15 Special Things That Make a Girl Dateable and a Real Catch

There are many things that make a girl dateable, but what are the most important points? What makes that special girl stand out for you?

things that make a girl dateable

Every single person on this planet is different. That means a myriad of options when it comes to choosing who to spend time with and, if that person wants the same things as you, who to date. Have you ever considered the things that make a girl dateable or off the table for you?

You might think that dating is a pretty horrible experience. Trust me, I thought the same thing, but then I realized that I was going about the whole situation completely wrong. Instead of looking for someone who you think is your type, why not consider key traits when it comes to choosing who to date?

Don’t say they must have a certain type of dress sense or a certain build or body type, and instead focus on the personality traits which allow you to get along well. Then, build a potential dating future together.

Let’s be honest, looks might be useful at the start, but you can’t have a conversation with how someone looks! For that reason, look at traits and ways a person interacts with others. You’ll find that dating actually becomes far easier as a result. It did for me!

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These are the things that make a girl dateable and oh-so-special

If you’ve been stumbling around the dating pool, trying to find a lovely lady to spend your time with, why not consider that you’ve approached it the wrong way too? Let’s look at a few things that make a girl dateable and help you create your own wishlist.

#1 She is humble. Someone who is humble is a far better person to have a conversation with than the total opposite. The ability to admit when she’s wrong, not overly arrogant, and a girl who is down to earth. What could be better than that? That is certainly one of the things that make a girl dateable! [Read: What you should really be looking for in a woman]

#2 She has a voice and her own opinions. There is nothing more annoying than someone who has no firm opinions of their own and nothing to say for themselves. If you find a girl who has her own voice and her own opinions, you’re in luck.

#3 She is confident, but not overly so. A girl who carries herself with just the right amount of confidence is irresistible. This is one of the things which makes a girl dateable, for sure. A kind of quiet confidence and the ability to carry herself with grace through all situations. [Read: How to tell if someone is a narcissist and recognize them instantly]

#4 She has dreams and aims. Choose a girl who is working on her future. Hopefully, if you hit it off, she will allow you to be a part of those aims she is working towards. A girl with an aim and a dream is a strong and independent girl.

#5 She is respectful of others and respects herself. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is vital in any relationship. Now, if you find a girl who not only respects those around her but also has the strength to respect herself, you’ve found one of the things that make a girl dateable in a big, big way. [Read: 20 questions to determine if she’s the girl you should marry]

#6 She has a wicked sense of humor. There are only so many deep and meaningful conversations you can have. You need someone who knows how to laugh and crack a joke. A girl with a wicked and keen sense of humor is a great girl to know.

#7 She is willing to laugh at herself. There is no need to take life seriously all the time. One of the things that makes a girl dateable is the ability to laugh at herself and make a fool of herself without feeling embarrassed about it. This is a girl you’ll have fun with! [Read: 18 qualities of a good woman every man should look out for]

#8 She is independent. Whether she takes her cue from Beyonce or not, an independent girl is irresistible and a force to be reckoned with. If she spends time with you, it’s not because she needs you, it’s because she wants you. Now, that’s quite the confidence booster.

#9 She has empathy for others. A girl who can show empathy to other people and really put herself in the shoes of those around her is a beautiful girl to know. Empathy is a trait that is required in all relationships and life in general. [Read: How to tell if someone doesn’t have empathy and what you should do]

#10 She has a life of her own and wants you to have yours too. A clingy girl isn’t the ideal girl to date. But a girl with a life of her own and one who wants you to have your own space and your own life outside of the relationship is ideal. This means your relationship will be able to grow without petty arguments and lack of space.

#11 She doesn’t care what other people think about her. How irresistible is a girl who can be herself and doesn’t care what other people think? Not many people have the ability to truly be that way. If you find someone who is, get to know her! That is another of the things that make a girl dateable. [Read: The sassy traits of a feisty girl that makes her truly amazing]

#12 She isn’t superficial and uses her brain. Intelligence is super sexy. If you find a girl who uses her brain and isn’t all about superficial looks, you’ve found a keeper. This is a girl you’ll be able to have real conversations with.

#13 She doesn’t judge others. Sure, we’re all a little judgmental from time to time. But, if you find a girl who generally doesn’t judge others and simply accepts people for who they are, you’ve found a girl with a heart of gold.

#14 She knows how to have fun. Relationships should be fun too! If you find a girl who knows how to have fun in quirky and enjoyable ways, get to know her ASAP! [Read: 10 cheerful ways to be the fun partner in your relationship]

#15 She has plenty of things in common with you. The list of things that make a girl dateable is quite long. Perhaps the most important is that you have things in common that you can talk about and use as a foundation for your budding relationship to grow.

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The traits that you need to look for aren’t seen in the mirror. They’re recognized as you speak to someone and get to know them. It’s far more valuable to have a girlfriend who has a brain and her own opinions than someone who simply doesn’t know what they think and would rather focus on their looks. You will quickly run out of things to talk about. What do you do then? Of course, there is the obvious, but you can’t do that all the time either!

Understanding that personality traits are far more important than material looks is the key to a happy and healthy dating life. As a result, you’ll find the girl of your dreams far faster. No more dating disasters and no more time wasted on the wrong ones.

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The things that make a girl dateable aren’t looks-related. They’re not about how she dresses or how she carries herself. It is what is in her heart and how she makes you feel.

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