45 Tips & Topics to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl & Get Her to Hang Out

Can’t break the awkward silence? Learn how to keep a conversation going with a girl using these tips and look forward to more dates to come!

How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Have you ever been on a date and the conversation fell silent? There might be chemistry and plenty of similar interests, but sometimes conversations just don’t flow naturally. It’s annoying, right? The answer? Learn how to always keep a conversation going with a girl, and save yourself the stress!

If you want a full guide on how to approach and impress girls, start here with this guide on how to talk to a girl, and all the secrets of smooth talk and impressing girls.

Why is this such an issue for most girls?

We get it, nerves play their part when you’re trying to impress. However, if you don’t know how to keep a conversation going, how are you supposed to get to know one another?

We understand that speaking to someone you don’t know well is hard. However, there are certain things in life you just have to try and get over. By doing your homework and by learning how to keep a conversation going with a girl, you’ll be able to sidestep this issue in your love life.

Whether you’re nervous or not, having a conversation is the only way to get to know someone. It has to be done!

It’s the single best way for both sides to learn more, and it’s something to fall back on in an established relationship when things become tough. If you can’t have a conversation now, what makes you think you’re going to be able to later in the relationship?

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Topics to talk about with a girl

Before engaging in conversation with a girl, it’s good to have a list of potential conversation topics to talk about!

1. Education

2. Career

3. Plans

4. Hobbies

5. Passions

6. Favorite music

7. Travel

8. Movies

9. Childhood

10. Family and friends

11. Pets

12. Entertainment

13. Current events

Although some of these can spark great conversations about her personal life, make sure you do not be too personal or make her feel pressured to talk about certain topics. If you sense the conversation needs a lighter and more playful tone, now you have a list of backup topics you can talk about!

How to keep a conversation going with a girl

It’s not just bad chemistry that can make a conversation go flat. There are actually a lot of different reasons that cause awkwardness. Luckily, many of those reasons have to do with a lack of preparation.

If you really like a girl, then your best chance at making her yours is to be a great conversationalist. No one will want to stay away from someone that they love talking to. Here’s how to keep a conversation going with a girl you really like.

1. Be prepared

If you show up for a date or enter into a conversation not having anything to talk about, you’re going to fall flat. You have to be prepared for all different types of conversations if you want to keep a conversation going with a girl.

Not only do you have to be prepared for topics, but you have to be in a mindset that is prepared to be calm and collected. Most of the time, a person’s nerves will get in the way and they’ll be too caught up in their own nervousness.

Relax, stay casual, and then you’ll be able to hold a proper conversation. [Read: 20 little ways to perfect your first conversation with a girl you like]

2. Talk about her interests

When getting to know someone, you should try to engage their interest and learn about the things they like, as opposed to the things they do.

While it is obviously a topic that will come up at some point or another, never start with talking about work. This brings up stress from work and can cause a person’s mood to shift.

If you ask them what they like to do, you’ll get them talking about their passions and they’ll not only have a lot to say about it, they’ll be in a much better mood. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile, and like you instantly]

3. If she seems chatty, stick with that topic

Too many guys make the mistake of switching topics just when a girl starts getting excited about one. This is usually because they fear the conversation going dead. They want to make sure they have something else to talk about.

However, that actually creates the opposite effect than what people intend to do. She’ll just be bummed that you skipped over that topic and you’ll run out of things to say.

When a girl seems to be liking the topic you’re discussing, don’t stop talking about it until she ends it. [Read: 20 signs of attraction to watch out for in a conversation]

4. Ask questions

The best thing to do in order to keep the conversation going is to keep asking questions. Don’t make it seem like an interview, but don’t listen to what her favorite band is and then move on. Ask her why it’s her favorite, If she’s ever seen them in concert, etcetera.

Asking questions not only allows you to get to know her better, but also allows new topics to arise during the conversation. Keeping a conversation going with a girl involves asking detailed questions about different topics. [Read: 20 funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL]

5. Mirror her energy

Your energy should match the energy of the girl you’re talking to. If she is enthusiastic about an interest or hobby of hers, show enthusiasm with her. If there is something about the topic that has upset her, be upset for her *and try to change the topic*.

There is a fine line between mirroring her energy and being fake about how you feel. Remember to be yourself and you should stay on the right side of the line.

6. Use other people’s stories and experiences, too

You don’t have to just stick to what you know. If she’s talking about something that you know a friend had a really funny story about, go ahead and share it. Pulling from someone else’s experiences gives you more material to cover.

Not only will you keep the conversation going with a girl, but you’ll also give her insight into your life with your friends and/or family. Then, she’ll be able to get to know you better as well. [Read: 20 intellectual conversation topics that ignite meaningful communication]

7. Don’t interrupt her when she’s speaking

We know it’s hard not to interject when you think of something that relates to what she’s talking about. This is especially hard if you don’t want to forget it. But you must avoid interrupting at all costs.

Try to hold onto those thoughts until she’s done with what she’s talking about and then bring them up. It’ll keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Also, she won’t feel like you’re trying to shut her up by cutting her off. [Read: The complete guide to keep a conversation going smoothly with the opposite sex]

8. Ask open-ended questions

You should definitely be asking a lot of questions, but make sure they’re open-ended. Asking “yes” or “no” questions can seem like the way to go if you want to keep a conversation going with a girl, but you’re only limiting her responses.

Asking open-ended questions or asking her to elaborate on something allows her to open up and talk more. This will make the conversation seamless.

9. Know how to transition to a new topic

If she seems to be bored or struggling to talk about a topic, know how to transition from it to another naturally. What we’re saying is, don’t randomly bring up a topic that has no relevance to the conversation. Abruptly changing topics can make a date feel like a police interrogation – or an ambush!

10. Pre-plan some topics and have them ready to go

It’s a good backup plan to have topics ready to go to keep a conversation going with a girl. Now, you don’t have to keep a list out during a dinner date and cross certain things off *that may actually be creepy* but you should have a mental checklist.

Talk about her hobbies, pets, family, job, and even something about her college life. Knowing what to talk about next will save you when it seems like the conversation is taking a downhill turn. [Read: How to talk to your crush no matter where you are and impress her]

11. Avoid personal subjects

Asking questions about her personal life can be a good conversation starter, but make sure you do not ask overly personal questions.

Subjects about her friends are family are usually safe, but do not pressure her to delve into her life with her ex, for example. Doing so is a surefire way to make any girl feel uncomfortable.

12. Gossip a little

We will be the first to admit that gossiping can be fun. It is engaging and can be a great way to vent if you need to. People who gossip together tend to trust each other, so this is a great way to connect with your date. But the key is: keep it non-toxic.

13. Know when to continue the conversation

Check to see if she is still interested in the conversation topic, or if it’s time to switch things up. She may give you a response, but not want to continue the conversation at hand. And that’s okay! If she doesn’t straight up tell you that she doesn’t want to keep talking about the topic at hand, there are other ways you can tell.

Her facial expression might be very telling. If she looks displeased, you should consider changing the conversation topic. If her body is positioned away from you, or she looks closed off and reserved, she isn’t feeling it. Be sure to keep an eye out on her body language to tell if she wants to continue the conversation or not. [Read: Body language of a girl – 37 signs to instantly tell if she likes you]

14. Embrace awkward silences and make them funny

Even if you’re over-prepared, there will probably be moments of silence anyway. The best thing you can do is to just acknowledge the silence and bring some humor to the moment.

Better yet, talk about how you love or hate awkward moments because they’re so funny. You can even bring up a previous funny story about an awkward moment and use that to ease your way out of the silence.

15. Flirt naturally

Flirting throughout a date can really add vibrancy to the conversation. Don’t be afraid to be a bit playful and be sure to keep it organic and light. Find ways to tease her without making fun of her interests.

For flirting tips, we have a guide with 54 secrets and 41 examples of how to flirt with a girl and make her blush.

16. Remember that conversations are two-way deals

There are some girls out there that suck at having a conversation. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Just remember that you can try all the tricks in the book, but if the other person isn’t putting in the effort, then it’s not going to be a successful conversation. As long as you try your best to keep the conversation going with a girl, that’s all that matters.

17. Debate, but don’t argue

Sometimes, a topic calls for a fun debate. But you should know when you should debate with her, and when you should let it go. The key is to remember this is a playful and lighthearted setting. If there is a serious topic you disagree with, let it go. Instead of debating, change the topic so neither you nor her become uncomfortable or defensive.

18. Don’t be afraid to be quirky

Sometimes it’s the odd comments and quirky things that keep a conversation flowing. Don’t worry if you end up saying something that in hindsight seems a little weird. That’s probably a real conversation starter and something that will keep the chat going.

19. Sign off at the right time

Before you decide to end the conversation completely, don’t be afraid to sneak in a line about chatting again soon. Remember to keep it casual and lighthearted.

Mention a restaurant you would love to take her to, a coffee shop you can chat at, or a bookstore where you can share books together. Whatever her interests may be, use that as a reason to see her next. [Read: How to ask for a second date and not fumble or appear too eager]

Questions to ask to keep a conversation going

As we stated earlier, asking a girl questions about herself is the best way to keep a conversation alive. You will be able to learn about her and always have something new to discuss. Below we have 10 elaborate questions you can ask any girl to keep a conversation going.

1. “What are some of your hobbies?”

2. “How do you feel about pets?”

3. “What is your family like?”

4. “Do you celebrate any holidays?”

5. “What are your guilty pleasures or pet peeves?”

6. “What is the most unbelievable moment you’ve ever experienced?”

7. “What is your zodiac sign/enneagram/MBTI/moral alignment?”

8. “What is your best dad joke?”

9. “What is the name of the last song you listened to?”

10. “Are you free next week?”

Our most important advice is to not approach this like an interview and don’t get too personal too fast. Make sure your tone is casual and light so she doesn’t feel pressured to respond, and be sure to elaborate on your questions so new topics have the opportunity to flow naturally.

Tips to keep a conversation going with a girl

1. Understand that she’s not perfect

Keep in mind that the girl you’re talking to is only human, just like you. There may be moments in the conversation that fall flat or even silent because one or both of you are nervous or can’t think of anything to say. This is perfectly normal! Just be sure that you can efficiently start a new conversation topic that flows naturally.

Do not expect her to carry the entire weight of the conversation herself. And she may have an answer to a question you aren’t fond of. Either way, just remember to not put pressure on her to be perfect because she is not.

2. Look for her real, true personality

When we want to make a good first impression, or when we are nervous, we tend to put on our best front to please whoever sits in front of us. You might find yourself doing this, and your date might be doing it too. Keep this in mind and talk about topics that will bring out her real, true personality.

Stay engaged in the conversation, her mannerisms, and her facial expressions to gauge how she feels about certain topics. If you find a topic that seems to really spark joy for her, elaborate on it! [Read: 50 warm, feel-good questions to ask a girl to get to know her better]

3. Remember to be yourself

Even though you want to put in the effort to impress a girl, you should always remember to be yourself. Stay true to your interests, your opinions, and your feelings. When you can open up around a girl, she will feel more comfortable because you’ve shown that you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with her.

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In order to successfully impress a girl and have the best chances of making her yours, you’re going to need to keep a great conversation going. For those of you who tend to let discussions fall flat, following these tips on how to keep a conversation going with a girl can definitely help you make a great impression.

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