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How to Forget a Guy and Wipe His Face From Your Memory for Good

how to forget a guy

Getting over him probably isn’t easy. That’s why knowing how to forget a guy can help you move on and find yourself someone better.

We all have that one – or far more than one – guy who is seemingly just stuck in our mind. It’s like his face has been engrained in our skulls and we can’t stop thinking about him. This is even more likely if you’ve just been through a nasty breakup and want to know how to forget a guy.

It seems the more we want to forget them, the stronger those memories become. Not only is this really annoying, it makes the process of moving on take a hell of a lot longer.

Is forgetting a guy really the best idea?

A lot of people think the idea of forgetting someone isn’t healthy because it’s just shoving those thoughts down time and time again until they can’t stay below the surface any longer. But that’s just not true.

Just because you’re forgetting about a guy doesn’t mean you’re harboring resentment or harmful feelings. It just means you’re choosing to let that part of your memory go. [Read: 15 very effective rules to forget someone you once cared for]

How to forget a guy you just split up with

It actually doesn’t matter if you split up yesterday or three years ago. If you’re looking to get rid of his haunting face, we’ve got just what you need. Remember that these things take time but if you put in the work, he’ll be nothing more than a name to you.

#1 Resolve some feelings. You still have very strong feelings for him. That much is clear. If you really want to figure out how to forget a guy, you need to resolve those feelings. Dig deep inside yourself and figure out how you truly feel. Then let those feelings go.

#2 Remember the good times. I know it seems counterproductive, but hear me out. You have to acknowledge that not everything was bad. If you just paint him in a negative light, you’ll end up forming resentment toward him.

That emotion is so strong it could imprint him in your mind forever. You’ll start to complain about him ruining your life instead of just whining about how you can’t forget about him. So remember the good things he did for you. [Read: Why your ex still pops up in your mind from time to time]

#3 Think about the toxicity he brought to your life. Now it’s okay for you to think back to all the bad stuff. The more he was bad to you, the easier it’ll be to accept that you don’t need him in your life. You may even end up losing those strong feelings and when that happens, it’s like he was never really a part of your life.

#4 Let go of his stuff. I mean it. Any T-shirts, sweaters, hats, or items he left or gave to you have GOT to go. You can’t forget someone when there are always constant reminders of him. You can either donate them, give them back to him, or throw them away.

#5 Get rid of pictures. Once again, you don’t need the reminders that he was in your life. That won’t make forgetting him way easier. Delete all the pictures of him and the two of you from your phone and throw away all the ones you had printed. There should be no room in your life for those reminders. [Read: Should you keep or throw away old love letters and pictures?]

#6 Delete all contact information – including social media. That’s right. Any way you could ever get in contact with him. You have to get rid of it. Not only will his name on your phone and in your social feed remind you of him, it’ll tempt you. And if you have access to reach out to him, you won’t be able to forget him.

#7 Stay busy. Distraction really is the best method for learning how to forget a guy. The busier you are, the less time you have to think about him. If you do focus on your work or school or friends and dive right into your hobbies again, you’ll forget him in no time.

#8 Ask friends not to talk about him. If they bring him up, how can you forget him? Tell them you’re done with him and just want to forget him. Then explain that you never want them to talk about him – no matter what. Usually, they’ll understand and will abide by your requests.

#9 Let go of any regrets. There are so many things we all wish we could’ve done. Those regrets make us hold onto moments and people like you wouldn’t believe. No matter what happened that made you want to forget him, you have to let it go. You have to shut down any regrets, accept your current situation, and move on. [Read: 5 major life lessons you can learn from regrets]

#10 Don’t hold onto any negative feelings toward him. Once again, this is super dangerous. Negativity is very strong – stronger than positivity in most cases. The more hate and anger you hold onto about him, the harder it’ll be to forget him. So think about those feelings and commit to letting them go.

#11 Think about all you have around you. When we’re upset and missing someone, it’s easy to think that’s all you have in life – this emptiness. But that’s not true. The more you pay attention to the world around you, the more you’ll see he was such a small part of your life. Let him go.

#12 Be grateful for the life you have. Again, we all make the mistake of thinking our current turmoil is all we’ll have in life. You have so much more. Being grateful for the other things you still have that are good and fun can help you forget him.

#13 Remember why things didn’t work out. Think back to why you want to forget him in the first place. What happened to get you to this point? It’s not always good to think of a breakup or bad situation but remembering why you two shouldn’t be in each other’s lives will help you commit to forgetting about him. [Read: 14 common reasons why relationships fail so often]

#14 Avoid places he frequents. You know exactly where he goes. You know you do. Avoid them like the plague. I’m not saying you can never go to that restaurant you both love. I’m just saying if you’re almost certain he’ll be there when you want to go, pick somewhere else to go that night.

#15 Remember that his door may have closed, but there are endless ones open. This isn’t the end of the world. You have so much more to look forward to and putting him in your past will help you get there. Don’t think of him as a roadblock. Think of him as a side street you wandered down before getting back to the main road.

[Read: 11 firm steps you need to take in order to forget someone]

If you want to figure out how to forget a guy, you have to look inside yourself, come to peace with your own feelings, and then push the negative thoughts of him aside. Only then can you really forget him.

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