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How to Play a Player: 12 Ways to Return the Favor like a Boss

A player has one objective – use everyone in their life as a means to their end. If you want to stop getting used, here’s how to play a player.

how to play a player

OMG, can you imagine how awesome it would be to have no conscience and just to do what feels good? Being a player takes a special type of *ahem*… human being. Players are people who consider anyone around them to be an object they need to use in order to win whatever their end game is.
Most of the time, a player is someone who likes to juggle many women at the same time and use their emotions to get what they want. And when they no longer serve their purpose, a player cuts them loose. I know, doesn’t sound easy, but for players it is. But, to know how to play a player may not be.
I am just going to say it; players are insecure little pricks who have no self-esteem. So, like a monster feeding off the dreams of little kids, they find their strength feeding off the love of women who believe in them and love them.
How to play a player
If you have recently been played by a player, you may want to return the favor. In order to know how to play a player, you have to hit at the very heart of their heartlessness to find the things that make them tick – and take it out.
There are 12 things you can do to play a player. Following the very rules that they guide their lives by, these are the things you have to do to take your ball and go home. [Read: Surefire signs the guy you’re dating a player]
#1 Always answer their question with a question. When you get upset with a player and suspect that you are being played, you ask them questions to catch them. The thing is that they are so slick they don’t ever answer you.
What they do is see your question and return it. Instead of just giving you an answer, they throw it right back at you to frustrate and confuse you. If you want to play a player, wait for them to ask you a question and continue to give no answers – just more questions. See how they like it.
#2 Tell them you are on your way and don’t show up. If you want to let a player know how it feels, text them and tell them that you can’t wait to see them, and you are on your way over. Make it super sexy and full of anticipation. And then don’t show.
If you really want to make them suffer, make it last longer with one excuse after another followed but, “now I am on my way.” You know how that all goes right? They likely have already done it to you! [Read: Ingenious ways to beat a player who’s playing you]
#3 Don’t answer them when they text. Players have a list of people that they go down to text and keep in contact with. The way that they gauge their playing ability is the ease with which they can manipulate you.
What they expect is that you are going to be waiting with baited breath for their communication. Don’t play into their hands. No matter how hard it is for you, if they text you, don’t answer.
If you have to turn off your iMessage and put your phone on airplane mode, do so. The only way to know how to play a player is to stop answering them, and make them feel as desperate and confused as they make you feel.
#4 Make a play for their best friend. What are players best at? They are masters at destroying everything and everyone in their wake. Why? Because they can.
If you want to know how to play a player really well, it is time to hit on their best friend and make sure to make a play to give them a little loving. Nothing can hurt his ego more than losing one of his babes to his best friend. [Read: Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 clear giveaways]
#5 Find out who they are dating and make besties with them. If you find out that you have been a victim of a player, then the best way to shut them down is to take them out. That involves finding who else they have been messing with.
Often, those who are hurt by players get upset with the other people being played as if they have something to do with it. Find out who he has been messing around with, invite them all over for a night of drinks, and then lure him over to see that you are not going to be his pawns anymore!
#6 Draw them close then shut them out. A player is best at what? Playing with your emotions. If you want to give them a taste of their own medicine, then you have to pretend to be their everything.
You have to pretend to live and breathe for them, draw them in close, and just when you have them believing that you are the best thing they have ever had and that they have you forever, shut them down.
Not in the “I think we should be friends way.” Shut them completely down the way they do their victims and just stop answering forever. [Read: Tricky mind games that guys play that any girl can win]
#7 Be elusive. You know what the player is best at? Multi-tasking. But not in a good way, like they can hold a couple of jobs or run a couple of businesses. Nope, this is in the shittiest way possible.
They can put you off, make you think you are being obsessive and crazy, and that it is all your fault even if you haven’t done anything but try to call. Being elusive means that you can’t be labeled, pinned down, or even held accountable for anything you do.
#8 Blow them off. A player never usually gets blown off or waits for someone else. If you want to let a player know how it feels to be played, then make plans – no make like major important plans – and then suddenly just disappear without a trace. Show them what it is like to be blown off. [Read: How to play hard to get with a guy]
#9 Send a text and when they answer, say, “Oops that was for someone else.” If you want to let a player knows how it feels to be cheated on and disregarded, send them a text out of the blue.
No, wait, send them a sext out of the blue, telling them how you have never had better sex, seen a bigger d*** and more massive package, and how you simply can’t be without their sexy self. Wait about ten minutes. Then send an, “Oops, sorry that was for someone else” text as a follow-up.
#10 Leave them hanging. Players are experts at making all sorts of plans, but since they are making plans with several people all over the place, they can’t keep their story straight. Show them how it feels to be dumped on, forgotten about, and blown off by just leaving them hanging somewhere.
Make sure that they tell everyone you are supposed to come just so you can not show up and show them how it feels to be abandoned – and to feel like a loser like they have done to you. [Read: How to understand a man and his mind]
#11 Remain shallow. The best way to play a player is to sound like you are smitten. Make them feel like you have nothing to feel but unconditional love for them and that they mean the world to you.
The key is to have no feelings whatsoever and have your whole goal be to let them know how it feels to be used and abused. The very worst thing you can do when learning how to play a player is to get caught up and fall in love with the person you were supposed to be playing.
#12 Show no emotions or interest. Players are all about themselves. In fact, to them, if they didn’t exist the world wouldn’t turn – and humanity wouldn’t exist. If you go out with a player, make sure not to ask them anything about themselves.
In the same respect, make sure not to give them any ammunition to use against you either. Keep the conversation so superficial that nothing of any value is discussed, no emotions are shared, and there are no feelings flowing from you.
[Read: 25 signs of covert narcissism – a special kind of mind game]
If you want to know how to play a player, then just be done with them and spend your energy finding someone who really wants to be with you, respects who you are, and wants to build a future with you.

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