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Men and the Fear of Homosexuality

Most men have always found it difficult to understand the concept of homosexuality between two men. Some of them hate it, while others wriggle their toes when a gay man stands next to them. Find out why homophobia is such a big issue for most men.

Why do most Men feel Uncomfortable around Gay Men?

They’re called gay, and they’re happy. But some men call them queers and some others prefer faggots. The latter is spat out viciously. Launched by the lower lip, the spit is intended to land on the person addressed. What is it that brings on the venom at the mere knowledge that someone is gay?

Homosexual behavior is an attempt to fulfill normal, legitimate needs for love, acceptance and identity through sexual intimacy with someone of the same gender. Now if someone wants to live his or her own life this way, why would another person have a problem with this?

There are men and some women who shake and shrug at the mere mention of the fact that someone in the room is gay. They shoot daggers and stare like those people were the scum of the earth. Some may even in casual conversation poke fun. “Oh, we’re not talking to you,” the big ‘all-male’ guy would say. “You wouldn’t know what to do with the blondes in our jokes. We’ll get back to you when we’re doing faggots,” he’d add.

Homophobia and Men

Now what is it that calls for such rudeness? It’s homophobia and there’s an actual fear behind this hatred. The dictionary defines homophobia as the unreasoning fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. It can also mean hatred, hostility or disapproval of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people, or of perceived LGBT lifestyles, sexual behavior or cultures, and is generally used to assert bigotry. “It’s a perversion, being gay is not natural, it’s against God, it’s sick, how can one be like this?” These are the bigoted barbs that draw blood.

Two men together, how gross!

While statistics have it that well over 64 percent of men are capable of bisexual behavior, over 30 percent have actually tried it. A majority of the homophobes that hate gay men will come from this segment. The very thought of another man touching them sends shivers through their bodies and this is soon replaced with anger. Now while most of this comes from social conditioning, many genuinely from their gut cannot accept the brush of a moustache against their lips when they close their eyes to kiss. The rough and somehow thicker male tongue will suddenly fill their mouths and they’ll want to puke. Making out with another man for them is always dirty. Something the best cleansers and disinfectants cannot wash away.

Two women are great though!

Now the very same people who are so vociferous against two men hitting the hay will not flinch at the thought of two women making out. All their theories about homosexuality being against the order of nature will be blown away and they’ll settle themselves down to watch the action. They may even secretly visualize themselves participating in it. But what these men must know is that if the women are indeed lesbian, the last thing those women would want is a man with them.

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