How to Understand a Man and His Mind

Men have a lot of thoughts drifting in and out of their mind. If you want to know how to understand a man and his mind, here’s a guide for starters.

how to understand a man

Click here to read the introduction on what men think about other than their women.

Men think about a lot of things.

And if you’ve read all the dirty thoughts he has about women other than his lover in the introduction, you’d know that he’s got a pretty active imagination.

But if you’re wondering how to understand a man when it comes to things other than just women, here’s all you need.

How to understand a man’s mind

It’s never easy to understand the mind of the opposite sex, especially when the way men think differs so much from the way most women think about similar things.

While there may be many things that men and women think along the same lines, here are a few things that drift away in a tangent.

Peek-a-boo, I remember you!

They say elephants have long memories, but give a man a good sight and he wouldn’t forget it for the rest of his life!

And here we’re talking about the infamous nip-slips, low-jeans-butt, and the see-through tees.

Men think about this quite a lot.

A man may be walking across a street, only to find himself staring at a beautiful girl who’s bending low to adjust her sandals.

He didn’t ask for it, but he gets an eyeful. The next second, he’s got a grin that stretches from ear to ear, and he’s definitely going to have a great day. [Read: Why do men like breasts?]

This happens even if she’s wearing really low jeans or even if the air is nippy and cold. The second place a man sees after the face of a woman is her breasts, and obviously these thoughts visit him often. Women shouldn’t get annoyed by this involuntary action of men because men do feel bad about it, but then again, it’s involuntary happiness. And your man remembers these moments of involuntary happiness. And he thinks about it quite often. And he feels ‘happy’ and thanks the one above for it.

Men think of porn too

Men love women, and your man loves you. But if there is any habit that can annoy, shake you up, make you feel insecure and very disgruntled, that would be your man’s thoughts about pornography.

Firstly, men have no ill thoughts about pornography, unlike most women who just can’t find a reason to stare and hope to grope at the cinematic antics of the minimally clad actors in the videos. [Read: 10 sexual fantasies all men enjoy]

Remember, for women happy feelings comes from the heart. For men, happy feelings come from the heart and an area rather below it. Your man may watch a few movies, and he may think about them every now and then. But don’t take these thoughts personally, he just appreciates the geometry and symmetry of their bodies, and even if you don’t have the same physique, he still loves you.

He may think about the porn star’s body, but at least you know for sure that he’d never be able to get anywhere close to her physically, so who’s the one who should be frustrated? [Read: Why men watch porn instead of their own woman]

Men think about their friends

Your man definitely thinks about his friends and your friends too. When he’s sitting by himself or just grinning like a fool for no reason, he’s probably thinking about the last time he was out with his buddies, and he’s remembering the way they were all checking out the hot girls who were around.

Yup, your man does check women when you aren’t around, and he does drool too. When he’s out with his buddies, they’re all just a bunch of school kids waiting to hoot and catcall, or talk about hot chicks and about the new hook ups. They may even play a game of guessing the cup size of the women in the bar, but well, boys are boys, don’t you think?

At times, he may recollect these memories and laugh about it to himself. Of course, it was funny, and of course, he can’t share such details with you. It makes him feel uneasy and he obviously can’t tell you that he was drooling over some hot minx’s hooters while you want him to fix his eyes on just yours. So the next best thing, he thinks about them, whenever he can.

He also thinks about your friends, especially the hot ones. He knows they’re all just friends who are off limits, but who can stop thinking about a hot friend of yours, especially if she comes by often and hangs around with you and your man all the time?

A man spends a lot of time thinking about his ego

A man thinks about his ego a lot, not the little one in his pants, but the big boost in his head. He plots revenge, he licks his wounds and gloats over his successes. He may talk about these ego issues with you if it doesn’t involve women, but if his ego is shattered by a woman, he would just walk into a shell and tell you that he’s had a bad day, or that he’s just tired and wants to relax.

While he’s relaxing, he analyses the issue, sulks or feels happy about it. If he was able to work a good long eye contact with the girl at the coffee shop, or if he received a compliment from his crush, even a little one, then his ego soars to an all time high, and you’d find your man saying things like “Who’s the hottest guy you know, eh…? It’s me, isn’t it?!”

But if he’s been unable to make eye contact or if he finds her middle finger interfering with the eye contact, or it’s something just as heartbreaking, he slumps home and asks you if he looks bad or ugly these days. He sits down to think about it, because in either case he wouldn’t be able to talk about it with you. He usually spends quite a while thinking and caressing his ego.

When he thinks about games

Men love playing, with you. But when you’re not around, they play on their computer, on their Xbox, on their PlayStation, or with anything that remotely interests them. They especially love games and they just can’t stop planning their moves, and thinking about the game now and then.

At times, they even dream about games, and they wouldn’t mind spending all weekend in their soiled boxers, just playing games, and thinking about nothing but the game. If he’s bought a new game, and if he’s exceptionally quiet over your candlelight dinner, you can be sure that all his thoughts revolve around the game, the hot chick with the great body in the game, the different moves he can use to win the game, the cheat codes to the game, and the crack version of the game, where he can have all the women in the game undressed and running around with no hint of inhibition.

But most of all, your man think about games because he gets to be the best man in it, he gets to pound villains and bad guys with the best weapons, and look cool and be a superhero. Basically, he can be all the things he can never be in real life. So he thinks about it, a lot!

When he thinks nothing at all

Now this may come as a surprise to you, but even with so many thoughts popping in and out of his head, he still makes it a point to think about nothing at all, at least for a few minutes in a day.

These are times you may think your man’s dead, turned into a zombie, or just plain mean and unconcerned. But unfortunately, men need this blank mind to refresh and ease their mind. What else could you expect, there are millions of thoughts zipping across his head every second, and he does need some time to clear all those thoughts and take that annoying buzzing commotion off his mind.

At these times, he thinks about nothing but a blank white space. Or he just thinks about a nice place, some place that reminds him of a vacation, a cool breeze, the splashing waters, the sand mounds, the curves the water from the sea leaves behind on the beach, and a few other things you really don’t want to know, especially if you want this to end in a happy way!

How to understand a man

But all said and done, relax and take a deep breath. He still loves you, and what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Your guy has been thinking about all of these even before you stepped into his life, and he’s going to think about it even if you threaten to walk out on him. [Read: How to be a good girlfriend]

These are just involuntary thoughts that he can’t help thinking about. All men have these thoughts, but that hasn’t made everyone want to walk out or cheat on their women, so take it easy.

But if you want to let him know that you don’t like it, tell him you need some time by yourself too. And spend that time doing exactly what he does. Smile, grin, contemplate and look fussed.

Even if there are no thoughts in your mind, your expressions are enough for your guy to assume that you’re thinking about another man. But other than that, there’s just nothing else you could do to stop him from thinking about so many things, along with the thoughts about you. So let him think about all these things, because he still loves you and cares about you just the same, even if his mind does stray every now and then.

The next time you catch your man lost in a daze or staring happily at a wall, you’d have a better idea on what he’s thinking about now that you know what goes on in his head.

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But now that you know how to understand a man and his mind, don’t worry about it even if a few of his thoughts disturb you. It’s who he is, and he’s doing a great job masking his thoughts from the outside world, and definitely deserves a compliment for that fact.

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