16 Signs of Sexual Tension between Coworkers that Can’t Be Hidden!

signs of sexual tension between coworkers

You may think it doesn’t show, but everyone in the office knows the signs of sexual tension between coworkers. Don’t think you’re hiding anything.

People like to make jokes about having a work wife or husband. If anything, it just shows you all the subtle signs of sexual tension between coworkers.

Usually, we like to think that we have our feelings under control. And no one else will be able to sense that you and your coworker have some crazy sexual tension.

But here’s the thing, unless your office is full of sexually inexperienced people, everyone knows. Sorry to break it to you, you’re not going that good of a job hiding it. [Read: The pros and cons of banging in the workplace]

What is sexual tension?

It’s not an easy one to explain and can only be understood if you’ve experienced it with someone. This isn’t based on your emotions, instead, it’s more of a build-up of sexual frustration. It’s like touching something you’re not allowed to for a long period of time.

This is a hard thing to ignore especially if you’re working with this person. You see them every day. Now, sexual tension can be from both sides or only one side. When it comes from both people? It’s explosive. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

How to see signs of sexual tension between coworkers

Now, you may be trying to figure out if two of your coworkers have something going on between them or how to clean your own tracks. Either way, you want to figure out what people look for when they’re looking for signs of sexual tension between coworkers.

I won’t start prying into your business, but if you’re trying to figure this out, ask yourself if this is something you even want to get yourself into. Just sayin’.

Anyways, let’s get down to business. It’s time for you to know the signs of sexual tension between co-workers. Sometimes work can be fun.

#1 You feel it. Though the rest of these signs will help you determine if there’s sexual tension or not, the best way to go about it is by following your gut instinct. Do you feel that there’s something going on? Do you feel this heat of energy inside of you when you talk or look at each other? If you feel it, you’re onto something.

#2 It’s all about the eyes. Where there’s prolonged eye contact, there’s an emotional connection. Now, this doesn’t have to be a deep emotional connection, it can be purely sexual. The point is, they’re giving you the eyes. If it’s a longer stare than usual, there’s something going on. [Read: What prolonged eye contact means in flirting]

#3 It’s like being in high school. Except you get paid. Though it’s not like high school, thank god, the feeling of having someone chase you and vice versa is very high school. It’s fun, it’s flirty, and every time you get to work, your stomach starts with butterflies. Now, this could be single-sided, but if you’re seeing this with some other signs, then it may be two-sided.

#4 You’ve had sexual thoughts about them. Now, it’s normal for us to look at people and momentarily think about them in a sexual way, but with them, your thoughts last for minutes or way more. Usually, you’re aroused by the end of it. But this may only be one-sided. However, it does show that there is sexual tension. [Read: Is the sexual tension mutual? Here’s how you can tell for sure]

#5 There’s a bunch of awkwardness. When you talk to each other, it’s more awkward than anything. Okay, you or the other person could just be awkward people, but usually, when there’s sexual frustration, it’s because you’re both trying to contain your sexual desires.

#6 There’s some touching. Not in a brotherly way, I’m talking about flirtatious touching. Aside from eye contact, you’re touching their arm, they’re touching your lower back, putting their arm around you. In other words, they’re not acting like they’re just your coworker. If anything, they want to end work early and take you home.

#7 People are making comments. Listen, here’s one of the signs of sexual tension between coworkers that can’t be avoided – if other people notice something going on between you, it’s true. There is no way that other people would comment if they’re not feeling the sexual tension. And don’t assume that others can’t tell. You’d be surprised at how observant people are. [Read: 14 signs to recognize lustful sexual tension when you see two people]

#8 You just want them to kiss you. There are these moments where you’re standing across from them or they’re sitting next to you, and you’re thinking, can you just kiss me already? I get it.

They’re looking at your lips when you talk and you want them to swoop right in. Listen, don’t let the vibe fool you, there’s some tension going on. [Read: 16 ways to handle your horniness when there’s mutual sexual tension]

#9 Your real partner makes comments. You remember your actual partner, right? No one likes the idea of their partner being at work with other people that could be a potential threat. Your partner may have met them or have heard you talk about them, and, well, they’re not thrilled. You notice your partner becoming jealous, and it’s because they know something is going on.

#10 You both spruced up your wardrobe. It’s amazing what a work crush can do to you. You may have started to dress better now that you have a work crush, but they’re also doing the same. They’re smelling fresh, they had a haircut, and they bought themselves a new outfit. They wouldn’t do that for no reason and neither would you.

#11 You don’t separate easily. You need to go back to work, but it’s not easy prying you both away from each other. It seems that you can’t be with them and vice versa. If you had it your way, you would be in the lunch room until it’s time to clock out. Oh right, you also have lunch with them. [Read: 18 signs of an emotional affair you probably didn’t notice]

#12 They tease you. This is also a form of flirting, so it’s a good sign. Some guys aren’t into paying girls compliments, instead, they tease the girls they like. Not rudely, it’s always with a gentle arm nudge and a smile. Through this, they’re trying to build a bond and make you feel comfortable. But don’t forget, this is all done with a hint of sexual tension.

#13 Flirt with each other via text. You may work together but you also text each other all the time. Well, first of all, if you are flirting with each other then there’s some sexual tension between you. It may start out physical, but if you allow it, it’ll develop into something greater. But that doesn’t mean it’s better. [Read: The subtle hints to tell you friendly vs flirty]

#14 Talk outside of work. Flirting at work is one thing, but you bring it out of working hours. If you’re texting each other after work is over, something’s going on. Sure, you can text each other if it’s work related, but if not, they may be into you.

#15 Smiles, smiles everywhere. Of course, you can’t help but smile because you’re completely into them. You giggle, stutter, and feel the butterflies in your tummy. You just want a piece of them. If they’re doing the same, well, it looks like you both want each other.

#16 You feel like you can’t resist. If you literally fight yourself from jumping on top of them, well, there’s a bunch of sexual tension inside of you, waiting to pop out. Listen, this could be one-sided, but if they’re touching, flirting, and smiling with you all the time, it’s two-sided. In that case, have fun!

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So, are there signs of sexual tension between coworkers at your job? Are you the one sharing sexual tension with someone? Now you have your answer.

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