20 Wily Signs of a Player that Can Stop You from Being Played

signs of a player

No one wants to be played, but if you don’t spot the signs of a player, it is easy to get sucked in. Look for these subtle signs that say his game is on.

There is potentially nothing worse than being with a player. A player gets his name because he “plays around” or “plays the field.” If you think that you can bench the player, just know that you are not the first, and there is a good chance that you won’t be the last one to think so. Your first step? Know the signs of a player!

The 20 signs of a player you need to know

Many players are incognito until the ball is in motion, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle hints that indicate a red flag to his intentions. If you see these flags on the field, move along and find someone who just wants to play on one court—yours.

#1 He is way too forward. Players are called so because they got game. A player knows all the right things to say and comes on way too strong and makes it endearing, not creepy. An art form, the player is all about winning at any cost. So, they put it all out there up front to see if you are into the game or if they should find a worthier opponent. [Read: How to recognize a love bomber before you become their victim]

#2 You feel like you are being sold something but not quite sure what. A player is somewhat like a used car salesman. The only difference is that you know what the used car salesman tries to sell you. A player sells himself but in a much subtler way. That is why you feel like you are being worked over, you are. [Read: 15 signs you’re being led on and they’re taking you nowhere!]

#3 He’s dressed to the “T.” Players perfect the art of attraction. They know what to say and what to wear. If a guy approaches you and is way too trendy, definitely too flashy, and manicured to the nines, you probably are dealing with someone who has been around the pickup block many times = player.

#4 He smells like a cologne bottle. The player knows how to use all of their wiles to win you over. That includes not just how they look but how they smell. If you catch a whiff of him standing six feet away, it is safe to think that he is either a player, or at best, working way too hard with reason.

#5 Everyone at the club seems to know him as if he is there every night. A player can’t keep his game hidden from everyone. If everyone behind the bar knows him, the bouncers know him, and the wait staff knows his favorite drink without asking, he is in the club a lot. If he goes to a single’s club frequently, it isn’t for the good food, and this is one of those glaring signs of a player you can’t ignore. [Read: The 17 signs you’re being strung along right now]

#6 You receive the evil eye from other girls around you. A player is excellent at pissing girls off. If you suddenly get an evil eye from other girls around him when he approaches you, that means you aren’t his first victim. Don’t worry they aren’t hating on you. But they definitely give you a heads up that they hate him for his playing ways.

#7 He has a comeback for everything. If you feel like you had this conversation with him before, you play with a player. A player knows every little witty comeback to what you have to say because they heard it all before and prepared very well for any situation. Trial and error and experience make them an expert at making everything sound rehearsed.

#8 He is witty and charming. The only reason that players get away with being players is their wit and charm. If he is straight up, all up on you instantly, and trying to charm your pants off then it is intentional. He uses his attraction to your disadvantage and shows his true team colors.

#9 His cellphone blows up every two seconds. The player is a very busy man. His phone is blowing up with all the girls he either lies to, keeps on the sidelines, or pissed off. My suggestion? Don’t become one of them. If the phone goes off all the time, something is going on… It usually isn’t good.

#10 He is a natural out on the dance floor. If he has the moves that just make you want to grab and take hold, then he is probably a player. Most guys aren’t that into dancing, and if they are, it typically isn’t because they enjoy it. They learn their sexy dance moves to impress the ladies. Did you catch that? I didn’t say “lady,” I said “ladies.” [Read: 10 signs he’s not playing hard to get he’s just playing you]

#11 He won’t take no for an answer. This guy won’t take no for an answer, and that’s one of the biggest signs of a player. He treats your answers like they are a game or accepting them is optional. For the player, someone who says “no” is game on. Believe me, he won’t give up the surrender flag without the best attempts he has.

#12 Once he has you, he keeps passcodes on his phone, his computer, and everything else to keep you out. Once in the player’s world, you are kept at arm’s length. Since he juggles so many girls at the same time, you notice all his personal things are on lockdown. Passcodes are his best friend to keep everyone he plays on opposite playing fields.

#13 He has a ton of “girlfriends” but they are “just friends.” At least that is what he tells you. Sure, guys have some girl friends, but if you have the impression they are more than just friends, listen to your inner voice. A guy with a harem of girls instead of a group of guys, probably is not sleeping alone when you aren’t with him.

#14 You just feel as if you can’t trust him. There is something about a player that you just can’t put your finger on. That is distrust you feel, and this is one of those signs of a player you need to keep an eye on. There is always a feeling that they hide or hold something back from you. [Read: The 12 clues to tell you if a guy is just using you]

#15 He hasn’t ever had a serious girlfriend before. A guy well into his 20s who has never had a serious girlfriend before is a red flag. Either he is noncommittal at any level, or he just likes to have a variety instead of eating one flavor.

#16 He refuses to take it to the next level or even to his place. A player wants just to play. If you try to take it beyond the booty call or the late night meet up, he has all sorts of excuses to make himself unavailable. He is unavailable because he makes himself available to all sorts of other women.

#17 When you ask about his past it is like he just appeared out of nowhere. A player doesn’t want you to know his ugly little secrets. He doesn’t want you to know about his history, his upbringing, or really anything including where he lives. If you found out who he really is, he knows you probably can’t be played as easily.

#18 His friends are players. Birds of a feather flock together. If all of his friends are players, there would be no reason for him to be with them if he wasn’t as well.

#19 He only wants to meet you after midnight. If he never takes you on a date, seen you in the daylight, or contacted you before “last call,” you probably have a player on your hands. [Read: 10 booty call moves that may look like true love]

#20 He has a reputation as one. Reputations exist for a reason. If other people tell you he is a player, heed their warning. There is a real possibility he is.

If you feel like someone plays you, they probably are. Listen to your inner voice telling you something isn’t right, things aren’t adding up, or you are missing the full picture of who he is.

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It is best to understand the signs of a player before you fall for one. In the end, they end up playing you, and all you will be left with is a feeling of defeat.

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