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How to Stay in Love Forever With Your Lover

stay in love forever

Let’s face it, falling in love is giddily exciting but staying in love can be quite a pain. Find out how to stay in love forever by really understanding your relationship and your partner.

You may not voice this out loud or even talk about it with your partner.

But at some point in every long relationship, all of us wonder about how to stay in love forever.

Even in the happiest of relationships, it’s natural to get interested in someone else or find someone else attractive.

It may seem surprising, but it’s against human instincts to stay in a monogamous relationship or not find someone else sexually appealing.

But then again, social norms and societal pressures bind us to stay in a committed relationship.

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How to stay in love forever

To understand how to stay in love forever, we have to understand the basic requirements of a romantic relationship.

And we have to accept that sexual attraction and love are two completely different aspects that come together in a successful romantic relationship.

Staying in romantic love with your lover doesn’t just depend upon intense love or affection for your partner.

If staying in love was all about fondly liking someone or loving them unconditionally, there’s no difference in the love you’d experience for a friend, a sibling, a child or even a parent. In these cases, love is unconditional.

But romantic love needs intense love and sexual attraction to work successfully. And to make a relationship work, you need to keep the relationship alive and relive the excitement of the first few weeks of love every day for the rest of your lives. [Read: Top 20 reasons for divorce that most couples overlook]

Of course, it’s rather difficult to trick your mind into recreating those fleeting glances of first love and those passionate first kisses, but it’s definitely doable if you use these simple relationship changing steps on how to stay in love.

Ways to stay in love forever

To stay in love forever, learn to keep an open mind and always exchange thoughts with your partner to create new exciting memories that can last a lifetime. And never ever forget the two things that are required to stay in love, affection and sexual desire. Find out how to use affection and sexual desire to stay in love with each other using these tips. [Read: How to better a relationship]

Get a great body

Yes, this is shallow. And you need to face it, sexual desire is shallow too! If you want your partner to love you and desire you, you really can’t expect your partner to desire your Michelin tires, can you?

In several extensive surveys, it’s seen that over 60% of Americans are either overweight or obese. In the beginning of a relationship, you pay attention to your physique and try to look your fittest best. But as the years go by, you know you have a partner who won’t leave you anyway and you just stop taking care of your own body.

To feel good in a relationship or to sexually attract your partner, you really need to like what you see in the mirror every day. You can’t expect the affection and sexual interest to stay on if you can’t arouse your partner anymore. It’s brutal, but you can’t laze like a slob and expect your partner to genuinely think you’re sexy and find you desirable! [Read: How to sex up your bedroom]

Dress up and look your best

Looking fit and getting a great physique is the first step to knowing how to stay in love, but that’s just not enough to arouse the sexual desire in long term relationships. You also have to understand how to look good when you’re walking down the street.

Sexual desire is an evolutionary trait, but knowing that there are a lot of other people who give you a second glance involuntarily makes your own partner desire you more. [Read: How to turn on a guy]

Look your best, whether you’re at home or out with your partner at the movies or at a restaurant. Groom yourself and awe the people around you, and your partner will love you more, respect you more and definitely sexually desire you more than you’ll ever know! [Read: How to sleep with your man in a sexy way]

Give each other space

As the relationship grows older, lovers start to spend time with each other a lot more than they would at the beginning. While spending every evening together is a great way to bond, it’s not good for the relationship.

If you really want to know how to stay in love forever, you need to learn to give each other space in the relationship to grow as individuals. Create your own hobbies and explore your own interests. Enjoy something that you love doing, be it playing video games or gardening, and grow your own passions. Keep your own lives interesting, and you’ll be able to have better and more interesting conversations with your partner. [Read: How to give space in a relationship and better your romance]

Go out with your own friends

In a long term relationship, the lives of the partners are too closely entwined and one partner’s life becomes the other partner’s life. But for a successful romantic relationship, you have to remember that both of you are two individuals who love each other and desire each other, not two people who are attached at the hips. Every now and then, spend time with your own friends, have your own jokes and share your own gossip.

Understanding how to stay in love forever can be difficult to follow if all you look forward to is the monotony of a bored life together, right from the moment you wake up to the time you kiss each other good night.

In a successful relationship, both partners have to be excited to see each and share the events of their daily lives. If there’s no difference between one day and the next, your relationship can get pretty boring and distasteful.

Spend time with each other

To stay in love forever, it’s important to give each other space and grow your own life. But at the same time, both partners should spend enough time with each other to talk about each other’s day and spend quality time with each other, be it watching movies or just cuddling up and watching the evening soaps on the television.

Most couples assume they have to spend every minute possible with each other, but for a relationship to be successful, that’s just not true.

More than the time spent with each other, what really matters is the quality time either of you spend with each other. By creating your own lives, both of you would have a lot more to talk about with each other. At the same time, both of you would be excited to spend time with each other instead of just sitting next to each other and staring into space or reading a book. [Read: How to communicate in a relationship and get closer]

By avoiding all individual social activities, hobbies and social interactions and spending all the time with each other, you aren’t really improving your relationship. Instead, you’re just boring each other and preventing each other from growing into exciting individuals who can be more fun and interesting. [Read: Things lovers in perfect relationships talk about]

Knowing how to stay in love forever is pretty simple, as long as you remember to stay as two individuals in love instead of one couple living together.

To keep a relationship exciting, it takes little steps to help each other become better individuals and grow each day, so that each of you can inspire your partner to become a better person. [Read: Why are women fickle in love?]

After all, isn’t it more exciting to fall in love with a better person every day, rather than live with someone whom you fell in love with years ago? Use these tips on how to stay in love forever and read the next five steps on how to keep love alive to understand more about staying in love forever.

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9 thoughts on “How to Stay in Love Forever With Your Lover”

  1. Theresa says:

    Came accross your site and I think it is amazing. I have just started a new relationship that I really like to last, so I will be reading this site like a bible

  2. Trah says:

    Me and my cousin have always been close. I never taught about dating her because one she is my cousin and two she is 4 years younger than me but even with all that we always had a kind of connection. My whole life I tried to ignore it and later I found out that she did the same. We had our first kiss when she was 15 and I was 19. Against all odds the kiss felt so right! However no matter how right the kiss felt we couldn’t date because of who she was and the age difference.I tried dating many other girls to forget about her but none of them were right because none of them were the girls I love. Me and her tried to stay away from each other to the point where we ended our friendship and stopped talking altogether. After 2 years I did not forget her but it was easier to deal not being with her. All that came crashing down when I saw her. She was 18 then and I when I saw her it all came back rushing back. I couldn’t help my self, and as soon as we got some time alone we started making out. I was 22 and I had plenty of experience in the women department but just kissing her made happier than Anything I have ever done before. I could not understand it. At the time I was dating a girl who I did indeed love but not nearly as much I I loved my cousin. I broke up with the girl because I didn’t feel It was right to be with her when I loved another woman even if that woman was related to me.My cousin and me began talking a lot again and when we were alone we showed our love by kissing and holding hands I almost couldn’t believe how innocent it was for someone my age. After a few months she told me she was still a virgin and she wanted me to be the one she lost it to. She said she thought about it a great deal and we both knew we could never be together but she wanted to at least have sex with me. I want her forever in my life. What should I do?

  3. Madison Gallegos says:

    Your comments on body appearance and size are disgusting. That has nothing to do with love or keeping your relationship alive. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just because someone is overweight means they can’t be in a successful relationship? Put your opinions in the trash where they belong, not here where people are looking for real advice and help.

  4. Beatriz F. says:

    OMG, I couldn’t agree more!!!

  5. Beatriz F. says:

    This is the most shallow, irresponsible, offensive advice article I’ve ever seen. “Michelin tires”? Excuse me? Are you saying love is just for thin people? You are incredibly wrong! EVERYBODY deserves love, EVERYBODY is able to love and be loved, it doesn’t matter if they’re fat, thin, tall, short, blond, brunette, it doesn’t matter if they have all their limbs or not, it doesn’t matter if they can’t move any parts of their bodies, it doesn’t matter if they have acne or not, big noses or not, big ears or not and god knows what else the media says is unacceptable, just to sell stuff! Can you imagine if kids/teens read this page? They might have come here looking for help, but they’ll leave feeling that they don’t deserve love. Even adults may develop serious psychological and physical conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, cutting, etc., because of the pressure of this kind of unprofessional article.

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