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How to Start a Conversation with a Crush and Woo Them!

You like a guy or a girl, but don’t know how to approach them? Use these tips on talking to your crush and you’ll see how easy it can be to woo them!

conversation with a crush

Talking to a crush is not the easiest thing to do.

And we’ve all been there!

You can be the smoothest talker or the friendliest chick, but every time you work your courage to walk up to a crush, you can’t help but hesitate just a bit longer, and involuntarily force a big gulp of air down your throat.

Approaching a new friend and or an acquaintance is so easy, it almost makes you careless.

But when it comes to saying hello to a crush, it really is one of the hardest walks you can take.

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Why is it so hard to say hello?

Firstly, you need to understand that you’re not alone.

Secondly, you need to realize that the longer you take to say hello, the more difficult it’s going to feel.

And thirdly, you need to recognize the fact that you’re making the whole approach harder on yourself because you’re focusing more on the odds of failure than success!

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When you have a crush on someone, you end up worrying far too much about the outcome and constantly wonder if you’re good enough to approach this person or start a conversation with them.

Of course, if you feel you’re worthy of their attention, you wouldn’t feel so nauseous each time you work your heart to start a conversation with them, would you? [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and still impress her effortlessly!]

The two approaches to talk to your crush

If you constantly feel like you’ll get walked all over by your crush if you try to start a conversation with them, then odds are, you will get walked all over.

The idea behind approaching a crush is simple. You need to believe that you’re worthy of your crush’s attention. Heck, to actually feel comfortable around your crush, you need to convince yourself that your crush likes you just as much as you like them!

The wrong approach…

Most guys and girls use the wrong approach to profess their love to a crush. They sneak in the background for several weeks. They curse themselves for every missed opportunity to talk to their crush, and finally, one fine frustrated day, they say what-the-heck, walk up to their crush with a heart that’s beating deafeningly in their eardrums and blurt out every single emotion they feel towards their crush.

And almost all the time, they walk back with a broken heart because their crush would have walked all over them in those two minutes! [Read: The right way to get your crush to notice you and like you back]

…and the right approach!

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you get only one chance to confess your love to someone. The slower your approach, the more confident you’d feel around your crush. And the better your results would be.

Really, if you had a choice, would you rather get walked all over by your crush? Or would you like it a lot better if you could sneakily get your crush to get a crush on you before you ever tell them you have a crush on them?!

Don’t ever be hasty when it comes to professing your love for someone. As hard as it is to think with a clear head when it’s clouded by the racing emotions of passion, learn to calm your mind.

Take it slow, plan your steps with a calm mind and you’ll see that crushes aren’t painfully embarrassing moments in life, but exciting opportunities to turn something secretive and one-sided into mutual admiration or even true love! [Read: 12 ways to tell someone you like them without saying I-like-you]

Turn your one sided crush into mutual admiration

The best way to start a conversation with your crush is not by professing your love to them, but by making that person fall for you instead!

After all, what do you want? Do you just want to tell them you like them? Or would you want them to like you back? If you want your crush to like you, don’t tell them straight out that you have a crush on them. Make this person fall for you instead!

Five steps to get your crush to like you before you even say hello!

Before you ever start a conversation with your crush, use these five steps to get your crush interested in you. By using these steps, you can turn the table around and make your crush believe they’re the one who’s falling for you.

#1 Make eye contact the right way. Don’t just stare at your crush until they see you and look away. Glance towards your crush occasionally in a casual manner, look at them now and then, and always look away before they look away. And sometimes, when you’ve caught their attention, avoid looking towards them especially when they’re looking towards you. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work!]

Once you rouse your crush’s interest in you, make them work to get your attention. You may think this is crazy, but trust me, it always works! [Read: 10 tips to look really good while trying to get your crush’s attention]

#2 Appear interesting. Remember, you’re being judged by the people around you all the time. You may not realize it, but there’s always someone noticing you all the time unless you’re locked up inside your room. So try to look good, especially when you’re around your crush. The more interesting you appear, the greater the odds of your crush wanting to know you better. [Read: 10 sneaky ways to get a guy to notice you and fall for you]

#3 Be happy. Don’t be nervous. Nervousness isn’t cool, especially when you’re around your crush because it makes you appear awkward and boring. Try to feel comfortable in the presence of your crush. If getting comfortable takes some time *a few weeks, perhaps?* so be it. [Read: 8 easy ways to get a girl to notice you without even talking to her]

Remember, you don’t have to profess your undying love right away. Spend a while noticing your crush and feeling comfortable around them, and at the same time, give your crush enough time to notice you and start admiring you!

#4 Common interests. You probably know enough about your crush to know what they like or don’t like, and you’d have a good idea about the activities that they like or the things they do, be it yoga classes, or having coffee at a particular place every evening. Try to find out if both of you have any common interests that could bring you closer to your crush. After all, the more opportunities to bump into each other, the bigger your chances of a happy ending. [Read: 5 deviously sneaky ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it!]

#5 Smile! Once you start to feel comfortable around your crush, and you notice that your crush has been looking in your direction rather often, it’s time to break the ice. At the right opportunity, either when you walk past your crush, or if both of you bump into each other, just smile a warm and friendly hello. You don’t need to say anything if your heart starts fluttering. Just smile, because that’s a perfect way to get into each other’s lives! [Read: 19 tips and ideas to keep a conversation going with any person of the opposite sex]

That first conversation

If you’ve played your cards right using these five earlier steps, chances are, your crush would be just as excited as you to get to know each other. So all you need to do is play it cool, say hello a few times, and when you feel confident enough, just walk up to your crush and strike a conversation.

But this time around, the conversation won’t be a one sided affair of you confessing that you have a crush. Instead, it’ll be a conversation between two people who like each other and are excited to get to know each other better!

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These tips on how to start a conversation with your crush and woo them may seem all too easy, but the truth is, it really is that easy. And you’ll realize just how simple it can be as soon as you try the first step!

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