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I Miss Him but I Don’t Think He Misses Me

i miss him but I don't think he misses me

You may have spent sleepless nights thinking about the guy you like. I liked a guy. I miss him too. But I learnt a few lessons that may help you.

Ever wondered why some people get over their exes or crushes faster than the others?

I’ve always been one who takes a long time to get over any guy I like.

I’ve liked a few guys and dated a few. But I still remember all of them with a lot of affection.

I still fondly remember my first crush from years ago.

Perhaps I love the whole idea of love and missing someone.

Or perhaps, I’m just a sucker for love and memories.

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My last “relationship” with a guy I really loved taught me a few things though, and it really helped me cope with this dilemma of missing guys who somehow never missed me back.

The story that taught me a few lessons

Three years ago, I was in a long term relationship with a guy. The relationship wasn’t really going anywhere, and everything had just come to a standstill.

Around the same time, I met a great guy at my workplace.

He had a huge crush on me, and I liked flirting with him now and then at the workplace.

But as the weeks turned to months, I found myself enjoying a lot more with this workplace friend than my own boyfriend.

One thing led to another and one drunken night, I ended up having one too many drinks when I was out with my workplace friend and ended up kissing him. [Read: 5 perfect times to kiss a friend and get away with it]

One kiss led to another over the next few weeks and a few months later, we were making love in his place every evening. Soon, I was truly in love with this friend of mine. In fact, I was crazy about him. I broke up with my own boyfriend of seven years and happily jumped into a blissfully happy relationship with my office friend.

A year into the relationship, and we were just not compatible for each other. Now that he snagged me, he started behaving aloof and would avoid me all the time. He crippled me and made me feel neglected and unloved. And to make matters worse, he told me he needed some space away from me for a few months around the time of our one year anniversary. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend]

I missed him more after the breakup

I respected his view, but I really missed him a lot when he wasn’t around. I called him a few times a week. Sometimes, he was friendly and mushy. Most of the time, he was rude and abrupt. At other times, he wouldn’t answer my call and wouldn’t even call me back.

Any time I got mushy or told him that I missed him, he would get irritated and snap at me for not getting the point that he wasn’t in love with me anymore and needed space to understand what he really wanted with me.

I used to email him long miss-you-and-love-you letters only to get a short, curt one line reply.

I dedicated songs to him and created playlists for him and emailed him the list. He didn’t respond.

Finally, after months of tear stained pillows and lonely nights staring at walls and empty glasses, I decided to move on. [Read: Tips to get over unrequited love]

I fell in love with someone else. But I still missed him. I missed him so much it hurt.

I spend the last year missing him. I even broke up with my new boyfriend in the hope that it would make my workplace lover come back to me. It was truly unrequited love of the painful kind. He was the guy who pursued me for a year and convinced me to end my long term relationship to be with him. [Read: The right way to love again after being hurt]

And now, it was all so different.

One morning I woke up and just knew I had to move on. It was easier than I thought, once I made up my mind. Surprisingly, he called me a few months later when I was ignoring him.

Life is funny and ironic. But it’s ironic only if you see it that way.

I missed him. I wanted him. I couldn’t have him.

I overcame my love for him. And within a few months, he was waiting for me.

Do you miss your ex or the one who once loved you?

Sometimes, all of us feel miserable and hurt. We miss someone so much that as time passes by, we forget everything that really matters. We forget why we miss that special person.

You may want to call the guy you like, or you may want to meet him, or you may even want to get back with him. But does he want the same thing?

But even beyond that, what do YOU want really?

What you should do when you miss a guy

It’s easy to miss a guy you once loved. It’s easy to think fondly of a guy who once had a crush on you. But understanding what to do when you miss a guy is never easy. You know the right thing to do, but you just can’t do it. You wouldn’t mind crawling back to him if he just shows you a sign. It’s insulting and demeaning, but you’re helpless.

Here are a few things you should remember when you miss a guy.

# Call him if you must. But see how he behaves with you. Does he speak well? Are you insulting yourself by calling him? Does he even bother returning your call after a few days or is it a completely one sided romance? [Read: Are you jealous of your ex?]

# Speak your mind. Speak your heart out once, but no more. His brain does remember things, even if you think you need to constantly remind him of your feelings for him. By constantly calling him and telling him how much you miss him, you’re only making things worse for yourself.

# Define your relationship. It’s easy to forget the real reason behind why you’re still in love with him as time flies past. What do you want from this guy? Do you need him or do you need someone to love you?

# Are you really trying? You know he doesn’t love you. You know he’s playing games with you. You know he’s using you by being nice or mean whenever he wants. But you still miss him. Are you really trying to move on, or are you still holding his thoughts in your head because you like thinking and brooding about him?

# Don’t stalk him. It’s feels sickly pleasurable to stalk the guy you miss on Facebook or in real life. But really, you’re only going to feel worse. Stop snooping around in his life. Walk away and avoid him.

# Remember that you can’t force someone to love you back. You can try a few times, but no matter how much you push someone into loving you, it’ll never happen. If he walks away from you, it doesn’t matter how much you miss him, he’s not going to come back to you unless he wants to. [Read: Should you ever date an ex again?]

# Have self respect. Even if you forced him and arm twisted him into dating you again, would you ever be happy? Is that how you want to find the love of your life? No self respecting woman will put up with a guy who tosses her around like a rag doll.

How does that guy have the strength to move on?

Ever wondered how easy it is for the guy to move on even while you’re still missing him? Well, I wondered too. But I remembered how easily I walked out of my own seven year relationship because I found love somewhere else. What you need is a distraction when you miss a guy. Here are a few reasons why he may seem stronger.

# You may be weaker. Yes, it’s true. He may find it easier to move on because he’s more determined and focused on moving on. You’ll never move on until you convince yourself that moving on is the only option.

# He may have met someone else who filled that void. Just like I did. Sometimes, a rebound relationship is the best way to overcome the misery of missing someone you really loved. [Read: How a rebound relationship can actually help you]

# He may keep himself busy. Regardless of whether you find love or not, the easiest way to stop missing the guy you love is to keep yourself busy. Remember the truth, he doesn’t care about you. It’ll give you the strength.

You miss him but he grows stronger

He grows stronger in your misery and pain. He knows you miss him, so he doesn’t need you. When you don’t need him anymore, there’s a good chance he’ll try to get in touch with you just like it happened in my life.

We only miss the things that matter after it’s gone. You miss him because he’s gone. And unfortunately for you, he’ll never miss you until he loses you completely.

How to miss someone the right way

You don’t have to forget him. You can keep him in a special place in your heart. But keep it locked up and don’t let it interfere in other aspects of your life. And on some lonely days, think about him or the special times both of you shared and move on. After all, if he’s moved on, so can you. Thinking about an ex isn’t a bad thing. But putting your life on hold definitely is.

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I miss him even now as I’m writing this. But now, I’ve learnt to miss him like an old flame, not like a broken heart. Trust me, defining the way you miss someone can make all the difference.

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43 thoughts on “I Miss Him but I Don’t Think He Misses Me”

  1. Heartbreak Girl says:

    I know what you mean. I was in love with a guy who really loved me. But after a whole year of going out with me, he cheated on me and started dating another girl.

    I still miss him so much, but each time I call him up, he yells at me and tells me to hang up. I cry over the phone and beg him to go out with me again but he laughs each time he hears me cry. I don’t understand why some guys change so much after using a girl.

  2. Rita says:

    The only way to stop missing a guy is to meet another guy. There’s just no other way. By doing anything else or keeping yourself occupied, you’re only forcing yourself to stop loving him. Instead, give your heart to someone else, and you’ll feel a lot better with a week.

  3. Samantha says:

    Wow..so you started having sex with some guy in your office, and THEN broke up with your boyfriend after you were already cheating on him every evening with this new guy from your work? That’s bad karma which is why you new relationship self destructed. …JUST SAYING!

  4. ilovecandles says:

    okay so i love this guy and he loves me too, but his past aint so good, he’s been with other ladies in bed and beyond, yet the girls he’s done it with he doesnt love , he said im the one he wants and that he loves it with me the most but i dont get him. he loves me and i love him, but when we hit the bed we both fall in love with sex more, it’s so annoying, everyone i know say, he ain’t worth it and that he’ll have sex with any girl, but he’s never said that he loved someone, he’s never been this serious, he’s younger brother ( my childhood best-friend) said that he has never loved anyone before and has never said that he has, he’s been in relationships but he never said “i love you” it was always just for sex. can someone help i dont know what to do. i fall in love with him everytime i feel, he feels it , but it’s just too complicated. i broke up with him, and were just friends but we sleep together and we talk even more. helppppp

  5. nicoski_bluey says:

    @ Samantha – I have to be 100% agree with you, Samantha! to the writer: You dumped your bf of 7 years after sleeping with your co-worker every evening a.k.a cheating. Now, your co-worker dumped you. – KARMA! Don’t do things unto people that you don’t want other people to do unto you.

    @ ilovecandles – I am exactly in the same boat as you do now. The guy whom I’ve been with for almost 9 months now, he treated me like I’m his whole world, until I asked him about serious commitment. The more I talked about it, the more he pull himself from me. We broke up and back together on and off, and now we remain friends, but still sleep together and when we remain just friends, we are a lot closer. I already deeply fall in love with him, but he never say that he loves me.

  6. love2lose says:

    I miss a guy too.. It’s hard to forget him, especially when everything I see / listen, I can relate to him. I never knew he’s just playing with me, I never knew he could do a lot of things (like those kind of signs that he’s into me that stated over the internet), and in the end I realise that he’s actually going after another girl.. Yes, I MISS HIM!! But no, he will never ever missing me…
    The only lesson that I learnt is: guys could be playful at times, they could do a lot of things, so don’t trust guys easily…

  7. mary says:

    i missed a guy……

  8. Alisha says:

    I met this guy through my husband. They were more than colleagues and friends and neighbors ..we all four used to throw parties and enjoying there wasn’t any thing initially before few months I met him but secretly I noticed him staring at me n teasing me a lot n I also liked him and I was getting attracted towards him. After few months his wife went out of town n by some how we started chatting n all and he admitted that he likes me I too said I like him too. And the next moment he came to my place starting kissing and cuddling …I knew this is wrong and I was stopping him but I couldn’t stop him because I was too liking him .. And then 2 months we were chatting n chatting n he had sex becoz he wanted to hv and I was refusing him but he convince me n I too could not stop him. After he was not replying my text and not even taking my calls he blocked me we had a fight and I was hurt n feeling all that guilt of cheating my hubby n I was feeling horrible . Then again someday we started chatting n he unblocked me n everything went again n we did 2nd time sex … After that same thing happen fight n blocking me again this time I was abusing myself how could I trust him again n this time my guilt was killing me and I was missing him also n angry with him also becoz I was feeling emotional n sentimental for him where he sounded only physical . N again after 2 months fight we again started chatting and he is again seeking to get physical .. This time I have refused him and soon he has shifted his work n state and now I m missing him like a hell .. He do reply my text on or off but not so nicely n instantly … Where I m dying for him inside I see his dreams always … I hate why I m missing him can anyone suggest me what is this … N what should I do I also came to know this guy keeps on having sex with other ladies also which was also very shocking for me I tried evrythin to hate him but this guy is not going out frm my head pls suggest me how to cope with this problem .

  9. lisa says:

    Life is just like that…..woman always has problem with forgetting someone who loves and cheats us at the same time.

  10. lisa says:

    I had this terrible experience where a guy tried to get my attention, put in efforts, started getting closer and more physical (kissing and hugging)…was thinking he could be the one to move forward for a new relation and suddenly everything crashes when I found out that he has been fooling around with many other girls historically and even when was seeing me. Stopped completely yet find myself missing this idiot somewhere in my heart…the feeling was so bad because you know very well he is a bastard who cheated on you…yet you missed the time and closeness with him.
    Many stories surfaces after I found out the real him….one night stand, hit on stewardesses, business associates, some unknown gal, some lasted or lesser and worst was told he even visited prostitutes….he is a guy who completely covered the real him with a great job and highly educated background.
    Pretended to be naive and simple to cheat and plays with girls’ heart.

    All I want now is to forget about him and move on.
    I don’t deserve such a terrible guy. Gals out there, do you want to be cheated again? How could you feel safe and happy with a guy who you worry could cheat on you anytime? How much you need to spend time worry and make you feel like shit whenever you are blamed being suspicious? Why need to spend our precious life to love such bastard when we should deserve a better one who could at least love and care us equally?

    We know we don’t deserve, but we still miss the one who cheated on us.
    Girls are stupid…yes, we are. That’s why many of us willing to be cheated or cheating on own boyfriend to look for new excitement.

    So, let’s move on and keep those sad memories somewhere and locked it up.
    Though there are many things could relate back to him or recalling him, tell yourself it would get lesser and lesser impact as time goes.

    In a woman’s life, we definitely would meet some bastards….just move on.

  11. Dont want to give my name says:

    I met a guy online. :/ im still crazy in love with him even tho he prob forgot me i miss him so much :/ but its just confusing

  12. Liza says:

    Yeah, girls are sometimes stupid. When I miss this guy I met online, I tend to stalk his account to see what’s he doing when I’m off (people would think I’m simply obsessed).. only to get hurt in the end. (x_x) I even tend to “complain” why he’s treating me cold and why not replying to me. Sometimes guy appear like they didn’t remember what I said (even if I know guys do remember things when you said it once). They’re so confusing indeed. I don’t understand why most guys are like this toward girls. It seems to me they just play hard to get, too. Tell them you miss them and they’ll take you for granted. Tsk, tsk! I feel so devastated. In the end you’ll realize you just lost yourself. *shrug*
    Anyway, I agree on what Lisa said: “tell yourself it would get lesser and lesser impact as time goes.”

  13. Deby says:

    I miss a guy…but I think I miss the moments when he was still in love with me.
    He was so in love with me, he was so gentle and caring and loving to me.
    He sings me love songs, tells me I’m beautiful when i know I’m not.
    He makes me feel loved and wanted….and I love it so much..

    But when the years gone by, I guess he just run out of love with me.
    We talk less, romance was getting lesser, no more love songs, no more caring and loving…
    and eventually I became ‘just someone’….

    While I still love him like the first day I fell in love with him.
    And I miss his loving, the way he was with me.
    For him, that feeling has moved on to another person.

    I miss him…I miss the old loving him….
    But he is not that person anymore….
    Good article. I’m letting go…

  14. Rosa says:

    I miss my ex he was my first true relationship, but everything ended so wrong. His ex told him she was pregnant and so he still had feelings for her and I told him to be with her. And we still talked but it wasn’t the same I felt sad and hurt for soo long and I just stopped talking to him but than two weeks ago he texted me saying his ex waa lying about everything and we talked but I wait for him to talk to me or I just don’t talk to him and I wish he would talk to me more like we use to. I think he is completely over me but I miss him and I want to see him. Oh and he was my first kiss.. I don’t know what to do should I make and effort to talk to him? Or is it all over

  15. Lisa Swan-Love says:

    I went out with this guy for four months he told me he love me every day the first week after I met him,took me out every weekend met his family,I say about a month ago I notice he stop calling me not answering my calls he changes I knew something wasn’t right he cut my days on seeing him one day a week also he sex me up every week but he unfriend me off facebook two weeks ago went on another friend page found out he was flartering with a girl asking to sleep with her in french I was devastate he cut me off saying he didn’t love me know more and was mad because I said something to old girl ,he lied told the girl I was a druck he never had sex with so I in box her picture of me and him I’m so hurt can’t believe he did that

  16. Confused soul says:

    Lately, something very unusual is happening to me. I’m kind of thinking, not sure, if it’s missing, but for sure, thinking of my former boss.
    He came to my country for work meetings & I toured him around for 2 days, which he appreciated – as a way to thank him & the team for the assistance I got while i was formerly working with them.
    Now that he went away, I’m everyday thinking of him. I’m scared. He IM me after a week & because i was scared, I replied only three days later.
    Yes, I’m truly scared. I never looked at him in any impure way. But, as of now, I can’t figure out my feelings.
    Hmm.. It just feel right to write my feelings somewhere.
    Confused soul

  17. Hurting says:

    This article has saved me. Every single time I feel like reaching out to him, I come read here!
    I wish he wasn’t in my head so much. I know I’m not in his much, if at all πŸ™ It hurts so much to not be in his life, not to hear from him anymore. Some days I just want to text him but to know I probably won’t get a response, hurts. Being ignored hurts. He used to be so kind and now he’s not. I don’t deserve this treatment from him considering how long he and I were close. Really does suck and hurts me physically to the core.
    Right now I am having an urge so I will keep reading this article and other people’s stories to keep me on the straight and narrow.

  18. Jaime says:

    How do you know if hes ignoring you? What if he thinks you ignoring him? I did the same thing to my ex. I let it go on for 2 years and now he is gone from this world. Those nights when I text out a sentence but could not bring myself to hit send. I regret not telling him. I miss him so so much. Don’t let hurt stop you from hitting that send button, because life is not guaranteed. you my not have a chance to say hello, goodbye or have that second chance date. I was being selfish and I ignored his response, I wanted him to feel my pain. I wish I’d hit that button on one of those nights.

  19. Melanie says:

    @Jaime you can only hit the send button so much..you can tell a guy you miss him,care for him,etc…but if he’s not responding its time to let go and move on and not be a stalker….that is the case for most people who have sent texts to guys or called and have been completely ignored for days or weeks..it makes you feel so worthless and stupid but if you tried its time to move on. and im so sorry that happened to you btw

  20. Chante says:

    I was seeing my guy for about 9 months and in the beginning it was better…. we came in just expecting to be friends… we ended up sleeping together like a whole lot and I didn’t guard my heart…I knew he was still ta lking to his ex in which he really cared about..I ended up getting pregnant and we were so happy ( he was planning on being with me and making prepatations to live together) about two months into my pregnancy I lost it… he was devastated and from then on used precaution to not get me pregnant aagain. he told me that his ex ruined him from loving any other woman or being in a relationship.. he started sleeping with other women and I got upset and had emotional breakdown…I text him and called him yesterday he didn’t respond usually he calls or text every morning… how can u just walk away without saying goodbye??? I feel so empty like he chose someone else..

  21. Hurting says:

    @Jaime, trust me it’s over. He gave me so many little indications and hints but I ignored the red flags, chose to let my feelings rule over my gut and what was going on right under my nose. He’s done the push – pull game with me for so long and also blatantly ignored me. He was horrible to me and I put up with it, why, because I was hoping for that guy I used like to come back but who he is isn’t that person at all. It’s sad, it sucks, it hurts. One day he may regret treating me so badly, one day maybe he’ll realize he was a real sh&t head for being such a jerk, he’ll realize that he let a wonderful person go.. I forgive him because I don’t want any hate inside of me, don’t want to feel any toxic feelings and I do want to look back and smile, remember at one point in time I meant a lot to him. What is confusing though, he has many narcissistic traits….Most think he is a full-on N, so if that is the case it is better he’s out of my life forever.

    I am sorry for your loss.

    @Melanie, you’re right, I spent enough time feeling stupid and pathetic. One can only do that for so long until the 2×4 smacks you in the face and you wake up!! I got so tired of feeling so bad and down on myself, finally decided NO MORE and woke up.

    @Chante, ouch, that is painful. I am so sorry for your losses. Unfortunately it’s out of your hands, the guy used that as an excuse to bail on you — What a jerk, total mean jerk. You did nothing wrong so please don’t blame yourself at all. he probably was a jerk but like me, you didn’t see the red flags at the start or along the way. Take care of yourself and please do post back. x

  22. Jaime says:

    @Hurting. I am confused on why he is ignoring and you finding out about these hints. I read your response and you said that “most think hes a full-on N” If its friends or relatives on your side then its a problem. I had an issue with a past ex-boyfriend that was faithful to me and my family could not stand him. They would say things to make me think he an a**hole. If its someone on his side then hes not the guy for you. Third parties tend to cause trouble. Also if he is pushing and pulling that is a sign that he still have feelings for you. You have to think what cause him to act like this. Was it the break up? Trust? Family and Friends? etc. Was he kind through out the relationship? or a Jerk sometimes? I learned after a break up that I always thinking negative thoughts. ( He was this and that. I hated when he did this aarrrrrgh) even I hated the good ones, But you also have to think about the good things he did like cuddling and holding hands. Anyways. It sounds like he is still interested in you and you likewise, But there is something in between that both of you need to get discuss or rid of. In my case a day goes by on what could have been if I talked to him no matter what how good or bad the out come was. You still can get your answer. it won’t hurt to ask , but it will hurt even more if you don’t . The cycle continues if not straighten out. But if he being a jerk about it, then its time for you to move on. Stay strong hun.

  23. Becky says:

    I found this article extremely useful!
    I miss a guy who ignored me after our first fight. I thought about him every SINGLE day after he left. And I still do think about (especially first thing when I wake up in the morning). I tried to reach out again and told him that I think we deserve another chance. He was polite but he clearly didn’t want to give it another chance. This was fairly recenr (like a week ago). And so now I completely backed off and just looking to move on and find another person.

    Something similar happened to me (with another guy) in the past and that guy did call again after a month or so, but I had already moved on by then.

    Bottom line, move on, it’s not worth it! He will only come back when you forget about him. And when you do forget about him you won’t want him back in your life.

  24. Chante says:

    @Hurting, Thanks… But i need not to be in denial about all the red flags and stop signs(they were there).. I did see some but wanted to see where things would go especially after we found out about the baby. My intuition was right he is in a relationship with someone now and claiming that he is so happy all of a sudden when he was previously unhappy….Next time I will listen to my intuition and RUN!

    “Some days I just want to text him but to know I probably won

  25. Shruti says:

    I m in relation with a guy.. n i love him a lot he too says dat he loves me but then too i feel like ignored neglected n unloved with him. Whole day he keep on saying he cant text me bcoz he is busy. We used to talk on call at night alot wen we wer frnds n wer new in relation but now he lessen talking on call also. even if i get angry on him he doesnt matter he dissconnectes the call directly like he doesnt care for me at all. But he keeps saying dat he loves me alot n he wont cheat me he miss me but i dnt feel so. I created a fake account on fb to check him out so he created his new account jus to chat with dat gul bcoz i was having his fb password. But wen i fight with him on dat topic he apologize me n said dat was my last mistake. I donno how to trust him he comes online on whatsapp but still dnt reply my text. I love him alot n miss him so much daily i keep crying for him but he keep on behaving like he dnt care . Plz help me out. Is dis guy good for me? Or he is cheating me… i jus cant trust him..but fact is dat i cant stay without him.

  26. Sathish says:

    Hi shruti….he s doing what he likes so if u like him very much dnt be doubtful person it will spoil ur lov life…if he s doing tht mistake again and again he s not in lov with u truly…trust me he ll cheat u for other girl…i think I hope it ll help u….

  27. mike says:

    Well im a guy, im trying to get mygirl back over a huge arguement. The things she said about a past boyfriend and little things she did finally got me upset and I went off on her. Now ive reachedout to her after 2 weeks and she talks but not to responsive. She said Iim a great BF but I never got the same from her even tho she thought she was a good GF. Im supposed to have dinner wither herbegin of next month. She said she loves me and misses me but her actions seem different. Whats a womans advice?

  28. coolpurple says:

    My bf and me broke up on Valentine’s day. But I still love him and he ignores me and yells at me whenever I call him up ask him to date me again.

  29. Micah says:

    Just wanted to thank you, it really gave me a new outlook on how I feel in this situation. It really helped lessen the pain too. Thanks. (:

  30. lauren says:

    Well that’s just karma for you, don’t cheat!

  31. Jen says:

    Here’s my story, I have this friend who’s close to me. Basicly like a best friend, I think things have become a little complicated over some time.. He knows I love him and at times he tells me he loves me back. There is an age difference of 8 years, don’t know if that matters. I’m older. He resently landed a great job and almost works 7 days a week. I went to go see him a few days ago… It had been over a year since we last saw each other. We had a great time together, but I’m a little dispointed in my self cuz I told myself I wouldn’t have sex with him… Well it happened. I can’t be to mad cuz at least it was with someone I love.. here’s the thing, I haven’t come out and completely told him I want to be with him as a couple. I’m kinda scared to cuz of the out come. And no it wasn’t the first time we had sex.. Even if we hadn’t had it, id of felt the same… All I have to do is look at him an fall in love with him. I have felt this way about him before, but felt he didn’t feel the same.. Just wondering if this time its different.. he shows he cares, says he loves me once in a while, but there are times I don’t hear from him and then I wonder or even I think I read to much into his short texts… anyways I know he’s a busy man… The life of a buckaroo πŸ™‚ Guess I just need to come out an tell him… What else can I do? Even if he don’t feel the same, at least I did what I could… I care about him to much to tell him goodbye tho, we have to much history together and our family are friends… It will hurt, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Sorry for this bein so long, I really needed to talk an get this out! I would appreciate some positive feed back πŸ™‚ Take care

  32. kav says:

    My boyfriend seems like he is avoiding My call, whenever I call him he rerly answer d call and sometimes it comes as switched off or not reachable or he himself Will disconnect the call.. so I thought that he is fooling me around.. and sent him message telling that Sorry fr the disturbance never ever I’ll call Yu again, iam just trying to stop the game which yur playing in My life please Don’t restart again.. Bey for ever…! ? this was My message to him and it’s been two days after that and I started missing him alot! what should I do now

  33. gorgeous says:

    Hi girls im sorry to hear about your past relationship… you know we all misses our exs but the proplem is that why we missed them so much is it because we spent and wasted giving our time with them by thinking and caring about them so much when they don’t even think about us they just care about physical or sexual or whatever you know… then after they uses you they would just leaves you hanging… after you fall in love with them and says that you love them they would just leave you… that’s how guys… always playing games they don’t even thought about what sacrifices have you been done for them… because they don’t car… they just care to satisfied their own benefits then after their done… so unbelievable…

    girls don’t ever trust or give everything to guys or don’t live guys so much love yourself first and love some who always there for you… like your family… it’s worth it….

    and last don’t ever cheat if you already have a boyfriend or a husband be contented girls… hehe

  34. gorgeous says:

    Hi girls im sorry to hear about your past relationship

  35. still heartbroken says:

    YOU have made me feel so so so much better. My past relationship lasted 2 years. We broke up but still held on to one another until he was able to fill the void. Then our last conversation I told him I still loved him dearly and he told me he didn’t miss me anymore and felt happier without me. I want to move on very badly but it is hard. This article has helped me x1000. I am going to do my best to leave him alone, focus on myself and move on. Hopefully then someone new will come into my life and hopefully then someday like you said he’ll come running back. However, hopefully by then I will have the power to finally turn him away! Thank you.

  36. Elai says:

    I miss a guy…I met him at work. I am a Front Desk Clerk and he is one of our guests. He showed interest in me when he checked-in but I ignored him because it is not proper and we are not allowed to have relationship with any of our guests. He stayed in the hotel for 2 months for work. He was so sweet and caring that he gave me something or brought me food every time he get’s off from work. He texted me or call me when he’s free. He told me he likes me a lot. Then after a month, I found myself falling into him and we dated. He moved to other hotel so that I could be with him after work. We spent happy times together thought it was forever but after a month, he needs to go back home and to his main work. His place is way too far, it takes 4 hours drive. On the first 3 days we texted so much but when he asked me if I I’m on a birth control I said no then he was so upset telling me that we should stop contacting each other coz he doesn’t want a child. He asked me to go to the doctor and take birth control which I refused coz if I am pregnant, I want to keep the baby. That was the last time I talked to him because he blocked me and never called me again. Three months had passed and I still missed him a lot…I miss his smile, his sweetness, his thoughtfulness. But I have to move on and still trying to figure out how. …

  37. kaju says:

    m in lv wid a cassanova…bt m lil scare to confess him…n hez in a relationship wid ma friend …nw wat shuld i do???

  38. Lady Onion says:

    I also miss him a lot. He left and I couldn’t go with him. This broke my heart. I think about him every single day. This inspired me to create a blog with everything that I felt during our relationship. I found out that writing about him helps, that remembering details about our relationship brings him closer to me but also makes me understand better what actually happened. I think this is the only thing I still have… our love story. If you want to take a peak, you can do it here:

  39. christina says:

    there is a guy frend I really like infact I have been in love with him for a few years until recently about 1 month ago we were hanging out together and we messeged each other every week it was going great until he stopped coming to see me and he stopped messeging me when I do cantact him asking what I have done wrong and why is he being so distant all he tells me is he has no bad feelings on his part and it just busey with work then asks me if I am ok but when I try and explain im not he goes cold again and ignores me I have tried to move on but I am struggeling as he is all I think about day and knight wondering how he is and what he is doing its becoming exhausting for me and I do cry at knight because of this and I don’t know how to move on from him even tho I do not want to I feel its the best thing to do the thing is when we used to see each other it wasn’t really in public he only came to my house at night but he would sneak in so nobody could hear him but then he invited me to his house and I have been a few times im just feeling so confused about 2 weeks ago I stopped messeging him and then I receved one call from his phone so I asked him what was rong he said nothing I think I called you by mistake so I said ok then there again I started messeging him asking how he was and when are we next going to see each other then I got a reply from him saying look stop asking me questions all the time I have other frends I rarely see we have chilled a few times I haven’t been ignoring you or avoiding you yes I felt upset from his response so I didn’t reply to him and then 2 days later he sent me a messge saying hey I am sorry for the way I spoke to you and I am sorry if I came across strong or disrispecfull I have just had a few stressfull days I hope you are ok so I replyed nd I said ok hope you are ok as well I need help im going round in a loop please can anybody give me advice

  40. Koko says:

    I had the same situation as u Chrisitina. Thank you for sharing..
    I had also bern crying every night especially when thinking about him..
    He is now giving me cold shoulders too. Very contradicting..
    Anyone csn please advise us please….

  41. Sasha says:

    Be cold towards him, even if you don’t really feel that way. Treat him like you could care less. Don’t message him back. Be short and stop asking him to hang out. When he asks for you both to hang out, tell him no. You don’t have to be mean, just be short and cold with no feelings. It might be good for you both.

  42. Josh says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people? You are all awful, you have zero loyalty, you are unwilling to work through tough times, and you talk as if you are so inammered with your feelings that you don’t even try to understand, or know how your guy is feeling. But it’s okay to ditch him for someone new, because… it “feels good”. You treat men like objects to be thrown out when they have lost thier shine. Disgraceful, all of you.

  43. Anderson Parmar says:

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