How to Manipulate Men in 10 Sneaky Ways

How to Manipulate Men

Do you want to learn how to manipulate men? Manipulating your man may not be ethical, but it’s something all women have to learn to use at some point. Here’s your complete guide on how to manipulate people.

Learning how to manipulate men and that special man in your life can seem uncomfortable, but if you understand how simple it is, you’ll see how effortless it can be!

Women have been stuck with the ‘weaker gender’ tag since forever.

But that view is heading for a complete makeover these days because women now know how to manipulate men and confuse their men easily!

It’s not the best way to get work done, but you know, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

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How to manipulate people

How are women manipulating men so easily these days?

Well, you can do that just by playing to your strengths.

No, we’re not talking about the wonderful art of kickboxing or even steroids.

There are far subtler, not to mention easier, ways to manipulate men.

It’s all just a matter to taking things into your hands, and realizing that evolution didn’t, after all, work with so much of a vengeance against you!

Here are 10 sneaky ways to manipulate men and the people around you.

#10 Bore him to submission

Keep on talking and don’t stop. Go all out when you try and explain yourself when you want to manipulate men. This works very well, especially at times when you’ve picked up something really expensive, and your man doesn’t approve of it. [Read: What men think about other than their woman]

Tell him about how the crystal chandelier was just what you needed at home. “I could have always picked up that cheap lamp, with a manual attachment, and some ugly screws that would just disfigure the walls.

But I actually picked up this beautiful chandelier that comes with two thousand cute crystals that illuminate the room so much better. And it also has five different places to fit the bulb, which is just so perfect because I can now arrange the room just the way I’ve always wanted, now paying special attention to the lighting, you know. There was also the bigger chandelier that was great, but you know, I thought it would be better to pick the one I just picked… it was a bit cheaper…”

#9 “I did it for you!”

Any and every time you do something wrong, just let him know that the sole purpose of doing that was to please him. How were you to know that he wouldn’t like the new pink frilly lacy upholstered bed?

Didn’t you think that this would turn him on all the more? You tried your best to make him happy, that’s all. “I’m sorry you caught me in bed with a male stripper, I was just trying to learn a few new positions for you”.  That obviously won’t go down that well.

#8 Make him prove you wrong

Men hate being told that there’s something that they can’t do, something that’s out of their league. And they absolutely love to prove you wrong. So don’t worry about how to manipulate him here. The trick is, quite simply to tell him! He doesn’t want to try that new lavender shirt that you lovingly bought for him? [Read: How to think like a man and impress your guy]

Just tell him that he may be right, because now that you think of it, he can’t really carry off that color. Or better yet, tell him that your colleague at work does it with so much panache. Lo and behold! The next minute, you’ll find him strutting around in his new shirt, and he may suddenly realise that lavender is the new in-thing!

#7 “You are my saviour”

Okay, you don’t have to repeat the exact words, but let’s face it, men have epic egos. It’s in-built, so rather than complain about it, use flattery to your advantage while manipulating men. [Read: Why men absolutely love a woman who asks for help]

He’s really angry with you for pestering him to come along for that girl-next-door’s wedding? Tell him about how the girl’s mum is always comparing you with her daughter, in a constant attempt to show her off and put you down. Tell your man how badly you wanted to show him off in front of that woman just this once. And to show her how lucky YOU are, to have a guy like HIM. And then see if he still sulks.

And before you know it, you would know how to manipulate men to do your whims and fancies. But hold on, we’re not done with our guide on how to manipulate people and that special man in your life. Go on and finish reading the rest of the tips in how can women manipulate men easily?

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65 thoughts on “How to Manipulate Men in 10 Sneaky Ways”

  1. It is horribly disturbing that an article like this would be written and posted on a site such as this. Manipulating men? REALLY?! This is the kind of misandrist, man-hating crap we get nowadays. And then you all whine about “where have all the good men gone?” You killed most of them with this kind of behavior, and those who are left retreated into hiding, that’s where! I care about HUMAN rights and HUMANISM. Not men, not women, but PEOPLE. And we will never get anywhere as long as you “feminists” go around using and abusing men who would otherwise support you. Think about that.

  2. Rhonda says:

    @JC, hey, did it occur to you that this could be a humorous satirical piece on manipulation. And quite frankly, I think women do this already, and they may not even know it themselves. But hey, to all the men, this could be a heads up on how women think though.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I think it’s funny. Girls know how to manipulate men, just as much as guys like how to manipulate girls. It’s all a cycle, and these harmless points won’t kill anyone. Perhaps, now we need a story for guys on how to manipulate girls!! Wonder how that would be!

  4. Grace says:

    I don’t see how men can find this offending, and this article on how to stare at a girl’s cleavage enlightening.

    And men say women are feminists!

  5. Lou Menace says:

    Need to change the title of this article “10 ways to get your ass dumped “.

    I hope this was meant to be a joke…Because that’s what it is.

  6. Chris says:

    Wow, does this crap actually work on people? You’ve got to be pretty dim-witted to fall for the first three. The fourth one though, can’t be helped 😀 Tell us we’re your god and you’ve got us 😀

  7. Nathalie says:

    I’m sorry you guys take this so personally. This is quite funny, if you think of it in this way. Seriously now, how bad can this be? This has been done for countless years, that’s what women do! Get over it! A woman could not rule a country but the man who actually did. We also do it subconsciously sometimes, you know? You don’t realize it, anyway. It pisses you off because you see how true it is. You’ve just recognized your wife, haven’t you?

  8. Sandra Hoppins says:

    @Nathalie, nice one! This is seriously immature of men to be behaving like this!

  9. Ray says:

    Ok, the cases here are definitely… extreme. That’s what makes it satirical. I can’t see any guy accepting “But honey, I’m learning new sex positions for YOU!!!”, not unless he can get some from the street walkers is included in the deal, for her of course. He needs to learn new positions too. I’m sorry to see the other guys posting here be so uptight about this article, not only do most women do the things listed here unconsciously (on a much smaller day to day scale), the way most guys manipulate women is just as unconscious. Except, of course, for the men & women who intentionally study how to manipulate the opposite sex. I’m personally glad to see an article (meant for WOMEN) that shows in a humorous way how they might be exploiting the males in their life & gives them the opportunity to bone up or change their attitudes, depending on preference.

  10. Jed says:

    omg i have come across similar situations to these and you know what?, on a strong minded man who does respect women (such as myself) it doesn’t work.
    these are parlor tricks and not the kind of things that should be put on the internet for young females to learn from for they are no bases to a real relationship, i am in a long term relationship with a female who respects me and i respect her and everything is fine, with men it pays to be straight up and speak your mind not manipulative and lie!!

  11. Jed says:

    doesn’t ray need a grammar lesson lol girls cant do that unconscioulsy, wouldn’t they do it subconsciously. lol

  12. Huwwat says:

    lol everyobe manipulates everyone.

    As a matter of fact most of us know we are being manipulated most are just too scared to go all in when she challenges you after you call her bluff. Be a man.

  13. Billy Williams says:

    if this was an article telling men how to control women,the feminazis would be going crazy and people would be screaming “Domestic violence,Emotional abuse”-but,because it is women doing it to men its okay.You people will never learn.

  14. Ash says:

    LOL, I would be down with an article telling my husband how to “control” me…. not that women can be controlled but oh it sounds nice to have him 100% be the boss and “control” me once in a while 🙂 Women already know all these tricks. Learned most of them from my husband, and they still don’t work. He has high blood pressure and I try to make him exercise with me by saying “I bet I can do it longer than you, etc” still doesn’t work. Men aren’t idiots – these points work, only when the man isn’t firm on a certain issue and doesn’t care if he gives in. If I went and bought a $1,000 chandelier I don’t think there is enough talking to get me out of that, Women & Men are both intelligent enough to only be “controlled” when the want to be and when it is something they feel they can compromise on!

  15. Alex says:

    We allow women to feel in control.. otherwise they flip out.
    Ladies, we are two steps ahead of you. We’re not gullible, or ‘caving’, we care, in the same way a lady hangs on to a man who drinks too much. It is your personality weakness not ours, and we see you as what you truly are (when its the kind of woman that does this), the weaker sex.
    We give out of pity, out of sympathy. We would never want to be you.

  16. Robert Jones says:


    Whatever respect I had for women outside of my family just died and went to hell.

    Go f@#k yourselves.

  17. Star says:

    @Alex ….of course you wouldn’t want to be a woman… a man you couldn’t in no way shape or form do what a woman does with grace and finess like we do… guys can barely go to work come home and shower to smell decent…let alone….give birth to children….monthly cycle….kids cleaning work looking good for men….please you men would cave like scared mice running from a cat

  18. Ayu says:

    First men, why are you here, it’s not like this should even concern you if you’re “two” steps ahead of us. And, women are the “weaker sex” by muscle wise. Just look at your dick for example, it’s weak sauce. Of course you don’t wanna be one of us, bet you can’t take a pounding instead. Oh and – woman wouldn’t have to play manipulative if men weren’t so full of themselves. And – men is the weaker sex that’s always trying to eliminate every possible chance for woman to shine. Thank goodness there were brave women out there who decided to rebel against you losers else women wouldn’t even be able to survive out there. Not because we’re incapable but simply because “men” are controlling. Yeah you guys like us to “stay in control” and have it our way? More like you can’t live without women that’s why you gotta suck it up. Lastly, woman had to fight for their own rights. From who? From you lousy men so don’t go telling us you care about HUMANISM. “That’s because you women wanted to do what WE men can”. Uh wrong again. It’s because you deny ALL our rights so in the past our only survival was to marry a man a hoping he is dependable. BUT LIKE MOST CASES, MANY of you men were NOT dependable, leaving a helpless woman with NO right to work or get educated AND raising several kids. And please, as if you men aren’t as disturbing as women. At least women is manipulating you into letting her decorate the bed with laces. What about men. Stop locking up your daughters in secret basements ok. Oh and? Stop spreading STIs to yo bitch because you felt horny at the bar and decided to get a one night stand. And stop sex trafficking women around to earn billions off horny men. Yeah women are “totally the weaker sex” In my opinion? Females are definitely the dominate sex. Including the animal and insect world. Cept we’re much friendlier :] In the insect world you’d be chewed up right after sex.

  19. David says:

    Ayu, you have some definite issues. See a therapist for more information. Thank you.

  20. Ran says:

    The only thing i can say, he should be ignored the whole time and when he calls and you think is the the right time for him love and respect and end up the conversation before he does

  21. Peace and love says:

    Yeah all this manipulating BS may be amusing to some and enlightening to others, but not so cool when you have an ugly, 60 year old skank using it on you 80 year old, sweetheart of a Dad. Amusing or not there’s some sick bitches out there and and some sick men, that maybe could use some manipulation, but it seems the people who least deserve it are the ones who wind up with it.

  22. tim says:

    Dear Women of all kinds, Boring a man like myself and/or trying to me feel guilty would break us apart very swiftly.

  23. di says:

    Well reading all of these comments from the male side I just wanna turn into lesbian. If we cant understand eah other y bother? Or just take a gun and shoot all of the dick owners in the head! Bam, and conflict resolved 🙂

  24. Steve says:

    Oh yes, this is what we need, To prevent yourself from being manipulated just manipulate everyone else. It seems we are just becoming self centered emotionless sociopaths.

  25. Cara says:

    Alex, you’re a faggot.

  26. Dane says:

    Men are retarded anyway. They deserve to be taken advantage of. And Alex takes a big one in his mouth because women are too disgusting for him. Balding faggot.

  27. Matt says:

    I just got out of a 4 year relationship with a girl I gave my heart too 100% she treated me like crap and used all of these to minipulate me, after my heart had enough of it I broke it off even though I loved her so much and over a year and a half she kept saying how much she loved me and changed… When I finally open my heart to her again within days she decided she no longer wanted anything to do with me and just today told me she has been seeing someone esle… Alot of men have ego’s I know this, but is nothing like the minipulative ego of a woman of todays age. I use to live with my heart with everything I do, Now I struggle to trust any girl with anything they say… Bottom line behind every ass hole is a broken heart and that is what this article is training future whores to do.

  28. anna says:

    This is a wonderful article.

  29. anna says:

    This is so funny how everyone is fighting. Histerical. I speak German, excuse for mistakes.

  30. COdy says:

    I use most of these on my wife. Thanks for helping me feel more moral about it though 🙂

  31. Blahblah says:

    This shit is stupid. The man has to love you first. This is just a list of crap he’ll put up with if he loves you. Making a man love you… Whole different ballgame. For me, it just not possible. No man has ever wanted to be with me. I’m 28 and I’m not obese. Just not a real desirable woman.

  32. Hannah says:

    This is so funny. Guys have been openly manipulative for women for awhile. And now that the tables have turned, you boys can’t handle it.
    And chivalry is dead, because men are lazy. So women must use a different strategy now. Tata lol.

  33. Kyle says:

    I don’t suppose everyone can turn off the Hate Fountain and actually converse like… Adults? Both sides are getting their knickers in a twist about this, and frankly it’s making the whole species look worse than anything either gender is doing.

    So you’ve had bad experiences with the opposite sex, and your friends all agree (usually with an alcoholic beverage in hand) that they’re all the same, and will never change, and you didn’t deserve it, because your record in the relationship was oh-so-perfect… well, you can now officially add yourself to the list of people known as “The Problem.”

    … That being said, if you buck up and realize that the rest of the world is just a bunch of people acting like assholes to hide broken hearts, then maybe you can get them to stop being an asshole, by you not being one first.

    … the exception being that there are real assholes out there, but they are usually super-easy to spot, because they are arrogant and demeaning… don’t put up with it, don’t give them the time of day, don’t let them breathe your air.

  34. Peter says:

    You can put your post appropriately on half the comment threads here, Kyle, but you’d have to get paid to do that. People will snipe and whine all day for free.

  35. William says:

    This little post is nothing. It changes nothing. It does not change that most males are players,or that most females are manipulative. You dont get what you want so you use your mind and looks on some dim-witted person (the dim-witted goes both ways). Just based towards women more because they like to get what they want and love to make it “look” like the man is charge when really they are. Im a “ladies first”in in and out of the bed. I make the descisions but my girlfriend is the stamp of approval before its made. I like to think im in control but alas Im not and I couldnt be happier. I get sex,faithfulness,and love. She gets sex,faithfulness,love and all the material things she desires. Its a circle alright but more of a give take circle. If more people just thought openly and told it straight. You wouldng need manipulation just understanding.

  36. RCHC says:

    These comments make me giggle. Men are obviously angry at the callous nature of the article, and when they voice their opinions about it, it’s just a barrage of shaming language.

    But why is this entertaining to you? Aren’t you a man as well? Why yes I am, and thanks for asking.

    The reason this is entertaining to me, is because men are finally taking notice of the shitty ass behaviour of women. Right now in Japan, 70% of all men age 18 to 37 want nothing to do with women. They aren’t gay, they just refuse to have anything to do with females. They get a job that supports themselves, pays some extra for hobbies and fun, and that’s it. Women are now being forced to go to male hookers just to get any attention from men.

    The west is already seeing a movement similar to it called MGTOW, and it is growing like wildfire. So please ladies, keep up the good work. Keep the shaming language strong! And invest heavily in cats, because it’s about to get really really lonely 🙂

  37. Matt says:

    And this is why I and more men everyday are staying completely away from you spiders. Females are proving themselves to be more and more parasitic, narcissistic, greedy, gold-digging, manipulative and just plain unworthy of any type of attention these days. The one and only thing women bring to the table anymore is sex, and it has an expiration date and diminishing returns. A quick Fk and chuck is all these disgusting skanks are worth anymore, and this just adds to the pile of proof. I can’t wait until the parasite who wrote this is 50, single and is invisible to society because her only form of worth has dried up. Keep lapping garbage like this up, “ladies”, and it’s men who will have the last laugh. Maybe you can take comfort from all of the other dried up husks at your spinster support group when you’re 50, all alone and suicidal because even though you all think “you still got it”, you’re dried up, blown out source of power is no longer relevant.

  38. macoy says:

    to all of you who are trying to deffend your sex…. we all know that one would never trade for the other but i myself am happy that each sex is the way they are. and there is no “stronger sex” you can not compare two things that are completely diffrent and try to choose another, and i find all of you very childish for choosing to argue over it

  39. ordinance says:

    Most men are pretty sensitive to insincerity. They can smell it a mile away but they wouldn’t show it unless it goes on for too long or it crosses the line. So if there are any girls who actually read this and take it seriously – just know that the moment you try to pull this stuff off with a real man, he would see right through you. If he doesn’t, then you two are made for each other.

  40. Matt says:

    Jed, your an absolute moron.”doesn

  41. Michael says:

    Thank you girls – great article – very useful for us, guys – keep it up 😉

    There is also a related book written (by a woman) long time ago called Manipulated Man – it is probably going oberboard and is a little too much, but there are a few eye opening truths there – read it guys, especially those who have not studied any women psychology, attraction, etc.



  42. Bruce Brown says:

    This is terrible advice. Women have ego’s too. So much so, I can read it in this very article that is suppose to give insight on how to manipulate men, and people. Naturally, men and women both do these things, but to sit here and suggest these things are helpful is blasphemy. You may manipulate, but your ass will be divorced sooner or later from such unhealthy behavior. Your character will always be what saves or destroys that man’s trust in you. It’s cool for entertainment, but in my opinion this article does not provide better love, only deceit.

  43. Roland says:

    You forgot to add, “Cry rape and abuse.” to your list of manipulative tactics.

  44. Roland says:

    The first time I submitted the above comment it was deleted. I wonder if it was found to be irrelevant? Or maybe it was found to be too

  45. Roland says:

    For example, the following comment made by a woman was deemed perfectly acceptable but mine was not. Look at what is really going on here people! Men and women alike, take the red pill and wake up! Look at what our world is comming to and the double standard that femminism has created:

    April 30, 2012 | Permalink |
    Well reading all of these comments from the male side I just wanna turn into lesbian. If we cant understand eah other y bother? Or just take a gun and shoot all of the dick owners in the head! Bam, and conflict resolved 🙂

  46. Mr. Bation says:

    You know the expression “know thy enemy”? This is a good article for specifically that. You know how when you want to learn how to get out of a traffic ticket (when you don’t have the benefit of breasts), you study a police training manual, not a “how to talk your way out of a ticket” article? This way, you learn the methods cops use to *issue* ticket, and how to work around them.

    TL;DR version: keep this article, but know what it’s good for.

  47. HappyGuy says:

    Bore him into submission by never shutting up. That is a ticket to shutup and get lost. I dont know why they post it as a manipulation. 5000mph cat chatter about nothing means. “waiter! check please” GONE.. Come back an hour later and she is still talking to the table next to her about …nothing.

  48. HappyGuy says:

    Guys. Xbox, TV, Beer and your dog. Let the chickens cluck.
    That’s why Best Buy sells awesome noise reduction headphones.

  49. Jill says:

    Don’t women realise that a man can only fall for this stuff once and then it is over forever? Men naturally have good hearts but it is this kind of behaviour that makes dogs out of us. That’s why I say, only a foolish man gets married. Lucky enough I have read all these women blogs and I know exactly what they are up to.
    I learned all my lessons from 3 earlier relationships. By the age of 27 I was a master at sniffing out a womans manipulative tricks. Now I silently get disgusted when a woman tries to use them on me and usually that’s when I start think of when and how to end the fling. My advice to men is, don’t whine. Just be quiet and let her think she has you where she wants you until you decide to play your move.

  50. Andy C says:

    No not least deserving (but that very often does go hand in hand with), just those that most vulnerable and weakest to these predators. Most predators in nature do so. Most human predators of other humans (in the various forms that can take) also do so. Almost no, proportionally, humans or other predators go looking for the most ‘sporting’ of predations. Even if they try to make it look like they are.

  51. brucethedrummer says:

    WTF? Really? This is what women think is in the best interest of a healthy relationship? WTH is wrong with you ladies? Actually manipulating someone is not lady like at all. In fact that is some scary tyrannical thinking. You will never respect anyone you can manipulate and your relationship is doomed. I had a girl friend that tried manipulating me. (Operative word: HAD) No wonder men are leaving women in droves. No wonder men are forgoing girlfriends and marriage. Will the next article be “Where have all the good men gone?” Sheesh. And, not one freaking comment from a woman on this page condemning this article. Speaks volumes to me!

  52. brucethedrummer says:

    Nice shamming strategy chick. Hit the bricks toots. Your toxic as fark

  53. brucethedrummer says:

    Yes, the only way to understand the opposite sex is to manipulate them into doing what you want them to do? And if the men don’t go along with your female lunacy kill them! Nice. Manipulative and homicidal. Outstanding character traits you have going for you. Bet your a fun girlfriend. How many of your ex’s have ended up in counseling? Or how many of your ex-lesbian girlfriends are in therapy? I feel sorry for your cats. All 15 of them.

  54. brucethedrummer says:

    Hey there’s a article on this site for you called “Where have all the good men gone?” you can follow that up with the article “How to find cats when you hit the wall at 35!”

  55. brucethedrummer says:

    Women today have about a much finess as a fart in funeral home, Which is also where you will find marriage these days. Enjoy your 20 cats

  56. brucethedrummer says:

    AAAAND, that is why you will find it increasingly difficult to find men that are willing to put up with this crap anymore. Wait unitl you hit the wall at 35. SO smug in your arrogance. good lord that is ugly. Enjoy your cats.

  57. Sonya says:

    This is absolutely sick. I have no respect for this author. It is unethical, but we all have to do it? I don’t think so. Sounds like whoever wrote this is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (i.e., a jerk). It is not okay to manipulate people. You will never understand or experience true love and will never be able to fill the deep vast loneliness that your hurtful actions create.

  58. I usually play the victim and pretend im the little angel while targeting my victims, then use a friend to call the police and play rape, always works, just suck the cops dick and you got yourself a real job

  59. once with each women, as i mentioned before, the same women can pretend she is several people can use the police to frame men, i did it to my Brother John, once police start recording complaints they cant seem to fallow up they target the individual to arrest them for fingerprints, then i get the copy, defame them and within several years the target cant find work and is living in the street like my brother who i rather not split a inheritance, when its war its how women fight i!

  60. dont be stupid Jill, read the book “the rules” and do not listen to anyone, once i read it i had several guys begging me just to talk, guys are just tools!

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