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Ideal Perfect Date: 16 Things Every Girl Hopes & Expects on a Date

Does the perfect date really exist? There’s only one way to find out! Keep reading to know what genuinely consists of an ideal date to make her happy.

ideal perfect date

Every girl fantasizes about the perfect date, but what guys don’t know is a girl would be perfectly happy with simple acts of thoughtfulness instead of a grand show.

The only problem is that some guys can’t seem to live up to even the lowest of expectations. On a dating show, the host will ask a female player, “What is your ideal date?”

The most generic answer you can hope for is: A nice dinner at a restaurant, followed by a moonlit walk along the beach, and a perfect good-night kiss. Who wouldn’t want that, right? And it sounds pretty simple too, of course, unless you don’t live by the beach!

So what are guys’ options these days? A lot, if you design your next date based on this feature. Because almost always, it’s the little details that make all the difference between a bad one and a perfect date.

An ideal date isn’t about the ability to provide her with everything on her dream-date checklist, but it’s genuinely the thought and effort that counts.

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Why does giving her the perfect date matter?

The ideal date for her isn’t just important for the sake of taking perfect Instagram photos or to boast to all her friends that she went on this remarkable date. It’s more about feeling loved and cared for at that moment. A perfect date lets her see and feel all the essential things she would look for in a partner, such as thoughtfulness, romance, effort, and quality time.

All a girl wants on any date is to get to know you better while also having fun in the process. Also, by helping her experience an ideal date, she’ll want to continue dating you to deepen your connection further.

The potential of your relationship is based on how perfect your date is, which makes this a crucial aspect of any potential relationship. If you want her to agree to date number two, and way more, pay attention to the little details she hopes to experience on a really good date.

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The ideal date – What do girls want on a date?

Before you decide where to take your girl and what to do with her, you have to know what it is she’s generally expecting from a date. Women are not that different from guys, which makes it easier to know what makes them happy and what doesn’t, when they’re spending time with you. Here are some things that can help you give a girl the date of her dreams.

1. They want to get to know you

This is the most basic necessity of them all. It is the sole reason why she agreed to the date in the first place. No matter what happens by the end of the night, the date is designed to make you feel comfortable around each other enough so that you can both progress to a higher level of intimacy.

This is the primary reason why girls love going on dates. It gives them a chance to get to know you and see if they like who you are. [Read: The 24 worst things you can say on the first date]

2. They want to have fun

Although it’s necessary to talk about each other while on the date, there’s no rule saying that you can’t have fun while doing so. There’s a reason why the honeymoon stage is the most exciting stage in dating, and it’s because dates will always be fun!

Whether perfect or not, this is what girls seek in dates.

Even if you’re just having dinner, you can still have fun just by talking about the things that make her laugh and smile. Or, you can make your date different by taking her hiking or on an arcade date! The possibilities are endless when it comes to making sure both of you have a great time, and a lot of fun as well. [Read: 30 really fun first date ideas that’ll leave your date wanting so much more]

3. They want to eat

Hell hath no fury like a woman starved! Some girls don’t like having dinner on a first date, but a three-hour date usually necessitates some form of sustenance. You can get coffee with dessert, a burger after getting drinks from a bar, or even a tub of popcorn while watching a movie.

You know what they say, if you want to make her happy, then let her eat! Taking her to a good restaurant with all her faves is a bonus for your dates.

4. They want to tell you about themselves

Everyone wants an audience. They want to be heard and they want to be reacted to. Don’t just talk about yourself in the hopes of impressing your date. She’ll be able to tell whether you’re listening attentively, and if you care about what she’s saying. So don’t just pretend to hear her, but genuinely listen what she’s trying to tell you.

Don’t just use the date to brag about yourself, assuming she wants to know all about how awesome you are. Remember, conversations are a two-way street. You wouldn’t want to come across as selfish, would you? [Read: 18 things to avoid doing on the first date]

5. They want to know that you like them

Compliment your date. Acknowledge what she’s saying. Make her feel special. It’s not that hard. This is also another significant aspect of a date, especially a perfect date.

If you want to make the date as special as possible, make her feel liked and adored. Make sure she knows that you’re actually interested in her and getting to know more about her. [Read: The 25 best compliments for girls and genuine lines she’ll love to hear from you]

6. They want to be treated like a queen

Of course, this should be on the list of what women look for on an ideal date. Generally, it’s not about how much you spend on the date, but how well you treat her.

Girls love going on dates because it makes them feel special, and if they’re with a chivalrous guy, it makes the date all the more special! [Read: How to treat a woman right: 21 ways to make her want to stay with you]

Since you’re putting your best foot forward with this date, treating her with chivalry should come naturally. This means opening car doors, picking her up, gently placing your palm on her back when crossing the street, and giving her your jacket when she gets cold. These are very small gestures, but ones that she’ll appreciate. [Read: What is chivalry? The real meaning, the knights’ code and modern men]

7. They want to see if you’re a good guy

Obviously, the purpose of a date is to get to know you better. So girls go on dates to do what they can’t over text: see if you’re really a genuinely good guy. It’s also their chance to check if there are any red flags, such as being disrespectful to you or anyone.

The purpose of a date is to get to know one another, and in order for you to land another date with her, she needs to see if you’re a nice guy first. Otherwise, what’s the point? [Read: 14 first date red flags that reveal a lot more about you than you think!]

8. They want to see if there’s a follow-up date

Again, this should be pretty obvious by now. All a girl wants from a date is to see whether you pass her standards or not. She wants to know if you’re the kind of guy she sees herself dating for a prolonged period and if there’ll be a follow-up date.

She’s testing if there’s enough compatibility and chemistry to keep seeing you, regardless of what happens on the date and how much of an ideal date it is for her. [Read: 10 second date rules you need to follow to know if you’re a match]

It’s easy to give your date all of these things, but it has to be accompanied by a great atmosphere, a nice location, and excellent company. You can’t just go out thinking that you can provide the things on this list with your wit and charm. You need to give a girl the impression that you’ve actually put in the effort to woo her on the date.

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How to take a girl out on an amazing date and impress her

Before you decide to take her out to a nice, romantic restaurant because it’s easy, stop for a second and think about whether it’s really what she wants. A first date can make or break your relationship.

You don’t have to pull out all the stops and charter a jet to Paris just to impress her. All you need to do is be conscientious of what your girl likes.

1. Location

Location is everything when trying to plan the ideal date, so this isn’t something you should take lightly. Don’t just take her wherever, but make sure it’s a location that sets the mood of romance in the air.

A romantic restaurant is your safest bet, but there are other places that you can take your girl to impress her even without foie gras on the menu. Do your research. Find out what she likes.

She might prefer a different setting or a different food group. Remember, don’t take her to places you’d like, such as a bar *unless she’s specifically told you she wants to go there*, but take her somewhere you think she’d like. [Read: Where to go on a first date – The 23 best and worst first date ideas]

2. Presentation

Presentation is everything when trying to provide her with the perfect date. You can take her to a regular restaurant, but if you plan it right, she’ll automatically love it. If you don’t have the means to dazzle her, just make sure that you look attractive doing whatever it is that you do.

Make her laugh and smile. Keep her happy. If there’s a vibe in the date, she’ll instantly get hooked on getting to know you and conversing with you. Time would fly fast, and she wouldn’t even notice the date had already ended. Be confident in your work, your life, and the way you handle yourself, and all your dates would turn into romantic successes. [Read: 50 amazing first date ideas to wow your date]

3. Conversation

Ah, yes. This is the heart of a perfect date. You can wing everything else but if you don’t have great conversation skills, you’re already losing her attention. You don’t have to oversell yourself or what you’re doing to impress a girl. Talk about anything that comes to mind and make sure that it’s something that you’re comfortable with.

Girls just want to have a nice conversation with a nice guy. You can also make her laugh and smile!

Remember, girls love dating guys with a sense of humor, so don’t shy away from using jokes or funny anecdotes to impress her. Just make sure they’re not disrespectful or offensive, of course! [Read: 20 ways to have the perfect first date conversation]

4. Chivalry

Be the proof that chivalry isn’t dead but is very much alive. Most girls love it when you hold doors open for them, or even offer her your jacket when it gets cold. It might seem like trivial gestures to you, but it means everything to her. Women notice these things and they notice when you don’t do them.

So if you want your date to go exceptionally well, be chivalrous to her and treat her like the queen she deserves to feel like! We guarantee she won’t forget you once you do this. [Read: 14 charming ways to impress her on the first date]

5. Respect

Some girls like aggressive guys, but that doesn’t mean you should treat a woman badly. Take control of the date and steer it if you think she’d want to take a back seat, but don’t make a woman feel small.

Step up, but don’t treat your date like she can’t carry herself. If there’s anything a girl tests immediately on a date, it’s if you know how to respect people, not just her.

So the minute she sees you’re nice to her but disrespectful to the waiter at the restaurant, you already lost her. Respect is a huge deal on an ideal date, so it’s essential you get this right. Also, respect isn’t something you learn but naturally have. [Read: How to show respect in a relationship and love each other better]

6. Appearance

Be as neat as possible. No matter how strange your usual attire seems, make yourself presentable. You can still be yourself, but the least you can do is show your date that you made an effort to look good for her. Your physical appearance might not be the basis of a perfect date, but it’s plus points if a guy looks presentable and neat.

It means you know how to take care of yourself and look nice when it counts. Also, first impressions do matter, especially when you’re just getting to know each other. [Read: How to dress to impress a girl & get more than just a second glance]

7. The “move”

The thing about first dates is that it happens only once in your lifetime with a specific someone! So if you’re going to plan something unique with every new girl you date, not only is it exhausting and tedious, there’s a good chance most of your new and “unique” moves may backfire on you.

So instead, stick with the tried and tested. Be original. Be creative. And use your “move” to impress a girl on a first date.

Do something that’s in line with who you are. Take them to your favorite billboard sign and tell them about it. Show them your dance moves at the club. There should be something you do *or something about you* that deepens their interest and curiosity for who you are. This is also where she sees how much effort you’re making into creating the ideal date for her, to make her happy. [Read: 11 classic moves guys always forget to do on a date]

8. The kiss

Ah, yes. The kiss at the end of the date. It needs to be good.

For your sake, it has to be something out of the movies. No pressure at all. But if movie magic kisses aren’t your forte, just make sure that it’s sweet. Women just want to be kissed sweetly. Don’t just rush it and go intense right off the bad – women don’t like that.

You need to kiss her gently, genuinely, and passionately. With feelings, of course. If you want to seal the perfect date and make it a date she’ll never forget for the rest of eternity, give her the best end-of-the-date kiss she’ll never forget. Own it. Revel in it and make it count.

But here’s something you need to remember first, make sure she seems interested in kissing you. Better yet, watch for cues that she’s actually eager for you to kiss her. Never force your face on hers or assume she’s obligated to put out just because you bought her dinner.

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So, how do you give the ideal date?

The perfect date isn’t just about taking her to the most romantic restaurant and making sure a firework display sets off in the background the minute you kiss her at the end of the date. This isn’t like the movies! It has more to do with your effort, charisma, and intentions for her. That’s what makes it perfect.

Do you know why we didn’t give you specific instructions on how to plan a date? It’s because no two girls are the same.

No matter what romantic comedy they’re obsessed with, they will forget all about it once they realize how much they like you. All they’re asking for is a little time and effort from the guy they like. [Read: 14 deadly signs you’re ruining your first date]

Giving her the perfect date isn’t about spending all your money on that date. Instead, it’s making her feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, as if she takes your breath away the more you get to know her. Now, how’s that for perfect?

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