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Sex in the Office: 14 Pros & Cons of Banging in the Workplace

A hot and steamy work romance *with sex in the office* may be high on your fantasy list, but is the real thing actually worth all the consequences?

sex in the office

I think everyone has fantasized about having sex in the office at some point in their lives. It’s a fantasy that most people can relate to, and that’s mostly because it’s something that can easily be done.
However, there are a number of different consequences that can go along with having sex in the office. Sure, you may have a good time and have a great story to tell, but is it really worth it? It is really worth losing your job or getting in serious trouble?
Why is sex in the office so hot?
We all know that having sex in the office is a great fantasy. That’s why there’s been so many porn videos made around that very idea. If you work in an office, chances are you’ve definitely thought about it before.
But why? The truth is, this fantasy is so hot because it’s one that so many people can relate to and can even make happen.
Fantasies that are so close to being a reality get people really worked up and excited – and that’s why having sex in the office is just so damn hot. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]
Is sex in the office really worth it?
If you just started a little interoffice romance and are fantasizing about having sex in the office, there maybe a few things running through your mind – and I’m not talking about whether or not you should have sex on the copier.
You may be thinking about the policies you could be breaking and whether or not you’ll get fired. Having sex in the office may be a really hot fantasy that might be the highlight of your entire sex life, but there are also a few things that you should think about before stripping down and boning on your office desk. [Read: Top ten female fantasies]
Why you should say no to sex in the office
There are a lot of reasons your interoffice relationship may NOT be worth the risk. These should make you think twice before stripping down and getting it on at work.
#1 You could lose your job. This is the worst reality that could happen if you really want to give having sex in the office a try. There are many, many companies that have policies regarding this being completely forbidden.
Having sex in the office is a huge liability for the company, and yes, doing it on top of that wooden desk may be hot, but it’ll also get you fired if you’re caught *or word gets out and eventually makes it to your boss*.
#2 Your reputation could be tarnished. If your boss never finds out and you’re safe from being fired, your reputation may still be completely ruined. When your coworkers find out that you’ve had sex where they work, they’ll lose respect for you, and that is bad for your work environment. [Read: Sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]
#3 You may lose out on a big promotion. If your boss catches wind of a rumor that you’ve been banging somewhere in the building, they’re going to lose respect for you as well, and that alone could cost you a big promotion.
You may have been perfect at doing the job and worked your ass off. But if you’ve been sleeping with someone AT the office, you can basically kiss it goodbye.
#4 You’ll ruin the fantasy! Basically, you’ll be disappointed. The truth is that sometimes we build up these fantasies so much in our minds that we’re disappointed and upset when we finally get to live them out. Do you really want to ruin the best fantasy you’ve got?
#5 It could affect you getting a job after you get fired or willingly leave. If you do end up getting fired for having sex at the office, or you leave on your own due to other reasons, it’ll be really hard for you to get another job – especially if you were fired.
Imagine your new employer calling up your ex-boss to ask why you got fired. I’m sure they’re not going to be very excited to hire someone that has sex in their office. [Read: Best and hottest places for outdoor sex]
#6 It will make your work environment less efficient. Having sex in the office will completely change how you see it. You may get distracted by thinking back to when you had sex there, and you won’t get nearly as much work done.
#7 Your work environment could get awkward. If your co-workers know that you’re the person that’s been having sex in the office, things will get very awkward. They won’t want to work with someone they feel weird around.
But here’s why you might want to say yes to having sex in the office
If you want to look on the positive side of things, here is why having sex in the office would totally be worth all of the risks mentioned above. [Read: Sexy role playing ideas for the shy]
#1 You’ll get to live out your fantasy. Now, on the flip side, some people think this is amazing. They’ll finally get to live out the fantasy they’ve been thinking about for so long. And even if it’s not as great as they expected, they still get to say they made it come true.
#2 You’ll view your workplace in a better way. If you’re someone who needs a little motivation or something to lift your mood, then sex in the office may have a positive effect on you. You may dread coming to work much less.
#3 It could potentially help you focus. Some people just can’t focus on getting their work done when their sexual energy is too high. If this sounds like you, then you may actually benefit from having sex in the office. It could increase your work energy and get you back on track by getting rid of that distraction.
#4 You’ll be more relaxed at work after the act. If your thing is to have sex in the office while everyone else goes out for lunch, you will be SO much more relaxed after the lunch hour, and it’ll make work so much easier to handle. [Read: 12 tips to keep in mind when you date your boss]
#5 Your confidence will go up. Anyone who has a sexy little secret is always more confident. If you’ve been fooling around in the office but none of your coworkers know you have, you will start to get a confident edge that is really powerful.
#6 This confidence could affect your job in a positive way. Confident people take initiative and show that they know what they’re doing – qualities that your boss would love to see in you.
When your boss sees how confident you are, they’re going to be more willing to assign you bigger projects and potentially give you that promotion.
#7 It makes a great story. This is an obvious reason that would make it worth the risks. The fact that there are SO MANY risks makes for one amazing story. Not only that, but how many of your friends can say they’ve had sex in the office? Probably none. Bring on the jealous!
[Read: Arousing sex fantasies you should try in real life]
Sex in the office may be your biggest fantasy, but are you ready to handle the risks involved, too? Decide for yourself if sex in the office is really worth it.

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