. This often makes certain situations much less daunting. [Read: How to be present and find your zone of calm]

#11 Listen to some feel-good music. Music is so powerful. When you’re feeling nervous, listen to some upbeat, feel-good music. The stuff that makes you want to smile and sing along is going to work the best. This helps distract you from what you’re feeling and puts you in a better mood to react to nervous tension.

#12 Tell yourself everything will be fine. Keep repeating this in your mind. The funny thing about the brain is that it wants to believe you. The more you say something is just fine and you should stay calm, the more it’ll listen. So force yourself to think about remaining calm and you will.

[Read: 15 instant hacks to calm yourself down]

Figuring out how to calm your nerves is different for everyone. Since we all react to different situations uniquely, it’s important to find what works best for you. These methods are the best place to start.

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