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How to Know If You Are in Love

how to know if you are in love

Falling in love is a wonderful and crazy feeling that’s worth experiencing at least once in our lives. When you know you are falling in love, the way you look at the world and experience life can change in a moment. But the bigger question is how to know if you are in love? Well, find out here.

Falling in love is an experience worth living for. And the first time you fall in love, that’s a memory of a lifetime. But how to know if you are in love in the first place?

All of us have our own experiences in love, and every moment is as unique as the person who is falling in love.

Many believe in love at first sight while many others think the best kind of love is one where two friends understand each other and fall in love gradually. [Read: Love facts]

Now however you may fall in love, the feelings are all the same. And when you’re in love, you’ll just know!

When you fall in love with someone, you start to experience feelings and urges that are quite unexplainable and confusing.

Read these signs to know if you are in love. [Read: Dating facts]

How to know if you are in love

Falling is love may be a single emotion, but that single emotion can cause so many hormonal, chemical and emotional changes, it’s almost unbelievable.

You’re definitely in love if you’re experiencing these emotions.

Butterflies in your stomach

For anyone who experiences falling in love it first sight, you can’t really help but experience butterflies in your stomach.

It’s a vague sensation of wanting to throw up and trying to get to the loo at the same time. [Read: Love at first sight]

Your stomach starts to perform intricate back flips and the insides of your stomach feel like they’re fluttering!

So why does this happen? Surprisingly, no one really knows why this even happens! But it just does.

Some scientists believe this is due to the release of adrenalin by your body because of the nervousness you experience when you fall in love at first sight.

Unexplained happiness

Do you find yourself kissing pillows, jumping up and down in excitement and joy for no apparent reason and giving your lover funny little pet names? You may just be in love. [Read: Cute pet names]

According to Helen Fisher, anthropologist from Rutgers University, when you fall in love, the levels of dopamine in the brain increase due to the increased blood flow to the regions where the receptors of dopamine are present. Dopamine, a pleasure chemical, makes you more excited, energetic and full of life.

The dopamine released in the brain make you feel sleepless, restless, full of happiness and make you think about your lover, a lot. Ever taken cocaine? That’s just like an intense burst of dopamine!

You can’t think of anyone else

When you’re in love, you can’t really think of anything else but your lover. They’d be tirelessly running around in your mind and you can’t work, remember things or focus on other interests. This is due to norepinephrine, a chemical compound that gets released along with dopamine, in the brain.

You get sexually attracted… a lot!

In a study conducted on several young couples madly in love, it was seen that the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter found mostly in the intestinal tract, dropped dangerously low, something that’s experienced by people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

But on the other hand, it was noticed that low serotonin levels in young couples increased the desire to have sex. Talk about evolution’s way of forcing the ritual of baby making while we’re completely attracted to each other! [Read: Public display of affection]

You get depressed easily

Do you get upset easily if the person you like upsets you in any manner? Well, you may be in love. While the drop in the serotonin level makes you more horny, it also makes you depressed and anxious!

Even the smallest of things can upset you or your lover, and both of you may end up spending a lot of time trying to please each other with little acts of love and affection. While each act of love increases the love and attraction, each disappointment makes you more vulnerable to pain and depression. [Read: Little things in love]

How to know if you are in love

Falling in love with someone, and staying in love with someone are two completely different experiences. While most people believe it was love right from the beginning, falling in love actually begins with a note of lust and sexual excitement along with the flutter of love.

Falling in love is like a drug, and unfortunately, just like a drug, it doesn’t really last forever. While the levels of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin gradually come back to normal after a few months or years depending on the type of relationship, it’s up to the lovers to find ways to keep the excitement in love alive.

Every time you have a crush on someone, the whole game of chemistry in love starts firing the Bunsen burners and we’re back to square one all over again. [Read: Chemistry in love]

But evolution and the hormone oxytocin though, have found a way to make lovers seek commitment and make couples fall in love forever. It has created stages in love, and all these experiences are just one single stage in the process of falling in love.

So how to know if you are in love? You’re going to be experiencing every single emotion that’s been explained here. But is your love going to last forever? Well, that’s a whole different story!

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24 thoughts on “How to Know If You Are in Love”

  1. NatPaq says:

    These signs seem awfully close to the feelings of lust or infatuation. How do you know you’re in love? When you can trust that person 100% with who you are. When you can share your inner most ideas and secrets. When it feels impossible to break a connection that keeps you together. When you are best friends. Top all that with the desire to screw eachother’s brains out and you’re probably in love.

  2. Lilly says:

    I agree with NatPaq. You described infatuation perfectly. Love at first sight is infatuation. You can’t “love” someone you don’t know.

  3. I don’t care what any of you say negative…I love Robin….and yea, I’m not the one sleeping with her, but over a year’s time , conversations….I could only think of her…even to this day…I breathedher, I showered with her, ate, worked, slept, snored, every single thing I did every day to this day I have been in love with her and wanting , waiting to be with her….knowing she loves another and has sexual relations, has bout killed me now….my heart is crushed and my pain is deep….and still, god dammit….crying now….I love her more than I’ve loved in my entire life, and I’ve never met her…..I can’t explain it, there are no words…none….and I don’t know what to do….if she loves another and has and is having relations with him, then I am beside myself broken hearted and dying now……I want you happy Robin….and I still don’t understand why u never wanted to meet me in person….oh god dammit…god dammit….I don’t know what to say or do….this has all been so mind blowing and outta this world…..Robin..my love….I love you so dam much and I don’t know how you feel about him either….but u must put urself in my shoes and see what I’ve been going through without you….he has you…u see why I act the way I do sometimes…because I’m going crazy, crazy without u…what do I do….I want you so bad…..I can’t even stand it…..omg….u are my life….u have become my life…..who do u want my queen….tell me who u want….please……oh god help me now…….please if u can bring urself to a decision or a possible outcome….please share it with me…the one without u…..please tell me…..I love you no matter ur decision …I just want u to know that…..I love you so god dam much and I feel like I’m dying right now………..I love you baby……u know ..U KNOW I DO……..I LOVE YOU FOREVER, NO MATTER WHAT…….REMEMBER…If you want to at least try a life with me…..please come to me…..at least try……..please baby….at least try…..

  4. Christinest says:

    It’s totally INFATUATION OR LUST. Actually, I have experienced being in love with someone. I accept him for who he is, his strengths and weaknesses. Out of top 5 experiences, I had only experienced three of it: (1) You can’t think of anyone else (of course I am always thinking of him, if how is he, is he okay etc); (2) You get sexually attracted a lot (Yes, I am a romantic kind of lover, when we are just alone, I expressed my affection to him, how much I miss him); and (3) You get depressed easily (Yes, I am a sensitive kind of person…whenever I experienced a whole day without a text from him, I got totally upset, why he didn’t even bother to send a text for me? Does he miss me? Those kind of questions coming in my mind). I’m always in love with him, no matter where I go. He is always in my heart.

  5. Alice says:

    I love someone so much and I wonder if he knows cos I don’t know how my life would be without him.. I love you so much

  6. Ashley says:

    Sexual attraction is not always present or necessary when you love someone. You may not be sexually attracted to your partner/spouse, but you may still love them.

  7. t says:

    I’m head over heels in love with my man I had no idea this is how it feels to really love someone. We both feel wonderful and vulnerable. Everyone should have the chance to find their soulmate and not be stuck in the wrong relationship for any length of time!

  8. Raygirl says:

    So many women never understand this. But sexual attraction is VERY important to a healthy relationship that is not PLATONIC. You can love a person only as a friend, simply for your own sense of emotional intimacy. But you cannot truly be happy and satisfied if there is not some type of attraction sexually to your male. What is the purpose in being in a romantic relationship? Sex. And you really can’t love your partner if you are not attracted to them in some kind of way. The reason for this is while you might love him simply for who he is, that does not make him feel special; it just makes him feel like you can put up with him but you are really only with him to feed your own emotional security. And it will show because you begin not to care about his feelings, only yours. You begin to not care about romance, eventually only dealing with him, rather than this supposed “love” you had. Acceptance is not the only way to show love. Desire is a very powerful tool. It let’s the other person know that you don’t only care about your own needs, but you TRULY are just into this person. If you are not sexually attracted to him, only emotionally attracted, you don’t want him for him, just for what he can give you emotionally. This is why women have a hard time keeping men happy and always whining about him not loving them. Because many do not show true genuine love, they are not given it. You are given only what you are giving. And truly this is why women are not happy in relationships, only comfortable. They expect a man to give her attention, but if you don’t want him except to feed emotional ego, than why should he? You’re only using him for emotional reasons, not cause you actually think he is a diamond that you should value. Its sad but men value women more than women value men. If women can learn to value their men as something precious and special, maybe they won’t get cheated on so much.

    When you are sexually attracted to someone, it means this person has a special quality that just makes you want them. There is emptiness and dullness in a relationship without desire. What motivates love is lust. Love begins with lust. Otherwise, you don’t love him. Just the way he satisfies you own insecurities. GOD WOMEN SICKEN ME SOMETIMES! I guess that’s why I prefer being around men. :/ Women are pricks.

  9. bgirl says:

    I don’t know about other people but I have fallen for a man for the first time at the ripe age of 35. The symptoms match a lot with what I am experiencing. I’m not a teenager, so this confuses me. He’s a funny guy, pretty laid back, I know I’ve struck gold with this one. But the work is suffering and so am I πŸ™‚

  10. cathy says:

    I love you so much more than i ever though i will ever love you.

  11. Danielle says:

    Ray girl. I think you absolutely nailed it!! I’ve just realised the difference between, oh this is lovely, how nice and OMG WOW I WANT WANT WANT TO TOUCH & KISS AND YEAH… This man. Boy. What a difference! It’s frightening!!

  12. Love Hurts says:

    I have love at first sight,with a poor girl ,she have lots of problem ,she is literally slave girl for some prostitution work,she is very cute ,sweet ,a good girl ,i really love her lot,every time i just think about her ,but i got her pain ,now i feel her pain in my body …. really it is hard to forget her pain,,i think i did mistake to love her,but actually truth is different for reality i didn’t ,it happened,I couldn’t control my self , I felt in Love with her ,she loves me too ,i just want her to see happy ,i want her to see in good life.. i am always praying to god for her. one day i told her leave this place i don’t wanna see you here,come with me ,she told me when my contract will end ,i will leave this place,then i will call you ,then i told her, if you don’t leave this place ,one day i will come and chase you from here ,then she told me , don’t do this ,they will Kill Us,it is better to live like this…I will try my best ,trust me and she kissed me, one think i don’t understand why my life happened like this ,Like a Hollywood movie ,i hate it ,it is not good, some times i don’t eat ,when i think about her ,I lost my happiness…. πŸ™

  13. Why it's so hard says:

    When a girl likes you and is shy, but tells everyone she is in love with you, but is shy about it how is one to overcome her fears and tell her it’s ok to be shy but don’t miss out on the oppurtunity. Why is finding love so difficult.

  14. AngrlRose says:

    I’m in my first relationship now, I’m 17 he is 19 there’s really about a year and a half between us, we’ve been together about 2 months it’s going pretty well, were both happy and he is so lovely I really do like him, we were friends first which was good getting to know him that way first, i dont know if I love him yet maybe I’m beginning to? I’m not sure as I have nothing to compare it to.
    I do have some relationship anxiety about the future especially since he lives out of town, that doesn’t help and next year we won’t be going to the same school as he has left to start work, he might keep one job were he works most Wednesdays in not completely sure if he will, but he recently got a new job at a pub as a casual were he will work most Fridays and Saturdays I’m not sure about other days yet so we won’t be able to stay over at each others houses then, and I will be going to school next year on Tuesday and Thursday so I won’t be able to stay Monday or Wednesday I go to an alternative education school were some of us don’t go as much, maybe I might need to go more as I will be doing new subjects next year, and mid next year after I get used to my new subjects I’m going to try and do some work experience which might also end up with me with a job so then we might have even less time to spend together I worried that if we don’t spend enough time together because we’ll both be so busy that we’ll just drift apart and he will find someone who fits into his new slightly different life better I’ll have to wait a few days to talk to him about this because I want to in person rather than text, we do talk every night it’s rare that we don’t so I could have I’m just more a talk in person kind of girl

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